Teenager SOLVED HER OWN MURDER With Fitness App

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Today's solved true crime case is about April Millsap, a 14 year old girl that solved her own murder with her fitness tracker app
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  1. Yaoi Trash

    Yaoi Trash12 minutes ago

    Take gender out of the equation, we just need to teach everyone to feel safe over being nice. It's just sickening that people, especially women, can't just go outside and not have someone harrass, assault, or even abduct them. It's just horrible. There's so much we need to teach people, and look out for people who do this shit...

  2. McKenzie Sanchez

    McKenzie Sanchez19 minutes ago

    me living in michigan and used to live near armada... 👁👄👁

  3. Charlotte Eclair

    Charlotte Eclair45 minutes ago

    I love your accent 💕

  4. Sarah Hall

    Sarah HallHour ago

    Fantastic jogging safety info 👏❤love your videos 👌well done xxx

  5. Diana Konsevich

    Diana KonsevichHour ago

    I also found a tip on TikTok. It’s best not to wear ponytail while out running because it’s easy to grab person’s hair and drag them somewhere. So maybe consider making a low bun or something of those sorts.

  6. Kimara Sibley

    Kimara SibleyHour ago

    He definitely was wearing gloves and a helmet

  7. Leslie Kendall

    Leslie Kendall2 hours ago

    This story just screams propaganda.

  8. Whatareyoudoingherenaruto

    Whatareyoudoingherenaruto2 hours ago

    As a 14 yr old im scared to leave my house

  9. Host Mo Berry

    Host Mo Berry3 hours ago

    I wonder if the dog Penny barked loud & aggressively during the attack.

  10. Killua ツ

    Killua ツ3 hours ago

    It’s creepy how much this girl in like me. I want to work with animals when I get older, I’m an introvert, I like gaming, and I love to write small stories... I’m scared 😦

  11. Hannah Groh

    Hannah Groh3 hours ago

    I gasped when you said Gymshark 😍

  12. Daisy Grantham

    Daisy Grantham3 hours ago

    video starts at 5:21 you’re welcome

  13. Aidan Manuse

    Aidan Manuse3 hours ago

    Is it scary that I feel like I'm similar to her-

  14. J&J DEAN

    J&J DEAN4 hours ago

    Warning 5 minute add skip to 5:20

  15. JoJo Jaystar

    JoJo Jaystar4 hours ago

    “Kinda like a memeulous” lmaoooo

  16. The person no one knows

    The person no one knows5 hours ago

    I could never fathom murdering someone because they said no. SHE DIDN'T OWE YOU ANYTHING- SHE WAS YOUNG. LEAVE GIRLS ALONE WITH BASIC RESPECT.

  17. Miss Lamb

    Miss Lamb5 hours ago

    God...i feel so incredibly bad for her dog. It must have been so terribly traumatizing...poor sweetheart...

  18. Tsu Asui

    Tsu Asui5 hours ago

    5:20 If you wanna skip the intro here’s the time not to be rude or anything

  19. Megan Bruce

    Megan Bruce5 hours ago

    I’m not finished the video yet but oh my gosh poor penny :( what a good dog staying by her side and alerting people to her body but the fact you said she was whimpering just breaks my heart :(

  20. Kristen Johnson

    Kristen Johnson5 hours ago

    This case was handled very well. Bravo to the justice system.

  21. Abbie Reyno

    Abbie Reyno6 hours ago

    Now that I'm thinking about it, I don't think my town has any full time police officers. We have police that live in my town but that's it, they don't patrol here.

  22. Shania Wilson

    Shania Wilson6 hours ago

    I only have one thing to say, I am naturally a night person so I would be cleaning or whatever around 3 am, I don’t get up until like 12 or 1 because of my job

  23. Lauren Edwards

    Lauren Edwards6 hours ago

    the part where the dog sat by the body teared me, that’s devastating

  24. L K

    L K7 hours ago

    Child* not woman

  25. Scriptkitty 8900

    Scriptkitty 89007 hours ago

    Penny is my hero! 🐾💕

  26. Scarlett Louise Fox

    Scarlett Louise Fox7 hours ago

    Also, if witnesses saw him, surely they could see if he was in biking gear?

  27. Elina Ossia

    Elina Ossia7 hours ago

    this is such an interesting case...very different than most of the cases i’ve heard of

  28. Lani _theclown

    Lani _theclown7 hours ago

    Eleanor is so beautiful

  29. Aurora Wolfe

    Aurora Wolfe7 hours ago

    Theory: maybe they didn't find evidence of the murderer on April's body because the dog was licking her afterwards? I know it sounds weird, but my dog always tries to lick my other dog after they'd just peed outside. Additionally my dog would try to lick my other dog when she was on her period. Or maybe Penny was trying to wake April up by licking her?

  30. Scarlett Louise Fox

    Scarlett Louise Fox7 hours ago

    Those agents were incredible

  31. Jill C.

    Jill C.7 hours ago

    What he did to her is absolutely disgusting!! Wtf?? That poor girl jfc🤦🏻‍♀️

  32. Wicked Ivy

    Wicked Ivy8 hours ago

    I thought everyone was interviewed about what they saw on that day while they were jogging? Then why haven't they told about the father and daughter they thought were fighting? Can anyone please confirm or deny this? Help.

  33. jana cooley

    jana cooley8 hours ago

    I’m crying at penny crying next to April’s body😭

  34. Lori S Moore

    Lori S Moore8 hours ago

    He deserved more than life in prison. I wonder what ever happened to the motorcycle. You would think it would’ve turned up or someone would’ve came forward if it was sold to them. I mean obviously he had one - wherever it is, his clothes are probably with it.

  35. Danielle Heather

    Danielle Heather9 hours ago

    “Kind of like a memeulous”

  36. Amanda Szymczak

    Amanda Szymczak10 hours ago

    have the dog do a suspect line up. She'll tell them!

  37. Emily

    Emily10 hours ago

    Ma’am I’m going to need you to start a podcast please and thank you 😚

  38. Juwayriya Amjid

    Juwayriya Amjid10 hours ago

    37:29 that jump from bf and gf but then to father and daughter disgusts me, the fact that they thought that someone TWICE April’s age could have been her bf does not sit right with me...

  39. Haneen Reda

    Haneen Reda11 hours ago

    u are one of the most beatiful people i have ever seen

  40. _ Kambyr _

    _ Kambyr _15 hours ago

    Those eye though. Totally him.

  41. _ Kambyr _

    _ Kambyr _16 hours ago

    Sweet happy little town where nothing bad happens... the kind of town I “talk about a lot” lol if you are talking about them a lot maybe they aren’t so great

  42. Teresa Lima

    Teresa Lima16 hours ago

    "the victim unknowingly solved her own murder". No one bothered to tell her? Jesus

  43. April Hankinson

    April Hankinson17 hours ago

    not my name being April and I'm turning 14 this year and I walk my dog...

  44. jenn

    jenn17 hours ago

    Rip April...I hope Crystal and her son has a happy life

  45. Tags Jedder

    Tags Jedder17 hours ago

    tell us what's on your lipppppssss!!!!

  46. Tags Jedder

    Tags Jedder18 hours ago

    you guys know that in america, that brand name is pronounced to rhyme with "crikey!"? Does the entire UK pronounce it to rhyme with "bike"???

  47. Julie Poirier

    Julie Poirier18 hours ago

    When you said the dog Penny led the man to the body and laid down next to her wimpering........ I criiiiiiiiieeeeeeedddd

  48. Trinity Carter

    Trinity Carter18 hours ago

    when u described april i was like “wow i’m just like her. i wanna be a vet and everything” then u said her dog name is penny. THATS MY DOGS NAME. THEN MY MOTHERS NAME IS JENNIFER TOO. AND I HAVE A STEP FATHER

  49. NikoBun

    NikoBun19 hours ago

    Okay so- I found a tip for running; If you have long hair *put it in a bun, not a ponytail*. Someone could grab onto your ponytail and hold you by the hair, don’t give them an extra thing to grab you by.

  50. Cyn Gordon

    Cyn Gordon19 hours ago

    What's concerning to me is Jr's girlfriend lived with them with her kid when Sr is a registered child sex offender..like really ?

  51. Megan L

    Megan L19 hours ago

    I live an hour away from Armada.. am not even a year older than April and I have never heard of this case. Why was this not on media everywhere in MI?!

  52. Madison Drennon

    Madison Drennon19 hours ago

    oh jeez, armada is 5 minutes away from my dads house. and 45 minutes away from my moms (i live in detroit)

  53. McKenzie Sanchez

    McKenzie Sanchez17 minutes ago

    literally me watching this. i feel that. i used to live probably 15 minutes from armada...

  54. Sebastian Rdoriguez

    Sebastian Rdoriguez20 hours ago

    The serious trail repressingly provide because titanium extragingivally flash notwithstanding a festive cheese. deep, anxious enemy

  55. Detective K

    Detective K20 hours ago

    I can relate to your statement at the end girl, i used to sneak out at 3am, just walk up and down my street or go up on the hill at the top of my street and look at the view at that time not knowing that dangerous people lived around me. I used to walk home from work at 11pm, it was a little close to my house but still, thats late and you never know what weirdos live around your house. Totally can relate, im very lucky nothing ever happened to me.

  56. alyssa baillie

    alyssa baillie20 hours ago

    do the alyssa bustamante case please

  57. Mayson

    Mayson21 hour ago

    video starts at 5:21

  58. amberisrad

    amberisrad21 hour ago

    i love your voice

  59. Arianna Colucci

    Arianna Colucci21 hour ago

    Something about the title doesn’t quite make sense

  60. darina

    darina22 hours ago

    this is so sad. I can't imagine what horrific things that dog saw oh my.

  61. Merrian Webster

    Merrian Webster22 hours ago

    I also recently went running in the night by self a few weeks ago. I mean I let someone know where I would be but still. I understand the terror of the situation. Luckily it was 18 degree weather so I don’t think anyone would have the physical fortitude to be out there with me. Hopefully 😰

  62. Merrian Webster

    Merrian Webster22 hours ago

    I remember this. So upsetting and so eerie. Edit: actually a similar case happened with two girls who were killed and captured a photo of their killer😢

  63. frog

    frog23 hours ago

    wow i really am blessed to be ugly and unapproachable

  64. Latricia Ahlers

    Latricia Ahlers23 hours ago

    The tough pair certainly sparkle because nylon reassuringly press lest a abandoned flower. spotless, lovely answer

  65. eop634

    eop63423 hours ago

    Armada is very nice, I live about 20 minutes from there. I know you are from the UK but its pronounced Are-made-ah.

  66. Lizabeth Galaviz

    Lizabeth GalavizDay ago

    That makes me sick the fact no women of any age can’t even go out for a for a walk because anything can happen to them in a second it makes me sick how men cant just take a “No” without forcing it and being abusive it’s so messed up especially how she was 14 I don’t even go walking around my neighborhood being the same age it terrifys me

  67. KD

    KDDay ago

    I used to ride my bike miles away from my home in the country. Shew things could have gone so bad for me.

  68. JuniperFox

    JuniperFoxDay ago

    #young female squad also boys also non binary friends literally everyone

  69. Lauren A

    Lauren ADay ago

    This is why i run with 10 lb weights . if anyone approaches me theyre gonna take a weight to the jaw. Im currently shopping for a new dog and im getting either a german shepherd or a doberman or Rottweiler. So when I walk it it will be trained to attack on command. But only on command. Not attacking random people.

  70. idk

    idkDay ago

    the title confused me sm LOL

  71. Abigayle Louise Boyce

    Abigayle Louise BoyceDay ago

    I really love the time you spend discussing about the victims and what they were like and what they loved and who loved them. ❤️ So many other content creators only focus on the killers and they don’t deserve the attention.

  72. Cxthy

    CxthyDay ago

    It's so sad that this happened to a 14 year old, she had her whole life ahead of her and it all ended because she rejected a man's sexual advances. I feel bad for the dog, just imagine waiting every morning for your owner to wake up then just one day not having them around anymore, the part about Penny staying near April's body was heart wrenching.

  73. Jess Miller

    Jess MillerDay ago

    "Kinda like a scarf, kinda like a memeulous" girl I-.. I am at a loss for words

  74. Aly A

    Aly ADay ago

    Whyyyyyy did those parents live in the same house as a sex offender with a child?

  75. stephanie peele

    stephanie peeleDay ago

    you're so pretty!

  76. Tronus

    TronusDay ago

    from this title, I thought that the teen was resurrected and solved her own murder with the police lmao

  77. Cloud

    CloudDay ago

    The dog bringing someone to her and whimpering made me wanna cry 🥺

  78. Beth Yh

    Beth YhDay ago

    Eleanor is so gorgeous

  79. lol

    lolDay ago

    the police was so smart

  80. Jess. D

    Jess. DDay ago

    I work near where this happened, very sad😥

  81. Hey Jamie

    Hey JamieDay ago

    Haha it’s funny that you keep using the word ‘village’. We don’t have villages in US, but the thought of _anywhere_ in Michigan being referred to as a village is just silly Ahaha. Also hah why do people overseas pronounce Nike like bike! IT’S WRONG lol! It’s Nike-ee! 😅

  82. M M

    M MDay ago

    Paul Powell case



    37:27 In a lot of these videos,there are a lot of witnesses who don't don't to "intrude" on as couple's business and this *ALWAYS* ends badly. How bout,if you ever see a woman feeling uncomfortable(especially a young woman or a teenage *GIRL* ),try talking to her to find out what's going on what's *actually* going on. We can't keep trying to not "intrude" when someone's life is at stake. Makes no sense whatsoever



    36:55 How does a girl and her *boyfriend* look anything like, a girl and her *STEP DAD????????*

  85. rainbow collective

    rainbow collectiveDay ago

    there was a three year old in the same house as a repeat sex offender???



    30:00 Women??? She literally was a teenager less than 2 years before she was killed. She was not a Woman. Edit: 30:13 Exactly.



    25:45 When they say people are sex offenders,does that mean they raped someone??????? If so,why are they free and not rotting in jail?



    You don't really talk with much empathy 🥺 No hate,it's just something I've noticed.



    2:22 Don't go out in the dark and by yourself??? Is this 1883 or something? Are we really telling women to limit themselves because of these creeps?

  90. Lily

    LilyDay ago

    btw the gym shark link doesnt work!!!



    0:13 Should have said, "but it's a thing" 😹😹

  92. Lily

    LilyDay ago


  93. AmazonMandy

    AmazonMandyDay ago

    On the hair: Maybe his hair was just a mess from being under the helmet, and people remembered/described that as curlier hair?

  94. Aislin S

    Aislin SDay ago

    You know whats kinda scary is that 2 days ago my dog went missing for a little and when we found her a man tried to get me to come inside his house so if I had gone in you couldve been doing my case at some point

  95. Bunny

    BunnyDay ago

    I live in Michigan T-T

  96. Chyanne Braun

    Chyanne BraunDay ago

    why is it not bothering anyone that she's saying "nike" instead of "nike-ie" is that only an American thing? lol why is nobody saying thing about it

  97. Kaylin Hawkins

    Kaylin HawkinsDay ago

    It's really sad that we have to give out safety tips for exercising

  98. kristian brooks

    kristian brooksDay ago

    thanks for the beginning. you can never be TOO safe.

  99. kylee cater

    kylee caterDay ago

    Ur so pretty

  100. Kim Davis

    Kim DavisDay ago

    She would’ve been 21 now :(

  101. Magdalena Ann

    Magdalena AnnDay ago

    This is heartbreaking. 💔 dogs are so smart wow 🥺