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    jason harmonHour ago

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  3. Manav Patel

    Manav PatelHour ago

    Ethan has had a stinker

  4. Neha Ghosh

    Neha GhoshHour ago

    this is a comfort video for me now

  5. Loui Vitton

    Loui Vitton2 hours ago

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  6. Ali Mavany

    Ali Mavany5 hours ago

    I feel so damn bad for ksi tho πŸ˜‚

  7. Carina Mayer

    Carina Mayer7 hours ago

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  8. Mitchell McGregor

    Mitchell McGregor10 hours ago

    Lol Harry's presents xD. I love how he can get a prostate massager and 2 go pro 9s in one delivery box....... lmao

  9. D K

    D K10 hours ago

    The classy hourglass modestly signal because gas tellingly bat save a dangerous forest. orange, vast castanet

  10. Dapper Eagle

    Dapper Eagle10 hours ago

    I’m so confused on why ksi didn’t get anything

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    Annie Burgoon12 hours ago

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  13. WillFn

    WillFn14 hours ago

    This reminded me of gta 5 spending spree

  14. Arg pluto

    Arg pluto15 hours ago

    My heart dropped when I heard that our service provider can see our search history even when we clear it🀯

  15. Odin Zero

    Odin Zero16 hours ago

    Why are the comments crying about JJ getting nothing like he can't just buy it himself🀣

  16. Its Wasowski

    Its Wasowski18 hours ago

    47:00-48:20 the best part THAT FACE SAYS IT ALL

  17. Sawyer Cascone

    Sawyer Cascone19 hours ago

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  18. transit3310

    transit331020 hours ago

    tbh id love to get those supreme bolt cutters, looks hella dope

  19. Brody Strong

    Brody Strong22 hours ago

    are we not gonna talk about how tobi called jj deji

  20. Brody Strong

    Brody Strong16 hours ago

    @imsuchaphannie 11 oh thanksπŸ˜‚

  21. imsuchaphannie 11

    imsuchaphannie 1121 hour ago

    he said jide (jee day)

  22. Darcy Conlon

    Darcy ConlonDay ago

    I hate Ksi he literally threw a fit and thought he was funny he could have bought 11k worth of stuff and it wouldn’t of mattered like he’s so egotistical

  23. Kian Miller

    Kian MillerDay ago

    Silk dressing gown πŸ˜‚

  24. KM9

    KM9Day ago

    Video Idea: Sidemen Lego Build off

  25. Tiago Filipe Vaz TFV

    Tiago Filipe Vaz TFVDay ago

    Sidemen: * enters in a site * Site: *ACCEPT COOKIES*

  26. Tomoqx

    TomoqxDay ago

    everyone giving to charity (then there is ksi)

  27. Itssupercalafrajilisticgetsmealidocious trysaythat

    Itssupercalafrajilisticgetsmealidocious trysaythatDay ago

    JJ put P in search bar and it had to be blurred 😱

  28. Harry Winnard

    Harry WinnardDay ago


  29. Sergiu Matei

    Sergiu MateiDay ago

    100000 sdhg

  30. Sergiu Matei

    Sergiu MateiDay ago

    ok roblox

  31. Andrew McNeish

    Andrew McNeishDay ago

    When Harry pulled out the super milker πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  32. Andrew McNeish

    Andrew McNeishDay ago

    45:23 that’s the one he hand delivered πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  33. Andrew McNeish

    Andrew McNeishDay ago

    Ethan when he spent too much money πŸ˜‚

  34. Jeff Smith

    Jeff SmithDay ago

    1:13:55 LMFAOO IM DEAD πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ’€

  35. Andrew McNeish

    Andrew McNeishDay ago

    They always say amazun not amazon

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    Noe CarreraDay ago

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    Jasper LowDay ago

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  38. Yussuf Farajallah

    Yussuf FarajallahDay ago

    JJ: wait. Technically, Simon. We’ve kissed. Simon: Yeah we’ve also used the same alphorn So we jus gon ignore thatπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  39. Mr tank Thomas

    Mr tank ThomasDay ago

    My DAD has Man Utd stadium

  40. Jason Nerves

    Jason NervesDay ago

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    Audrey NguyenDay ago

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  42. Just Vending

    Just VendingDay ago

    Everyone has proper headsets and then there’s Harry with his Apple earphones

  43. Sandy Yu

    Sandy YuDay ago

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  44. Robert Bagnall

    Robert BagnallDay ago

    Even watching this video is stressing me out lmao

  45. Amanda Dawakins

    Amanda DawakinsDay ago

    So happy I met @Darkphate1 on Telegram he saved my life after being duped on this platform so many times he got my cards delivered to me with great balance on it...So I’m so proud of him and vouch for him...

  46. Amanda Dawakins

    Amanda DawakinsDay ago

    So happy I met @Darkphate1 on Telegram he saved my life after being duped on this platform so many times he got my cards delivered to me with great balance on it...So I’m so proud of him and vouch for him..

  47. Amanda Dawakins

    Amanda DawakinsDay ago

    So happy I met @Darkphate1 on Telegram he saved my life after being duped on this platform so many times he got my cards delivered to me with great balance on it...So I’m so proud of him and vouch for him..

  48. Tejas Verma

    Tejas VermaDay ago

    44:14, Why did Simon immediately respond to JJ's comment like that? 😏



    1:09:11 I really love u Tobi ❀️ and JJ, u could have been a better person

  50. Miski

    MiskiDay ago

    Watching the first part of this video in 2x speed made me anxiety go πŸ“ˆ

  51. Bobby Howgate

    Bobby Howgate2 days ago

    the next thing they should look on on one of these vids is vat 19 there's lit stuff on there

  52. OddKid

    OddKid2 days ago

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  54. FletchOnYT

    FletchOnYT2 days ago

    Yeah Tobi humble or whatever but I think he’s the most boring sidemen not josh

  55. Giorgi Beridze

    Giorgi Beridze2 days ago


  56. Jacob__55

    Jacob__552 days ago

    1:07:07 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  57. Uncle Dill

    Uncle Dill2 days ago

    Any American brands would do

  58. Uncle Dill

    Uncle Dill2 days ago

    Man if they had bought one Burberry thing it’s over

  59. Marcus Demian

    Marcus Demian2 days ago

    When’d they hit 11 mil?

  60. Harry Rose

    Harry Rose2 days ago

    This video doesn't need to be this long

  61. Josh Majana

    Josh Majana2 days ago

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  62. Stand On Scripture

    Stand On Scripture2 days ago

    So many poor and they basically braggin about money

  63. George Clarke

    George Clarke2 days ago

    17:18 i wonder what those search results were...

  64. Blixx Bitty

    Blixx Bitty2 days ago

    59:18 "Confusion

  65. DerJΓ€gerhalt

    DerJΓ€gerhalt2 days ago

    just go on apple and buy a few 5k monitors and a few maxed out laptops

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    Denise Longe2 days ago

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  67. Rocket_ayman RL

    Rocket_ayman RL2 days ago

    No one bought a Tesla lol hahahha

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    Leo Cieri2 days ago

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    Britney Hemmings2 days ago

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    Skidadle2 days ago

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    ToXiiiCBrokeYT2 days ago

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  75. 3ndl3ss

    3ndl3ss3 days ago

    Anyone else love Ethans intros??

  76. Nxus

    Nxus3 days ago

    this is longest 5 mins ever lol

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    Ben3 tao3 days ago

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  78. LukewarmFactsβœ…πŸŒŽπŸ’‘

    LukewarmFactsβœ…πŸŒŽπŸ’‘3 days ago

    So no one is gonna ask why Ethan 100,000 said dollars instead of pounds

  79. Padraig Lydon

    Padraig Lydon2 days ago

    Dollars go into the algorithm better than pounds

  80. Quentin Kaffka genaamd Dengler

    Quentin Kaffka genaamd Dengler3 days ago

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    Alexis Brown3 days ago

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    Michael Tang3 days ago

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    Joshua Taylor3 days ago

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    James Super Star3 days ago

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  87. Reece Shepard

    Reece Shepard3 days ago

    1:13:52 = the best moment

  88. Jack Huckaby

    Jack Huckaby3 days ago

    17:16 anyone notice he quoted Logan Paul's song?

  89. Argeu Timburiba

    Argeu Timburiba3 days ago

    31:31 waa waa waaa waaa waaaa

  90. Dylan Van Acker

    Dylan Van Acker3 days ago

    I would be mad at vick

  91. Raider Z

    Raider Z3 days ago

    1:09:58 BRO IM DEAD πŸ’€πŸ€£

  92. KateΕ™ina HavlíčkovΓ‘

    KateΕ™ina HavlíčkovΓ‘3 days ago

    That part when Harry gets gifts never fails to make me laugh

  93. Piccleface222

    Piccleface2223 days ago

    Waaaaaaait... did they just say coronavirus and not get demonetized??? These guys hit different

  94. Coko W

    Coko W3 days ago


  95. Coko W

    Coko W3 days ago

    I want to see tobi lego masterpiece

  96. No Name

    No Name3 days ago

    Some one had to buy a furry suit.

  97. Coko W

    Coko W3 days ago

    I'm ready to do bankruptcy whilst finding this Hillarious 🀣🀣🀣

  98. John Connor

    John Connor3 days ago

    Anyone else realise the song in the beginning is the music from minecraft from the music discs

  99. Adam - K

    Adam - K2 days ago

    what is it?

  100. Will Deeny

    Will Deeny3 days ago

    Tobi: "Me and all the boys use Express VPN" Ethan: Just uses incognito mode

  101. Kirk Bowles

    Kirk Bowles3 days ago

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  102. Eoin Garry

    Eoin Garry3 days ago

    Vik at 1:11:20πŸ˜‚


    YIUV SDFGH3 days ago


  104. Crysis Crew

    Crysis Crew3 days ago

    !THE SUPER MILKER! 50:18