Dogman Encounters Episode 345 (The Creature Came into my Bedroom and Bit Me!)

In 1997, tonight’s guest, Tori, decided to take her daughter on a week-long vacation to the Outer Banks of North Carolina. What should have been a fun, relaxing vacation turned out to be anything but, thanks to a Dogman that decided to make its presence known, on the night they arrived there. As if that wasn’t bad enough, years later, Tori was sound asleep, when all of a sudden, the sensation of being bitten jarred her out of a sound sleep. When she came to, she realized that it wasn’t her boyfriend’s dog that had come into her bedroom and bitten her. It was something much worse!
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  1. Marilyn Causey

    Marilyn CauseyDay ago

    Which is more rare, seeing a Dogman or seeing a cow on an island? There have been instances where cows have swam 4-5 miles over to the Outer Banks during hurricanes. There may be a population there, along with the wild horses. Tori, as a North Carolinian, I'm sorry you had such a bad experience here. I'm also one who has all the weird things happen when others never seem to have weird things happen to them. Thank you for sharing your story with us!

  2. Jim Lee

    Jim Lee2 days ago

    She does a great job at telling her story. Although the narration before the Dogman encounter seems long, it sets the mood of her foreboding, dread and exhaustion.

  3. Lana scribe

    Lana scribe6 days ago

    Tori, thanks so much for sharing with us. You're advice not to wish for these things so true. I've had experiences with all kinds of weirdness too. I guess some of us are just weirdness magnets. I hope you find some peace and solace in sharing your experiences, though it's near impossible to gain the serenity back once you know what's out there. All the best to you x

  4. Jasmine

    Jasmine6 days ago

    So after hearing this story and many others like it I think these cryptids are interdimensional. I think this explains why people will often have a second sighting or experience. I feel like an initial sighting may "mark" a person in some way. I had an experience with some type of humanoid being (I will just call it a demon) at age 9 and my life since has been a series of events I like to call "high strangeness". I am also blood type o negative and we rh negatives do have a lot of these type of paranormal experiences. Just some things to consider.

  5. Ramona Taber

    Ramona Taber6 days ago

    Good episode! So scary to see something like that with your child with you!

  6. Julie Anonymous

    Julie Anonymous7 days ago

    Every step of the journey this woman took, was literally the universe telling her not to go...turn around and yet she continued. She is not listening to her intuition. The universe is continuously reflecting back to you. In life, I’ve learned that a series of negative experiences happening one after the other, Is the universe is telling me to stop, change your attitude because you are creating this reality or just go back to bed and start over. I really hope she learned from this experience.

  7. Dusty Floyyd 2972

    Dusty Floyyd 29727 days ago

    Good story

  8. David Y

    David Y7 days ago

    Another scary encounter Vic ! Been with u from early episodes on. My go to channel for DM. I need some help from others who r tuned in. Desperately trying to remember which episode ( earlier one) from a lady who when younger went with her friend to a campsite to buy things , a man with a rifle escorted them part way , then a DM chased them up dry creek bed & they had to climb up hillside ( DM hot on their heels ). Father came & pulled her up & shot past her head at the DM. If anyone out there can lmk episode’s number. One of the scariest best ever heard. TIA !

  9. Me Too

    Me Too8 days ago

    I’ve had some bad vacations, but this one beats any of mine. Sounds awful.

  10. donna forte

    donna forte9 days ago

    This is a scary incounter. Tori, I would have called the School and told the Principal, what you saw. Hopefully, maybe the kids would be kept indoors at Recess??? If my Child went to that School, and I knew there were Dogman around there. I would demand that the Children stay indoors or change Schools. But I get it, you were scared. I would have been the same..♥️♥️♥️

  11. Joey Hayes

    Joey Hayes9 days ago

    Great show and guest 🇮🇪

  12. dina story

    dina story9 days ago

    A couple of things about NC & their beaches: I live in NC and saw a red wolf on the way to the Outer Banks in the nature preserve on the way there one night. We have bears and cougars too; that stretch is a wild and untouched area. Even the coast can be desolate, but I think it must have seemed more so because it was so late. We tend to roll up the streets early in small towns around here. Jockey’s Ridge is there, it’s the largest sand dune on the east coast. The Outer Banks are full of dunes, so you’ll know next time. Also, FYI, there is not much in the way of restaurants, shopping, or nightlife at the Outer Banks. It’s a quiet, family area.

  13. Slack Hackman

    Slack Hackman9 days ago

    Can you really get rabies from a dogman?

  14. Dwight Davis

    Dwight Davis9 days ago

    What got me really worried about the story she didn't close the sunroof to protect her and her daughter... That's where the fear kicks in the most what I did gather was the cow in the road highway yes you interrupted his hunt so it decided to chase you all those back and forth double back patterns and finally caught up....

  15. Ayman Ra Lionheart

    Ayman Ra Lionheart10 days ago

    Most frustrating part driving Dodge Neon. Dodge Neon is no match for Dogman!

  16. j g

    j g10 days ago

    Plenty of wild horses for the dogman to eat on the Outerbanks

  17. Rigoberto Torres

    Rigoberto Torres10 days ago

    Awesome that you talked about another cryptid

  18. Cynthia Diane Carey

    Cynthia Diane Carey10 days ago

    Those apartments are called duplexes. Gollum was the character in Lord of the Rings. I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but from my own experiences, I think all of these experiences are alien related. They can make people perceive them as various beings, and they have alao created many hybrid beings, and they probably have designed human dna, too. They cause other beings in the home sleep deeply, so they can't awaken. People often experience missing time, when with aliens. The one in your bedroom, sounds like a defective gray. I'm sorry you, and everyone else, have these disturbing experiences. Blessings...

  19. Wendy P

    Wendy P10 days ago

    It’s interesting that in almost every country in Europe you find the wolf man legend in folklore. This goes right across Europe from Portugal to Russia. So, could it be based on actual facts which we now dismiss as myths?

  20. Tonya Hancock

    Tonya Hancock10 days ago

    Wow I take several trip down to the beach in North Carolina alone with my girls. We usually make at least one trip during the summer months and usually a 4th of July vacation with my husband. Now I'm going to be looking over my shoulder for dogmen. Glad we decided against the camping overnight on Bear Island now.

  21. c west

    c west10 days ago

    The Causeway..she knew and it's real fear. Thank you Vic

  22. Adam Link

    Adam Link10 days ago

    I’m in awe by what she said about the creature that bit her toe I’ve never heard of such a thing and just imagining the scene is blowing my mind

  23. randy beard

    randy beard10 days ago

    Hope You and All your Listeners are doing Great, Here in Arkansas and Texas, the last week or so has been a little on the Bad Side, more Snow and Cold Temps. than I've seen in Years...

  24. John Smith

    John Smith11 days ago

    I'm thinking a .416 rigby double rifle blessed by an orthadox priest

  25. Kevin Brown

    Kevin Brown11 days ago

    Seriously believe you.

  26. DrunkenSquirrel

    DrunkenSquirrel11 days ago

    I'm still picking my jaw up off the floor... Tori, *thank you* for sharing your experiences with us. I wish you & I could talk together because it feels like you're my Sister from another Mister. I wish you didn't have to see & feel those things, but it's good to know that I'm not alone or crazy. I suspect that Cryptids are more attracted to certain people, plus once you lock eyes with them it's like they "mark" you. Staying calm with your daughter in the car probably saved your lives - freaking out might've triggered the Dogman's kill switch. I do believe that you saw a 2nd Dogman that night too. Also, when you saw the deer ruining past the schoolyard with your grandchild you may have gotten yourself or the other kids hurt if you'd screamed or tried to help. Don't feel guilty. You did the right thing. Kudos to you for chasing that Creeper out of your bedroom too! I believe they're demonic, and your boyfriend may have been in a psychic sleep. From one "weird stuff magnet" to another: you're still alive to talk about it, so you're doing something right! I've learned to just tune out unbelievers. I've also learned to always drive with my windows up & sleep with all my doors and windows locked. 😉 Call me nuts, but I also think yearly house blessings, lots of Holy Water & a daily Rosary prayed in Latin also helps to keep most of the Nasties away from me. Keep yours eyes wide open & keep listening to your intuition! 🧐🤍🙏

  27. Charis O.

    Charis O.11 days ago

    Just wanted to let you know what a good momma you are Mrs. Tori! I know it seemed like you were disappointed that your daughter didn't believe you about the dogman, but you protected her physical and long-term emotional and mental well-being. You kept calm for her sake and you probably kept a terrible situation from becoming worse.

  28. American Minutemen

    American Minutemen12 days ago

    Perhaps, negative outlooks might increase the likelihood of encounters with such abominations??

  29. Edward Patschureck

    Edward Patschureck12 days ago

    Ok the toe biting episode was horrifying. Whaaaaat? I am hoping at the top of my Brain sensors that this was a dream. Is it possible? Wow? I would be in theropy LoL. Dang you are a Strong Strong Woman Tori... God bless you. PS... I believe you

  30. Edward Patschureck

    Edward Patschureck12 days ago

    Fearing possible outcomes that are low percentage factors is to Rob yourself of personal enjoyment and things you Love in Life. Please enkoy Life doing the things you Love

  31. noctembra

    noctembra12 days ago

    I've heard of that sense of dread/fear/nausea before with dogmen and also sasquatch. Does anyone have theories? Infrasound makes the most sense to be, especially given that we know animals alive now that use it to communicate.

  32. Linda Lakota

    Linda Lakota12 days ago

    Im realy a beleiver they are a type of nephelem the more i follow scriptures and mythology these things have ben hear sense God made earth .if you read old text from beginning of man we where never alone man was hear and their where others that had same image as man man was made in thease beings image its all over just in genisis 1 and 2 thease beings took women as wife's

  33. Day Hiker

    Day Hiker12 days ago

    There are a lot of things in this world that we aren't aware of.

  34. Al Santariga

    Al Santariga12 days ago

    Great show Vic, great guest thank you Tori.

  35. Al Santariga

    Al Santariga12 days ago

    Tori did the creatures leave a mark or draw blood from your toe?

  36. Jo G.

    Jo G.12 days ago

    NE Ohio, here. Yep, DM are here. I love hearing the Ohio episodes.

  37. Catspaw

    Catspaw12 days ago

    Just getting to their vacation spot is no fun I would've turned around & went home this is like the first story I heard of anyone actually getting bitten by a strange creature. Maybe that creature was a rake since she said it was small.

  38. Frank Hall

    Frank Hall12 days ago

    I think the thing at the bottom of the bed could be an energy parasite. They do go and for the feet . Saw a huge dog type footprint in the snow recently . Just one and in the garden . No stray dogs here . Most certainly not that big . Have smelled that smell. Have seen wide eyes on cctv. Have heard the knocking in the night. Great show Vic.

  39. Admiral Ackbar

    Admiral Ackbar12 days ago

    Hello, thank you for this, it's very interesting she has encountered both the Dogman and the Rake, I do remember hearing once from one of your other guests that Dogman lives to hunts and kills the Rake, so there is a strong connection between the encounters she has had with the two.

  40. curious mom

    curious mom12 days ago

    Perhaps mother - in - law in her experience was trying to point out traveling on vacation with 7 year old could be stressful! A 7 year old would have been thrilled to stay in hotel two towns away ...their world is so small everything is new to them....bad sign anyways when family takes seperate vacations...

  41. DragonflyArtz1

    DragonflyArtz112 days ago

    Why is it so often when someone has a Dogman encounter they are almost certain to have another?

  42. A. Kashif

    A. Kashif12 days ago

    North Carolina checking in

  43. Edward Patschureck

    Edward Patschureck12 days ago

    what's up with Roanoke Islanders? Seems like an awful lot of Dogman sightings there... Many sounding aggressive confrontational

  44. Stellar Cubic Beam

    Stellar Cubic Beam12 days ago

    I've gone to OBX for two decades. One time I was solo kayaking on the Sound, something told me to look to my left towards the shore bank in the woods. I could have sworn I saw a german shepherd like being on two legs, but I wrote it off as just a person. Then I realized that area no one would be because the woods were super thick and nothing in that direction. I was just glad I was in the water and not on foot.

  45. Michael Winkle

    Michael Winkle12 days ago

    Holy Hannah! That story could have been titled "The Worst Vacation Ever" -- without the Dogman! And it was my understanding that "The Rake" was a fictional creature invented for CreepyPastas or some such -- apparently not. Actually, it sounded more like a diminutive Wendigo -- which isn't any better. I hope Tori has a good life from hereon. Roanoke, huh? I wrote an essay on that. A couple of years before the famous colony was founded, Roanoke hosted a garrison of English soldiers, about 107 altogether. After a long year there, with supplies almost gone and having poor relations with the surrounding tribes, the soldiers were ready to go home. And wouldn't you know it, here came Sir Francis Drake. “When his men stormed Santo Domingo and Cartagena, Drake rescued a very large number of slaves and Indians from Spanish clutches,” writes historian Karen Kupperman in Roanoke: The Abandoned Colony. David Beers Quinn, in The Roanoke Voyages, 1584-1590, puts their number at up to five hundred. To make room for the returning soldiers, Drake deposited the slaves and natives ashore. A supply ship that naval commander Richard Grenville sent arrived at the Outer Banks only days after Drake left, and Grenville’s main force showed up two weeks after that. “Neither relief expedition mentioned anything about . . . the several hundred former captives Drake is thought to have deposited in Roanoke.” [Kupperman, p. 93] Slaves, prisoners, Indians or whoever - they really had no place to go. Even the native captives would have been of Caribbean origin - as out of place as the Europeans. It seems unlikely that such a huge group could have organized and marched off into the unfamiliar land so quickly. For that matter, it seems unlikely that they would have dispersed in all directions, been assimilated into the local tribes, or been annihilated to the last man (leaving no bodies or signs of violence) in a few days. The fate of this multitude “is one of the many mysteries surrounding the entire Roanoke enterprise that remain to this day.” [Kupperman, p. 93] AND THEN the Roanoke Colony was founded and disappeared. So I guess it's not too surprising Tori saw no signs of anyone around.

  46. wulfrum Knight

    wulfrum Knight12 days ago

    Well this proves my theory about the Roanoke people disappearing

  47. Sheila Kelley

    Sheila Kelley12 days ago

    That’s a scary but excellent episode like they all are I really enjoyed listening to it!

  48. Ona Pedigo

    Ona Pedigo12 days ago

    I’ve heard of more than one encounter with Dogman on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Very scary. Beautiful during the day but I don’t think I want to stay the night!

  49. Charlie Sierra

    Charlie Sierra12 days ago

    Wow, God bless this lady. I'm in NC (Salisbury) and am sorry you had such a terrible journey through our state. Your trip sounded scarier than your actual encounter. Fascinating story!

  50. Patrick Nyhan

    Patrick Nyhan12 days ago

    what was the episode that Vic said men were shooting at dogmen with serious firepower and they still advanced on them? ( not the recent dogman hunting expedition) i know that one!

  51. laurie Norman

    laurie Norman12 days ago

    The cow deal feels almost like a warning...

  52. Christopher Evans

    Christopher Evans13 days ago

    That’s why you make sure all doors, Windows, & all of house Is secured before you go to bed!

  53. Luke Z

    Luke Z13 days ago

    That last story reminded me of when I used to have night terrors when I was a young kid. I’d wake up and maybe I was still asleep partially I don’t know but there was a black thing sitting on me that looked similar to what you described. When it was there I couldn’t move or scream or do anything except look at it. It crawled away out my window after what felt like hours but it probably was on average 5- 10 minutes.

  54. Renzo Alarcón

    Renzo Alarcón13 days ago

    Well done Tori, It seems you have done your research. Indeed Dogman and many other cryptids are the result of genetic experiments of human and animal elements carried out thousands of years ago by advanced civilizations like Atlantis. That is why we have ancient mythology on werewolves, merpeople, minotaurs, centuars, etc. After a Extinction Level Event vapourished these advanced civilizations, mankind had to start again from scratch and many of the genetic experiments like Dogman survived becoming the cryptids of today.

  55. Ebee

    Ebee13 days ago

    Poor Tori, always dealing with weirdness

  56. Wolfgang Gugelweith

    Wolfgang Gugelweith13 days ago

    Oh, my god! Was this creature allowed to bit her in her toe?!?!??

  57. Suren P

    Suren P13 days ago

    The encounter at the end seems like a South-East Asian folklore entity called Toyol.

  58. Theresa Graham

    Theresa Graham13 days ago

    She was such a great story teller. That was such a fun guest. Great story. She had me laughing "What was I supposed to say everybody go there is a Dogman" too cool

  59. Bonnie Anderson

    Bonnie Anderson13 days ago

    Saturday, having coffee and enjoying Vic & guest. Hello, DMF hope your all doing well and warm. God Bless ya all in Texas! Praying for you all. Having mother daughter outings are wonderful. My mom did this with each one of us kids. 3 girls and 1 boy. Everyone got to go with mom, it was such a wonder time building a great relationship. I carried this on too. With the boys we did movies. Daughter, lunch (all dressed up) & shopping. Best time in my life. Thank you Vic

  60. Pauline Phillips

    Pauline Phillips13 days ago

    Crikey, that was a horrible holiday! I think you were very brave, and a wonderful mother.

  61. Michael Fragosso

    Michael Fragosso13 days ago

    Thank you so so much Tori for coming on the show. I was so intrigued by every aspect of all your experiences. Ohio is a special place to live and one state I plan on going to someday. It holds many mystery's. Please don't hesitate to come back to talk to Vic with any new experiences or encounters. I'd love to hear more... take care and stay safe !!

  62. Farcsquatch Powell

    Farcsquatch Powell13 days ago

    Now ive heard all the way through and thought you were an excellent guest, very realistic in explaining your thoughts and reactions. Uh that Smeagol/ Gollum creature...ooooh NO! Crawling? Not cool! But as you explained its appearance i was thinking Smeagol, lol. That to me is just too much! Good to hear you scared IT! God bless you Tori, with peace! And your whole family! Thank you for sharing!


    SEASERVANT13 days ago

    Oooooohohoho! That ending was not expected!

  64. Julija Janjis

    Julija Janjis13 days ago

    I think all the way to the end that something happens with the dogmen and that he attacked Tori but it wasn't it was something else poor woman she had enough criptids in her life have a big hello to all DER family from me Croatia 🇭🇷 check in 🙂😍🐺❤

  65. Farcsquatch Powell

    Farcsquatch Powell13 days ago

    Hey Tori, nothing to do with dogman but I can sure relate to the inlaw thing! Yep yep!

  66. Ann Hollowell

    Ann Hollowell13 days ago

    What a nightmare of a trip.

  67. Chelle

    Chelle13 days ago

    This lady tori is so believable to me, this seriously sounds like the worst vacation ever! Thank you for sharing your encounter!

  68. Sweetly creeping in

    Sweetly creeping in13 days ago

    NOW MY WEEKEND CAN BEGIN AHOOOO DMF I guarantee you every time you walk into the forest , you have been noticed by BF or DM they have “sentries “ at every entry that watch humans to make sure we. Don’t get close to the interior family! ( per my experiences .)

  69. Queen Zilla Jr.

    Queen Zilla Jr.13 days ago

    That is creepy

  70. Mickey Pearce

    Mickey Pearce13 days ago

    Sounds to me like demonic creatures, with the red eyed dogman and grey creature in the bedroom. They must be attracted to her for someone reason.

  71. BangBangMuckbang

    BangBangMuckbang13 days ago

    Yay !!😆👍🏻💕 I waited all week for this and kudos to this lady because I would’ve definitely screamed and peed my pants and woken up by kid for sure lol !!

  72. Kenneth Bryant

    Kenneth Bryant13 days ago

    Hudson Ny tuning in 💯💪🏾💪🏾✌🏾

  73. Rondell Perry

    Rondell Perry13 days ago

    Tori got bit by a little bugger and got pissed 😤 she had enough of the weird crap.

  74. J Chapman

    J Chapman13 days ago

    Tory, I wonder if your midnight toe nibbling visitor was maybe a juvenile rake/crawler?

  75. D-koa

    D-koa13 days ago

    This poor woman.. What an absolute nightmare of a vacation.

  76. susan alexander

    susan alexander13 days ago

    This story is a nightmare from beginning to end. From Mother in law to Dogman.

  77. Chris Gross

    Chris Gross13 days ago

    Very interesting that so many people seem to think that these creatures will follow you, no matter how far away you travel from the original sighting. I'm really thinking there alien origin. A normal animal could only follow you for so far. This is just crazy

  78. Figgie Figueroa

    Figgie Figueroa13 days ago

    Aykansas, in the house! Murderous cold out here......

  79. Doc Snake

    Doc Snake13 days ago

    Why are these dogmen always smiling? What is so funny or amusing to them?

  80. KJ Hocken

    KJ Hocken13 days ago

    The lady reminds me a lot of my mom and talks just like her. There is no doubt in my mind at all that this women isn’t telling the truth. She is most definitely being truthful. I feel bad for this lady having gone through this.

  81. Melz E

    Melz E13 days ago

    This is one of the very few rake encounters I’ve heard. It was.....unsettling! Glad to hear she handled it like a boss! Omg. I can’t imagine! She’s tough! 💪🏽

  82. James Mcginlay

    James Mcginlay13 days ago

    Great work Vic! Many thanks.

  83. Patricia Blue

    Patricia Blue13 days ago

    It’s called hyper vigilance. Often a diagnosis associated with PTSD.

  84. Nayib Arce

    Nayib Arce13 days ago

    I have a theory about dogman longevity, it's is stated that an specie reproductive cycle would adapt to it's environment and chances of survival, humans being more like the apex of our world we tend to have more time to develop but we live longer, but if you get a rat its life span is shorter but they reproduce crazy fast to maximize the chances of survival of the species, there are cases like an artic shark that has absolutely no natural predators and no need to pressure it's reproduction that its madurita cycle from new born to fully matured adult is almost 80 years, so for me the reason we are no overwhelmed by dogmen and they seem so smart is because they are not only the ultimate apex predator of their food chain, but since they have never been hunted and every animal avoids them they must be similar to those sharks, really high longevity and extremely large reproductive cycles.

  85. Grammy 3G

    Grammy 3G13 days ago

    No tail..?

  86. Grammy 3G

    Grammy 3G13 days ago

    Mother in law envious of your relationship with your daughter, she didn't have it with her mom, and if she had a daughter, it wasn't just shows how close you were to your daughter.

  87. Kaio Ken

    Kaio Ken13 days ago

    This lady sounds like a tough cookie

  88. maha77

    maha7713 days ago

    just when you thought it was safe to go back to sleep

  89. Aidan Gonzales

    Aidan Gonzales13 days ago

    Dogman can use infrasound to ''zap'' victims, too. Or maybe its something else it used on Tori? Curious.

  90. Christine Seidman

    Christine Seidman13 days ago

    Great story. Wow. Thank you for sharing. It seems their becoming bolder & bolder. Hi Vic Great guest.

  91. Anthony Peters

    Anthony Peters13 days ago

    She definitely got zapped with infrasound i can tell by how she felt

  92. Dee Davis

    Dee Davis13 days ago

    The more encounters I hear, the theory I have is that maybe this dogman is sorta like the fictional character Jeepers Creepers in that they get you sooo scared, and in your fear it decides if your worth the attack. May sound stupid but it's a theory.

  93. Carla Hanson

    Carla Hanson13 days ago

    Happy Friday DME family, I hope everyone is safe and has a great weekend ahead.

  94. Glenda Miller

    Glenda Miller13 days ago

    I saw a similar Dogman. Especially the glowing red eyes that Tori mentioned. It too ran across the road in front of my car, and it too seemed to smile at me. The red eyes glowed like flash lights, projecting light. My teenage daughter was with me, at the time, and saw it too. This was around 1993, in West Texas.

  95. Luis Andrade

    Luis Andrade13 days ago

    Can someone explain to me what infosound

  96. Funky Tomo

    Funky Tomo13 days ago

    Hello to Vic Cundiff, the guest Tori and all fellow dogman fans .... Just started listening , 5am in UK, as soon as I saw the title I thought WOW, this is gonna be a wild one... Dogman in the room and bit you ... OMG!!

  97. Susan Northup

    Susan Northup13 days ago

    Not the first encounter from the outer banks

  98. Ladyintheriver Castin

    Ladyintheriver Castin13 days ago

    Roanoke Island is a very haunted area were a lot of people got murdered

  99. m dane

    m dane13 days ago


  100. randy pritchard

    randy pritchard13 days ago

    The Dogman abides!