WANDAVISION EPISODE 7 REACTION!! (1x7 Spoiler Review | Post-Credits Scene | Breakdown & Theories)

WandaVision Episode 8 Reaction: uslikes.info/house/q5ygyat-uGtsYsw/video.html
REVEALS & SURPRISES UNLEASHED In Ep 7 "Breaking The Fourth Wall!" Wanda faces off once more with Monica Rambeau (Photon / Spectrum), A Mid-Credits Quicksilver (X-Men Pietro) Scene, Agnes is Agatha Harkness revealing "It's Been Agatha All Along", Vision teams up with Darcy, Mephisto (Darkhold) Easter Eggs, Hayward's Plan, Wiccan & Speed (Tommy & Billy) troubles, & MORE! Here's our REACTION & SPOILER REVIEW!!
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0:00​ Intro & Reaction
13:42​ Post-Credits Scene Reaction
14:56​ Review / Theories Begin (Mephisto, Darkhold Book)
16:01 Agatha Harkness
18:18 Pietro / Quicksilver / Evan Peters
19:54 The Big Baddie? And FOR THE CHILDREN “Wiccan”
21:50 Wanda’s Grief / NEXUS COMMERCIAL
24:47 Hayward’s Plan
25:53 Monica Rambeau (Photon / Spectrum)
30:04 Vision & Darcy
31:47 Closing Thoughts
32:40​ Patron Of The Day Shout Out
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  1. The Reel Rejects

    The Reel Rejects10 days ago

    WandaVision Episode 8 Reaction: uslikes.info/house/q5ygyat-uGtsYsw/video.html - NOW POST YOUR THEORIES & CORRECTIONS HAHA! - Smash That LIKE Button & SUBSCRIBE For Our Next Reaction!!uslikes.info - Major thanks to all who have shown their support at our Patreon! COME JOIN US! www.patreon.com/thereelrejects - HUGE THANKS To Eric For All The Editing! The man has earned a follow! GIVE HIM ONE! twitter.com/nerdchronic uslikes.info

  2. Sonya McDermott

    Sonya McDermott5 days ago

    There is a post credit scene guys 👍👍

  3. Scorpion

    Scorpion8 days ago

    @The Reel Rejects next episode they're going to show Wanda taking Visions body ep 8. Can't wait

  4. Eddie Terrell

    Eddie Terrell8 days ago

    @Aline Gosselin dont have to be it can just be a nod just like that hoola girl in the truvk where darcy got the keys a nod to agents of shield everything dosent have to be comnected to story..hell we still dont know half of the story ourselves but if you havent looked at the sentrys belt

  5. Aline Gosselin

    Aline Gosselin8 days ago

    @Eddie Terrell i think its just S for Strongman. I dont know if Sentry has a storyline with Scarlet Witch in the comics or his his character would be beneficial to this story

  6. Ryan Craig

    Ryan Craig8 days ago

    @xKingRedWolfx Gaming I thought I was the only one who got the Happy Endings reference. Such an underrated show

  7. SauceyRed

    SauceyRed20 hours ago

    When you’re someone who isn’t very familiar with the comics and didn’t have a clue about most villains and other characters (like me), this reveal is pretty awesome I still have no idea who Agatha Harkness is and I can’t wait to find out more, I don’t wanna look it up, all my Marvel knowledge has and will come from the movies

  8. galazy nobody

    galazy nobodyDay ago

    Agatha reveals to be the villain me cuz i knew Agatha was acting sus: i sleep Agatha: oh and i killed sparky too me: REAL SHIT

  9. 2021 Trooper

    2021 TrooperDay ago

    The book is that book missing in Dr. Strange. Maybe Agatha created it to document her dark magic since it was once banned

  10. Tony Randall

    Tony RandallDay ago

    Definitely Modern Family vibe. We are going to meet Monica's guy.... damn. But she is getting her powers. Basement curled my toes. No red herring Agnes is Agatha after all. Poor Sparky. You witch... literally.

  11. Antonio Iniguez

    Antonio IniguezDay ago

    11:49 is the moment wandavision was ruined

  12. ArtLover Animation

    ArtLover Animation2 days ago

    "and your little dog, too"

  13. Gedi4.0

    Gedi4.02 days ago

    Episode 8 is epic

  14. Dominic Menichetti

    Dominic Menichetti3 days ago

    I like the idea that the book is the one that was missing from the shelf in Dr. Strange.

  15. Pallab Basu

    Pallab Basu3 days ago

    Nice reaction!!

  16. GreenApples

    GreenApples4 days ago

    I'm super late but this is the "plot" for the Doctor Strange 2, Agatha controls Wanda and Strange thinks Wanda herself is doing it all but Agatha controls her so Strange is going to try to stop Agatha, and trying to make a mess of the Multiverse because Wanda can warp reality.

  17. Dwinchester13

    Dwinchester134 days ago

    That wasn’t a fly it was a cicada just saying! Lol

  18. Shihab Mohammed

    Shihab Mohammed4 days ago

    Bunny and that thing are Wanda's kids

  19. DragonWaffleZ

    DragonWaffleZ5 days ago

    "has a vision vibrator for her me time" JAIL XD

  20. rudehoneybadger

    rudehoneybadger5 days ago

    Monica couldn't wear the helmet because when she was escaping the vehicle she had to disconnect her oxygen supply.

  21. Depressio

    Depressio5 days ago

    We need vision to unlock everybody to help them fight Agatha

  22. Mookan Kandiah

    Mookan Kandiah5 days ago

    Darkseid, thanos..... pfft Nothing will beat Agatha's intro

  23. gary boulton

    gary boulton6 days ago

    Mephisto in finale post credits scene maybe

  24. Oliver Queen

    Oliver Queen6 days ago

    Will Psych reactions come to USlikes?

  25. TheMikeandike 05

    TheMikeandike 056 days ago

    I loved the indiana jones reference

  26. Tori

    Tori6 days ago

    I wonder if Evan Peters could be woken up by vision... I mean Agatha seemed to be controlling him but I’m still not sure if it’s actually the fox quicksilver or not

  27. David

    David6 days ago

    Was thinking, what if Westview is actually new Salem, and senior scratchy is Agatha son, that is his name, which means there might be other witches and warlocks around there too, just a theory

  28. olternaut

    olternaut6 days ago

    Agatha or Agnes is not working alone. Mephisto may very well be part of this.

  29. Elyon Roush

    Elyon Roush6 days ago

    Billy has the power of the mind stone, Wanda the Reality stone, Agatha the power stone, and Monica the space stone. They didn't get their powers FROM the stone (except wanda and maybe billy) but they have the same powers of those stones

  30. CPLG Sleight

    CPLG Sleight6 days ago

    She’s lucky John Wick isn’t in this universe

  31. Sajeel Ghuman

    Sajeel Ghuman6 days ago

    Nah that’s mephisto

  32. Jaheim Gayle

    Jaheim Gayle6 days ago

    11:18 i used to love that show😁

  33. dj gusto

    dj gusto6 days ago

    The Real Villain is Please Stand By

  34. Lex i

    Lex i6 days ago

    So ig Ralph wasn’t real then, huh?☹️

  35. Stefanos K

    Stefanos K6 days ago

    I believe the book is the necronomicon

  36. Cinematic Goodness

    Cinematic Goodness7 days ago

    "And I killed Sparky too" lol *burn her*

  37. martha jones lovebot

    martha jones lovebot7 days ago

    What happened to the Darkhold after Morgan le Fay was defeated was never shown or depicted, it could very easily have fallen into the hands of Agatha. A neat little tie in to the other shows without explicitly connecting them bc I know Kevin is allergic to marvel tv 😁

  38. Crispy Pickles

    Crispy Pickles7 days ago

    Could the troops who drop off the rover for Monica be Skrulls and Major Gooder be Talos' daughter?

  39. El Gato Lloron

    El Gato Lloron7 days ago

    Marvel pls make quicksilver back to the mcu and that he doesn’t be maphisto or nightmare because he is my favorite mutant from x-man and I really love him pls 😔😔😞😞😞😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  40. Taylor Tot

    Taylor Tot7 days ago

    Love you guy’s reactions!

  41. Juicy Boi

    Juicy Boi7 days ago

    Agatha: and I killed Sparky too Everyone: you have officially carried it to far buddy

  42. Crispy Pickles

    Crispy Pickles7 days ago

    I think it will be teased that someone else is behind Agatha but they won't really show up until one of the movies. The same way Loki was the villain of Avengers 1 but Thanos, who was really behind it, didn't show up until later.

  43. Lupa King

    Lupa King7 days ago

    Hmmm why does pietro have Agatha’s magic behind him... is it to change his appearance or is it because she’s taking control of him too.... hmmm

  44. G DUHB

    G DUHB7 days ago

    One thing that is super intriguing about ALL of this is that vision, despite being revived and not remembering anything is somehow skeptical and seems to have free will to an extent. I wonder why that is?

  45. Manuel Rivera

    Manuel Rivera7 days ago

    Thanos: killed half of the universe Me: yeah, yeah I already saw you Agatha: "I kill sparky" Me: YOUMOTHERF*#&@

  46. phunkydroid

    phunkydroid7 days ago

    The question I don't hear anyone asking anymore... who was it Jimmy Woo had in witness protection?

  47. Default Name

    Default Name7 days ago

    At some point will you ever take a stand against the evil that is Disney ?

  48. JustWasted3HoursHere

    JustWasted3HoursHere7 days ago

    Don't forget that this show is supposed to directly tie into Doctor Strange 2, so it wouldn't be too crazy to have Mephisto make his appearance in the last episode to be dealt with in Spiderman 3 and/or Doctor Strange, both of which will be dealing with multi-dimensions/universes.

  49. JustWasted3HoursHere

    JustWasted3HoursHere7 days ago

    I REALLY hope you're right about Quicksilver actually being the X-Men Quicksilver from another universe that is just being controlled by Agatha, because that would allow for the possibility of Evan Peters staying on as Quicksilver in our dimension. Either way I hope they find a way to keep that actor. He's great.

  50. Jeremy Barnes

    Jeremy Barnes7 days ago

    I think the book is actually what you said when you first saw it, Greg, the Necronomicon. It has a different cover from the Darkhold, which appeared the same in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Runaways. And little tidbit, Sam Raimi used the Necronomicon in his Evil Dead movies, and he’s directing Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Pietro is DEFINITELY X-Men Quicksilver. And even if he’s not ALSO Mephisto, Mephisto is definitely still involved. Maybe Agatha is trying to summon him, and she needed the twins as a sacrifice.

  51. Carmine Bokesch

    Carmine Bokesch7 days ago

    Yeah they were all from Captain Marvel

  52. Te Mason

    Te Mason7 days ago

    How many rumours are about to be shut down? Me: All of them lol

  53. Namirast

    Namirast7 days ago

    GUYS I HAVE NEW THEORY HEAR ME OUT Have you guys noticed that Pietro ALWAYS wears a string of beads around his neck? When he first appeared at the door, it seemed so mismatched and bizarre to me, but check out all his outfits!! When he wakes up from the couch, in his pre-halloween getup he STILL HAS IT. Then, when he changes into classical Quicksilver outfit he STILL HAS IT. My theory is that it is some sort of a talisman and that is how Agatha is controlling him!!! If and when someone pulls it off him, he will return to his old self and since I'm also a believer that he really is X-Men Quicksilver brought over by overlapping realities due to Wanda's magic, he will be freed next episode or the last, aiding our heroes against Agatha and the big bad that is yet to be revealed (Mephisto/Nightmare/Chthon). P.S.: Just noticed he's STILL WEARING IT IN THE MID-CREDITS SCENE OF EP.7!!! OMG

  54. William Hider

    William Hider7 days ago

    "That fly on the wall." *entomologists triggered*

  55. NeXt Up Entertainment

    NeXt Up Entertainment7 days ago

    It’s been Agatha All Along! OMG 😱 the tune is stuck in my head...

  56. NeXt Up Entertainment

    NeXt Up Entertainment7 days ago

    It’s been Agatha All Along! OMG 😱 the tune is stuck in my head...

  57. Suzi Wolf

    Suzi Wolf7 days ago

    Perfect Bill & Ted impression at 8:33 :3

  58. Trevyn Baker

    Trevyn Baker7 days ago

    The lines are from the movie

  59. Sean Midson

    Sean Midson7 days ago

    Such a great episode! The future of the MCU is bright 🔥

  60. AnEggNamedCyclops

    AnEggNamedCyclops7 days ago

    I'd say she's controlling fox quicksilver entirely, didn't give him any memories or anything.

  61. Jon Dilts

    Jon Dilts7 days ago

    at first I thought Agnes was Abigail Brandt, but then they revealed someone else was running SWORD and Abigail wouldn't be scared of Wanda so then that was thrown out of the window, then I thought she was just one of her victims, then she was revealed to be Wanda's Mentor.

  62. David Marsden

    David Marsden7 days ago

    You know it's Disney when the villain gets a cutesy intro song. :-D LOL (Also, notice that Agatha lives in the "Bewitched" house.)

  63. Greenkidd

    Greenkidd7 days ago

    is this Mephisto? is that Mephisto? is life Mephsito? are these guys Mephisto? Is this video Mephisto? God I hope Kevin Fiege doesn't do Mephisto just so people can continue going on about things being a reference to Mephisto.

  64. mitchell luna-lopez

    mitchell luna-lopez7 days ago

    Its not fly, its a Cicada 🤔

  65. Monetization lol

    Monetization lol7 days ago

    This isn't even a pending Theory I just like how her abilities are the same color is the Power Stone

  66. Iwillone

    Iwillone7 days ago

    Snoopers Gonna Snoop needs to be on a T-shirt (^_^ )

  67. Gamebox Girl

    Gamebox Girl7 days ago

    Vision is just a corpse but idk about pietro

  68. Tess B

    Tess B7 days ago

    I wanna know what role Dotty has - she said to Wanda 'i know about you' or i know what your doing .. and her blood was red when she cut herself during the B/W episode also Agatha saying Dotty was the 'key to everything'

  69. Oroborus

    Oroborus7 days ago

    175 Sparkies disliked this.

  70. Yung Apollo inc

    Yung Apollo inc8 days ago

    The Nexus is a cross-dimensional gateway which provides a pathway to any and all possible realities, this includes realities between realities. It is unknown whether it was created by some being or just if it's the one place in the entire multiverse where all realities naturally intersect nexus beings in various universes are havoc leonard tippet kang immortus lore merlyn odin rick jones wanda spiderman wolverine sise neg vision

  71. Miguel Moleiro

    Miguel Moleiro8 days ago

    the intro? probably from "happy endings"

  72. DaPolarPlayzz

    DaPolarPlayzz8 days ago


  73. eric banks

    eric banks8 days ago

    I think the engineer is either Beast, Reed Richards orrrr...Agent Léopold Fitz from Agents of Shield...I know that’s a stretch but I’m optimistic lol

  74. Kitsune Rokaku

    Kitsune Rokaku8 days ago

    Glad I'm not that only one who was pissed Agatha killed Sparky. I instantly thought "Oh she dies *first* "

  75. buttahp

    buttahp8 days ago

    Y'all aren't gonna talk about the little taste of Agatha's witchy fit?

  76. Arik Heglund

    Arik Heglund8 days ago

    Did Agatha turn the twins into a bunny and a bug?

  77. Kush Prashar

    Kush Prashar8 days ago

    You freakin don't do anything to the Dog you b****

  78. Robert Lundkvist

    Robert Lundkvist8 days ago

    All the lines from Monica passing through the barrier are from act 2 of Captain Marvel, as they prepare to go to space.

  79. THEJoeDub22

    THEJoeDub228 days ago

    Re: the whole mole on her back thing... moles were also referred to as ‘devil’s marks’ and are an indication of being under the influence of and being controlled by/serving the devil... with two episodes left you can bet we’re going to find out that Agatha is also being controlled.

  80. Robert Lundkvist

    Robert Lundkvist8 days ago

    1 episode left?!

  81. Leah Marie

    Leah Marie8 days ago

    I think we finally got an after credits scene because the Wanda Vision show is taking place in the late 2000s and that’s when after credits became real thing.

  82. Infernal

    Infernal8 days ago

    I know its a reach but Goodner said Capcom

  83. bourbon 07

    bourbon 078 days ago

    Curious as to why Agatha said Wanda "deserves" what was happening right now

  84. Shythalia

    Shythalia8 days ago

    So, I was right that Hayward wanted to weaponize Vision.

  85. Ajay

    Ajay8 days ago

    Where is John Wick when we need him?!

  86. TJ Jordan

    TJ Jordan8 days ago

    Agatha: "And I killed Sparky too." John Wick immediately starts driving for Westview

  87. LaaLaaG2AuntYaya G

    LaaLaaG2AuntYaya G8 days ago

    20:30 OH NO, A Flerkin!

  88. MeaPGaeming

    MeaPGaeming8 days ago

    Confirmed John Wick is in the MCU and he is coming for Agatha

  89. _ ItsStan _

    _ ItsStan _8 days ago

    Actually new mutants was the first marvel horror lmao

  90. toondocker

    toondocker8 days ago

    Huh? What version of Mephisto's first appearance in Silver Surfer #3 did you read that has him originally as a fly on the wall? It's not in the one I've read haha You guys actually read the comics or just websites with "info" on them?

  91. LuckyShot

    LuckyShot8 days ago

    My ratings on these episodes Ep 1=8.5 Ep 2=9 Ep 3=10 Ep 4=9.5 Ep 5=10 Ep 6=8.5 Ep 7=8

  92. Romanogers4ever

    Romanogers4ever8 days ago

    The nexus of reality is a link to Man-Thing, who (in the comics) his love interest was the glowing army chick that Tony killed using a microwave in Iron Man 3. Plus man things statue was in Thor Ragnarok, right next to Betta Ray Bill.

  93. PheelKooL

    PheelKooL8 days ago

    How many theories are about to be shut down... Every single one😂😂

  94. MARTINEZ 449

    MARTINEZ 4498 days ago

    Did we all forget whos this person in witness protection.. is this person still in there and who is it.

  95. zVizzions

    zVizzions8 days ago

    May be unpopular opinion but if evan peters ends up NOT being quicksilver, it would be disappointing......

  96. DougyFresh6694 Doug Bottine

    DougyFresh6694 Doug Bottine8 days ago

    Like how they introduced Agnes or Agetha with The Munsters Lettering

  97. Ellis Hugh

    Ellis Hugh8 days ago

    Notice when she down into the basement the aspect ration changed again, meaning that it exists in the real world outside of the influence of the Hex.

  98. Scott Hanson

    Scott Hanson8 days ago

    Awesome reaction you guys. No all of us know the in’s and out’s of the story that’s why it’s strange 😉. Wandavision is certainly a unique and cool way to start the next phase of the MCU. Can’t wait to find out how this story unfolds in the coming episodes ahead .

  99. kinah joy

    kinah joy8 days ago

    Do you know that there is a post credit scene?

  100. Darth Nurfherder

    Darth Nurfherder8 days ago

    I think Major Goodner is the young Skrull child that played Uno with Monica in the Capt. Marvel movie.

  101. Jack Span

    Jack Span8 days ago

    Theres an important clue in the Halloween episode: 2 times they mention a Herring. Like in the expression "red Herring". Pratically everything on that episode was a red Herring tossing people on the wrong direcion. Specially Agatha scene and the whole Focus on Quicksilver indicating his Memories were different, so that people would keep theorizing he was the one from the Fox movies...

  102. KoolMB

    KoolMB8 days ago

    Nice spoiler in the thumbnail

  103. tconlon251

    tconlon2518 days ago

    Happy Endings was the inspiration for the theme song visuals

  104. AsianPirate

    AsianPirate8 days ago

    Agatha Harkness had a son called Nicholas Scratch...and the bunny is called Mr Scratchy. Coincidence?? I think not. And Agatha has a direct link to the Fantastic 4 as well as Doctor Strange. I believe Quicksilver is Mephisto.

  105. Phillip Mendoza

    Phillip Mendoza8 days ago

    Well, to quote a wise man "I guess the real aerospace engineer was the friends we made along the way"