Indonesia Day #11 - 2nd day in the Borneo Jungle we came across a wild orangutan hanging over the river on our way to Camp Leakey, who joined us in the boat!!
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  1. Lidhiya Ananda Rizki Puteri

    Lidhiya Ananda Rizki Puteri22 hours ago

    "It was really hot" Yep. It was hot and humid in there. Even I who was born and raised in that island sometimes feel frustrated by that 😂

  2. brando vasquez

    brando vasquez2 days ago

    I love you no homo

  3. DonutKingMarko 501

    DonutKingMarko 5013 days ago

    I want a heart too

  4. Great Lentern

    Great Lentern3 days ago

    I just adore Orangutan, and of course the shirtless boys. Where to buy the ticket?

  5. Bunga Merahmuda

    Bunga Merahmuda3 days ago

    No mosquitos?

  6. Javier Gomez-Mesa

    Javier Gomez-Mesa4 days ago

    The guy smiling (showing his teeth) 3 ft from the animal was making me very nervous. But the moment the guides say "very lucky huh?" I realized they probably know him for a long time and he is used to tourists.

  7. Zvart koranian

    Zvart koranian4 days ago

    There my fav animals hope they dont get extinct

  8. Isaac Newton

    Isaac Newton4 days ago

    Getting slapped by our ancient forefathers cool

  9. Wasawas Wasawas

    Wasawas Wasawas4 days ago

    Give heart to my comment, please

  10. Amir Mustaqiim

    Amir Mustaqiim5 days ago

    Cool stuff bro!!💥💥

  11. anto antonio

    anto antonio5 days ago


  12. LukeyYT ツ

    LukeyYT ツ5 days ago

    Cool video

  13. abinmung

    abinmung5 days ago

    Hey, it was me 🤣🤣🤣

  14. Iam Hungry

    Iam Hungry7 days ago

    It would be an honor to be slapped by an orangutan

  15. Sondra Sanz

    Sondra Sanz8 days ago

    Wow i get heart

  16. Francesco Saadeh

    Francesco Saadeh8 days ago

    That's just fantastic

  17. barun jha

    barun jha8 days ago

    I also need ur heart bro

  18. tms

    tms8 days ago

    Human virus diseases can wipe out populations of great apes, including orangutans. So not very clever

  19. Ahmad Hazman

    Ahmad Hazman9 days ago


  20. A7 studios

    A7 studios10 days ago

    Will you like my comment duh?

  21. Zamuda 38

    Zamuda 3810 days ago

    Alot of animal experts in the comments lol

  22. Jay Capalot

    Jay Capalot10 days ago

    This is my dream to get slapped by an orangutan

  23. Lightwish Light

    Lightwish Light11 days ago

    This is one of those “Gay boat trips” I have heard about I think? Somehow I ended up in the gay end of USlikes. The first few minutes of watching this video had me reading “Slapped by an orangowang “. I have obviously arrived on the wrong channel! Later yo!

  24. Bliven The Good Life

    Bliven The Good Life10 days ago

    Big gay

  25. Cameron Kincaid

    Cameron Kincaid11 days ago

    He just wanted to join the fun.

  26. Andi Zel

    Andi Zel12 days ago



    GOLDEN SHOT TEAM13 days ago

    Nice dude

  28. Kemo Colak

    Kemo Colak14 days ago

    Theyr not funny at all... Just annoying the wild life and me actually...

  29. Izzy Diaz

    Izzy Diaz14 days ago

    I've always wanted to meet an orangutan. Lucky guy

  30. 360 Fov

    360 Fov14 days ago

    That thing could effortlessly rip all of your faces of. People are crazy

  31. Hope Rocco

    Hope Rocco14 days ago

    10:30 that nervous laughter from the guide should be enough to tell you that you are in serious danger

  32. Pretty boy FLAIRY

    Pretty boy FLAIRY14 days ago

    Can I get a heart?

  33. Veronica Pichardo

    Veronica Pichardo16 days ago

    Orangutan and sexy man, perfect

  34. Angela Youngson

    Angela Youngson17 days ago

    Don't know how I landed watching these idiots but no more u know no rules about the safety of these amazing animals

  35. Aprenda com a Luci

    Aprenda com a Luci18 days ago

    Queria poder passear em um lugar assim cheio de macacos eu amo.

  36. STEADFAST Sun Gof

    STEADFAST Sun Gof18 days ago

    I hope they're not sexing these animals as they USUALLY do. Damn you can see the white BLOODLINE CONNECTION with the monkeys. Look at there skin texture and mindset is the same as well with the pigs. They are related by bloodline

  37. Athallah Djibril

    Athallah Djibril19 days ago

    11:00 this is me and the boys at 3 am playin cod and eating bananas

  38. CodeBlue-^v-

    CodeBlue-^v-19 days ago

    Bro liking like every comment even the mean ones. Just ignore mean people, glad you had fun on your trip stranger!

  39. Connor Gleeson

    Connor Gleeson19 days ago

    Lol how many comments have you gone through?

  40. Thunder Blackplume

    Thunder Blackplume20 days ago

    Orangutans Are my Favourite Monkeys

  41. Father Periodic

    Father Periodic21 day ago

    Feeding wild animals, especially apes can lead to disaster. Some smart fellas learned that holding on to people will grant them food, like a hostage.

  42. Rafał Pj

    Rafał Pj22 days ago

    Hi from Poland

  43. Freefork

    Freefork22 days ago

    Don't heart my comment.

  44. Sam B. PD.8

    Sam B. PD.823 days ago

    Reject modernity, return to monke

  45. indonesian bassbooster

    indonesian bassbooster19 days ago


  46. Lord R. J II

    Lord R. J II23 days ago

    How strong are orangutans anyway?

  47. BigEvanDoingGames

    BigEvanDoingGames24 days ago

    This is cool

  48. saha eta

    saha eta25 days ago

    wow that was very cool


    TIKTOK & MUSICALLY26 days ago


  50. NAbiha Arsyila

    NAbiha Arsyila26 days ago

    Nahloh lagian main main sama orangutan

  51. Villager knight

    Villager knight27 days ago

    hi, i'm from indonesia and do you know about orangutans? Orang meaning: people Hutan which means: jungle / forest

  52. Luke B

    Luke B28 days ago

    Nice one fellas

  53. Disappointed Englishman

    Disappointed Englishman28 days ago

    All good-looking boys!

  54. Viktor Turtle

    Viktor Turtle29 days ago

    11:18 hes thinking why are Humans so weird??


    KAGE OFFICIAL29 days ago


  56. Kampleng HLC

    Kampleng HLC29 days ago

    Indonesia 🇲🇨

  57. Buster Morley

    Buster MorleyMonth ago

    Let the Wookie win.

  58. Vrice See

    Vrice SeeMonth ago

    11 ad breaks, two ads each. yall are really suffering so he can afford to travel n shit

  59. Bliven The Good Life

    Bliven The Good LifeMonth ago

    Damn right! 😂😂

  60. Eduardo Sanchez

    Eduardo SanchezMonth ago

    this video may be old but the guy still hearts comments! enjoyed the video also

  61. Mike C

    Mike CMonth ago

    The babies are the ones you need to interact with. I think they're the best altho all orangutans are cool

  62. B Smoke

    B SmokeMonth ago

    The orangutan saw some fellow shirtless apes and had to show his dominance.

  63. garikm24 roblox

    garikm24 robloxMonth ago

    Hahaha indonesian le monke

  64. indonesian bassbooster

    indonesian bassbooster19 days ago

    Based monkeposter

  65. Andi Waskito

    Andi WaskitoMonth ago

    Thanks for visiting our jungle guys. As Indonesian i never close contact with orang utan like you do guys, but you are very lucky usually wild orang utan will bite to bunch of aliens in their teritorial. You can try to go to dragon komodo island one of the best island in my country with the whole dragons will try to chase you 🤣😁

  66. Michael Toney

    Michael ToneyMonth ago

    Wow, they are all good looking.

  67. Kratos Kun

    Kratos KunMonth ago


  68. WyndeDancer

    WyndeDancerMonth ago

    LoL Just a 'lil love tap!

  69. Michael rolon

    Michael rolonMonth ago

    The only thing I dont like is the comfortability of this orangutan he just snatches the food out of there hands because they literally put no boundaries between it

  70. I Used To Be An Octopus

    I Used To Be An OctopusMonth ago

    That orangutang obviously realized what douchebags these guys were and did us all a service.

  71. Michael Basili

    Michael BasiliMonth ago

    Never look at an orangutan and laugh. They don’t like that shit

  72. Michael Basili

    Michael BasiliMonth ago

    Why does this man talk just like Fred Durst

  73. Bliven The Good Life

    Bliven The Good LifeMonth ago

    Think so? Haha

  74. rosiec

    rosiecMonth ago

    11:53 “you no give banana”

  75. Elestro Air-soft

    Elestro Air-softMonth ago

    11:52 - What'ya lookin' at u shaved boi?

  76. brown

    brownMonth ago


  77. Suraj Patel

    Suraj PatelMonth ago

    I listened that we are getting hearts here .😊

  78. PunchFor Pound

    PunchFor PoundMonth ago

    Far Cry 3 Remastered

  79. друг

    другMonth ago

    Do not approach, touch or feed any animals; physical contact with the orangutans can not only spread diseases from you to them, but also from them to you. The orangutan is very sensitive to diseases because of their genetic similarity to humans and physical contact with other orangutans (they are semi-solitary animals).

  80. Anand Powerlifting

    Anand PowerliftingMonth ago

    Awesome respect for wildlife ! Thanks for the post ! 👍🙏💪

  81. Dang Le

    Dang LeMonth ago

    Can my comment get a like?

  82. Anak Champoeng

    Anak ChampoengMonth ago

    Slap like that!

  83. Gilang Ramadn

    Gilang RamadnMonth ago

    Hy im from Indonesia 🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩

  84. Bliven The Good Life

    Bliven The Good LifeMonth ago

    I love indo!!

  85. Geo HVL

    Geo HVLMonth ago

    King Louie The Jungle VIP!

  86. M irfan

    M irfanMonth ago

    thank you for visiting our country Indonesia, best wishes from me

  87. Averdijo

    AverdijoMonth ago

    Damn get 🐢

  88. ademaras arts

    ademaras artsMonth ago

    Amazing how many animals you saw! Great videos and thanks that you guys treat them all with respect ✊🏻

  89. scarletPimpernel

    scarletPimpernelMonth ago

    Sjeeeeeeeesh... you feed em and what do you get??🤷‍♂️ A slap in the face! 👊

  90. zlayer12

    zlayer12Month ago

    Wow those butthurt comments, keeps the video rolling man

  91. OneButton Dash

    OneButton DashMonth ago

    this is cool but I'd also be kinda scared cuz they have death grips, if he grabbed someone and wanted to hold on you would not break his grip

  92. SinSan Thmena

    SinSan ThmenaMonth ago

    I am a Bornean ... Thank you for visiting our area

  93. Kathryn Carter

    Kathryn CarterMonth ago

    Why would anyone drag themselves through the muck like this. God forbid that motor doesn't let out on you. It sounds like it's on it's last leg.

  94. Bliven The Good Life

    Bliven The Good LifeMonth ago

    Gotta love the adventure!!!

  95. KameraShy

    KameraShyMonth ago

    Orangutan wanted to be one of the boys. Should have offered him a brewski.

  96. z Rebolloツ

    z RebolloツMonth ago


  97. Prince Kumar

    Prince KumarMonth ago

    When you try to trim the begging gay scene and end up at 8:07 . Ok i am going somewhere else

  98. Navneet Vats

    Navneet VatsMonth ago

    My goodness...A heart to every comment

  99. Rodriguez_801

    Rodriguez_801Month ago

    🦧 said fu*k out my face cuh


    ZOMBIESrEMOMonth ago

    Return to munkie

  101. Nicholas Depina

    Nicholas DepinaMonth ago

    He never let go of that branch,made sure he had a way out lol

  102. Marten Dekker

    Marten DekkerMonth ago

    22 min, 11 ads...UGH. 💩👎🏼

  103. [ Just Mini ]

    [ Just Mini ]Month ago

    Anyone else cringe every time he puts a "g" at the end of the word?

  104. Bliven The Good Life

    Bliven The Good LifeMonth ago


  105. Matthew Dewinnaar

    Matthew DewinnaarMonth ago


  106. Gala Travelogue

    Gala TravelogueMonth ago

    She slapped u when u press camera! She annoyed by noise of camera on daily bases of tones of tourists they dont put canera flesh off on silence! Its her home, her rule , silence, please, that was all. Its not good if dirty, tourists are feeding her, only first guide csn feed her, peace and love, guys, dont play tourists that dont respect nature

  107. Donnie Cales

    Donnie CalesMonth ago

    These poeples comments are just haters being negative I'd be there in a heart beat if I could the monkey slap out in the wild would be high light of the trip lol

  108. Polderjongen

    PolderjongenMonth ago

    Doesn't the engine sound drive you mad ?

  109. KameraShy

    KameraShyMonth ago

    Reminds me of the African Queen.

  110. Bliven The Good Life

    Bliven The Good LifeMonth ago

    U forget about it after awhile lol