yes. i literally beat the entire ending in one video. pls watch.

Ghost of Tsushima. Finale. Please enjoy.
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Outro By:
GrittySugar - Animation
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Jesus said to love one another and that we should be servants to each other, so I would ask that you all do that in the comment section. That means more to me than anything. Thank you.


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  1. CoryxKenshin

    CoryxKenshinMonth ago

    17:55 and 53:31 are goated idc

  2. Samurai Boss

    Samurai BossMonth ago


  3. Tyus Traylor

    Tyus TraylorMonth ago

    Hey what’s up Cory, just so you know I’ve been subscribed to you on USlikes for about 4 years now, and ever since I started watching your videos I always wanted to start my own USlikes channel and make videos like you. But I need some advice on editing and gameplay transfer. I know it’s a 30% chance you will respond but it’s worth a try✌🏾

  4. Marvin Angelo

    Marvin AngeloMonth ago

    @Derek C which one the horse montage or the shimura battle

  5. Abolfazl Sadeghi

    Abolfazl SadeghiMonth ago

    Minecraft Herobrine Minecraft

  6. SmolBoi_Neji

    SmolBoi_NejiMonth ago

    You can make rap out of 17:55

  7. Herro

    HerroHour ago

    Rest In Peace, Sora 🐴☁️

  8. Gilgamesh King of Mongrels

    Gilgamesh King of MongrelsHour ago

    have you played metal gear revengeance?

  9. Tavien Bragg

    Tavien Bragg2 hours ago

    R.i.P sora the legend

  10. Druskii R

    Druskii R3 hours ago

    RIP 🪦 sora

  11. Bruno Kye

    Bruno Kye5 hours ago

    Yasuraka ni nemura Sora

  12. sam

    sam5 hours ago

    I have a question.. for god..WHYYYYYYYYYY SORA

  13. Eliezer Tchizige

    Eliezer Tchizige6 hours ago

    you got mad bags under your eyes

  14. Sammy Santaniello

    Sammy Santaniello6 hours ago


  15. Thiago Vega

    Thiago Vega6 hours ago

    or she idk well yeah sorry

  16. Thiago Vega

    Thiago Vega6 hours ago

    Rir Sora the best of man D: but now he is like the ghost sorry Sora

  17. Nico

    Nico7 hours ago

    Finish doki doki literature club

  18. Jacob Thor Trinidad

    Jacob Thor Trinidad7 hours ago

    Honestly Cory your a fair match I beat the game in five days you did it in less time well I think but if we could pvp it would be an honour too spar you

  19. Adnan Kargbo

    Adnan Kargbo7 hours ago

    rip sora he was a good horse no the greatest horse

  20. vivian vankenic

    vivian vankenic7 hours ago

    rest in peace Sora...

  21. Babi_ghoul

    Babi_ghoul9 hours ago

    Rip sora

  22. Junior the goat

    Junior the goat10 hours ago

    Finish the game "Joy" when u take Joys to be happier

  23. Cenk Akyıldız

    Cenk Akyıldız10 hours ago

    Rest in peace.. Sora..

  24. Cenk Akyıldız

    Cenk Akyıldız10 hours ago

    Mongols.. they ruined the peace..

  25. Cenk Akyıldız

    Cenk Akyıldız10 hours ago

    I challenge you. To play. JUST CAUSE 3

  26. Vince Worley

    Vince Worley12 hours ago


  27. ishaaq omar

    ishaaq omar12 hours ago

    Rip sora, i cried

  28. Joshua A Young

    Joshua A Young12 hours ago

    Rip sora

  29. Sadiya Ahmed

    Sadiya Ahmed12 hours ago

    Rip sora

  30. Smile

    Smile14 hours ago


  31. Rene' Allen

    Rene' Allen15 hours ago

    rip sora

  32. Chreeztho

    Chreeztho15 hours ago

    He's an Anti-Hero dudeeee.....No Cap!

  33. Angel

    Angel16 hours ago

    Cory man = Me when I lost my white horse with the same NAME as you picked!! I almost cried i loved that freaking horse sooooo much 😔 a moment of silence 🔕 💔 😢 ( they say the horse stays with you the whole journey ) RIGHT!!!! THEY LIEEEEEE

  34. Chelsea Powell

    Chelsea Powell17 hours ago


  35. yeetmaster69 yeet

    yeetmaster69 yeet17 hours ago

    Dark deception

  36. Paul Email

    Paul Email18 hours ago

    Rest In Peace sota


    SEPTICPOOL19 hours ago

    DEAD RISING!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. sunflower sun shine

    sunflower sun shine20 hours ago

    Rest In Peace, sora...

  39. James Wadsworth

    James Wadsworth20 hours ago

    R.I.P sora

  40. Gab Cachuela

    Gab Cachuela20 hours ago

    rest in peace sora

  41. londelpro

    londelpro23 hours ago

    10:22 Bootleg back down having Mhm Burnt crispy lookin self neck meat having a- No not christian

  42. super_chili_ man

    super_chili_ manDay ago

    Cory dodo

  43. super_chili_ man

    super_chili_ manDay ago


  44. FalseTone

    FalseToneDay ago

    Rest in peace, Sora and Taka, both of you died as WARRIORS.

  45. Gday Osandu

    Gday OsanduDay ago

    Sora went out better than Joel😔

  46. Toad Sullivan

    Toad SullivanDay ago

    Kindergarten 2

  47. Troy 0111ff

    Troy 0111ffDay ago

    I want to see you finish just shapes and beats

  48. Leanna Santiago

    Leanna SantiagoDay ago

    finish last of us 2

  49. Z the hooman

    Z the hoomanDay ago

    I legit cried when I saw the Shimura death scene. Hurts so much inside.

  50. Landyn Gaming

    Landyn GamingDay ago

    RIP sora

  51. Sage mode naruto Uzumaki

    Sage mode naruto UzumakiDay ago

    Rest In Peace sora

  52. Umer Khan

    Umer KhanDay ago

    REST IN PIECE SORA 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  53. Theresa Suslik

    Theresa SuslikDay ago

    rest in peace sora

  54. shazna khalid

    shazna khalidDay ago


  55. Faisal Desu

    Faisal DesuDay ago

    Yandere simulator and minecraft. Lowkey being waiting for a while now

  56. Colton Johnson

    Colton JohnsonDay ago


  57. Colton Johnson

    Colton JohnsonDay ago

    Rip sora and I had no I die

  58. Tristan Villalobos

    Tristan VillalobosDay ago


  59. Marcus Gilmore

    Marcus GilmoreDay ago

    The minecraft music got me tearin up ;(

  60. blackpyramidd

    blackpyramiddDay ago

    rip sora

  61. AnO.P.Badass ImortalDude

    AnO.P.Badass ImortalDudeDay ago

    R.I.P. Sora, the greatest War Horse in history But now we have Kage, the Dark Knight for Vengeance

  62. Kyle Joestar

    Kyle JoestarDay ago

    52:18 starwars intensifies

  63. Timbo

    TimboDay ago

    I killed Lord shimura that was a tough endong

  64. Megan Moschella

    Megan MoschellaDay ago

    rip sora

  65. zeo nakurama uchiha

    zeo nakurama uchihaDay ago

    Besr horsecory ga motomeru koto ga dekiru sorraur o rippingu suru


    GODHANDDay ago

    Injustice 2. Superman Ending

  67. Duckfrompluto

    DuckfromplutoDay ago

    Imagine just skimming through the video and you just stop at 54:17

  68. sav _ Epicness

    sav _ EpicnessDay ago


  69. Anthony Whitney

    Anthony WhitneyDay ago

    Rip sora

  70. brandy taylor

    brandy taylorDay ago


  71. Awais Khan

    Awais KhanDay ago

    Poor sora

  72. Brennan Caron

    Brennan CaronDay ago

    I love his edits especially ghetsis

  73. YEET

    YEETDay ago

    R.I.P Sora

  74. Emiliano Trujillo

    Emiliano Trujillo2 days ago

    Corey X cooking

  75. Farts Well

    Farts Well2 days ago

    This dude painted bambes antlers black and stuck'em on his helmet......u really got it down bad🙃

  76. Mr.ThunderPotato

    Mr.ThunderPotato2 days ago

    Both Subnautica games

  77. Blue Jr

    Blue Jr2 days ago

    Don’t call me cute Weirdo

  78. Caleb Byrd

    Caleb Byrd2 days ago

    Rest In Peace, Sora...

  79. Zack Boehning

    Zack Boehning2 days ago

    cant just play with me and put me down. lol

  80. Von Gotit

    Von Gotit2 days ago

    Rip sora 😭🪦

  81. Darth Revan • 420 years ago

    Darth Revan • 420 years ago2 days ago

    If i was a Mongolian soldier after the defeat of Khotun Khan, i would've sold my armor and bought some land. Living out the rest of my days as a humble farmer.

  82. Zack Boehning

    Zack Boehning2 days ago

    rip sora

  83. Zack Boehning

    Zack Boehning2 days ago

    tip soro

  84. Hayden Koppe

    Hayden Koppe2 days ago

    rest in peace Sora

  85. Kyler Butler

    Kyler Butler2 days ago

    Rip Sora

  86. Shane Castille

    Shane Castille2 days ago

    You and I chose the same names for our horses at the same points in the game. I chose the grey one 2nd though.

  87. Nayyan Fear

    Nayyan Fear2 days ago


  88. katie calderon

    katie calderon2 days ago

    Rest in peace sora

  89. Shane Castille

    Shane Castille2 days ago


  90. Dylan Turnbull

    Dylan Turnbull2 days ago

    Good bye sora she's in a better place

  91. Darth Vader

    Darth Vader2 days ago

    Finish the original spider man PS4

  92. Richard Octobre

    Richard Octobre2 days ago

    Rest in Peace Sora

  93. Crystal Castro

    Crystal Castro2 days ago

    Hey why not play Streets of rage 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

  94. Helena Rhodes

    Helena Rhodes2 days ago

    CORY PLS READ THIS!!! SPOILERS FOR FIRST PART OF CORYS TLOU2 PLAYTHROUGH anyways, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE FINISH TLOU2 Ik you didn’t like Joel’s death at the beginning of the game but it’s actually SUPER good. I know that’s the only reason people don’t like the game because Joel died and Ellie’s got a girlfriend. (Smh 🤦🏽‍♀️) But the game teaches a lot of valuable lessons and did an absolutely perfect job at showing what trauma and ptsd does to you. I finished the game in the two weeks after I bought it and I cried, screamed, laughed, raged. YOU NAME IT. But this game is seriously so good and beautiful and you should give it a chance!! Thx for taking the time to read this Cory! Stay cool samurai!

  95. Tairail Johnson

    Tairail Johnson2 days ago

    Rest In Peace Sora the legendary hourse 😥

  96. Ako _

    Ako _2 days ago


  97. Ako _

    Ako _2 days ago

    YOOOOO really Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

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    Wes Titterness2 days ago

    Rest In Peace Sora you were a freaking legend

  99. Allen Scott

    Allen Scott2 days ago

    Sorry for your loss rip sora

  100. Cooldydedaman Martin

    Cooldydedaman Martin2 days ago

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  101. ColtTheGamer 1

    ColtTheGamer 12 days ago

    Rest in peace Sora...

  102. RETRO 4X

    RETRO 4X2 days ago

    RIP Sora 😔 😫

  103. Joede Symon Belen

    Joede Symon Belen2 days ago

    I enjoyed the series cory

  104. Okeith Hall

    Okeith Hall2 days ago


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    dashawn scruggs2 days ago

    injustice 2

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