$NOT - Sangria (feat. Denzel Curry) [Official Audio]

The official audio for $NOT's "Sangria" featuring Denzel Curry - OUT NOW!
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Prod. @Powers Pleasant
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  1. Lyrical Lemonade

    Lyrical LemonadeMonth ago


  2. Joshua Wheeler

    Joshua Wheeler10 hours ago

    You better make a music video with these two

  3. Bradyn Andrade

    Bradyn Andrade3 days ago

    Make a vid

  4. GymmAddict

    GymmAddict5 days ago

    Fire 🔥

  5. Nle Carti Choppa

    Nle Carti Choppa7 days ago



    THIS ISNT A RACCOON10 days ago

    We know what’s next with Cole Bennett

  7. goundoba tamanate

    goundoba tamanate17 hours ago

    Nice 💖

  8. Evan Kincheloe

    Evan Kincheloe2 days ago

    this a bbno mulah kinda beat. that feature wouldnt be half bad

  9. V9rity

    V9rity3 days ago

    I'm drinking sangria as we sepak

  10. Ryley McClure

    Ryley McClure3 days ago

    When is this music video droppingggg

  11. Pedjix ve

    Pedjix ve4 days ago

    damn, this goes hard

  12. Mason Simon

    Mason Simon4 days ago


  13. Ya boi kk

    Ya boi kk5 days ago

    Who else loves the references on denzels verse

  14. ghoul

    ghoul5 days ago

    Ahhh $not never misses 🖤🖤

  15. Bob Lob

    Bob Lob6 days ago

    Everyone here listens to good music

  16. tymusss

    tymusss6 days ago


  17. Daniel Sirotin

    Daniel Sirotin6 days ago


  18. Nathan Silva

    Nathan Silva6 days ago

    hidden gem

  19. Sk8 Jess

    Sk8 Jess7 days ago

    Snot amazes me in every song🔥🔥🔥🔥

  20. Anti-Vibes

    Anti-Vibes7 days ago


  21. AlessioG

    AlessioG7 days ago

    Best song from the album🔥,at least one of the best,because there are so many

  22. BigBoi_445 _

    BigBoi_445 _8 days ago

    Finally a good ass song

  23. Perk Up

    Perk Up8 days ago



    HAZGOLDEN8 days ago

    denzel murder the beat as hell he's fucking beasttttt the most underrated rapper last decade

  25. xChainz

    xChainz9 days ago

    Can't wait for the music video coming

  26. Infinite888 infinite888

    Infinite888 infinite8889 days ago

    Denzel is AIMBOT

  27. Bray Bro

    Bray Bro9 days ago

    I already know tik tok mfs gonna find this 🤣

  28. M15 thaslug

    M15 thaslug10 days ago

    When you blow up Please dont switch the vibz🙏


    HYAENiDAE10 days ago

    Denzel and ski and zilla and scarlxrd and $NOT and tokyo and jasiah on one song would explode earth

  30. Shrila Gowda

    Shrila Gowda10 days ago

    XXl regretting that need $not in freshman class 😂

  31. Gulf Gas

    Gulf Gas11 days ago

    Best song on the album

  32. Duran :

    Duran :11 days ago


  33. o n i b a s s

    o n i b a s s11 days ago

    _yo thats cool_

  34. StubbornSkater

    StubbornSkater12 days ago

    Lets be real Denzel casually slapped tf outta this

  35. zennybtw

    zennybtw12 days ago

    i heard this song somewhere but i cant remember where

  36. P6paya

    P6paya12 days ago


  37. Rúben Brito

    Rúben Brito13 days ago


  38. mike percentage

    mike percentage13 days ago


  39. Dismay

    Dismay14 days ago

    My phone almost exploded cause this song is too fire

  40. phillip dutcher

    phillip dutcher14 days ago



    GMAN DaPLUGG14 days ago


  42. WieruX

    WieruX14 days ago


  43. aaiden.karchefskii

    aaiden.karchefskii14 days ago

    This is heat 🔥🔥

  44. Ayat Danabek

    Ayat Danabek14 days ago


  45. Strohhut Kirito

    Strohhut Kirito14 days ago

    he sounds like a better version of tyga on this track

  46. Jonathan Espino

    Jonathan Espino15 days ago

    $NOT ft. Ski Mask The Slump God would be 🔥 or nah.

  47. Rivela_Furz_HDX Fortnite sucks

    Rivela_Furz_HDX Fortnite sucks15 days ago

    Lets gooo before 1mil here

  48. Official Euphoria

    Official Euphoria15 days ago

    Snot I wanna make a song with you

  49. Market

    Market16 days ago


  50. 69 CB

    69 CB16 days ago

    has denzel written all over the beat

  51. xristina diamantaki

    xristina diamantaki17 days ago


  52. danny delesed

    danny delesed17 days ago

    not the combo i asked for , but the combo i’m proud to have

  53. Sylvester nieto

    Sylvester nieto18 days ago

    Played this in my magnum and it transformed into a hellcat.


    FLEX ASTRO18 days ago

    Yes! here for Denzel, I was expecting $NOT to be trash but he was Awsome no cap

  55. dad 4123

    dad 41237 days ago

    @FLEX ASTRO he's good af, you should check him out

  56. Souless Reaper

    Souless Reaper10 days ago

    @FLEX ASTRO tuff


    FLEX ASTRO10 days ago

    @Souless Reaper cuz I never heard about him.

  58. Souless Reaper

    Souless Reaper17 days ago

    How can you underestimate $not like that.

  59. Jaycantsh00t 1

    Jaycantsh00t 118 days ago

    Underrated ass song

  60. Lornas home

    Lornas home18 days ago


  61. Rise Jordan Block

    Rise Jordan Block18 days ago

    I wish the song was longer

  62. DeWah

    DeWah18 days ago

    Flows like Bbno$ dropping N bombs lol ngl

  63. Zoggy77

    Zoggy7719 days ago

    Swear this too underrated it’s so fire 🔥

  64. x d

    x d19 days ago

    Yo I see you bro with that itachi

  65. たかやん / Takayan

    たかやん / Takayan19 days ago


  66. STXIC

    STXIC18 days ago

    Yes yes Hai hai

  67. Shayan Charalaghi

    Shayan Charalaghi19 days ago

    Drac on my side, I'm running with Josh Nichols 🔥

  68. Diddle

    Diddle19 days ago


  69. Attila Haraszti

    Attila Haraszti19 days ago

    makes me happy that two rappers have mentioned my name in their songs

  70. Eshetu

    Eshetu19 days ago

    #1 on all genres!!! 🚨🌊🚨🌊 on Apple Music

  71. Matt

    Matt19 days ago


  72. Santi M.O.B

    Santi M.O.B20 days ago

    the growth of snot is beautiful to watch

  73. Sex

    Sex20 days ago

    Instant banger 🔥🔥

  74. fit dinny

    fit dinny20 days ago

    Bbno$ vibes

  75. 2ULD GANG

    2ULD GANG20 days ago

    they got a fountain drink and pulled on the straw for the beat

  76. ツToxic

    ツToxic20 days ago

    Whoever got the "kill Mitchel" part, respect to you

  77. purpledis

    purpledis21 day ago


  78. Tom

    Tom21 day ago

    Yo This bangs fucks and slaps

  79. TA - 07JJ 761992 Edenwood MS

    TA - 07JJ 761992 Edenwood MS21 day ago

    best song on the album fo sho

  80. zMichel

    zMichel21 day ago

    Ooooooooh dammmmmmnnn

  81. NERDS

    NERDS21 day ago

    Denzel always gets your head bobbing 😤

  82. caleb shores

    caleb shores21 day ago

    Heater of 2020

  83. Skaggs

    Skaggs22 days ago


  84. Uvzf

    Uvzf22 days ago

    Denzel carried harddddd🥶

  85. Adam

    Adam22 days ago

    this guy sounds like bbno$

  86. Juan

    Juan22 days ago

    why denzel gotta be so goddamn ass 😫😫

  87. xd_wiebe

    xd_wiebe22 days ago

    2 of my favorite Rappers on 1 track 🙃👏

  88. gorby

    gorby22 days ago

    vezi ca nui bine mixu

  89. ThatOne Sala

    ThatOne Sala23 days ago

    Denzels verse carries this for me

  90. Desirae Ferra

    Desirae Ferra23 days ago

    Wow!!! This shit is the jam of the year , i be drinking patron and smoking fat backwoods up in this bitch , keep it going $not ❤️

  91. max vollman

    max vollman23 days ago


  92. sokyu no

    sokyu no23 days ago

    Oh this from that snippet

  93. ッCoufght

    ッCoufght24 days ago


  94. Victor Enenche

    Victor Enenche24 days ago


  95. Shayan Charalaghi

    Shayan Charalaghi24 days ago

    This goes insanely hard

  96. schwiftyy

    schwiftyy24 days ago

    i've been waiting for another song with lil toe

  97. Ok

    Ok24 days ago

    These shit 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  98. Jordan slatt Stoner hippie

    Jordan slatt Stoner hippie24 days ago

    🔥 fire


    MEMELOAD24 days ago

    Been here since gosha lmao

  100. Austin Mason

    Austin Mason24 days ago

    True talent

  101. logan brown

    logan brown24 days ago

    uslikes.info/house/c5ODlpqEqpqifbI/video.html RUN IT UP RUN IT UP RUN IT UPP❗️❗️❗️🔥⚠️🔥❗️❗️❗️

  102. Kidd Incubus

    Kidd Incubus24 days ago

    Bbno$ would snap on dis too

  103. Ana Stasia

    Ana Stasia24 days ago

    Fave song off da album so far 😩

  104. Pavel Coria

    Pavel Coria24 days ago

    put bbno$ and tyga in here and its a hit

  105. Talon Bartley

    Talon Bartley24 days ago

    Denzel is my fav ever do this is dope

  106. YMB G

    YMB G24 days ago

    After Denzel that last Chorus hit! ✅

  107. Jason Ordonez

    Jason Ordonez24 days ago

    this a j balvin type beat

  108. Bradley Fortuin

    Bradley Fortuin24 days ago


  109. Dav1d

    Dav1d25 days ago

    I almost read prod. Power Point

  110. TacoClarko

    TacoClarko25 days ago

    The amount of support $NOT has been getting recently is so well deserved 🖤