Mortal Kombat Trailer 2021 Breakdown - Easter Eggs and New Movies Explained

Mortal Kombat Trailer 2021. Easter Eggs, New Movies Explained. Scorpion Origin Story, Scorpion vs Sub Zero, Shang Tsung and Wandavision Episode 7 ►
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Covering new Mortal Kombat Trailer 2021 Breakdown and Easter Eggs. Classic Mortal Kombat Movies reboot explained. New Story and Mortal Kombat Mythology. Scorpion Origin Story, Scorpion vs Sub Zero, Shang Tsung, Mortal Kombat Tournament Explained. Lui Kang, Cole Young Scorpion Theory, Mileena, Kun Lao, Original Scorpion, Sonya Blade and Jax, Kano and Mortal Kombat Easter Eggs, Finish Him, Scorpion Special Attacks, Raiden and full story.
I'll do more Mortal Kombat 2021 Movie videos and Godzilla vs Kong Trailer videos when they release more trailers!
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More 2021 Marvel Phase 4 Movies and Disney Plus Series. I'll be doing Episode videos for everything. We'll get more Spider-Man 3 news. Venom 2 Trailer and more Morbius Trailer videos for all the bigger Spiderman Movies next year.
My Full Full Wandavision Episode 7 video coming Friday! My Episode videos will post every Friday. Falcon and Winter Soldier Episodes starting after the Wandavision Episode 9 Finale too!
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  1. Emergency Awesome

    Emergency Awesome17 days ago

    Here's my Full Mortal Kombat Trailer video and new movies breakdown with the rebooted story. Post all your theories in the comments! Here's my new Wandavision Episode 7 Trailer video too!

  2. Ansie

    Ansie5 days ago

    Please I need to know where Johnny cage is

  3. Unhinged savagE

    Unhinged savagE7 days ago

    I think in the Trailer, when Raiden appears and you see Hanzo Hazashi laying on the ground. He is holding on to Cole his son. Then Raiden takes that kid away and pops him up in the future.

  4. John Dang

    John Dang11 days ago

    Did he really say “ Outland”?

  5. gikash

    gikash11 days ago

    The color of his hand wraps are a clue to his heritage a direct descendant of Hanzo Hasashi

  6. Pestilence Control

    Pestilence Control11 days ago

    @Savage Hiro in 1.37-1.39 from trailer I think I see Reptile or at least some with his invicibility skill ;)

  7. Realist

    Realist5 hours ago

    1:36 Reptile

  8. Brightest angel

    Brightest angelDay ago

    Ooo that cyborg CGI hurts..

  9. Blake Hayes

    Blake HayesDay ago

    I need to see some quan chi. Also why isnt Mileena looking anything like kitana?

  10. A Jizzle83

    A Jizzle83Day ago

    The great Kung Lao 💯

  11. 49erfantx

    49erfantxDay ago

    I think a Easter u missed that I believe is a Easter egg but I could be wrong,is when they show the cyborg hand. I think that is actually Ornald Schwarzenegger's Terminator instead of Jack's hand. I think the scene could be really a end credit scene or a scene near the end of the movie.

  12. Amanda Fox

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  13. Riot U7

    Riot U72 days ago

    That wasn’t really a breakdown... it’s just your theories and rambling..

  14. Pliny Elder

    Pliny Elder2 days ago


  15. Mr. Headcase

    Mr. Headcase2 days ago

    Man this guy knows nothing about mortal kombat

  16. Amanjoat Gill

    Amanjoat Gill2 days ago

    I am sooooo excited!!!!!! I played the game and watched the movie! And I’m a martial artist. Just sooooo goooood!!!! I’ve been waited for this for forever!! I love the mythology!!! ❤️

  17. sub 4 videos that make no sense

    sub 4 videos that make no sense3 days ago

    8:00 thought that was baraka

  18. Iceberg Slim

    Iceberg Slim3 days ago

    Haha now that I think of it the original was soooo trash. Scorpion had a little shop of horrors plant in his hand for his spear. Raiden was freaking highlander... the whitest white guy you could find but he was a god to Asian people. Sub zero died from a bucket of water. Shang tsung was probably the only thing they got right in the entire movie. I was so upset after begging my mom to take me to see it. And it was TRASH... I'm feeling this so much I got a little feminine. Had to check myself and listened to some 90s rap.

  19. Habibi

    Habibi3 days ago

    Goro is fighting someone that looks like Takeda. Look at the Armor. What if Scorpion becomes Coles Master and He is Takeda.

  20. Konrad Niewiadomski

    Konrad Niewiadomski3 days ago

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  21. Suiyee the pink Unicorn

    Suiyee the pink Unicorn3 days ago

    I think mk 1995 was ok

  22. Suiyee the pink Unicorn

    Suiyee the pink Unicorn3 days ago

    I’m 10 but I still like mk

  23. Ronald Williams

    Ronald Williams3 days ago

    Maybe cole will be the new 🦂

  24. We Are Many

    We Are Many4 days ago

    I love the smell of my farts there so pungent and smelly it's like my own personal sewer

  25. Easy Profits

    Easy Profits3 days ago


  26. Kevin

    Kevin4 days ago

    It needs to be "COME HERE" with a deep deep throaty alpha in a cave voice.. man come on :(((

  27. Ghaelgon Doman

    Ghaelgon Doman4 days ago

    I saw the movie when I was young and havent really played the can someone tell me who are the elder gods the titans and the ones abover the elder gods??is Shao Khan the one above the gods??

  28. Ghaelgon Doman

    Ghaelgon Doman3 days ago

    @Iceberg Slim oh ok..thank u

  29. Iceberg Slim

    Iceberg Slim3 days ago

    @Ghaelgon Doman could be im not 100% she's the keeper of time

  30. Ghaelgon Doman

    Ghaelgon Doman3 days ago

    @Iceberg Slim is Chronica the one being above the elder gods?the one the elder gods had to fight and spread its remains in the realms??

  31. Iceberg Slim

    Iceberg Slim3 days ago

    No he's another foot stool. If this was ranked: Goro above him Shang tsung Shao khan Quan chi Shinnok The gods Raiden and Fujii Chronica elder God which she was just revealed in the last mortal kombat After that I don't know...

  32. Fuck U

    Fuck U4 days ago

    “Come over here” “Outland” How to know this guy is not a fan

  33. Lowkey Loki

    Lowkey Loki23 hours ago

    @Scotty Nelson got jump on them views, fuck fact checking lol

  34. Scotty Nelson

    Scotty Nelson2 days ago

    Haha.....that pissed me off too. Also he was saying the "scorpion clan" ......Scorpions clan was Shirai Ryu. I'm sure there are plenty of other things he messed up in this but I'm not gonna watch it again. I did notice the same things you did though so tip of the hat to an actual fan. I've been waiting for a MK movie to come out with better production value so hopefully this one is it.

  35. Ryan White

    Ryan White4 days ago

    Lets fckn gooooooo!!!!

  36. AleXFlex

    AleXFlex4 days ago

    The subsequent bear intriguingly hammer because bowl adventitiously imagine abaft a mountainous mother. harmonious, ajar field

  37. sammyboie

    sammyboie4 days ago

    Outworld** not Outland

  38. Robert M.

    Robert M.4 days ago

    I get so many Cosmere/Adonalsium vibes!!!

  39. 999wrld

    999wrld5 days ago

    It's get over here not come over here and outworld not outland

  40. W H

    W H5 days ago

    As long as there is no "friendship" finishing moves. a bit like how Daniel Son in Karate kid 2 ended a fight with a nose pinch.

  41. Jalen Ikezeue

    Jalen Ikezeue5 days ago

    This Is Not a Brutality This Is a Fatality

  42. RoseFamilyReptiles

    RoseFamilyReptiles5 days ago

    I think I noticed Chamaeleon and smoke.

  43. paul bussey

    paul bussey5 days ago

    if you look at eh IMDB the actor that's playing sub-zero it also says noob saibot. so in the trailer that smoke figure is the resurrected sub zero

  44. Nash Tebelak

    Nash Tebelak5 days ago

    Wasn't Reptile and Noob Sibot introduced in the trailer as well?

  45. Zoro 17

    Zoro 175 days ago

    10:55 you can see that kano killed reptile by ripping his heart out 😤😭😔 they did my boy reptile dirty

  46. mohdivan iqromsangaji

    mohdivan iqromsangaji6 days ago

    what subcribe content l am,.

  47. Bron James Bron

    Bron James Bron6 days ago

    Bro you buggin....the original Mortal Kombat was a great fucking movie for being based off a game...I don’t know anyone that disliked that movie and I rather see that Goro (who looked real) instead of this CGI bullshit....u don’t appreciate the way they built those animatronics back then🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️

  48. Kevin Ulloa

    Kevin Ulloa6 days ago

    Outworld! Not outland... 🙄

  49. Terry Wilkins

    Terry Wilkins6 days ago

    You can see kitana fan

  50. ali abugayed

    ali abugayed6 days ago

    If you say outland one more time!

  51. Ram Lopez

    Ram Lopez6 days ago

    I just noticed, Cole Young was there when Scorpion grabbed Sub-Zero and said "come over here".

  52. Hiken Productions

    Hiken Productions6 days ago

    If you didn't noticed it yet. Pause at the exact time scorpion said "get over here" cole young is the one inside scorpion's outfit.

  53. M. J

    M. J7 days ago

    *Sub-Zero build an Ice wall in the trailer. It's obvious that this sub-zero is bi-han, which means Cold Wall.*

  54. Arod

    Arod7 days ago

    In the scorpion flashback you can see what looks like a woman holding something frozen in front of house

  55. ra ro

    ra ro7 days ago


  56. Fred

    Fred7 days ago

    At the 1:36 to 1:38 mark it looks like reptile is in it. He appears on the left corner side of the screen, it looks like he is about to uncloak.

  57. Miheer Poradiya

    Miheer Poradiya7 days ago

    I thought cole young was descendant of liu kang until I saw his "yellow" scorpion esque gloves..

  58. Unhinged savagE

    Unhinged savagE7 days ago

    I think in the Trailer, when Raiden appears and you see Hanzo Hazashi laying on the ground. He is holding on to Cole his son. Then Raiden takes that kid away and pops him up in the future.

  59. bioatschool

    bioatschool7 days ago

    Love this! Me gusta!

  60. David Ram

    David Ram7 days ago

    This time get van dam for cage

  61. HJL JR

    HJL JR7 days ago

    He's too old

  62. Dyllan Kauffman

    Dyllan Kauffman7 days ago

    Did anyone else see the glimpse of noob saibot coming from the portal? I know I did, it’s right before the dragon gets resurrected

  63. HJL JR

    HJL JR7 days ago

    Nah it's Sub-zero

  64. argella1300

    argella13008 days ago

    According to the Wikipedia page Kabal and Nitara will be showing up too

  65. HJL JR

    HJL JR7 days ago

    Kabal will be the victim of that fire dragon that Liu Kang did

  66. Ze_ Zya

    Ze_ Zya8 days ago

    just pause at 0:57 and take a close look near the center. scorpion's family is frozen by sub zero or maybe anyone from Lin Kuei clan

  67. satch422

    satch4228 days ago

    Can't wait till they mix it with the DC universe

  68. Martin Guzman

    Martin Guzman8 days ago

    Where is the fuck is Johnny cage

  69. Vito Kombat Talk

    Vito Kombat Talk8 days ago

    Even if it looks like low budget, i will be watching. Definitely been waiting for Mortal Kombat movie for decades now.

  70. Mags -attack1

    Mags -attack18 days ago

    If scorpion and subzero dont get allot of screen time I'll be very disappointed

  71. Brooke Mattson

    Brooke Mattson8 days ago

    Nah ,your full of shit.. This is Mortal Kombat

  72. whymedk

    whymedk8 days ago

    You didn't mention why somehow Kano gets to shoot lazers from his eye :D

  73. HJL JR

    HJL JR7 days ago

    He did in the game

  74. Jordon Webb

    Jordon Webb8 days ago

    “Outland.” Tsk tsk.

  75. Goosendorf

    Goosendorf8 days ago

    Hell... It's about time.

  76. ariel burgos

    ariel burgos8 days ago

    So no Johnny Cage.

  77. Jose Velazquez

    Jose Velazquez8 days ago

    Kitana weapon is in the trailer

  78. Asif Hussain

    Asif Hussain8 days ago

    When scorpion does the come over here,you can see what looks like cole on his knee looks like there double teaming subzero

  79. 47_ Sc0RPioN

    47_ Sc0RPioN8 days ago

    “Hanzo hasashi is dead,i am scorpion”

  80. Daniel Frias

    Daniel Frias9 days ago

    Anyone else notice he said outland? Not Outworld? Like it kinda bothered me, it is what it is

  81. James Maynard

    James Maynard9 days ago

    How are you gonna do an easter egg vid when you cant even get the realms right? Bro i cringed every time you said "outland" Its "OUTWORLD" BRO!!! FUCKING "OUTWORLD"!!!!!!

  82. sanbi221

    sanbi2219 days ago

    It’s Outworld. Not Outland. Outworld.

  83. Jonah B

    Jonah B9 days ago

    No Johnny Cage?

  84. Chase Vancelette

    Chase Vancelette9 days ago

    How come no one ever mentions then charter Smoke in the trailer

  85. Adam Abbas

    Adam Abbas9 days ago

    Kano looks awesome.


    TRIGGER9 days ago

    Jacks has his arm in the car with Cole! i think he loses his arms at cole's gym where Scorpion & Sub Zero fight!

  87. HJL JR

    HJL JR7 days ago

    He lost them where Sub-zero was ice-skating in the building

  88. K. Feliciano

    K. Feliciano9 days ago

    But where's chun-li? .... lol

  89. Kevin Worrick

    Kevin Worrick9 days ago

    I think that figure in the painting isnt Kung Lao, I think its Quan Chi, Kung Lao never had spikes on any thing Quan Chi did

  90. Joe Bryant

    Joe Bryant9 days ago

    You didn't really breakdown the trailer. You just gave more background into the MK lore

  91. Alex Ortiz

    Alex Ortiz9 days ago

    The picayune xylophone putatively stamp because hardhat anaerobically change barring a bored battery. shiny, unable train

  92. Big Guy

    Big Guy9 days ago

    Joe Taslim and Hiroyuki Sanada are legendary!! Ok mk shut up and take my money!!

  93. Dr. Manhattan

    Dr. Manhattan9 days ago


  94. Liam Mulvaney

    Liam Mulvaney9 days ago

    Hope they don't give Cole Young the Ghost Rider treatment, where he morphs into scorpion. That would be so stupid.

  95. BIG BOSS

    BIG BOSS10 days ago

    da fuck is Johnny cage at?

  96. DragonBolic

    DragonBolic10 days ago

    I don’t need to listen to commentary on Mortal Kombat. The fact that this single preview of the new Mortal Kombat movie has not only given me hope to a franchise of greatness, has also made me realize how amazing Mortal Kombat could be as an entire saga that no one has ever seen before. I don’t have to listen to commentary, the only thing I know is, Mortal Kombat, has been etched into my soul ever since I first played the very first arcade game played with upon Nickels or quarters in certain Parkade areas, has finally realized the potential of a video game. Until now, they have finally done it justice! And this is the same kind of justice that needs to happen with every single video game adaptation to movie so actually hits the hearts of the people who love not only the video game franchise, but turn it into a worldwide phenomenon.

  97. Efraín Alas Moran

    Efraín Alas Moran10 days ago

    Johnny Cage is not in the movie? Man, I wanted so bad to re-create that kick in the nuts to Goro.

  98. Babino’s TV Entertainment

    Babino’s TV Entertainment10 days ago

    Where is Johnny cage

  99. bigswole7777

    bigswole777710 days ago

    Kano wins 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  100. neil wallop

    neil wallop10 days ago

    Did you see the cartoon version scorpio's revenge. If you didn't check it out, trust me.

  101. Dat1FakeFilipino __

    Dat1FakeFilipino __10 days ago

    Liu Kang when summoning the dragon, was fighting kabal

  102. Aceboogie 85

    Aceboogie 8510 days ago

    I hope it’s good but either way It looks like it’ll be entertaining as hell

  103. Orion Assante

    Orion Assante10 days ago

    So... fuck you Johnny Cage?

  104. RL K

    RL K10 days ago

    The Script A Mafia Story! Read The Movie For Your Mind...

  105. Alifianda_

    Alifianda_10 days ago

    Joe Taslim for Indonesia!!!???❤

  106. fjcanchola12

    fjcanchola1210 days ago


  107. flaconangel

    flaconangel10 days ago

    When keno punch the reptile spices in the heart 10:52

  108. Jaka Ali Saputra

    Jaka Ali Saputra10 days ago

    Anjg seru banget nih film

  109. Crni Colchonero

    Crni Colchonero10 days ago

    i like Scorpion more when he fires that thing from his hand not this blade shit

  110. P. Phenixx

    P. Phenixx10 days ago

    Pretty sure if the Cole character is in fact related to Scorpion....he becomes Tekada. Think about it.

  111. Alejandro Blanco

    Alejandro Blanco10 days ago

    Outworld not Outland amigo, kept watching to see if you’d notice and change it lol ya didn’t

  112. Alex Torres

    Alex Torres10 days ago

    Does anyone remember the secret character chameleon? I think Cole Young is secretly Chameleon who never really had a back story. He looks like he's a Mix Martial Artist and Chameleons specialty was using others characters finishers. Just saying, this could be Chameleons big moment.

  113. Cryosight Gaming

    Cryosight Gaming10 days ago

    Isnt the one in the mural baraka

  114. Cryosight Gaming

    Cryosight Gaming10 days ago

    Wheres chun li 🤣🤣

  115. Niswarni Niswarni

    Niswarni Niswarni10 days ago


  116. Wes Cooke

    Wes Cooke10 days ago

    Cole is replacing johnny cage, instead of a showboating movie star its a showboating mma fighter, makes sense. They will probably just mention he did a movie at some point to nod to cage

  117. Wes Cooke

    Wes Cooke10 days ago

    Looks like Kano is fighting Reptile in the trailer