Flo Milli - Roaring 20s (Audio)

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Woah Kenny
Flo Mili shit

If I was a rich man
I’ll drop my nuts on a hater
(I did)
Fucking these hoes I’m a player
Vvs chains
Watches and rings
Blowing that kush on a acre
Bankroll for these stank hoes
Four days in the same clothes
(Fuck it)
Push up just to get swole
All of my bitches got white toes
(If I was a rich man)
Do what the fuck I want
Hit it then leave her alone
Cartier my cologne
Hit up the country club
With my bros
(Let’s go)

Stupid shit
Is just a double standard
I’m in my own lane
And I took advantage
You can’t hate on pussy if it rule the planet
I just came in the game
And I’m doing damage

Stupid ass nigga
Talking about this
Talking about that
I got my own money
I don’t need your shit
And I’m a rich bitch
With rich bitch tendencies nigga
Fuck is you talking about hoe
Flo mili shit

They never should’ve fucked up
And gave me money
Came straight out of bama
And now shit ain’t funny
I swear all these bitches be making me sick
Like shit all this bitch do is eat up some clout
Yea I’m in prime though
Niggas ain’t seeing me like it’s a blindfold
I can’t let up on no hoe
I get in the booth and go loko
Cash out in Lenox
Just take me to soho
Now I’m rich bitch
Broke boy keep your distance
He know he can’t hit this
Cause this pussy expensive
Coupe got a roof
But it’s missing

Stupid shit
Is just a double standard
I’m in my own lane
& I took advantage
You can’t hate on pussy if it rule the planet
I just came in the game
And I’m doing damage
If I was a rich man

Pussy ass nigga
Thought I was weak
Nigga thought I was lame
Bitch I just dropped a 150,000 car on y’all pussy ass niggas
Y’all could do all this shit
But be wanting bitches to be motherfucking wifey and shit
I could fuck who I want
Ain’t nobody your motherfucking bitch
You my bitch ho
And I’m a rich bitch
With rich bitch tendency
Fuck is you talking about ho
(Flo Mili shit)
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  1. It's Chicken Nugget Mimi

    It's Chicken Nugget MimiDay ago

    Here me out... Flo milli, $hyfromdatre, Rico Nasty

  2. Adaeze Ezeani

    Adaeze EzeaniDay ago

    this song is amazing

  3. iIxT

    iIxT2 days ago

    Why this low-key a Bop

  4. Mink Chinchilla

    Mink Chinchilla3 days ago

    In this pic she looking like she probably take after her pops or sum shit I'm good but the beat slap

  5. Andres Sanchez

    Andres Sanchez3 days ago

    Isn't she a how

  6. My Poppy, Eve

    My Poppy, Eve4 days ago

    I heard this song in the car and my jaw DROPPED Idk what it is about taking a piece out of an old song and putting it in a new song but it hits different

  7. Binkers

    Binkers6 days ago

    I need milli and wack

  8. Binkers

    Binkers6 days ago

    This flow is 💫🌧☃️❄️🌟🌍

  9. ayejayekaye

    ayejayekaye7 days ago

    Who was there when Kenny balled out on stream making this beat? Knew it would be a hit

  10. هلا والله بل حلوين

    هلا والله بل حلوين7 days ago

    Broo this is soo as fire like I can’t 😩😩😩✋🏻✨.

  11. xxx

    xxx13 days ago

    The melody is crazy yo

  12. Bennett Buchanan

    Bennett Buchanan17 days ago

    Flo milli in one emoji: 💅

  13. Tee Bryant

    Tee Bryant20 days ago

    Oh snap... Fiddler on the roof flow.

  14. Daniel Flores

    Daniel Flores21 day ago

    who knew fiddler on the roof could go SO HARD

  15. ATAL Family

    ATAL Family23 days ago

    tik tok finna promote tf outta dis. buckle up yaw😭

  16. Evelyn C

    Evelyn C23 days ago

    i hate some of the music that comes out today but this is 🔥

  17. jadeee

    jadeee23 days ago

    sooooo fire

  18. Chimini Auxtro

    Chimini Auxtro25 days ago

    What if dababy and flo milli?i'm sure this is🔥

  19. Brown Sugabay

    Brown Sugabay25 days ago


  20. Kyleigh Archer

    Kyleigh Archer25 days ago

    I'm DYING. Why is this called roaring twenties? I just love the idea that they took a sample from a musical in the 70's about 1901 and went "Yeah that's from the 20's right" and somehow FloMilli makes it slap. Amazing Topol WISH he could

  21. Alaythia Solomon

    Alaythia Solomon25 days ago

    She makin my 5 Dollas feelin rich asf

  22. Rachael Roaché

    Rachael Roaché25 days ago

    *”If I was a rich man I’d dropped my nuts on a hater”* 😈 🤪 💅🏽

  23. Neo

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  24. Keeya Wamuri

    Keeya Wamuri25 days ago

    Straight outta Bama💥💥💥😜🤑💫

  25. Esco Davis

    Esco Davis25 days ago

    This song is 🔥

  26. Vaudray Mitchell

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  27. Winnie Cajuste

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  28. Alexandra A.

    Alexandra A.26 days ago

    The booth went crazy for thissss

  29. Goldenface Jacob

    Goldenface Jacob26 days ago

    Here before one million views

  30. Iyana Johnson

    Iyana Johnson27 days ago

    Repping the 251, I love when ppl from my city blow up!!! 🙏🏾❤

  31. Lenworth

    Lenworth27 days ago

    This picture is sitting! Art 💜

  32. wooba 454

    wooba 45427 days ago

    This shit dope

  33. Josip07 CRiS

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  34. Farina Hoepel

    Farina Hoepel27 days ago


  35. ReeEeEEeeeE

    ReeEeEEeeeE28 days ago

    Me singing this with my 20 dollars 😌🤚🏾

  36. ReeEeEEeeeE

    ReeEeEEeeeE28 days ago

    I Flo Milli songs make me feel like Rich baddie 🔥

  37. Prod. Oui lele

    Prod. Oui lele28 days ago

    Thumbs up if you remember the day that Kenny made this beat

  38. David Riehle

    David Riehle28 days ago

    I go into vibe mode when i hear these three words; flo. milli. sh!t.

  39. Invade Goku

    Invade Goku28 days ago

    why is this so much hate

  40. pap pana

    pap pana28 days ago


  41. y a m m i e

    y a m m i e28 days ago

    nah this too short 😭

  42. Sailor Saturn

    Sailor Saturn28 days ago

    bruh ever time i listen to this song i be having a heart attack at 1:07 because i think someone is calling me

  43. Gabrielle

    Gabrielle29 days ago

    I need Flo Milli x Cardi B right nowww

  44. lexi l.

    lexi l.29 days ago

    i got my own money, ion need yo shit, and i’m a rich bitch🤣

  45. Hoodxo Calum

    Hoodxo Calum29 days ago

    Please don't let Charli can't dance get a hold of this

  46. Tiff Monique

    Tiff Monique29 days ago

    Flo Milli need to remix the Veruca Salt song on Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory.

  47. Nostalgic Dream

    Nostalgic Dream29 days ago

    Okay then, time to throw napkins and pretend they’re dollar bills.

  48. E. Alyce The SnakecHarmer

    E. Alyce The SnakecHarmerMonth ago

    Lit🔥 takes me back to my dancehall days and my child hood days...fiddler on the roof 🎶🎶 that’s he original . I love music

  49. Yamani Bryant-McCray

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  50. Nangamso Maphalala

    Nangamso MaphalalaMonth ago

    When I hear Flo Milli shit I know it’s about to go down 🔥❤️

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    Wtffff i love this brat vibe

  57. Aaliyah White

    Aaliyah WhiteMonth ago

    This is a good song from her in a long time. Since Beef Flo Milli for me.

  58. Cloud Queen

    Cloud QueenMonth ago

    Can't wait until you get The Super Bowl someday!

  59. BROWN BE4R

    BROWN BE4RMonth ago

    Is it weird that I feel like she kills it every time. Like.....every time Mili?

  60. john Paul Hit

    john Paul HitMonth ago

    Sounds good

  61. evan versace

    evan versaceMonth ago

    god i love her music it makes me feel so powerful

  62. 太郎

    太郎Month ago


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    Garmai SegrainMonth ago

    Hear me out flo milli and Rico nasty should colab

  64. just ur basic uncultured swine

    just ur basic uncultured swineMonth ago

    flo milli makes me wanna tell the judge they’re guilty

  65. Floppy Cow

    Floppy CowMonth ago

    This song makes me want to rob a bank

  66. HNB

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  72. Purity

    PurityMonth ago

    Love from Kenya

  73. Unbossed Beats

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  75. elmo oo

    elmo ooMonth ago

    her songs never disappoint

  76. Vibes & Stuf

    Vibes & StufMonth ago

    That beat go hard! The intro was fire... I'm in my 30s; she sounds like an irritating little sister that be spitting facts. There's no choice but to love her.

  77. Retra Empire

    Retra EmpireMonth ago

    Megan The Who got comp now

  78. XxNekkoChanxX

    XxNekkoChanxXMonth ago

    Ooouu Megan need to get on this too😏

  79. sumn

    sumnMonth ago

    "cant hate on pussy when it rule the planet"

  80. L.K.

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  89. no body

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    If I was rich everyday would be cheat day. ( I would exercise once a week in my gym in my mini mansion)

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  100. Trident Eros

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    i like flo milli bc she don’t talk about eating pussy the whole time