The Herd | Colin Cowherd SHOCKED Jimmy Garoppolo hoping for trade from 49ers!!

The Herd | Colin Cowherd SHOCKED Jimmy Garoppolo hoping for trade from 49ers!!


  1. orion sands

    orion sands30 minutes ago

    I agree Jimmy will be a 49er this year. But you cant pay 27 million for mister glass

  2. R C

    R CDay ago

    Jimmy G gets the 49ers to the SB and get no respect. Same for Jared Goff. No respect!!!!

  3. Ann

    AnnDay ago

    Josh Allen can carry a franchise lol

  4. Quentin talley

    Quentin talley2 days ago

    Bruh wtf is colin talking about he was really good for about a total of a season n a half them bam big big contract then they start losing 👺

  5. Denny Lam

    Denny Lam2 days ago

    Problem with Garoppolo is his injuries. He keep getting hurt. Can’t stay on the field.


    GADGETS2 days ago

    Lakers Raptors Warriors Cavaliers Spurs Close though

  7. Not A Lolicon

    Not A Lolicon3 days ago

    I like how battle without honor or humanity is playing at the beginning

  8. Xavier Wesley

    Xavier Wesley3 days ago

    i think Colin thinks jimmys handsome, idk tho

  9. asantos128

    asantos1284 days ago

    I never understood why Everyone especially Colin were so high on Jimmy G. He is an avg to below avg qb at best. If he weren't drafted by Belichick no one would care.

  10. Tyler Brunner

    Tyler Brunner21 hour ago

    He's a above average qb dude. Look at his career record. A below average qb would never come close to something like that in this league

  11. M Johnson

    M Johnson4 days ago

    Where do these RUMORS come from. No one has said anything close. No one will pay him 27 million. He would be dumb to want that this season.

  12. Brian Morgan

    Brian Morgan4 days ago

    Jimmy hasn’t been good since the ACL tear. He is a statue in the pocket and makes bad decisions. Also, Colin claims the 49ers O-line is very good when the opposite is true.

  13. Jason Barnett

    Jason Barnett4 days ago

    Trade him!!

  14. Ryan Perrault

    Ryan Perrault4 days ago

    No Stafford above Jimmy G ?

  15. Tyler Brunner

    Tyler Brunner21 hour ago

    🤣🤣🤣 hell naw

  16. Benjamin Cornog

    Benjamin Cornog4 days ago

    Colin "I got a haircut and I just don't care anymore" Cowherd

  17. MnCAlapati415

    MnCAlapati4154 days ago

    Bye FELICIA! 👋🏼

  18. Ted Graham

    Ted Graham4 days ago

    Colin might just like young men. He said Jimmy was good looking way to many times .. and he calls out other names about who looks good. He is the only one besides the ladies talking about these guys looks good.

  19. Jeremy Barber

    Jeremy Barber4 days ago

    Man the interesting thing here is, my finger went through the toilet paper. We forget how easy it is to not wash your hands after a horrific accident like that....

  20. Chas Smith

    Chas Smith5 days ago

    Jimmy G. is "much" better than most think.....A few injuries and sport commentators think the guy is weak...Take this to the bank, IF Jimmy G. stays with the 49's he will take them to the Super-bowl.

  21. Beyond LeftField

    Beyond LeftField5 days ago

    That part where he says "..almost like people want him to play a quarterback in a commercial or a movie, just not BE their quarterback." ... This is Tom Brady Jr. and that's all there is to it. Unfortunately, people NEVER thought Tom Brady could act and gave FAR TOO MUCH credit for his arm and such.

  22. Troll Account

    Troll Account5 days ago

    Chris Evans was amazing in “Defending Jacob”. Really sold that conflicted “is my son a serial killer” dad.

  23. Jason Douglas

    Jason Douglas5 days ago

    Watson isn't a top 6 qb. He's the most overrated qb since RG3

  24. Jason Douglas

    Jason Douglas5 days ago

    The Pats should trade all their draft picks for veterans on decent contacts because they can't draft for shiz!

  25. Charmcityvet

    Charmcityvet5 days ago

    I’m shocked that some of y’all actually listen to Colin Cowherd

  26. Chris Tr1ut8

    Chris Tr1ut85 days ago

    Colin is out of his mind. If you put Jimmy G in there with QBs 7-12, you would have to put Trubisky in there. The 2 of them are basically equal quality QBs. I would argue that Trubisky might even be better than Jimmy G.

  27. Anthony McArthur

    Anthony McArthur5 days ago

    Boston was in the Kevin Durant sweepstakes

  28. ngc 5139

    ngc 51395 days ago

    How are you eating at a restaurant every day? Why aren't they closed? 500,000 dead and you still can't handle things. Pathetic.

  29. David M

    David M5 days ago

    Can we see Josh Allen play like that again.

  30. David M

    David M5 days ago

    Not surprised he removed Matt Ryan.

  31. Sami R 04

    Sami R 045 days ago

    4 minutes into this and I’ll I’ve heard is how good looking Jimmy garapolo is

  32. Sami R 04

    Sami R 045 days ago

    Colin “man he’s handsome” Cowherd

  33. Sami R 04

    Sami R 045 days ago

    I wanna see Jimmy G back in New England!!!

  34. Blue Sky

    Blue Sky5 days ago

    I don't think the 49ers would even consider trading him if he wasn't always hurt. In 4 seasons, Jimmy has only once played more than 6 games in a season.

  35. Spencer Davis

    Spencer Davis5 days ago

    We saw the ceiling on a Jimmy led niners team... I love the niners but I think they should pay whatever they have to for Deshaun.

  36. The Journey

    The Journey5 days ago

    I’d put Jimmy G more around the top 14s

  37. Big Deezy

    Big Deezy5 days ago


  38. shawn simmons

    shawn simmons5 days ago

    Celtics aren’t coached well for NBA they play college basketball

  39. David Andrews

    David Andrews5 days ago

    Trade him

  40. creaturecore13

    creaturecore135 days ago

    The first thing people say is how handsome he is, ahhh no colin you are the only one that keeps bringing that up about quarterbacks.

  41. El Politiko

    El Politiko5 days ago

    Lamar jackson 2nd tier? Nah

  42. arvi jeffery

    arvi jeffery5 days ago

    Baker Mayfield, not a male model, pretty funny in commercials, but willing to run a sweep and knock you lights out when you try to tackle is 200 pound body....

  43. arvi jeffery

    arvi jeffery5 days ago

    Colin, my child, me are not graded on their looks, they are graded on their ability to build a fanatical team, focused, devoted, to win shiny metal objects. This is not a male modeling agency, you make me sick.....

  44. Kaden Schoolcraft

    Kaden Schoolcraft5 days ago

    Finally someone that won’t suck dak off and make unrealistic rankings just because he got injured

  45. Youtube Commenter

    Youtube Commenter5 days ago

    The only one full year of starting is the problem. Yes he can play.....doesn't matter if he's not on the field.

  46. De Trane

    De Trane5 days ago

    Niners can't sit around to see if he gets sacked get hurt and misses a whole season.. Need another starter to be ready we only have like a 2 year window to go straight to the SB..

  47. jebusm86

    jebusm865 days ago

    Hasn't been the same since the ACL injury. Hes afraid to move out of the pocket but is a terrible pocket quarterback. The guy is an above average game manager. Kyle knows he can do better.

  48. Cyxh

    Cyxh5 days ago

    I'd put Lamar above Deshaun. The Ravens were going to turn into the Texans until Lamar came along.

  49. Brenden Montano

    Brenden Montano6 days ago

    Jimmy g is a fine qb when he’s healthy

  50. Alexander Phillips

    Alexander Phillips6 days ago

    “The first thing everyone says about jimmy is boy he’s handsome”. Nope, only Colin

  51. Henry Lopez

    Henry Lopez6 days ago

    I love jimmy g I think he needs his confidence back keep yo head up my boy

  52. Cody Creel

    Cody Creel6 days ago

    If the 49ers trade him they will regret it.

  53. Thomas Martin

    Thomas Martin6 days ago

    He's an ok QB who had some success, but he's never healthy and the team is hurt a lot in addition to that. They had their window and missed it, time to move on.

  54. T P

    T P6 days ago

    All that handsomeness and not one pantyhose commercial

  55. Les Pullen

    Les Pullen6 days ago

    Interesting not to see Stafford in the top 12. Rams sure believe he is and couple of weeks ago Colin sounded like he believed Matt was. Will be intriguing to see what that list will look like after this season. However, would question any top 12 list with a quarterback that requires everything to go right to win and their numbers come when the game is out of reach. "Leaders are winners, otherwise why follow them." Therefore wouldn't even consider Dak in the top 12. Always great though Colin and Joy, thank you both for all your work. Wish you both continued success and health.

  56. Nicholas Giambattista

    Nicholas Giambattista6 days ago

    If the 49ers get the QB they want in the draft Jimmy G will get traded on draft weekend. I don't think 49ers are looking at these QB that are on the trading block.

  57. Johnny 47k

    Johnny 47k6 days ago

    How in the hell is Lamar Jackson the unanimous MVP not a top 6 Qb are you jocking!!!!!???

  58. Caster Wilhte

    Caster Wilhte6 days ago

    I've yet to hear anyone at all look at Jimmy and harp on his looks you are the only one Colin its like you're crushing on him its weird

  59. GoldenGoose GG

    GoldenGoose GG6 days ago

    "Let's review, he's only had 1 full season of play" - That is the problem, Sincerely, a 9ers fan.

  60. Eagle Houston

    Eagle Houston6 days ago

    Anyone think Jimmy’s heading back to New England?

  61. salmanjets718

    salmanjets7186 days ago

    Man.. these females ain’t fooling anybody. Even my wife said she wouldn’t mind Garapolo over Sal Darnold.. what?? 😕. I was like.. He’s not even active. Ever. And when he did show up in the Super Bowl, laid a fat egg. Nah I’m good. I’d rather have teddy B

  62. Btuck9007

    Btuck90076 days ago

    Garapollo is no way in hell too 12 QB! FOH

  63. Rolondo Holmes

    Rolondo Holmes6 days ago

    Trade him we don’t givashit , what good is Jimmy to my niners when he’s hurt all season every season

  64. Geo ff

    Geo ff4 days ago

    Wrong! You forget super bowl season my friend

  65. burningfeet 53

    burningfeet 536 days ago

    Jimmy G. Is good where he is. Enough said!

  66. mike jones

    mike jones6 days ago

    The thing is the only year the niners had a good roster happens to be the only year Jimmy actually played. Yea you can say "they've been bad when Jimmy doesn't play" but Jimmy has only played one season in 3 and almost the entire team was injured last year. I would love to see him go to another team and end up being a back up. He's a scrub.

  67. Derek Lambert

    Derek Lambert6 days ago

    I just quickly forwarded boring nba news

  68. Cesar Hernandez

    Cesar Hernandez6 days ago

    If Jimmy doesn’t want to get traded step up, restructure so we can go after free agents our cap needs help. Too many needs in CBs and O-Line

  69. My Dogs Best Fren

    My Dogs Best Fren6 days ago

    u got nothin here Colin give it pup

  70. Manuel Martinez

    Manuel Martinez6 days ago

    Lol he said they have a great o line 🤣🤣 sike

  71. jonnycat529

    jonnycat5297 days ago

    Jimmy G OVER Big Ben????? No way. Wtf?

  72. Daniel Tayong

    Daniel Tayong7 days ago

    Chris Evans?

  73. Kamran Baig

    Kamran Baig7 days ago

    The only thing Colin knows is how to overuse spray tan.

  74. Bam Bam

    Bam Bam7 days ago

    Cowherd on Jimmy “in Jimmy’s ONE FULL SEASON” 😂😂😂...kills your argument in a nutshell

  75. Bam Bam

    Bam Bam7 days ago

    It ain’t hard being better than Mullens or Beathard. He can’t stay healthy and a lot of his play is designed by kyles schemes to help him perform better. Listen, no one cares Bill loved him, guys can be liked, Wentz is touted as this great AB also, but those praises or evaluations don’t always stand up over time...get his ass outta here

  76. Leonard Ford

    Leonard Ford7 days ago

    Jimmy is 3rd tier

  77. Moussa Ounnoughene

    Moussa Ounnoughene7 days ago

    What the heck has Deshaun been carrying? I'l he is talented, but I don't see why you would Say je vas carries ANYTHING. Granted Houston is dysfunctional, but hey, last Season privés than you can't carry all the Time. That at some point you nées good play form D ST and jour OLine so you Can succeed. Ask Pat Mahomes about Bad OLine play at the highest level, he Lost the SB that way

  78. 49 Lakers

    49 Lakers7 days ago

    I can’t wait to get rid of jittery g!

  79. One Issue Voter

    One Issue Voter7 days ago

    Miami is NOT NOT NOT one of the last 5 NBA champs. They are #6, #5 is the SPURS SPURS SPURS! Pop never went out and got anybody - he's the best coach of all time and develops internally.

  80. Tray T

    Tray T7 days ago

    Colin just completely ignores Drew Brees huh

  81. Manuel de castro

    Manuel de castro7 days ago

    Josh Alen can carry a franchise? 😂 This Josh Alen thing is going too far

  82. 777d7777 777d7777

    777d7777 777d77777 days ago

    I would put Stafford over Jimmy G in the 2nd tier of QBs other than that I think the list is fine

  83. Ike Turner

    Ike Turner7 days ago

    Trade for Watson was the only true trade for Jimmy but he is lucky Mullens didn't play well

  84. Shlomo Feuer

    Shlomo Feuer7 days ago

    Garoppolo might actually be great if he played a full season.

  85. Jon Luebbe

    Jon Luebbe7 days ago

    Your gonna have to add burrow to that Qb list

  86. kensama adhi

    kensama adhi7 days ago

    Is it jimmy G or 49ers coaching team? I mean, their entire rooster can't stay healthy.

  87. TheJonjon nathanism

    TheJonjon nathanism7 days ago

    Send him back to New England so we can watch belichick fail again with out Brady and without an excuse

  88. Notfrom Thisworld

    Notfrom Thisworld7 days ago

    Jimmy go be back up to Tom in Tampa 😂 who cares what he wants 😂 that we’re I trade him to Tampa 😂

  89. Mister Myself

    Mister Myself7 days ago

    Favre is remarkably silent yet again and so is everyone else that had something for Watson. I wonder why.

  90. Smitty

    Smitty6 days ago

    Yeah because cancel culture is out of hand and nobody wants to deal with Twitter.

  91. Isaac Marks

    Isaac Marks7 days ago

    “Why Colin was right about Carson wentz” first of all if any of u watched him last year he said wentz is a top 5 quarterback

  92. Andrew Yacoub

    Andrew Yacoub7 days ago

    Can stay healthy but at least he can "Stay Handsome 😉"

  93. Resmond Richardson

    Resmond Richardson7 days ago

    Josh Allen??? Jimmy, Derek and Ryan not better than Dak! Colin came back on that loud pack

  94. Cody Zanini

    Cody Zanini7 days ago

    Colin “AAAUUUGGGHHHH” Cowherd

  95. Exotic Anthony

    Exotic Anthony7 days ago

    Colin u say “ kyle shannon loves him cuz he sees em everyday What is he supposed to say????? Our QB stinks!??? He’s NOT a top 25 qb he might be ranked 25 lol don’t care about wins! Do I have to say Tim Tebow!!!

  96. Ed Lopez

    Ed Lopez7 days ago

    What’s the best ability? Availability!!!!

  97. mgk2020

    mgk20207 days ago

    No, Colin, not everybody, just you do that...

  98. Willie 3

    Willie 37 days ago


  99. Hadden Miller

    Hadden Miller7 days ago

    To be fair, he is a handsome dude. 🤷‍♂️

  100. Motley Byron

    Motley Byron7 days ago

    You gotta know Jimmy G's got GROUPIES hunting him day and night!

  101. Da GOAT

    Da GOAT7 days ago

    Colin wanna take Jimmy G on a date don’t it lol

  102. SpearHead

    SpearHead7 days ago

    Does he just keep saying the same 5 things over and over?

  103. Ralph Mancini

    Ralph Mancini7 days ago

    This guy is starting to cover sports like somebody breaking down an episode of The Bachelor. I had to bail after 4 minutes.

  104. lazydude

    lazydude7 days ago

    Please Jimmy G. join the Bears. The countless Bears fans would be over joyed if you were our Q.B. instead of Mitch T.