Serial 1 electric bike price/specs unveiled, plus test riding!

Serial 1 e-bikes, spun out of the originally Harley-Davidson e-bike project, were just unveiled today. We've got all of the specs and pricing, as well as our own test ride from before the launch. Check out our full article on the unveiling here:
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0:00 Intro
0:15 Backstory
0:41 Spec overview
1:16 Glove box
1:31 Components
2:10 Performance
3:13 Ride quality
4:33 Off-road riding
5:25 Pricing
6:19 Summary
7:24 Outro


  1. jerry murphy

    jerry murphy21 day ago

    Youre right

  2. Edward Teach

    Edward TeachMonth ago

    Funny how the attitude of bicyclists is that Harley is a negative, when in fact, it is a huge positive. I've owned a Harley V-Rod motorcycle for almost 20 years now, and it is rock solid reliable, never leaked a single drop of oil (despite the joke in the video), and is still one of the most bad ass motorcycles on the road today. So a Harley eBike? Sign me up.

  3. mattjelani

    mattjelaniMonth ago

    Too much hype, take your $$ elsewhere. $3600 for no full suspension. I’ll pass.

  4. Luxuryhomes888

    Luxuryhomes888Month ago

    WOW what a bargain...PSHhhhh.....

  5. Wolf Hound Dog

    Wolf Hound Dog2 months ago

    Looks like a granny bike HARLEY IS NOT COOL ANYMORE

  6. feng tianshi

    feng tianshi2 months ago

    No suspension??? Ha, Harley is yet a noobie on a bicycle

  7. Erick Villegas

    Erick Villegas3 months ago

    Those things are awesome.


    CRUISER READY3 months ago

    Also, how the fuck are you going to name a pedal/electric bike after serial number 1?


    CRUISER READY3 months ago

    This is total bullshit. I don’t understand why Harley-davidson won’t just listen to their customers. This is a total joke just like the AMF days.. may as well just start making jet skis too.. how about they finally listen to their customers... nobody buys a 1969 Camaro or nova because they are eco friendly. They buy it because its fucking bad ass and loud. How many people do you know that actually ride a god damn Harley Davidson and are excited to ride this bullshit. The brand isn’t the same anymore and that’s why a lot more people are going to switch over to Indian.. you don’t see them doing this dumb shit.

  10. SimpleMan

    SimpleMan3 months ago

    My answer to every bike, is to get a specialized bike lol.

  11. Renzo Riga

    Renzo Riga3 months ago

    How about accessories/add ons? Nothing on their web site

  12. Opinion Matters

    Opinion Matters3 months ago

    Not a beautiful bike

  13. mixflip

    mixflip3 months ago

    Nice bikes. Automotive level frame? I would say they are more like motorcycle level frames....since they have Harley davidson dna.

  14. mixflip

    mixflipMonth ago

    @Erick Villegas automotive is more of a car word....if he said it has a motorcycle frame like a Harley...that would make sense.

  15. Erick Villegas

    Erick VillegasMonth ago

    A motorcycle is a automotive.

  16. christian guerpillon

    christian guerpillon4 months ago

    ils sont superbes !

  17. marty jouett

    marty jouett4 months ago

    Are these sold at Harley dealers?

  18. Jim Unger

    Jim Unger4 months ago

    This is the stupidest thing Harley has ever done next to Buell

  19. David Naegele

    David Naegele4 months ago

    Im actully settling for a bicycle over a motorcycle. And having both an E and a regular muscle propelled one is part of that plan. 😌

  20. J.R. Bull

    J.R. Bull4 months ago

    A brand new kawasaki ninja 400 cost 4999. Have you bumped your fucking head?

  21. Aland Negrin

    Aland Negrin4 months ago

    This is the first time I check this channel out so now with that in mind, it seemed a bit sponsored by Harley. The integration of lights is super cool, and the belt drive (like Buell) is a great idea also as long as you are not stomping on the pedals (creating a jerking motion). Large disk brakes with 4 pistons another great feature. Automatic shifting is a plus as you can not force it to do something it can't do keeping it safe from user errors, custom parts means custom price of repair $$$$. It would have been nice to see how many miles where actually put on it compared to battery life. Price point yes it's $3400/5000 but most high end electric bike companies prices are in that range, but will it come with a warranty like other companies and for how long? The concept is cool and if you are a Harley nut then this is for you, but if you are on a budget and want everyday ebike this might not be. It would be cool to see one first hand in person and put it to a real test.

  22. Goutam

    Goutam4 months ago

    All the best Harley with these $4k bike .. when CG is flooded with $1k to $2k motorcycles or scooter :D enjoy

  23. bicycle 2live

    bicycle 2live4 months ago

    Not made it america ???? Then it's crap with a american brand stamped on it.... No harley not american... Total crap... Don't waist your money

  24. bicycle 2live

    bicycle 2live4 months ago

    Total garbage

  25. Orson Carte

    Orson Carte4 months ago

    Specs unveiled... Yes, but what about the weights - very important if you have to carry the bike

  26. martin powers

    martin powers4 months ago

    very disappointed with these bikes i thought they would have more of a retro look with springer front ends etc

  27. Grumpy Jay

    Grumpy Jay4 months ago

    F that.... I’ll just go buy a real used HD. My 01 1200 Sportster was $2400.

  28. Flat Water Films

    Flat Water Films4 months ago

    Frames sizes?

  29. Ken P

    Ken P4 months ago

    Is this a sponsored video? Really plays like an ad....

  30. K Broadbent

    K Broadbent4 months ago

    They all are.

  31. Charles henson

    Charles henson4 months ago

    This product WILL FAIL!!!!

  32. flyonbyya

    flyonbyya4 months ago

    Quite the presentation

  33. Matija Prajo

    Matija Prajo4 months ago

    Now give me a front shock and take my money.

  34. Danny M

    Danny M4 months ago

    Where do you service the e-bikes, at a Harley Davidson dealership?

  35. Mark Bolton

    Mark Bolton4 months ago

    How much weight does the rack hold?

  36. ArthurDentZaphodBeeb

    ArthurDentZaphodBeeb4 months ago

    Better than I expected. Nicely-designed. But despite the Brose motor, it's still only 250w nominal/90nm which is underwhelming compared to bikes with Bafang Ultra motors with 750w/160nm torque, which are immediately noticeable on hills/windy days.

  37. Mark Geller

    Mark Geller5 months ago

    Great as usual, price?

  38. Jeremy Wenner

    Jeremy Wenner5 months ago

    Guess this one leaks battery acid to tell you how much it loves you cuase your bike only leeks to tell you it loves you

  39. Jeremy Wenner

    Jeremy Wenner5 months ago

    Guess this one leaks battery acid to tell you how much it loves you cuase your bike only leeks to tell you it loves you

  40. magic cheeseball

    magic cheeseball5 months ago

    I have been riding electric bikes for about 20 and hard to find in those days and love them but you can almost buy s used harley for the price so don't get why people buy experience bikes when cheap ones get the job done fine, if i was a millionaire i might think about getting one

  41. Leigh Rich

    Leigh Rich5 months ago

    4000.. i WILL TAKE 2~~

  42. Jared

    Jared5 months ago

    Watched an 8 minute ad

  43. B D

    B D5 months ago

    Would it be possible that you test the new Canyon PRECEDE:ON ? Thanks

  44. Mark H Hendricks

    Mark H Hendricks5 months ago

    The fact that the brake levers on every bike in the video are improperly adjusted (and nobody said anything) told me all I needed to know. Look for that single speed to chew up motor components and chains, especially the way it is ridden in the video. This is what happens when people who know nothing about cycling try to build e- bike's.

  45. Mr poppagorgio

    Mr poppagorgio5 months ago

    Yeah im getting the mosh. Love my magnum ebike but this will be my next one.

  46. VolewoMagazine

    VolewoMagazine5 months ago

    The pedal assist schwinn Monroe its the best

  47. M Wolfe

    M Wolfe5 months ago


  48. Jon Lowing

    Jon Lowing5 months ago

    I can't think of any other while at that price that doesn't have front and rear suspension.

  49. 5446moto

    5446moto5 months ago

    Those bikes like like heavy heaps in comparison to other options on the market. It’s Harley so I wouldn’t expect much less, next year there’s an upgraded model bike will come with cards in the spokes and can of 10w40 to spew everywhere.

  50. Jack Hoffman

    Jack Hoffman5 months ago

    Nice...missing shocks though?

  51. Mitch Cannon

    Mitch Cannon5 months ago

    Harley is iconic because it's reliable, all jokes aside. I know because I've been riding them for decades. They cost more because people are willing to pay for the quality. Their venture into ebikes won't disappoint.

  52. Evan Marsh

    Evan Marsh5 months ago

    Hi, can you tell me if there is a throttle on this bike or just pedal assist?

  53. J Rob

    J Rob5 months ago

    This was a nice review. Thanks for taking the time to do this. I’m really intrigued by ebikes and this one is definitely going on my list of bikes to consider.

  54. Mike Turco

    Mike Turco5 months ago

    no throttle no deal

  55. Martín Eduardo Solano Solano

    Martín Eduardo Solano Solano5 months ago

    what happened to the retro style?

  56. Sj wwbk

    Sj wwbk5 months ago


  57. Brian Mccann

    Brian Mccann5 months ago

    Most important stat ... RANGES You should ask Serial1 to let you take each model out for real world range tests. With prices in that bracket, real world Range is the deciding factor.

  58. desihaha

    desihaha5 months ago

    Good but I don’t buy that car or motorcycle companies bicycle could survive. Benz & BMW had their bicycles that did not survive the market. What bicycle industry is failing is a theft issue. With ebikes,, it’s a grave concern. Is there anyone who can make theft proof ebike? Bike industry should work towards making ebike that is acceptable inside supermarket, shopping mall and offices and make them much secure from theft. Brose motor, gates belt and enviolo hub don’t justify steep price. Why not rholloff or Pinion drive and 1000W+ battery? Check out stealth electric bike or Priority ebikes. That’s an ebike

  59. R B

    R B5 months ago

    Awesome bicycles, Harley-Davidson!!! Great job, as usual!!! But...I will never buy an electric bicycle...I prefer my own muscles!!!

  60. Ed Kamisato

    Ed Kamisato5 months ago

    How this bike compares with the Current from priority? In both cases no front suspension, énvialo and gates belt drive.

  61. srok62

    srok625 months ago

    Listening to your review I am getting the impression that these will not be sold through Harley's existing dealership network, any truth to that?

  62. skippy young

    skippy young5 months ago

    I would never spend that kind of money for any Chinese made product.. look on Ebay, craigslist there are countless big money Chinese made electric bicycles with electrical issues.. They become to expensive to repair, its easier for owners to cut their losses and dump the problem on someone else. 🤭

  63. Miles Campbell

    Miles Campbell5 months ago

    Dunno, 250 watts is only ok for flat ground... 🤔

  64. no comment

    no comment5 months ago

    Does this bike recharge the battery when you use the pedal?

  65. Mr xXx

    Mr xXx5 months ago

    extremely overpricings century ... i can buy car or sportbike for that price dunkeys!!!

  66. matt hubbard

    matt hubbard5 months ago

    Ugh, I hate the look of these bikes. The prototype was so cool looking, and these look like every other generic ebike. Personally I see it as a huge design fail.

  67. Steve Chance

    Steve Chance5 months ago

    $3,400 Dollars!!! Nope.


    KNOW THYSELF5 months ago

    Harkrncycles makes legit looking antique bikes . affordable. You just do the electric work. They are largely unknown and if got exposure would conquer this niche market. Look up harken cycles

  69. LetUsKnow

    LetUsKnow5 months ago

    The bikes look nice but paying that much $ for that pathetic level of performance is insane. My $350 ebike does 20mph or you could get a Lectric XP for $899 that does 28mph. If your spending 4 grand on a ebike I would expect high speed to match the price like with the Onyx or Sur Ron you get 50+mph.

  70. Carl on Wheels

    Carl on Wheels5 months ago

    That's a very good price even on the hight end $5k model. That certainly gives a company like Riese and Muller a run for their money. However, you didn't cover the wattage of the motor and only the NM. How big is the battery capacity? What is the range on a battery on the different level of assists? how much for additional batteries?

  71. reeread

    reeread5 months ago

    Thank you for the review. I do not mind paying extra when I’m getting something well-designed, engineered, and constructed. The frame designs are amazing. Thank you again for doing this review

  72. aerob1033

    aerob10335 months ago

    Love the idea of having a compartment for the lock. So much cleaner and more elegant than the usual solutions, and on a powerful eBike, why not?

  73. william Johanns

    william Johanns5 months ago

    Sorry got a vanmoof s3😋.

  74. Greg Krauss

    Greg Krauss5 months ago

    What happened to the nice looking bike in the pre release photos? These bikes all look stereotypical boring e bikes. What a letdown

  75. Pixelated Mushroom

    Pixelated Mushroom5 months ago

    The pricing is actually not bad, I thought it would be higher. There is a lot of custom work in these bikes, including a decent amount of power, and the low battery is very cool.

  76. J Clar

    J Clar5 months ago

    Nuvinci is a good choice I've had good reliability in my elf. Bear in mind that most of the stuff comes from the bicycle world and was not originally built for e-bikes and can be really the weak link especially Shimano internal hubs

  77. David Keenan

    David Keenan5 months ago

    That MASSIVE mid drive box is too much to handle , Yuk

  78. WR ZL1

    WR ZL15 months ago

    EV’s make green cars unaffordable and now Ebikes make bikes unaffordable, seems to me we’ll all be walking in the very near future.

  79. Rawls Sides

    Rawls Sides5 months ago

    I find these prices to be competitive with other e-bike companies. Way to go Harley!

  80. The Official Channel

    The Official Channel2 months ago

    $4300 for a 250 watt? My BPMImports F-35 only cost $1,700 and its soo much fun and has a 750 watt motor

  81. Mydna Soriede

    Mydna Soriede5 months ago

    Who says Harley’s leak oil? Nice review on the Serial 1, but seems a little bias and promotional. I’d like to know about servicing these bikes. Where can they be serviced? Since they are their own brand.

  82. Desmo Dromic

    Desmo Dromic5 months ago

    What about instrumentation..or did I miss something 🤔

  83. Vidar V.

    Vidar V.5 months ago

    Yes, we want a smart bike, like find my stolen harley bike

  84. QuidEst Nunc

    QuidEst Nunc5 months ago

    Gee...I sure do wish you would insert an Intrusive Distracting Metronome-Like Obnoxious Repetitive Intrusive Distracting Frenetic Repetitive Pseudo-music track. Would you please do so? And, check out those Mayo Clinic Medical studies on the links between Repetitive Pseudo-music (rap, hip-hop, skai, et cetera) and lower IQ's !!

  85. Donald Whitworth

    Donald Whitworth5 months ago

    These are incredible bikes.

  86. Victor Kan

    Victor Kan5 months ago

    The new Sondors mid-drives seem to be the value -performance leader, can’t wait to see the review on those

  87. MotorheadRedo

    MotorheadRedo5 months ago

    Pretty nice! Harley motorcycles don't have an oil leak problem. Do you know if these bicycles be available at your local Harley Davidson dealership? Hope so...

  88. Phillydog1958

    Phillydog19585 months ago

    Ugly and the not enough Harley Davidson branding. I expected something with more style from HD. I thought it would resemble a Harley motorcycle. I just bought a Juiced Scorpion. Harley should have went in that direction.

  89. Bill Jones

    Bill Jones5 months ago

    Ugly dated design, bottom line

  90. Jimiel Joseph

    Jimiel Joseph5 months ago

    Harley-Davidson eh, it's probably overpriced and unreliable, difficult to find anyone to service it, and it hasn't proven itself over time for anything. Did I mention how ugly it is. I have a trek Dual Sport Plus 2017-2018 model I'll bet it's lighter 42lbs than this and I know it looks better and I know it's reliable because my battery and my motor are Bosch and Shimano combo. And that's proven reliability and dependability, not to mention serviceable anywhere. You can go to my channel and check it out if you want. I haven't found a bike I would rather have for its price $3600 Canadian.

  91. CLC III

    CLC III5 months ago

    The though the handlebar and frame wiring speaks to the higher end build these are. Suspension would have been nice though.

  92. Howard Swing

    Howard Swing5 months ago


  93. Adrian Sanchez

    Adrian Sanchez5 months ago

    It's a nice e-bike but not what I expect from Harley Davidson.

  94. mc3

    mc35 months ago

    I got the new hyper Scrambler 2 a range of a hundred miles speed can go up to 33 miles per hour. Cost $3,000

  95. Ken Howard

    Ken Howard4 months ago

    I would call that more of a moped than a bicycle, being more throttle/motor-oriented than pedal-assist (it has pedals, but you wouldn't want to pedal it very far, from the looks - and weight - of it).

  96. John Greydanus

    John Greydanus5 months ago

    that's the one I would buy if I could, hard to ship to Australia

  97. LordMerovingian

    LordMerovingian5 months ago

    I'm more amazed at how you film these test rides of yours. Is a drone really following you that close?

  98. Paulo Angelo Vitacion

    Paulo Angelo Vitacion5 months ago

    Insta 360

  99. Ebike rider vlogs

    Ebike rider vlogs5 months ago

    Believe its a 360 camera he uses on a stick the camera hides the stick while filming

  100. Rob Schultz

    Rob Schultz5 months ago

    I thought the same thing! You can see a selfie stick type camera mount in the shadows though. It’s an awesome shot that he’s getting either way.

  101. DYNABIKE1

    DYNABIKE15 months ago

    Harley's haven't leaked oil for 25 years - -!! Such stupidity yet. I've had Harley's standing in one sport when not in use for 24 years and Never had oil on the ground. Time to stop that stupidity talk. These Serial 1 's look great. Who's going to be selling them ?

  102. Najeebster

    Najeebster5 months ago

    Fantastic engineering for sure. But where are the security features like a built-in tracker or electronic/digital key? At the premium end, these need to start being standard features

  103. Luís Henrique Puhl

    Luís Henrique Puhl5 months ago

    This is the first commuter e-bike design that is complete, nothing was left behind. Good build, good features, good components. The price is justified. Many comments say it need suspension, don't think it does. For urban riding this frame an tires are good. See, the tire is 60mm tall, at the right pressure is already 30mm suspension. Every time you think "it need suspension" ask yourself: How much suspension? 200mm is Downhill (2180g), 100mm Olympic XC (1351g), 50mm okay but still 2000g, how about a 30mm Lauf (those Beautiful 850 grams)? After you made your choice, add 350 to 900 USD and the chosen weight.

  104. Luís Henrique Puhl

    Luís Henrique Puhl5 months ago

    @Mathannix that is correct. Didn't thought of that. For the price GPS and full-time mobile tracking

  105. Mathannix

    Mathannix5 months ago

    It still needs a GPS tracker. Nothing worse than losing a $4000+ ebike.

  106. Andre H

    Andre H5 months ago

    Beautiful bike - hoping for 50% off MSRP for BF 😜

  107. Raising 3 Boys

    Raising 3 Boys5 months ago

    why no suspension of any kind? Why didn't you talk about the lack of suspension?

  108. harcoremassive

    harcoremassive5 months ago

    i was expecting them to be a lot more

  109. Mark Ifi

    Mark Ifi5 months ago

    motorcycle level design considerations for precision :D that's very funny

  110. K Broadbent

    K Broadbent4 months ago

    All done in China

  111. Mark Ifi

    Mark Ifi5 months ago

    no such thing as a "high security" abus folding lock. nut splitter makes short work of it

  112. Kamote Banana

    Kamote Banana5 months ago

    a bicycle that can cost you a car

  113. Jason Carraaco

    Jason Carraaco5 months ago

    Hi good 👍