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Check out my reaction to KAI 카이 '음 (Mmmh)' MV | SOLO DEBUT REACTION!!!

ORIGINAL VIDEO: uslikes.info/house/eJdkysRuxHmcYsg/video.html&ab_channel=SMTOWN

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  1. Sukma Agita

    Sukma Agita3 days ago

    i really love your reaction to exo specially, can you reaction to them in MAMA 2013 and MAMA 2016 pliss and exo el do rado, and i haven"t see your reaction to growl too :")

  2. Awake Holera

    Awake Holera4 days ago

    You should really react to the choreography

  3. Lilith Amana

    Lilith Amana5 days ago

    bris struggling to find a way to describe the chorus keeping it pg is peak comedy

  4. Christina Dassau

    Christina Dassau7 days ago

    Did you know About Cheetah's new mv for Villian? And if anyone notices that Kai smiles in everything...I feel like if he didn't the world is not right.

  5. Classically Mish

    Classically Mish10 days ago

    Kai got everybody who watched this video pregnant. Mmhmm

  6. Shasitty Square

    Shasitty Square11 days ago

    Black women swoops all day!!

  7. Shasitty Square

    Shasitty Square11 days ago

    Bris, this whole song is an entanglement!! Lol!!

  8. Shasitty Square

    Shasitty Square11 days ago

    I love you, Bris!! Lol!! Kai is nasty!! Lol!!

  9. Shasitty Square

    Shasitty Square11 days ago

    Bris, Kai was giving us Stephen King's the Gunslinger with that hat and turtle neck. It was even World War Z. It's hot.

  10. Shasitty Square

    Shasitty Square11 days ago

    Bris, I love that you SEE Kai!! You see how special he is.

  11. Nina soso

    Nina soso12 days ago

    Did you pay attention to nail polish?

  12. masi Gholipour

    masi Gholipour12 days ago

    Kai is the king

  13. Xia Dallas

    Xia Dallas14 days ago

    I die everytime I hear "Ride or Die"

  14. ZheLyRv

    ZheLyRv14 days ago

    I'm so so agree... He's on fire!! That album... Woa

  15. Kadir Demir

    Kadir Demir15 days ago

    KAİ !!!!

  16. Zeenia Rathore

    Zeenia Rathore17 days ago

    him noticing the smallest details, catching the concept of two Kais constantly warring with each other, the scuff marks on the floor, recognizing Kai's effort was so satisfying bcz no one else did with all those particular details

  17. charity thobile

    charity thobile19 days ago

    Kai is back with fire and he burning everything and everyone in his way.

  18. zykeveyin malone

    zykeveyin malone19 days ago

    That whole video was smooth.

  19. Manahil javed

    Manahil javed21 day ago

    It's not that two people should be black but courtreezy and bris will be sweet together idk I said what I said Prrr.


    RILEY ON THAT BEAT21 day ago

    *Hongjoong* was the second Idol with a mullet and first was *RM* that I knew of, to thatI'm still obsessed with up to this day. These are the *"Reasons"* why *Kai* is my *BIAS* he produced this entire album and chose all his dancers, he came up with these dope ass, amazing visuals and scenery of all the *MVS* he's so intelligent, *GO KAI!*

  21. kaavya reddy

    kaavya reddy21 day ago

    PLZ react more to EXO!!!!

  22. Esther Fale

    Esther Fale21 day ago

    Kai: "Show me" BRISxLIFE: "Show him" Me: 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  23. Peaches Kurim

    Peaches Kurim24 days ago


  24. 3IA17 Nurul Hajijah

    3IA17 Nurul Hajijah26 days ago

    kemana aja lu bang baru tau kai se mantep itu wkwkwkwkwk

  25. Riri Kim

    Riri Kim28 days ago

    Have you watched the "That's Okay" Live clip by D.O.? It would be nice if you would react to it.😇

  26. ShouShoopaShoops

    ShouShoopaShoops28 days ago

    Really Exodus and XOXO are the best EXO album to this day !!! I still listen to these like it's brand new !!

  27. ShouShoopaShoops

    ShouShoopaShoops28 days ago

    To answer your question Hongjoong had a mullet in 2018 😉 you're welcome

  28. Kendra Johnson

    Kendra Johnson28 days ago

    This is why Kai is my bias. I have him on my lockscreen, a shirt of him from SuperM, etc. That is my baby! LOL I'm actually BaeKai though. I can't really choose between the two but yeah..... LOL

  29. Kendra Johnson

    Kendra Johnson28 days ago

    Amnesia is my absolute favorite song on the album.

  30. Razorblade Sparrow

    Razorblade Sparrow28 days ago

    Oh man.. down a kai spiral now... introduced me to a new kpop artist... im hooked

  31. Joana Vecilla

    Joana Vecilla28 days ago

    I love Kai OMG

  32. just789

    just78928 days ago

    "He's beatin' up his self" LOL

  33. Araya

    Araya29 days ago

    not kai nasty 😂

  34. Symone Grant

    Symone GrantMonth ago

    It was V who had the mullet and people wanted him to cut it. I personally LOVEEEED his mullet!

  35. Berni Sarabia

    Berni SarabiaMonth ago

    Love Kai's pincurls!❤❤😍

  36. Michelle Yang

    Michelle YangMonth ago

    This has to be the beST reaction to KAI's FILM video BY FARRRRR I COULD NOT BREATHE ASD;AJLSDJA;KD

  37. gotta.luv. ems

    gotta.luv. emsMonth ago

    Have you reacted to Yunho Thank U MV?!!! It is cinematic! You HAVE to react to it!

  38. Aarushie Chatterjee

    Aarushie ChatterjeeMonth ago

    Kai got me into K-pop so I can proudly say he wrecked me the first time I saw him and has been doing so ever since. 😂

  39. Rasheen Warmington

    Rasheen WarmingtonMonth ago

    The lyrics and vocals and body rolls alone sounds like he’d be Wildin in the bedroom. But we’re not curious or anything 👀

  40. Michelle Davenport

    Michelle Davenport2 days ago

    The fuck I am!!!...I’m try to see something😳👀👅

  41. Mayur Marathe

    Mayur MaratheMonth ago

    Bro plzz react to emiway his is indian rapper

  42. Sara

    SaraMonth ago

    I still don’t f with mullets 😂

  43. 성현주

    성현주Month ago

    I remember when you reacted to EXO's Kokobop (the song was released in 2017). Did you remember Baekhyun's mullet?

  44. Andrea Barnes

    Andrea BarnesMonth ago

    I love kai, but I always hated when people want to compare him and taemin. They both have their own styles and are awesome in their own way. 🥰

  45. Ashley Smith

    Ashley SmithMonth ago

    This is Kai's Marriage ceremony to the Black community... on the behalf of my people's.... WE DO ❤️❤️❤️

  46. Michayle Jaftha

    Michayle JafthaMonth ago

    Sorry but I'm gonna have to disagree Bris. The8 had a mullet in 2018 and it was one of the best looks ever. I loved it to bits. The same with Taeyong's mullet in Simon says and I actually LOVED kokobop Baekhyun

  47. Naya Vlogs

    Naya VlogsMonth ago

    Sir you got me mistaken I’m a h*e for mullets 😭

  48. FM 76

    FM 76Month ago


  49. FM 76

    FM 76Month ago


  50. sink

    sinkMonth ago

    6:30 😭😭😭💀

  51. lll Tay lll

    lll Tay lllMonth ago

    I SWEAR NOBODY WOULD TALK ABT THIS BOP i had to find it on my own xD

  52. Nayel

    NayelMonth ago

    I just love how much respect you put on his artistic self. Thank you so much for appreciate my talented king.

  53. kwt.goingon

    kwt.goingonMonth ago

    KAI is my BIAS and I cry so proud of his SOLO. Thankyou for your reaction... love it ;)

  54. Yssa T

    Yssa TMonth ago

    Hey Bris! Dominique is back and he did a live for That's Ok.

  55. SiwonnieFan

    SiwonnieFanMonth ago

    Can you react to his NOW performance of "Reason"?

  56. the_0ff1c1a1_me

    the_0ff1c1a1_meMonth ago

    I'm in the middle of class.. Everyone is listening to the presentations While I'm here watching this

  57. the_0ff1c1a1_me

    the_0ff1c1a1_meMonth ago

    I love mullets 😭😭😭

  58. Kpop lover

    Kpop loverMonth ago

    OMG are we just gonna skip past the part when he said “we probably have a baby on the way in 9 months already”🤣 yes as a letter of fact I do bris Kai did it😭

  59. Swan Songs

    Swan SongsMonth ago

    @06:20 "that's why he needed that durag" I CANT BREATHE HAHAHAHAHHAHA

  60. Amber Rodriguez

    Amber RodriguezMonth ago

    His solo debut was indeed impecable i can't believe he really pulled a FILM, an incredible mv, and insanley good songs, even the physical album itself has an excellent quality. Kai is on a league of his own

  61. CHR15T1N3

    CHR15T1N3Month ago

    I like how u really focus and hear the beats in the bg

  62. Zahra Azizi

    Zahra AziziMonth ago

    Love ittttttttt

  63. Jibe Nebato

    Jibe NebatoMonth ago

    Bcs kai is a trendsetter

  64. Lalei An

    Lalei AnMonth ago

    KAI makes us speechless too don't worry he always gives his 1485% whenever he performs

  65. Kaum Rebahan

    Kaum RebahanMonth ago

    question; How many times has Bris held the hat?

  66. ooh ginger

    ooh gingerMonth ago

    This is amazing

  67. veylicious 11

    veylicious 11Month ago

    1:52 komuk lau gaenak banget ngab gue liatin 😂😂😂

  68. Cloud7

    Cloud7Month ago

    What the song at 0:12 ?

  69. a

    a18 days ago


  70. Julie Vo

    Julie VoMonth ago

    Why is he being so disrespectful? 13:05 😂😂😂😂

  71. Erica Kang

    Erica KangMonth ago

    o my gosh!! when the reason choreo came on I had the same reaction as you, just different words!! lol I was dying at your reaction cause it was so spot on

  72. Jorge Pedroza Ospino

    Jorge Pedroza OspinoMonth ago

    I love your youtubeeee

  73. Jeannine Bartel

    Jeannine BartelMonth ago

    It's all kai baby

  74. Jackie Bellamy

    Jackie BellamyMonth ago

    He is everything!!!!! 😍 Great Singer, Great Dancer, Everything!!!!!!! 🔥 🔥 🔥

  75. eka listiana

    eka listianaMonth ago

    Please give a Indonesian subtitle π°π

  76. Nikky Rdz

    Nikky RdzMonth ago

    2:45 ok bris but lets be honest...only kpop idols look good with mullets😅🤣😂😂🤭😳💜 And only they can bring the trend back

  77. Tantaniea Walker

    Tantaniea WalkerMonth ago

    They did one for Taemin it was soooo good 🙏🏽🙏🏽

  78. Faith Exist

    Faith ExistMonth ago

    D. O aka Dominic is out from the military Bris. Ur bias in Exo 😅😅😅❤

  79. Jodee Hemenway

    Jodee HemenwayMonth ago

    The “weekend” of KPOP that’s the vibe I got from him

  80. Didi Stylinson

    Didi Stylinson5 days ago


  81. hæchnnie

    hæchnnie19 days ago


  82. beckybee1973able

    beckybee1973ableMonth ago

    Too much talking for me

  83. Thefunkstar

    ThefunkstarMonth ago

    Yeah, I've been feeling this album latly can't stop listening. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾💞

  84. Stephanie Dela Cerna

    Stephanie Dela CernaMonth ago

    Thank u for loving exo

  85. Kayla Hines

    Kayla HinesMonth ago

    Why does Bris look like he about to cry?

  86. Kayla Hines

    Kayla HinesMonth ago

    Bris: How can I keep this PG? Me: *Tries not to laugh* Bris: Some of you guys already probably have a baby on the way in nine months Me: *Laughs out loud*

  87. CCR

    CCRMonth ago

    Them finger waves

  88. Jesse Newcomb

    Jesse NewcombMonth ago


  89. Cosmiq Latte E.X.O

    Cosmiq Latte E.X.OMonth ago


  90. Fifi Idn

    Fifi IdnMonth ago

    React EXO Mv and their live performance

  91. DebEly34

    DebEly34Month ago

    Please react to Kai “Reason” dance practice.

  92. Haneen Younis

    Haneen YounisMonth ago

    I loved your reactions 😂😂 Kai is spectacular ❤️❤️😍

  93. Sarena Sao

    Sarena SaoMonth ago


  94. Amari S

    Amari SMonth ago

    I don’t know about y’all but this song is stuck in my head 25/8

  95. Ange Tryphose Kayumba Simbi

    Ange Tryphose Kayumba SimbiMonth ago

    Reaction about Loopy ft Nafla - Rough World (I'm just saying👀)

  96. Helena Rodrigues

    Helena RodriguesMonth ago

    Nobody gonna tell him that victon dropped a new album he need to react to 😭😭😭😭🥺

  97. Helena Rodrigues

    Helena RodriguesMonth ago

    Where my alice fam at

  98. Syrn Sovern

    Syrn SovernMonth ago

    I want Bris to be my hype man

  99. Stephanie Ashford

    Stephanie AshfordMonth ago

    My dumb ass forgot that EXO has powers. So now I’m just sitting here like a dummy like what the freak does he keep teleporting.

  100. Sorn Trash

    Sorn Trash10 days ago

    He’s pretty much the only member that they bother to showcase that concept with.

  101. Emo Harvey -

    Emo Harvey -11 days ago


  102. Kaydence Valdez

    Kaydence ValdezMonth ago

    Honestly same 💀

  103. suga kookie

    suga kookieMonth ago

    Felix surprised me with his mullet

  104. luv dien

    luv dienMonth ago


  105. luv dien

    luv dienMonth ago


  106. luv dien

    luv dienMonth ago


  107. Rose Carmelle Germain

    Rose Carmelle GermainMonth ago

    Kai had grooving with him my parents are looking at me weird

  108. Sakuri bit

    Sakuri bitMonth ago

    Kai 👌 excelente vídeo, es un artista A1