RETAKE // Episode 2 Cinematic - VALORANT

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  1. Rippyy

    Rippyy14 minutes ago

    Inaccurate, there wasn't an afk dude in the lobby.

  2. TuSu Gaming

    TuSu Gaming46 minutes ago

    The hardest thing a small USlikesr can feel is when you wake up in the morning and nothing has changed on your channel 😢💔

  3. ZephProjects

    ZephProjects49 minutes ago

    Are we all just gonna forget that Phoenix was running and gunning?

  4. Anadi Garg

    Anadi GargHour ago

    Sick video!!!!!!🔥🔥

  5. Lurtra

    LurtraHour ago


  6. _slick

    _slick2 hours ago

    poor old cypher hes just like me forcebuys op and dies immediately to a 1 tap

  7. Emilee Hughes

    Emilee Hughes2 hours ago


  8. Tyquan Edwards

    Tyquan Edwards4 hours ago

    Alright Riot, this was pretty fucking sick. You'd be a lot cooler if you made more of these.

  9. A Doge

    A Doge4 hours ago

    Mans vs womans

  10. ZER0TW02

    ZER0TW024 hours ago

    I wanna see a jett animatic

  11. Why Am I Like This

    Why Am I Like This5 hours ago

    Jett never fails to make me realise that anime isnt the only place you can find characters worth simping over

  12. Sojo Mojo

    Sojo Mojo6 hours ago

    As a Viper main, this video is a good example of how viper still needs a buff.

  13. Krabby Patty

    Krabby Patty6 hours ago

    why dont they make a korean character with bowl haircut? they love that shit. none of the asian characters look like any asian I know.

  14. zZ A L T F 4 Zz

    zZ A L T F 4 Zz6 hours ago

    I o I wow

  15. Gus the Bus

    Gus the Bus7 hours ago

    Hey Yoru didn't pick up the Vandal at the end of the round wasting econ! Please report him please and thank you.

  16. dinnie1tap

    dinnie1tap8 hours ago

    unrealistic, jett shouldve been camping my tp

  17. SnpR Headshotz

    SnpR Headshotz8 hours ago

    Do u guys actually think run it back is that long

  18. pida siouy

    pida siouy8 hours ago

    Last player standing : PHOENIX : "JOKES OVER YOU'RE DEAD !!"

  19. Unepetitesbrebis YT

    Unepetitesbrebis YT9 hours ago

    Why Jett died

  20. Benjamin Lim

    Benjamin Lim10 hours ago

    0:39 that's illegal

  21. pida siouy

    pida siouy8 hours ago

    anyone gonna talk about jett rebibing herself?

  22. StratosHades

    StratosHades10 hours ago

    Don't you think if it's a dimensional drift then Yoru's footsteps shouldn't be there on the snow?

  23. ömer necip kayalı

    ömer necip kayalı10 hours ago

    How did we came here from ascent oh sorry random map select my bad my bad

  24. Sayandeep Sarkar

    Sayandeep Sarkar10 hours ago

    Doesn't matter what other saying but dammmm viper looks cute😂

  25. Barış Dikmen

    Barış Dikmen10 hours ago


  26. Emrenano

    Emrenano10 hours ago

    Dude just pulled the "**Nothin' personel kid.**" card without a flinch

  27. OCR Gaming

    OCR Gaming10 hours ago

    Dear Riot - check my latest VIDEO u can see that clearly CYPHER CAMERA BUG = PLEASE FIX THIS

  28. Kamil K.

    Kamil K.11 hours ago

    Yoru: *defuses* Spike: Beep boop beep boop Yoru: *defuses harder* Jetts teammates: HE IS STICKING IT GO KILL HIM YOU ARE TROLLING XD

  29. Critic No.1

    Critic No.112 hours ago

    Pretty sure u cant shoot down a cargo box in game

  30. Gumi

    Gumi12 hours ago


  31. RaptorPlayz4756

    RaptorPlayz475612 hours ago

    Jett got hit for 145 headshot there, but Yoru got ultra instinct therefore he killed jett.

  32. JonasWasTaken

    JonasWasTaken12 hours ago

    I just noticed how everytime he uses his ult in the trailers he does a lil sniff after

  33. Bismarx

    Bismarx12 hours ago

    whats the song at the end?

  34. 5hark

    5hark13 hours ago

    k yeah now why doesn't the spike do that in game?

  35. 5hark

    5hark13 hours ago

    can we talk about left handed viewmodels?

  36. Lyon

    Lyon14 hours ago

    make a movie bru holy

  37. ishaan chaturvedi

    ishaan chaturvedi14 hours ago

    anyone gonna talk about jett rebibing herself?

  38. Teigu!

    Teigu!14 hours ago

    viper is my main lmao

  39. Farhan Tanvir

    Farhan Tanvir15 hours ago

    Man, that was dope.. Even after the hundreth watch,,,,,,,,,

  40. TheTubeGamers

    TheTubeGamers15 hours ago

    we need a series of that. who agree?

  41. Darla Rose

    Darla Rose15 hours ago

    Yang pilih allah like.

  42. Rowojon

    Rowojon15 hours ago

    Shit Cinematic... phoenix ult goes on for 3 mins and viper is fking bad ass, doesnt reflect the real game

  43. enrico.

    enrico.15 hours ago

    am i the only one that noticed yoru is just sombra from overwatch

  44. H4Z1F

    H4Z1F15 hours ago

    Petition to add long sleeve jett to the game.

  45. Kajetan Duda

    Kajetan Duda16 hours ago


  46. xTunder v

    xTunder v16 hours ago

    Phoenix above gold: Phoenix below gold: flashes teamates, buys vandal in round 2, throws fire balls and fence at teamates

  47. zachary rahamn

    zachary rahamn16 hours ago

    Valorant fix your damn ranking system!!!!

  48. Mahmoud Zakria

    Mahmoud Zakria16 hours ago

    Yoru's voice in comms is like Captain Macmillan's voice in COD4 MW series "all ghillied up" mission.


    MOURYAS16 hours ago

    Wake Up, Wake Up, Wake Up, Wake Up, Wake Up.

  50. Onurhan Ekici

    Onurhan Ekici16 hours ago

    Cinematic says that new guy is so op just play him and win

  51. Onurhan Ekici

    Onurhan Ekici16 hours ago

    So how we will play Jett,Cyper and Viper again ?

  52. Calren

    Calren17 hours ago

    If only pheonix's ult was that long

  53. Akash Tyagi

    Akash Tyagi17 hours ago



    8E189 ANIKET MUKHERJEE17 hours ago

    I love valorant as it runs on my low end pc as butter

  55. thewildwaffle

    thewildwaffle17 hours ago

    Why is phoenix using a weak as Bulldog

  56. fade official gaming

    fade official gaming17 hours ago

    1:24 when you open discord lightmode

  57. AnsabX

    AnsabX17 hours ago

    It feels like that I watched a whole movie

  58. Mrza3ter

    Mrza3ter18 hours ago

    This looks so good

  59. Rivan

    Rivan18 hours ago

    0:00 opening "YoooooooooOOOOooo"

  60. Mehmet Ali Demir

    Mehmet Ali Demir19 hours ago

    on zip line press F to detach, F F F F nothing...

  61. Ardelean Andi

    Ardelean Andi19 hours ago

    Yo where can I find that song at the end of the video? It's so good

  62. xFaciaqx

    xFaciaqx20 hours ago

    Phonix Stronk

  63. RejneX

    RejneX20 hours ago

    OMG your cinematics is so cool i like wath it

  64. Arya SenaIP

    Arya SenaIP20 hours ago

    You see? Jett can rebibe herself

  65. Dorei

    Dorei21 hour ago

    How the tf did Jett survive a Sheriff to the Face, I call hacks

  66. Dorei

    Dorei7 hours ago

    @Sil3ncy well Ye, I found that out actually, but how TF did Jett survive a Sheriff headshot in a range that's obviously an instant kill

  67. Sil3ncy

    Sil3ncy7 hours ago

    Well.. it is techinically possible to survive it in the game,if u are far and have 50 shiled u can survive with 5 hp left

  68. Paolo Grant

    Paolo Grant21 hour ago

    only thing wrong in this cinematic is that viper didn't use her ult postplant

  69. Qlevy

    Qlevy21 hour ago

    Animations: 9/10 Music and Sound Effects: 10/10 Servers: 2/10 Community: Dogcrap/10 *Perfectly balanced*

  70. wuiriam

    wuiriam22 hours ago

    0:43 is he said "くそ" ( kuso )?

  71. Magi Kun

    Magi Kun23 hours ago

    Can we appreciate that how pretty our knifu waifu is??!!

  72. REK

    REK23 hours ago

    Valorant should make a movie I just love this animation

  73. Venom_Nickey

    Venom_Nickey23 hours ago

    When Yoru comes out of his ultimate it is the most satisfying thing ever

  74. DNMT O

    DNMT O23 hours ago

    2:58 vietnamese check it

  75. Mr Meow cat Love the Meow

    Mr Meow cat Love the Meow23 hours ago

    Phoenix and your kinda cute doe

  76. AC9493 KIRAN M

    AC9493 KIRAN MDay ago

    pls sub to mazad gaming

  77. Tâm Phạm

    Tâm PhạmDay ago

    Csgo is the best

  78. Kirstein Becerel

    Kirstein BecerelDay ago

    Phoenix: gets shot Also Phoenix: *Bruv.*

  79. Knight Wolf

    Knight WolfDay ago

    you should make a movi

  80. Crazyboy

    CrazyboyDay ago


  81. The Animator

    The AnimatorDay ago


  82. Polint Talu

    Polint TaluDay ago

    I'm liking these animations so far.

  83. Ersa Kusuma

    Ersa KusumaDay ago

    1:49 "Omae wa mo Sindeiru" 1:55 NA-NANI?!

  84. KSL

    KSLDay ago

    can we get yoru's comb as a knife? lol

  85. Eyelash Pit Viper

    Eyelash Pit ViperDay ago

    Im going to say it right now Yoru is my favorite agent.

  86. 男団子

    男団子Day ago

    0:45 say クソッ:shit script 終わりだ:is the end

  87. DaKiaClapz

    DaKiaClapzDay ago

    I cant stop wathcing it

  88. DarkPhoenix813

    DarkPhoenix813Day ago

    If the game was like the trailer(the art i mean) then it might just be the best competitive shooter yet...

  89. the growth

    the growthDay ago

    Riot I am begging you, give Cypher a speaking role. First they nerf him and now they cap him. This poor man cannot catch a break.

  90. SPEC Dynasty

    SPEC DynastyDay ago

    Cypher Doesn’t Get A Single Line But Dies The Most Epic Way

  91. Soundslash

    Soundslash5 hours ago

    @Dragnohero no yoru speaks English for the entire cinematic

  92. Dragnohero

    Dragnohero14 hours ago

    @Willow Sparks it was

  93. Willow Sparks

    Willow Sparks15 hours ago

    Pretty sure that was yoru

  94. Dragnohero

    Dragnohero16 hours ago

    @Soundslash its yoru line "kusso", and it's japanese

  95. Soundslash

    Soundslash20 hours ago

    @SPEC Dynasty yeah I know the line I said is in the video at like 0:42. You can see it better if you have subtitles on

  96. Basti Lacernq

    Basti LacernqDay ago


  97. EarthKiwi

    EarthKiwiDay ago

    this trailer is very unrealistic to the game as in the trailer they sprint but in the game they walk

  98. Ismail Athif

    Ismail AthifDay ago

    At the start: blood Reality : I can't see the blood

  99. sirust

    sirustDay ago

    the animations are giving me goosebumps

  100. mac

    macDay ago

    man this game is just so stylish in so many aspects

  101. Helio Etronix

    Helio EtronixDay ago

    This game is like the best I know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  102. lilrosewhip

    lilrosewhipDay ago

    such a good animation I hope they keep this going more

  103. DetectiveBreadCrumbs

    DetectiveBreadCrumbsDay ago


  104. Hana Mahmoud

    Hana MahmoudDay ago

    what is that video?!, what are these clothes?!, what is that hair?!, is that his face?!, what are these superpowers?!, what are these both doing to/with three of them?!, what is that mask?!, is he invincible?!, ooooh he is so beautiful formally, a new agent?!, what is that picture?!, aaaah he is from maghal dynasty like sage ... and jett?, but p (Phoenix) is negro dynasty like raze, as for killjoy is from Caucasian dynasty like others, and even other characters of other games, but how?!, where did this one come from?!, what is his voice?!, and who is his voice actor?! 😨😱

  105. Sam Held Dien

    Sam Held DienDay ago

    where's OMEN???!!! p.s.: I LOVED IT.

  106. jose abraham camacho arce

    jose abraham camacho arceDay ago


  107. Beeg Asian

    Beeg AsianDay ago


  108. Potato Soap

    Potato SoapDay ago

    tbh would be cool if there like a lore between who the good and bad guys actually are