bad customers

Annoying customers are annoying. These are times I met the most notable customers and shoppers when I worked at the UPS store. I thought working in food jobs would be worse but I think I had a worse time in the UPS store. Looking back now I think it was funny. In the moment though it was less of that and more annoying. Crazy customers be crazy. And I imagine people working in retail now have even crazier stories from the past year. My stories are from years ago.

Villa helped with this animation and did a really good job here is their twitter account: hi_blnd

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  1. YaboiHMD

    YaboiHMD10 seconds ago

    Missed opportunity to not send that unsubscribed coward to Brazil

  2. nerds vs.

    nerds vs.35 minutes ago

    When I worked at a movie theter, I literaly got to eat free popcorn whenever I wanted to. I also got to watch free movies

  3. Emily Goodman

    Emily GoodmanHour ago

    I had a girl(10years?) come up to my register to ask for something, stutter alot, say “I’m too nervous, can i sing it?”, start to sing, start laughing, then her brother called her and she ran over to him... I still don’t know what she wanted I also used to work at subway and customers would sing what they wanted to us...

  4. PenguinGuy

    PenguinGuyHour ago

    0:12 MC dobles

  5. Calculated Risk

    Calculated RiskHour ago

    I like working at my store, because if a customer is rude and wrong, and the employee claps back (within reason), our GM will stick up for the employee. we don't have to take shit from customers here, and it makes working a lot less stressful.

  6. Mr. Cyan

    Mr. CyanHour ago

    0:19 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  7. michael ip

    michael ipHour ago

    "Sir......we can't ship this..."

  8. Stephen Jones

    Stephen JonesHour ago

    2:45 haha 😂 😂 😂 😂 I instantly subbed

  9. Zslug18 Baga

    Zslug18 Baga2 hours ago

    Andy eye, BEAUTIFUL

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  11. Epic Animations

    Epic Animations2 hours ago

    Were you the one who delivered my bike?

  12. cactus :D

    cactus :D2 hours ago

    "i said no pickles, peasant"

  13. L. Baker

    L. Baker2 hours ago

    This is hilarious. Thanks

  14. Inferno Digital

    Inferno Digital3 hours ago

    I like this one. Many laughs were had.

  15. Bill Layja

    Bill Layja3 hours ago

    b l i n k

  16. Nicole Gusseee

    Nicole Gusseee3 hours ago

    The “YOURE MEAN!” *YEET* scene is stuck in my head, i had an absolute karen at work and immediately thought of this video. imagining doing that to her made me feel a lot better lmao

  17. xdino gacha

    xdino gacha4 hours ago

    minecraft eating nois- *OH FRICK A SPIDER*

  18. Michelle Tucker

    Michelle Tucker4 hours ago

    Wait this video was called retail workers

  19. Soimosi Ioana

    Soimosi Ioana4 hours ago

    I'm 26 and I've never even smoked weed. How do you guys find drugs... I can't even.

  20. hiworldiexist

    hiworldiexist4 hours ago

    8:29 welp time to end a life

  21. Ollie does stuff

    Ollie does stuff5 hours ago

    After 00:57 i subbed

  22. No YeLLInG On THE BuS

    No YeLLInG On THE BuS6 hours ago

    UPS stands for U-ps (I accidentally) P-acked up S-teroids

  23. The hamster stalking you

    The hamster stalking you6 hours ago

    Every time I look at my profile I laugh

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  26. Baritone675

    Baritone6756 hours ago

    2:02 HE FOUND A KAREN!!!!!

  27. Eva Marquez

    Eva Marquez7 hours ago

    Does anybody think that's crazy? Or am I crazy? Everybody: Well I mea- I aM CraZy! Minecraft: Mars.e died of laughter

  28. EpicTurtle

    EpicTurtle7 hours ago

    Hmm... He hates onions... Sad

  29. MyDude

    MyDude8 hours ago

    thanks for telling us how to ship drugs Mr. Sandwhich

  30. Cherri

    Cherri8 hours ago

    I mean little story from Walmart I was 16 at the time so I couldn't sell bullets cause well yeah, that's for the gun store guy in the back to do. I wasn't 18 so I couldn't handle them, so I called for a manager or supervisor to come to my register and do it for me but it was like taking 10+ minutes and the old man buying them started shitting on me for my age and giving me shit for it after how many times I explained I couldn't do it. The lady behind him was telling him how it wasn't my fault and how he should stop picking on a child (me) and then he starts going with "OH SO IT'S SOCIETY'S FAULT" like wtf guy. Oh and after all, that and being straight up rude to me starts going off about how great trump is and as he walked away was screaming all about it. Not to mention I'm like 5'3 and this man was 6 ft at least getting in my face >->


    DAHLIA DIEZ CHAN9 hours ago

    Is it just me or does he look like shen? frommm webtoonZ???

  32. Josh Animates

    Josh Animates10 hours ago

    i said no pickles pEaSaNt

  33. Anhad Sharma

    Anhad Sharma12 hours ago

    You can tell he has been watching and Playing alot of Minecraft.

  34. The Dragonborn

    The Dragonborn12 hours ago

    Those eyes man dem eyes

  35. B1ue2b34n

    B1ue2b34n14 hours ago

    *walks out of my room* "I want to go home.."

  36. Efe Icelguc

    Efe Icelguc18 hours ago

    2:18 bruh -me 2020

  37. yummyzoojazz 8

    yummyzoojazz 820 hours ago

    He my favorite

  38. Angeleana Braley

    Angeleana Braley20 hours ago

    I work at McDs and yes several times every day

  39. Anthony Simpson

    Anthony Simpson21 hour ago

    I don't care about onions *Kicks garlic*

  40. Dipa Dipa

    Dipa Dipa22 hours ago

    How is he soo adorable!

  41. VideoFrank

    VideoFrank23 hours ago

    Can anyone who works at UPS confirm?

  42. Cereal box things

    Cereal box things23 hours ago

    This is the best channel I’ve ever seen nice eyes :D

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    Haha I'm fat

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    Ohhhhh boyyyyy his eyes are rellllyyyyy nice ;)

  45. Regina Akery

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    Smooches one of my favorite USlikesrs and Young. I'm going to make a USlikes channel soon called the white void

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    ,,,,,, kkkk

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    Wow, Andy ur eyes are beutiful😐

  49. Gavin Gamer

    Gavin GamerDay ago

    this was honestly really funny

  50. The weird one 85

    The weird one 85Day ago

    When the bully steals ur lunch money: HEY, UR MEAN... *Throws out window*

  51. • S a d i i e •

    • S a d i i e •Day ago

    I only subscribed cause of the channel name.

  52. Another Feat

    Another FeatDay ago

    Hey, that was also my first job! For the record you're never supposed to ship cash, kids. If it gets lost, it's lost. If you have to send some physical money for some reason use something you can cancel, like a filled out check, or one of those things they have to take to western union.

  53. micheal minis

    micheal minisDay ago

    I have no idea who you are but this video calmed me down more than you would believe

  54. Ru Ok

    Ru OkDay ago

    A person: [walks in] The persons thoughts: (T O I L E T P A P E R. G O BRRRRRRR-

  55. RogueWipplash1

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    YOUR MEAN yeet

  56. b a s e m e n t

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    ✍️ use ✍️ tape ✍️ to ✍️ ship ✍️ drugs ✍️

  57. jack duggan

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    1:01 ah yes, human trafficking

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    Cookie pizza eater

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    Ohhhhh boyyyyy his eyes are rellllyyyyy nice ;)

  63. Kaleb Nolan

    Kaleb NolanDay ago

    I yell back at customers and that’s why I have a meeting with the area manager today

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  65. Ckinsman

    CkinsmanDay ago

    for the record, the mob doesnt use ups.

  66. Jackson Animation

    Jackson AnimationDay ago

    Really? Wow. Also, do you like other animation channels also?

  67. Matt Leigh

    Matt LeighDay ago

    We call that box closing technique...the flower fold. And it is the worst.

  68. Willow Hawley

    Willow HawleyDay ago

    This man has either watched to much minecraft or to much South Park, it’s up for debate but I think ‘Tony’ Is from tubbos character that was based off of the South Park character




  70. Steven JS

    Steven JSDay ago

    "I don't care about onions!" * kicks away garlic *

  71. Emma Hill

    Emma HillDay ago


  72. MysticMysder

    MysticMysderDay ago

    I once had that one customer who FORCED the store doors open. Like, the automatic ones. They were set to closed before I could lock them.. HooooOOOOoooOOOww

  73. eliaslolidk

    eliaslolidkDay ago

    „you gotta have the cæch“

  74. Eticara on Mobile

    Eticara on MobileDay ago

    Oof i nearly got thrown in a volcano

  75. Thomas Salsberry

    Thomas SalsberryDay ago

    dude definitely googled "cane chair" to get that image

  76. eiko

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    I got real scared and had to check if I was surprised at the start lmao



    very *noice* coming to america reference

  78. Natalie Howie

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  79. SirMan McDude

    SirMan McDudeDay ago

    I work at dunkin (not worth it) and one time we had somebody come in and spend 10 minutes explaining how they were the son of jesus and he was going to fix the world...

  80. MrComradyuri

    MrComradyuriDay ago

    You want to go home at work? Gasps me too.. But I like the monies and my benefits :(

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    I like ur pizza eating skills

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    5:14 *gasp* me too!

  85. Ally Van Dam

    Ally Van DamDay ago

    as a retail worker, im here to say i threatened to trespass an old lady for being mean to one of our nicest staff members, i am not a manager. :)

  86. Ann Rosya

    Ann RosyaDay ago

    just 0:17

  87. xThunderxWolfx

    xThunderxWolfxDay ago

    The best part about bartending is you can say whatever you want to bad customers.

  88. soiung toiue

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    His eyebrows are so curly when he is angry in this video.

  89. Àppleeœe

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    lol now i want to work at upa xd

  90. Àppleeœe

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    @soiung toiue and i love crazy people

  91. soiung toiue

    soiung toiueDay ago

    Your a better man than me. Everyone knows I would’ve took at least $100 from that magazine

  92. Marissa G.

    Marissa G.Day ago

    Working in food service was a fridging nightmare. I really did wanna go home....but the food was delicious 🥴 🙄🍕🍔

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  94. Arda Oran

    Arda OranDay ago

    which I will show you through example 0:56 I worked at my local human trafficking ring

  95. amanda dawood

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  96. Pearlescent Eclipse

    Pearlescent EclipseDay ago

    My parents too helped me coast through life and fed into my successes, but I still claim they're self-achieved. So relatable bro.

  97. Lily Alba

    Lily AlbaDay ago

    Ice cream sandwich teaches us how to ship drugs:

  98. Kyle Miave

    Kyle MiaveDay ago

    Mhh sucking five guys

  99. Cassandra Eirich

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    i’ve had a crazy lady going to my job for the last 5 days straight causing issue and has gone on multiple rants

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    I just subscribed out of fear

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    I want to see you throw that box into a volcano now attach a GoPro to a box and fly over a volcano and throw it

  102. Ghostly

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    We want to keep the minimum wage low, because only students work at minimum wage. We also want to students to pay 30000-60000 dollars for their education.

  103. Alex _

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    Been working at a grocery store for a year now and its alright but i literally everyone hates working here.


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    Ok, I subscribed, don't do that!