You guys have been asking for this video for FOREVER.. SOOOO, we decided to react to our sister Lil Jerz tiktoks! LOL.. enjoy!
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  1. J Cook

    J Cook8 days ago

    Y'all want a "Mama University" Crewneck Restock?! 👀🔥

  2. Miya M

    Miya M17 hours ago

    Its 2:37 J wheres pt 2 🙄

  3. Queen C

    Queen CDay ago

    Yes o

  4. M&V Thingz Gilstrap

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  5. Xhytlalie Chavez

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  6. •aesthetic_bearxy•

    •aesthetic_bearxy•6 days ago

    I want a boyfriend but my dad said he wouldn't be in my life if I did but he already isn't so..

  7. Ashley Persaud

    Ashley Persaud5 hours ago

    14:13 he said she look high asf

  8. Kylie Danielle

    Kylie Danielle7 hours ago

    her clothing and makeup choices don't justify you hitting on a child. as an adult you're responsible for knowing who you're talking to and if you think otherwise you're weird.

  9. Payton Evans

    Payton Evans8 hours ago

    “Don’t look at my sister like dat” lmao 😂😭

  10. Maria Williams

    Maria Williams8 hours ago

    y’all just gained a sub 😂😂 this was lit

  11. Live, Laugh, Love

    Live, Laugh, Love9 hours ago

    Is it Me Or Does Jcook look like hes in 70's dressed like that LOL with thoses colors and pants on reminds me of that 70's show 😄 😄 😄

  12. bodoti qwiu

    bodoti qwiu10 hours ago

    I couldn't stop laughing when his friend said she is pulling it off and then Jcook just looked at him

  13. Ikeria Scott

    Ikeria Scott11 hours ago

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  14. Clarissa Martinez

    Clarissa Martinez11 hours ago

    when justice took off his hat he went from looking like 20 to a 45 yr old man

  15. bodoti qwiu

    bodoti qwiu10 hours ago

    Do a series to this pls or do more parts !!!

  16. Rudie Chambers

    Rudie Chambers11 hours ago

    Ouiii reece is so cute

  17. Lea Marie Tiatco

    Lea Marie Tiatco12 hours ago

    She's 16?! 😦😦😦 how the heck do I look like this and I'm 22!!! Hey puberty wer u at?!

  18. marceline lafleur

    marceline lafleur12 hours ago

    Why he sayin the n-word the guy in the middle

  19. Dani Shropshire

    Dani Shropshire12 hours ago

    is it just me or did the look fine asl doin this🙊👀

  20. The Journey of Bre

    The Journey of Bre13 hours ago

    @7:02 is how my brothers feel 😂😂 im their little sister and only sister

  21. F K

    F K14 hours ago

    Einfach Lukas riger

  22. Maggie

    Maggie15 hours ago

    I wish my brother was protective like that

  23. ro ♡

    ro ♡15 hours ago

    The best part is Jordan saying “noOo, noOo, nOoo” like Kevin Hart 😂🤣💀

  24. Kimberly Gonzalez

    Kimberly Gonzalez16 hours ago


  25. Alexis Navarrette

    Alexis Navarrette17 hours ago

    “Bend over and get this belt” brooo lmaoooo😂😂😂😂😂😂😭😭😭

  26. cece v

    cece v18 hours ago

    yoo we need tha pt 2🤣🤣

  27. Kyyy

    Kyyy19 hours ago

    Does she have black in her ?

  28. cmedrano184

    cmedrano18421 hour ago

    You should do a I scratched your car prank on Your bro. 😆

  29. Monster5o

    Monster5oDay ago

    She’s an absolute snack.

  30. Helen_ lbh

    Helen_ lbhDay ago

    Do a series to this pls or do more parts !!!

  31. Joanna

    JoannaDay ago

    When Reece said “Don’t look at my sister like that” I was deaddd😭💀💀



    I think the guy in the black hat is more attracted to her now!!!!🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️



    The guy in the black hat likes your sister and that is facts!!!! Look at his reaction attitude and licking his lips and facial expressions!!!!

  34. Joanna

    JoannaDay ago


  35. desiree arzaga

    desiree arzagaDay ago

    J you pants is hella tight lol ha ha

  36. kylie sollima

    kylie sollimaDay ago

    jerz is so lucky to have brothers who are so protective of her it’s adorable 🥰

  37. kylie sollima

    kylie sollimaDay ago


  38. Potato Garden

    Potato GardenDay ago

    Bro when justices' friend said " she's pulling it off tho" and the justice said "huh" I became deceased 💀 😂

  39. Tommyinnit

    TommyinnitDay ago

    When i saw this title i was gettin ddg vibes

  40. key ekomodi

    key ekomodiDay ago


  41. DRIA

    DRIADay ago

    I’m glad y’all said what y’all said in the beginning cause when the video started I was like “ who that 👀👀”

  42. Juliet Pink

    Juliet PinkDay ago

    When he took his hat off TOOK ME OFFFFF 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭💀

  43. imasannafanlolhi123

    imasannafanlolhi123Day ago

    Fun Fact: Your STILL on the intro

  44. Elevate MBS

    Elevate MBSDay ago

    Stacy is a cutieeee. I followed lol

  45. Mireya Cardenas

    Mireya CardenasDay ago

    This is exactly why I don’t have tiktok because I don’t trust my 6 older brothers not that I’m doing anything bad because I’m not but like that’s my business like ughh

  46. Mireya Cardenas

    Mireya CardenasDay ago

    @Minahil Ramzan yes but some are step

  47. Minahil Ramzan

    Minahil RamzanDay ago


  48. Felecia Ioane

    Felecia IoaneDay ago

    Why my nigga get his finger tips 🤣🤣🤣🤣 blooood

  49. Amara Merovci-Angus

    Amara Merovci-AngusDay ago

    Dudes soul almost left his body 😂 6:20

  50. Ekaaa Kayyy

    Ekaaa KayyyDay ago

    They couldn’t even get through the first ones without cringing 😂 and then they kept skipping over them haha

  51. jay symone

    jay symoneDay ago


  52. Shine Tv

    Shine TvDay ago


  53. Laney Minard

    Laney Minard2 days ago

    Y’all mad weird

  54. Rhe Lov

    Rhe Lov2 days ago

    NBA Stacy tho

  55. lacel alido

    lacel alido2 days ago


  56. Madyson Flanagan

    Madyson Flanagan2 days ago

    I love how supportive y’all are towards her, definitely amazing brothers!

  57. Maria Sulca

    Maria Sulca2 days ago

    Jerz is so beautiful girl 👧🏼

  58. Maria Sulca

    Maria Sulca2 days ago

    I love you jcook and family so much

  59. Kelseyana _20

    Kelseyana _202 days ago

    Part 2😊

  60. Michelle West

    Michelle West2 days ago

    I guess the good genes skipped their sister 🤣😭🤣

  61. Julia Deemer

    Julia Deemer2 days ago

    Y’all should do this again but with there with yall

  62. Lanai Corbin

    Lanai Corbin2 days ago

    This my first time ever watching u and I’m only at the beginning but when u said “He not ugly” then put the meme jhi had rolling

  63. Nessa D

    Nessa D2 days ago


  64. Natural Fish

    Natural Fish2 days ago

    wow amazing video so good

  65. Imani Northington

    Imani Northington2 days ago

    The one with the sweater is cute ❤️❤️

  66. rebecca b

    rebecca b2 days ago

    Starts at 5:25 btw

  67. Alejandro Rodriguez

    Alejandro Rodriguez2 days ago

    why j cook sound so homophobic when the conversation about same genders dancing friendly came up like ?! .... he was so quick to comment and say “it’s not some shit y’all should be doing “ like ?!? tf his brother seemed more open to that statement and was so chill about it . ITS SMELLS LIKE HOMOPHOBIA AF .

  68. Vanny Jimenez

    Vanny Jimenez2 days ago

    I fucking live you guys 😂💀 this video was funny asf

  69. stinaa Xo

    stinaa Xo2 days ago

    Y’all really tryna come up with any videos at this point huh

  70. Tiaira-Rochelle Afriyie

    Tiaira-Rochelle Afriyie2 days ago

    Thanks was so funny and you friend is so cute and funny 🥰

  71. Roslyn Exum

    Roslyn Exum2 days ago

    Not the HAIR 🤣🤚 LMFAOAO

  72. Ash amia

    Ash amia2 days ago


  73. Jada

    Jada3 days ago

    It’s funny bc when i would watch her tik toks i always wondered how her brother would feel about them

  74. Nika Skurt

    Nika Skurt3 days ago

    Like for part.2

  75. Nika Skurt

    Nika Skurt3 days ago

    The moment where justice pull off is cap got me dead frfr🤣🤣🤣🤣🙏🏾👏🏾


    00CIANNA 00SUTTON3 days ago

    you gotta a belt give me your belt lmao when he took off his head i was in the floor lmao this video had me hollering

  77. Kenzie Laurel

    Kenzie Laurel3 days ago

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  78. Aïda Ague

    Aïda Ague3 days ago

    I shocked on my chocolate milk at 8:00

  79. Katrece Kinnard

    Katrece Kinnard3 days ago

    2:50 Exactly how I be with my siblings, Ima talk my shit and clown them but don’t get comfortable and add on cause now I gotta beat cho ass😭😂😂

  80. Sydnee M

    Sydnee M3 days ago

    Jerz is an amazing, smart, outgoing girl! So y’all don’t need to come hate!!, I love y’all!❤️❤️❤️ (also I have two older brothers and me I feel this) 😂

  81. Jocelyn Juarez

    Jocelyn Juarez3 days ago

    Jordan is so fucking annoying

  82. Briana Morales

    Briana Morales3 days ago

    Do a part 2 on only on her spamm account

  83. Nikki B

    Nikki B3 days ago

    When he took his hat off 😭

  84. Nikki B

    Nikki B3 days ago

    Y’all funny 😭

  85. Dayana Rodriguez

    Dayana Rodriguez3 days ago

    Finally I’ve been waiting to see this🤣

  86. Melissa Romero

    Melissa Romero3 days ago

    How you gonna tell your gf not to wear dark lipstick 🤣 whatt lmaoo

  87. Catfish Mamii

    Catfish Mamii3 days ago

    When he took off the hat-

  88. Kanyin’s Tv

    Kanyin’s Tv3 days ago

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  89. Essence Jones Gales

    Essence Jones Gales3 days ago

    Yes He is coming very soon!! Thanks for the message

  90. Karen Aguayo

    Karen Aguayo3 days ago

    J cook really wipe like dat? oh nooo

  91. Ashley Maio

    Ashley Maio3 days ago

    I need a part 2

  92. Yesenia Bautista

    Yesenia Bautista3 days ago

    I been waiting for this one 😭

  93. Liliana Ramirez

    Liliana Ramirez3 days ago

    this is weird lol

  94. XXo

    XXo3 days ago

    I have 5 older brothers. Yep... didn't have a bf until I turned 18. I found out they told every boy to back off

  95. nitsha marie

    nitsha marie3 days ago

    I would've been so embarrassed by this if I was Jerz lol

  96. Katherine Lopezvillalobos

    Katherine Lopezvillalobos4 days ago


  97. zoey edo

    zoey edo4 days ago

    please can we get a part 2 😭

  98. Emily An

    Emily An4 days ago

    He said “she’s pulling it off” jcook “what!?” 😂

  99. Joslyn’s Videos

    Joslyn’s Videos4 days ago

    When are y’all going to do another meet an greet

  100. Jenni Valencia

    Jenni Valencia4 days ago

    There was too many ads in this

  101. Emily An

    Emily An4 days ago

    “but do yo thangggg jezi” 😂😂

  102. Valerie Ventura

    Valerie Ventura4 days ago

    Lol Jordan is mostly judging like 🙄 she growing up she not going to be a little girl for ever plus that’s only way you get likes on tik Tok like clam down

  103. Mxscreant _Yt

    Mxscreant _Yt4 days ago

    “You’re 6teen” Me 17 looking 12: she how old?🤨

  104. MsGimMcKS

    MsGimMcKS4 days ago

    Yallz funneh talking bout “it’s doing the same thing🤣

  105. Keila Gonzalez

    Keila Gonzalez4 days ago

    I love that u guys are protective over her . I’m the baby too Makes me miss my brothers

  106. Melissa Villagran

    Melissa Villagran4 days ago

    13:15 Jordyn in meee 😂

  107. Elianny Batista

    Elianny Batista4 days ago

    This video is hilarious 😂

  108. Imani Huerta

    Imani Huerta4 days ago


  109. Sharday Dickens

    Sharday Dickens4 days ago

    If I was doing this at 16 my parents would smack my butt I wouldn’t able to sit

  110. HEYJDJ

    HEYJDJ4 days ago


  111. alondra rivera

    alondra rivera4 days ago

    Oh hello no im embarrassed for her 😒 this is why i blocked my brothers from social media growing up lol like mind yo damn business