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Point · Xanman
Xan Servin 2
℗ Cashflow Entertainment x Plug Music
Released on: 2019-08-02
Writer: XanMan
Artist: Xanman
Music Publisher: Copyright Control
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  1. Manuel Lozano

    Manuel Lozano5 months ago

    This song fyaa

  2. op slaughter 41

    op slaughter 415 months ago

    Bumpin this @ 3pm

  3. mal forde

    mal forde5 months ago

    Me and the boys in the ps5 party

  4. Cheif Keef Knees

    Cheif Keef Knees6 months ago


  5. Ezekiel Paul

    Ezekiel Paul6 months ago

    Life was good when this was trending on tiktok

  6. I’m literally subbing to everyone who subs to me

    I’m literally subbing to everyone who subs to me6 months ago


  7. Kejuan Moss

    Kejuan Moss6 months ago

    I was high as he’ll listening to this it made me remember all the good times me&my best friend who got kilt December 22nd 2019 , rest in peace bro 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  8. Michael Childress

    Michael Childress6 months ago

    Rip bro

  9. Xo_Dunkz Xo_Greenz

    Xo_Dunkz Xo_Greenz6 months ago

    I feel so lit cause this song 🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯💯💯

  10. Xo_Dunkz Xo_Greenz

    Xo_Dunkz Xo_Greenz6 months ago

    I like how he just keeps spitting bars 💯💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  11. SecuriinX

    SecuriinX6 months ago

    This Made By Xanman Didn't Even Know

  12. no name

    no name7 months ago

    this go so hard

  13. B Jizzle

    B Jizzle7 months ago

    Best vibes ever

  14. Alondre Hunt

    Alondre Hunt7 months ago

    Both versions slap

  15. Swagger

    Swagger7 months ago

    put it on 1.25 speed thank me later

  16. Alondre Hunt

    Alondre Hunt8 months ago

    Damn, i feel like pointing a nigga.

  17. Bozzo

    Bozzo8 months ago

    this smack at speed 0.75

  18. Jalyn Jones

    Jalyn Jones8 months ago

    0.75x is godly

  19. I Guess

    I Guess8 months ago

    One hit wonder

  20. simone pugh

    simone pugh8 months ago

    ThatBoi ong like what this nigga prolly ain een hear the rest of his songs

  21. ThatBoi

    ThatBoi8 months ago

    Not even


    WHEN YOU HEAD OUT e8 months ago

    This song goes hard after school ends

  23. DownBadMir

    DownBadMir8 months ago

    When he said “Catching plays like I played for the Washington Football Team” i felt that😂


    ROCCO GARCIA6 months ago

    @Erik Cruz its a joke dummy

  25. DownBadMir

    DownBadMir8 months ago

    Erik Cruz “Redskins” is no longer a team its “Washington Football Team” you didnt get the joke😂

  26. Erik Cruz

    Erik Cruz8 months ago

    Like I played for the Redskins.

  27. EJ Nation

    EJ Nation8 months ago

    This song is 🔥

  28. Ass Eater

    Ass Eater9 months ago

    Bro what type of rap shit is this where tha real mothafacken g’s at 🙄

  29. Efren Furlan

    Efren Furlan9 months ago


  30. HitmanJr1225

    HitmanJr12259 months ago

    Use me as a fuck tiktok bottom 👇🏼

  31. Nukey Peso

    Nukey Peso9 months ago

    Dope 💯💯💯

  32. Oofers 4life ツ

    Oofers 4life ツ9 months ago

    slow it down and its even better.... trust me

  33. Jennifer Harris

    Jennifer Harris5 months ago

    no its not

  34. I’m literally subbing to everyone who subs to me

    I’m literally subbing to everyone who subs to me6 months ago

    I am

  35. Jetta Jayy

    Jetta Jayy10 months ago

    DMVVVC PEOPLE WYA🥳🥳🥳🥳Maryland ✅

  36. wock

    wock9 months ago


  37. Tearsyy

    Tearsyy10 months ago

    This song makes me want to jump off a cliff

  38. Jaeylen

    Jaeylen10 months ago

    those 𝒪𝒪𝒪𝒪𝒪𝒪𝒪𝒪𝑜𝑜𝑜𝑜𝑜𝑜's hit diff

  39. KBOI Land

    KBOI Land5 months ago

    Idrk u right asl

  40. F4TT72D

    F4TT72D5 months ago

    How tf you type that😂

  41. bhris kirchhoff

    bhris kirchhoff10 months ago

    wtf is this shit 😂🗑

  42. Kobiz

    Kobiz10 months ago

    Made a bs video with this song check it out 🌴

  43. Arthur Yleah

    Arthur Yleah10 months ago


  44. Kamari Ellis-Chambers

    Kamari Ellis-Chambers10 months ago

    Ian even know this was on tik tok till someone told me


    NIGHTLIFE11 months ago

    Who actually from the dmv?

  46. I’m literally subbing to everyone who subs to me

    I’m literally subbing to everyone who subs to me6 months ago


  47. Hamzah .A1Qadi

    Hamzah .A1Qadi7 months ago

    d(m)v East Baltimore🍃💪🏽 Xanman best dmv rapper👏🏽

  48. Ty

    Ty8 months ago

    Just say xanman a week or 2 ago in gainsville bruh

  49. MEECHI meech

    MEECHI meech8 months ago



    MAKEOUTHILL9 months ago

    Best dmv rapper

  51. HamZamTV

    HamZamTV11 months ago

    What’s your real name? Slater!

  52. Lil_nascar124439 Lil to fast

    Lil_nascar124439 Lil to fast8 months ago


  53. Naja Giles

    Naja Giles11 months ago

    If "all hits no misses" was a rapper

  54. Shmokeyツ.

    Shmokeyツ.11 months ago

    This song Gives me the best vibes

  55. Mitzie Reinhardt

    Mitzie Reinhardt15 days ago

    @Cade Jay yea, have been watching on flixzone for since november myself :)

  56. Cade Jay

    Cade Jay15 days ago

    Pro tip : you can watch movies at flixzone. Been using them for watching lots of of movies these days.

  57. Kappiinッ

    Kappiinッ5 months ago



    KANEKI KEN5 months ago


  59. wsp lol

    wsp lol6 months ago

    @Šxølãr has depression lmao right

  60. vorxanes _

    vorxanes _11 months ago

    I think im bout 2 steal

  61. slimetrail

    slimetrail11 months ago

    Who stole this beat first , y'all niggas or young dolph

  62. Big Bullee Leafyy

    Big Bullee LeafyyYear ago

    slowed version aint even fye tho

  63. Armani Vlogzz

    Armani VlogzzYear ago


  64. CGS ZBOI

    CGS ZBOIYear ago

    1:18 sleeped on 🔥

  65. ?Spooky McChicken¿

    ?Spooky McChicken¿11 months ago

    U right gee 😎


    ZION WARDYear ago

    Y’all don’t understand how long I have looked for this song nigga 🙂

  67. Andy Matamoros

    Andy MatamorosYear ago


  68. Laia Barnadas Matheu

    Laia Barnadas MatheuYear ago

    its sad the way tiktok took this song

  69. YGM Plazi

    YGM PlaziYear ago

    this shit lit ASF🔥💯

  70. Janasia Tillman

    Janasia TillmanYear ago

    Song fire

  71. Just_jorge L

    Just_jorge LYear ago

    "AnY oNe CaMe FrOm TiCtOk" No dude

  72. M1ghty

    M1ghty5 months ago

    i did

  73. Naossi on 60fps

    Naossi on 60fps10 months ago


  74. sloppysaltx

    sloppysaltx10 months ago

    Actually yea people come from tik tok

  75. 2K Builds

    2K Builds11 months ago


  76. Killedbyjeremyシ

    Killedbyjeremyシ11 months ago

    ong this song is a bop

  77. excellsocity

    excellsocityYear ago

    If you ever wanted to know what fuckboy music sound like this is it

  78. DMV Workz14

    DMV Workz14Year ago

    This shi was made on my birthday 😂

  79. omegatoad

    omegatoadYear ago

    Groom groom

  80. CaininR21

    CaininR21Year ago


  81. Jay Bando

    Jay BandoYear ago

    Who is here after kaydoo passed😪

  82. Dorian Mcintosh

    Dorian Mcintosh11 months ago

    Broooo how? I’m late asf

  83. Jay Bando

    Jay Bando11 months ago

    513 Deebo nah cause like that shit crazy Xanman finna go crazy for him

  84. 513 Deebo

    513 Deebo11 months ago

    Jay Bandzz mannn shii crazy 🤦🏽‍♂️

  85. Jay Bando

    Jay Bando11 months ago

    513 Deebo niggas always dying

  86. 513 Deebo

    513 Deebo11 months ago

    Rip 🤦🏽‍♂️

  87. 1K Hoodie

    1K HoodieYear ago

    Rip kayydoee😩

  88. Luvzaybtc

    LuvzaybtcYear ago

    TikTok special🌀🦋

  89. WillH

    WillHYear ago

    Go stupidd😤

  90. Kevo

    KevoYear ago

    Young dolph- Point Across

  91. Hadia Amin

    Hadia AminYear ago

    i prefer the slowed + reverb

  92. Hadia Amin

    Hadia AminYear ago

    @Jorda Been that i know

  93. Jorda Been that

    Jorda Been thatYear ago

    This is the original version

  94. But why

    But whyYear ago

    CEO of offbeat rappers

  95. Atox Lord

    Atox Lord7 months ago

    Offbeat? his flow here matched the beat bruh it was on beat dumbass

  96. Jada Christina

    Jada Christina10 months ago


  97. bruv lol

    bruv lolYear ago

    CEO of saying CEO of offbeat rappers that probably didnt make sense

  98. iiRawxz

    iiRawxzYear ago

    CEO Of Hating




  100. yuva j

    yuva j11 months ago

    Best part of the song imo

  101. Foreign_Rezzy

    Foreign_RezzyYear ago

    Sounds like g herbo

  102. CCertified $$teppaz

    CCertified $$teppazYear ago

    yall sleep on xanman - i know...its basically pt 2 to point 😴😴

  103. LilFloppynutsack

    LilFloppynutsackYear ago

    Nobody asked

  104. Zulessloth Gaming

    Zulessloth GamingYear ago

    Put on 0.75 fyy


    KANEKI KENYear ago

    Slowed is better

  106. Gem

    GemYear ago

    Next big rapper bruh im tellin you rn bruh yo shit 🔥🔥 ash

  107. Saby

    SabyYear ago

    Slowed version is ass

  108. Jada Christina

    Jada Christina10 months ago


  109. Hugh Hatten

    Hugh HattenYear ago

    thank you bro

  110. Saby

    SabyYear ago

    @DeMario Medina u probably heard the slowed version first so u like it better

  111. Slumpp FGO

    Slumpp FGOYear ago

    No cap I thought I was trippin

  112. DeMario Medina

    DeMario MedinaYear ago

    Naw you cappin

  113. Luis Sanchez

    Luis SanchezYear ago

    catching these touchdowns 4 my team cs love W00+_

  114. Alexander Lazowski

    Alexander LazowskiYear ago

    Top 5 fat rappers: 1. Notorious B.I.G. 2. Tee Grizzly 3. Duke Deuce 4. Xanman 5. Rod Wave Now Shut the fuck up i added your fat rappers

  115. Curtis Martin

    Curtis MartinYear ago

    Rod Wave????

  116. Alexander Lazowski

    Alexander LazowskiYear ago

    ᎪᏆᎾx ᏞᎾᏒᎠ lmao

  117. gnarlyneptune

    gnarlyneptuneYear ago

    Robert Torres yessssa sir

  118. SAiKO

    SAiKOYear ago

    ᎪᏆᎾx ᏞᎾᏒᎠ u kidding for everyone except 69 right

  119. Alexander Lazowski

    Alexander LazowskiYear ago

    javier barnhart tf lmao i didnt diss anyone 😂

  120. nadish_

    nadish_Year ago

    don’t mind this comment here 0:50

  121. no name

    no name6 months ago

    i did not mind

  122. nadish_

    nadish_10 months ago

    Bob Wvans i just like that part and whenever i listen to the song i usually click the time stamp that’s why i put it there

  123. Bob Wvans

    Bob Wvans10 months ago

    All the Tik tok kids are excited from this comment 🤦‍♂️

  124. nadish_

    nadish_10 months ago

    DEMON -Reacts ye

  125. ZENKAI_ Capo

    ZENKAI_ Capo10 months ago

    @nadish_ that part is from tik tok

  126. Itz Chiy

    Itz ChiyYear ago

    His style reminds me of gherbo

  127. Daniel Jones

    Daniel Jones11 months ago

    I get where u coming from

  128. Freshxkami

    FreshxkamiYear ago

    @ᎪᏆᎾx ᏞᎾᏒᎠ same

  129. Atox Lord

    Atox LordYear ago

    Nah i don't see it

  130. Ellice

    ElliceYear ago


  131. Nick

    NickYear ago

    Yeah I heard it too

  132. Sheku Kamara

    Sheku KamaraYear ago

    Dang dang my god this song is lit

  133. Cash and Phoenix

    Cash and Phoenix11 months ago


  134. The Beaner Jeremie

    The Beaner JeremieYear ago

    Slowed down better no 🧢

  135. This ISN’T Josiah

    This ISN’T Josiah11 months ago


  136. Joe Smith

    Joe Smith11 months ago


  137. The Beaner Jeremie

    The Beaner JeremieYear ago

    Roy_Mula YT I’m good 🙄

  138. OfficialCeezly

    OfficialCeezlyYear ago

    Jeremie Roman Games try again pal

  139. Avidcumber123 Avidcumber123

    Avidcumber123 Avidcumber123Year ago

    This shii slaps 🔥

  140. funky donkey

    funky donkeyYear ago

    Slowed better fasho

  141. This ISN’T Josiah

    This ISN’T Josiah11 months ago

    Nah bro

  142. Donnevon Wess

    Donnevon WessYear ago

    Nah I'm sticking wit dat😤

  143. clinquant

    clinquantYear ago

    funky donkey Fr

  144. WI LL

    WI LLYear ago

    Not at all

  145. hide ya kids

    hide ya kidsYear ago


  146. SupremeRevrbSoundz YT

    SupremeRevrbSoundz YTYear ago

    0:55 is what you came for TikTok

  147. LilFloppynutsack

    LilFloppynutsackYear ago

    No i came for the whole song

  148. Ronde Mcclary

    Ronde McclaryYear ago


  149. _MylesB 33

    _MylesB 33Year ago

    I slide on em wit that tent

  150. Gone Funk

    Gone FunkYear ago


  151. Elijah Carr

    Elijah CarrYear ago

    2nd glock costumized

  152. Abdul Ali

    Abdul Ali10 months ago

    I’m dead 😂💀

  153. Dalton Hill

    Dalton Hill11 months ago

    It’s actually “2 tone Glock and it’s customized”

  154. Aaron Cunningham

    Aaron CunninghamYear ago


  155. KaylenYT

    KaylenYTYear ago


  156. TFG Deznerrius

    TFG DeznerriusYear ago


  157. Rip Ya Manz

    Rip Ya ManzYear ago

    dez wilso