More Funny/Cute Animals I found on TikTok 😂 🥰

Here are more cute pets:
00:00 kp_081
00:11 maximusthegreat07
00:24 kevinwkhoury
00:38 laraine103
00:55 cheechandthefonz
01:07 chinpals
01:19 chiefjoe58
01:42 thisisscout
02:41 gracie.spinaa
03:40 sparky_minibullterrier
03:48 pepperthepom_x
04:07 mistermainer
04:17 brianhovet
04:24 _.bangie._
04:49 kelsieschatzline
05:01 virginia.girtz
05:36 winston_the_toy_aussie
05:47 victok4
06:02 tally_thebanana
06:40 1freeman1223
07:08 thelifeofyoda_
07:21 hermes_and_madi
07:52 kaitlynnsmith34
08:01 johnnydzidic
08:14 aries_ashley
08:25 pick6club
09:01 sammycalise
09:16 codylspradling
09:34 maria107antal
10:13 corgalorg
10:26 justin_g13
10:43 memycatandi
11:00 alananddaisy
11:10 nnnevenaaa
11:52 marleytheorphancat
12:04 ostrichplug
12:24 i_am_whiskey
12:34 esperborzoi
12:54 teddyandalbiofficial
13:08 birdtails
13:28 shreddertheraccoon
13:42 one_eared_uno
13:53 liondad_1987
14:08 liondad_1987
14:23 brendanxa

Thank you guys so, so much for checking out the new addition to
PinkRamen and YellowRamen, you truly are the best!! I really hope I can
brighten your mood with these cute Tiktoks and make you smile with some
of the cutest animal Tiktoks I could find! We have cute cat tiktoks,
cute dog tiktoks and all of many, many more cute animal Tiktoks!!
Love you guys!!
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  1. GreenRamen

    GreenRamen9 days ago

    Woop woop guys :) How's everyone doing? Everything's alright, everything's fine? Hope you enjoyed the video and that it made you smile

  2. Ruby rice Krispies girl!!

    Ruby rice Krispies girl!!2 days ago

    Omg- the pug one was funny but sad cause if the pugs belly gets more bigger then it could cause like a sour tummy or it feeling sick so just be careful poor pug:(

  3. Shangaolden NS

    Shangaolden NS2 days ago

    1000)00000000000000 FOR MORE MONEY

  4. Shangaolden NS

    Shangaolden NS2 days ago


  5. Sierra Smith

    Sierra Smith3 days ago

    iw*vyoua1000000000000000. 100

  6. Omar El Deeb

    Omar El Deeb4 days ago

    Good now since I have all this extra serotonin!

  7. Light chocolate and Dark chocolate gachas

    Light chocolate and Dark chocolate gachas3 hours ago

    He really went *tiny* to *CHONK* 1:00

  8. Michael Versace

    Michael Versace4 hours ago

    I remember my sister brought her parrot down for Christmas and pre-dinner drinks that night my sister grabs my brothers new screws mug and offers it to Scribbles only to have Scribbles say "that's not water!" Then proceeded to make vomiting noises. Scribbles did NOT like her after that.

  9. mel bruzzano

    mel bruzzano8 hours ago

    0:40 IS THAT A ALBINO DOG?!!??

  10. Stupid make up LOOKS

    Stupid make up LOOKS12 hours ago


  11. Nichlas andersen

    Nichlas andersen20 hours ago

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  12. Nichlas andersen

    Nichlas andersen20 hours ago

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  13. Peni_679 tamani

    Peni_679 tamaniDay ago

    GreenRamen GreenRamen GreenRamen It does not work

  14. Peni_679 tamani

    Peni_679 tamaniDay ago

    The pitbull does better asmr then me

  15. miss kitty

    miss kittyDay ago

    Real men kiss cats!


    TSG_KIRBYDay ago

    What kind of dog is the dog from 4:00

  17. Luna18Cat05

    Luna18Cat05Day ago

    But why take that dog back to the owners who left her there? I'd have called the authorities for animal abuse and neglect.

  18. Robert Liu

    Robert LiuDay ago

    I thought it was a little girl screaming but it was a dog

  19. Charles Stewart

    Charles StewartDay ago


  20. reily Kennedy

    reily KennedyDay ago

    me knowing I'm gonna get voted out so I just go out by myself: 0:30 AMONG US ADITION

  21. Dez Townsend

    Dez TownsendDay ago

    Do pugs just slap people because mine does

  22. Alina beth

    Alina bethDay ago

    Is not funny😒 It's funny + adorable🥰😝

  23. luke kain

    luke kainDay ago

    The pit bull is so cute

  24. Willie Moore

    Willie MooreDay ago

    The ugliest specialist biomechanically entertain because mini-skirt bareilly part despite a jagged mexican. juvenile, earthy sousaphone

  25. Oskar Radzinski

    Oskar Radzinski2 days ago

    In one of the clips when Owner says: ‘ur adopted’ Cat: O_O

  26. L G

    L G2 days ago

    7:09 "scream" is my favourite dog noise

  27. Ruby rice Krispies girl!!

    Ruby rice Krispies girl!!2 days ago

    Awwww the PaRrOt 🐦😍 so cute

  28. Yaretzi Perez

    Yaretzi Perez2 days ago

    The title: "every time my dog sees my boyfriend" Me: *SIMP*

  29. Sapphirewingthefurrycritic

    Sapphirewingthefurrycritic2 days ago

    I will throw those owners of that poor dog that was left outside down the nearest mine shaft.

  30. rila umak

    rila umak2 days ago

    you don’t have a thought behind those eyes 💗 you air head chinchilla 💜

  31. Cheating Cat

    Cheating Cat2 days ago


  32. †Shaman ,That idiot †

    †Shaman ,That idiot †3 days ago

    Why did hearing my home’s language made me wheeze 12:26 :’)

  33. georgiana curteanu

    georgiana curteanu3 days ago

    0:29 but can we talk about that death stare tho- the dog really said: human you really think this will stop me?

  34. Francisca Camila de Andrade lima Lima

    Francisca Camila de Andrade lima Lima3 days ago

    loved the video it was so much fun 👍👍

  35. Matthias J.

    Matthias J.3 days ago

    4:50 😂

  36. Leanne Holland

    Leanne Holland3 days ago

    This dog has more IQ than me 4:08

  37. Holo Sohma

    Holo Sohma4 days ago

    Poor mama was probably used for breeding then left out cuz they couldn’t use her anymore but I’m glad she’s love now

  38. Amy

    Amy4 days ago

    3:00 the dog here that was left outside is pregnant the poor thing early stage but obvious none the less.

  39. Greg Montagna

    Greg Montagna4 days ago

    Broke free of the le’ash.

  40. Amelia Nicolosi

    Amelia Nicolosi4 days ago

    The screaming French bulldog with my favourite it was hilarious LOL 😂

  41. Emily Swiftwater

    Emily Swiftwater4 days ago

    that screaming dog... IS HE OKAY?!

  42. Anthony Lukachik

    Anthony Lukachik4 days ago

    4:06 was the best

  43. Septic Raid

    Septic Raid4 days ago

    your adopted () () ___

  44. Carli Scott

    Carli Scott4 days ago

    3:41 XD it went KA-bloop why would he bark at his own fart HMMMMM

  45. Silvija Gorela

    Silvija Gorela4 days ago

    0:32 *Dog opens door*. EVEN I CANT OPEN THAT DOOR HOW?!?!??!🤣🤣🤣

  46. XxOfficial_¿!Ràÿ!¿x X

    XxOfficial_¿!Ràÿ!¿x X4 days ago

    i have never smiled so much nor wanted a pet so bad-

  47. Michael & Lisa James

    Michael & Lisa James4 days ago

    7:23 me in the mornings be like

  48. Cuties bitch period

    Cuties bitch period4 days ago

    Okay y’all I just realized this pink ramen is all bout art yellow ramen is about funny tiktoks and green ramen is about DOGS WTFFFF I JUST REALIZED THAT... IM DUMB 😭

  49. Benita Eniang

    Benita Eniang4 days ago

    These videos show me that cats and dogs CAN be friends after all💗

  50. Izza Rosales

    Izza Rosales4 days ago

    Congrats yo havw 3.1k of likes

  51. Omar El Deeb

    Omar El Deeb4 days ago

    7:21 that dog is actually a cat]

  52. Isaiah Gales

    Isaiah GalesDay ago

    it sounds like a cat is a dog but its name is turkey its just built different

  53. Syvret Family

    Syvret Family4 days ago

    1:04 me on a Monday morning

  54. Shangaolden NS

    Shangaolden NS2 days ago

    12 to be a good place

  55. Line Vienneau

    Line Vienneau4 days ago

    U actually did a dog ASMR that cool!

  56. Tarryn-Leigh Smethurst

    Tarryn-Leigh Smethurst4 days ago


  57. Joel miller

    Joel miller5 days ago


  58. Emily Gamer

    Emily Gamer5 days ago

    *me sees chubby dog* DAMN BOI HE THICK--

  59. Jesse rager

    Jesse rager5 days ago

    When the mom say’s “go to bed” he doesn’t listen. And with the dad say’s “go to bed” the dog goes TRAIT TO BED and he get’s a treat🤣🤣🤣🥰🥰🥰

  60. Raul Lopez

    Raul Lopez5 days ago

    4:08 wait isn’t a woodchuck a woodpecker Idk help me

  61. Wilsonio The Great

    Wilsonio The Great4 days ago

    A woodchuck is a ground hog my friend

  62. Joy Tanezaki

    Joy Tanezaki5 days ago

    0:43 doggo

  63. Haylee Richardson

    Haylee Richardson5 days ago

    im laughing when i saw the baby bulldog go into the fat cute bulldog both are cute tho lmao

  64. jaycee santos

    jaycee santos5 days ago

    3:14 those owners are horrile and i hope the owners see this. YOUR HORRIBLE

  65. Riley Passer

    Riley Passer5 days ago

    the great Dane is the powerful list dog because my uncle has that same dog and he so sweet he will never hurt a fly and great Danes hunted bors

  66. Funny Pets Moments

    Funny Pets Moments5 days ago

    This is a good one. Keep it up!

  67. Ace of Spades

    Ace of Spades5 days ago

    The lab Scout and her owner: amazing work went into that training! So awesome!!

  68. Nexcer Loops

    Nexcer Loops6 days ago

    Don’t eat crisps while watching this video it’s too funny and you will choke don’t ask why I know this

  69. Piano girl

    Piano girl6 days ago

    4:07ima have those soon

  70. cat girl life

    cat girl life6 days ago

    Dog be like that's my boyfriend

  71. Samantha Stuessel

    Samantha Stuessel6 days ago

    It's the same with my jack russell. I start in the middle and am almost falling off by the time I wake up. Or rather by the time she wakes me up.

  72. Evelyn DeLand

    Evelyn DeLand6 days ago

    That last one haha

  73. The ServidiOH's

    The ServidiOH's7 days ago

    Yo I can appreciate some good jokes as well. Your content is making me laugh so hard! Love the content and I’m sure you would laugh at ours too. I am going to support you hopefully you can do the same for us. If you want to work or chat message me on IG @servidiohs

  74. Moonlight Gaming

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  75. mia

    mia7 days ago

    This just made my day 😊

  76. benito93zien

    benito93zien8 days ago

    C'est une connasse la femme à 4:25 min

  77. Vegan Power House

    Vegan Power House8 days ago

    Am I the only person in the world who would never think of having a raccoon, a duck, a chinchilla, or a ferret as a pet? Like why?

  78. german idiot

    german idiot6 days ago

    @Spookymessenger hard to take care of

  79. Spookymessenger

    Spookymessenger6 days ago

    Why not

  80. Mary Allen

    Mary Allen8 days ago


  81. Mu shi

    Mu shi8 days ago

    Oh my god i'm in love with these animals

  82. Tomas Strelciunas

    Tomas Strelciunas8 days ago

    7,22min The most cutest dog i have seen so far (not in offence to others) Good morning everyone.

  83. Irma Horton

    Irma Horton9 days ago

    The married chinese contradictorily steer because anatomy structurally cause an a abundant equipment. swanky, tiresome butane

  84. Saurav Wariyar

    Saurav Wariyar9 days ago

    Bro, you are just making my life better whenever you post, wholesome pet clips, OP

  85. kimberly strickland

    kimberly strickland9 days ago

    JERRY GET DOWWWNN 🤣🤣🤣 i wasnt expecting that 14:24

  86. Jeffrey Dahmer

    Jeffrey Dahmer9 days ago

    My ex should be on here, not that he's cute but he's a dog

  87. Kinomanka Pospolita

    Kinomanka Pospolita6 days ago

    lol xD

  88. WinterYuki _Onna

    WinterYuki _Onna9 days ago

    The man: she is very very very strong. 😨 Me: no she is very very very cute. 🥰

  89. lizzie blues

    lizzie blues9 days ago

    me testing the echo of a new house like: 3:41

  90. lizzie blues

    lizzie blues8 days ago

    @Crazy Animal World umm, ma'am/ sir... no just no :>

  91. Glittering_Mackenziee

    Glittering_Mackenziee9 days ago

    6:41 I have a cane corso, looks the same except she doesn’t have her ears like that. She is so lovable and kind. But if you get near me on a walk and your a man with a cap hat- it ain’t gonna be a very good experience. She doesn’t like men with caps 😂

  92. Jaylinn Ramirez

    Jaylinn Ramirez9 days ago


  93. Helen Lange

    Helen Lange9 days ago

    12:55 cutest thing I’ve ever seen❤️

  94. Helen Lange

    Helen Lange8 days ago

    @Ain Najwa Yeah:)

  95. Ain Najwa

    Ain Najwa8 days ago


  96. WeaseL Logic

    WeaseL Logic9 days ago

    Cutting ears = animal abuse Cutting anything off your pet for "looks" = animal abuse. Vets should cut off the equal part off the owner. Want your dogs ears cut? Sure, what style would you like? Elf? Lots of ppl go for the elf look for themselves. A-holes

  97. german idiot

    german idiot6 days ago

    @Sally beavers animals ears that are cut off aren't.

  98. german idiot

    german idiot6 days ago


  99. Sally beavers

    Sally beavers7 days ago

    the animals are fine....

  100. Guadalupe Salinas

    Guadalupe Salinas9 days ago

    Why is the last dude always yelling at his pets??? 🤷🤦

  101. Ginger Root

    Ginger Root9 days ago

    POV: your dog is a bigger simp for your man than you are

  102. Liam Duffy

    Liam Duffy9 days ago

    That pit bull in the beginning probably has his own food eating asmr channel.

  103. Cheekee Charlee & Champ

    Cheekee Charlee & Champ5 days ago

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  104. Cheekee Charlee & Champ

    Cheekee Charlee & Champ5 days ago

    Dog scanner- #1 dog breed identification on android and IOS

  105. Cheekee Charlee & Champ

    Cheekee Charlee & Champ5 days ago

    @joey yes

  106. Cheekee Charlee & Champ

    Cheekee Charlee & Champ5 days ago


  107. joey

    joey6 days ago

    It's an American Bully not a Pit

  108. phoebethehumanbeing

    phoebethehumanbeing9 days ago

    Aren't apples poisonous for doggos 😰😰😰

  109. Sally beavers

    Sally beavers7 days ago


  110. Megan Oppy

    Megan Oppy9 days ago

    The seeds are dangerous if they eat those, but the fruit itself is fine!

  111. Mr Acorn

    Mr Acorn9 days ago

    You say daily videos now where are thoes?

  112. Presli Giesmann

    Presli Giesmann9 days ago

    My chinchilla doesn’t stay like that

  113. FairyBeam

    FairyBeam9 days ago

    Mine does but only sometimes

  114. This Guy

    This Guy9 days ago


  115. _ Watermelon Gacha _

    _ Watermelon Gacha _9 days ago

    Mmmm-- Some nice dog ASMR to make my day better =w= And also Who would do that to a a dog?? Just leave it outside for days then say they didn't want it... Thats just heartbreaking

  116. random arts

    random arts9 days ago

    10:45 wish my cat was this sweet,if hes by your face means hes gonna probably bite your head 😭😂🐱

  117. Calling Cat

    Calling Cat9 days ago

    I love to kiss my human

  118. love 2 it

    love 2 it9 days ago

    05:30 Shhh - my love ...

  119. love 2 it

    love 2 it7 days ago

    @Crazy Animal World wha...what ? Deleted vid...

  120. Maria Dragomir

    Maria Dragomir9 days ago


  121. Claire Veszpremy

    Claire Veszpremy9 days ago

    GreenRamen:posts vid with the most cute animals ever Me: must go buy all of them now My friend: *holding me back so I don't spend all meh money on a zoo* Me: I want em there too cute 🥺

  122. layla henderson

    layla henderson9 days ago

    okay was it just me or did anyone else want that baby raccoon with Sasquatch feet

  123. Rakla

    Rakla9 days ago

    @layla henderson A video from my other channel. Trying to grow. give it a try if you want tiktok compilations

  124. layla henderson

    layla henderson9 days ago

    @Rakla ????

  125. Rakla

    Rakla9 days ago

  126. Helen Lange

    Helen Lange9 days ago


  127. Chewy the Hamster

    Chewy the Hamster9 days ago


  128. Pyper Scaife

    Pyper Scaife9 days ago

    :3 guys stop makeing a mess me:looks at my room aw man

  129. Tristan Tuck

    Tristan Tuck9 days ago

    Can we pls keep the dislikes at 0 this time?

  130. Terde!

    Terde!9 days ago

    The dislikes may be from the dog that was left out in the rain and cold. I found that heartbreaking.

  131. WeaseL Logic

    WeaseL Logic9 days ago

    @Tristan Tuck no its just that some ppl cannot function in such a way. Some ppl like to not like anything in life and just want to be miserable rats. It would be nice having 0 dislikes, but hélas, not in the world we live in. (#cancelculture. Cancel 0 dislikes)

  132. Tristan Tuck

    Tristan Tuck9 days ago

    @WeaseL Logic y tho, u hate animals??

  133. WeaseL Logic

    WeaseL Logic9 days ago


  134. Ashley Lisser

    Ashley Lisser9 days ago

    round 2 of puppy fever

  135. Ashley Lisser

    Ashley Lisser8 days ago

    @Crazy Animal World thank you for sending me this

  136. Daniel Rivera

    Daniel Rivera9 days ago

    Love the cute animals tik toks