Brooke & Bridget’s Friendship Timeline | Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood

A look back on the love hate friendship between Brooke and Bridget.
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  1. Adrianna Antonette

    Adrianna Antonette12 minutes ago

    Bridget is always an afterthought though. Why doesn’t she see that? When Brooke refuses to do something Bridget is always asked as an afterthought and a last option. That’s sad.

  2. Adrianna Antonette

    Adrianna Antonette18 minutes ago

    I can barely hear what they’re saying at times lol. The background music is so damn loud.

  3. Kissy Hill

    Kissy Hill18 hours ago

    i need a friend like brooke lmao

  4. Kissy Hill

    Kissy Hill18 hours ago

    people say they friendship is messy but i like how they argue and get back at it to me thats real friendship too many people throw people away when times get hard instead of working through things they dont have a messy friendship they have a mature friendship if i threw away everyone who offended me id be one lonley bitch

  5. Kissy Hill

    Kissy Hill18 hours ago

    awww the way he pulled that ring out ... that was good

  6. Kissy Hill

    Kissy Hill18 hours ago

    Bridget aint no real bitch... they had an agreement to keep them both looking good on cam she tried it but brooke still looked like a boss she might as well threw the drink them chips aint do shit.

  7. Kissy Hill

    Kissy Hill18 hours ago

    brooke got a good poker face.... she didnt let anyone know shit till the right moment

  8. Kissy Hill

    Kissy Hill18 hours ago

    brooke give me young Miami vibes

  9. Kissy Hill

    Kissy Hill19 hours ago

    damn that was real shit i dont wanna be your number one i wanna be the only one.

  10. Kissy Hill

    Kissy Hill19 hours ago

    broke has every right to be hurt as women we deal with so much from these men... and we keep opening our heart and our legs to be yet again disappointed he should be trying harder to make it right if he wants her... he not ready for nothing real

  11. Kissy Hill

    Kissy Hill19 hours ago

    awww i like how boobi picked him a thick girl she looked so happy

  12. CreTheSoulBird

    CreTheSoulBird22 hours ago

    If he say "lil boo boo" one more time 😂😂😂

  13. Let's Go150

    Let's Go150Day ago

    We need Lyrica G and Pam! come on VH1

  14. Laissez Faire

    Laissez FaireDay ago

    Brooke is a classy beautiful well put together messy mess..Ctfu

  15. Katie Robertson

    Katie RobertsonDay ago

    I cannot with those two, when they hijacked her interview!!!! Those aren’t your friends honey. Those interviewers 😳 Nikki was right 💯

  16. Hannah Sivi

    Hannah Sivi2 days ago

    Bridget bein fake af an she doesn’t kno how to keep off her friends exs or men smh

  17. Christopher Williams

    Christopher Williams4 days ago

    they had to have relations because i would never want a friendship like this i dont understand this world..........they say money is the root of all evil yet the world is CHASING it smh

  18. Djon Latrice

    Djon Latrice4 days ago

    Bridget 🙄... girl bye.

  19. Alma Rodriguez

    Alma Rodriguez5 days ago

    Omg his name is actually booby 😂

  20. OG MaryJane

    OG MaryJane5 days ago

    Bruh he was runnin round town with another female and he’s hurt now

  21. Justine Davis

    Justine Davis6 days ago


  22. Bre B.

    Bre B.6 days ago

    So glad Bridget standing up for Tierra. He was a clown for bringing up that situation. Ppl so trash sometimes.

  23. Angelina Hang

    Angelina Hang6 days ago

    “calm down wikipedia” 😭😭😂

  24. Ness

    Ness8 days ago

    Boobie " ain't nobody here with us" has a whole camera crew 😂

  25. Naia Mitchell

    Naia Mitchell8 days ago

    What’s the song @6.01

  26. TAMALE

    TAMALE8 days ago

    Say what you want but Rockstar was A FUNNY ASS ADDITION

  27. Shay rescu

    Shay rescu8 days ago

    That interview took me.... lol

  28. Andrea Brantley

    Andrea Brantley10 days ago

    🙄...💭 When Lyrica & Lucci said, "Oh, That's Number 6!" in the background.., (29:07) 👉🏼🅰.Do u think they were talking about the number of women on the show Booby has slept with❓... or, 🅱.Do u think they were counting the number of wise cracks the ladies were saying back & forth❓... ~ I think it's 🅰!... 🤷‍♀️😏😅 js.

  29. love Jones

    love Jones10 days ago

    Brooke is gorgeous but she needs a new hair do. She has this girl fight hair

  30. Kayy Jayy

    Kayy Jayy10 days ago

    The fact that Brooke was so calm and Bridgette was so angry is hilarious 🤣

  31. ory fan

    ory fan10 days ago

    Facts that I recognize - Brooke ain’t had a bad look and Booby is fine as hell😎

  32. Saucyy Slim

    Saucyy Slim11 days ago

    I’ll never get over the fact that a grown man’s nickname is Booby 😩😂

  33. Vanessa Huskić

    Vanessa Huskić11 days ago

    this whole brooke thing and marcus thing is a whole mess or was a whole mess i don't know 😂

  34. Kassy Powers

    Kassy Powers11 days ago

    Karlie Red vs Brook Valentine Who’s Messier??? I can’t pick ...

  35. Saniyah Smith

    Saniyah Smith11 days ago

    Hazel wig looks horrible

  36. Jaret Owens

    Jaret Owens11 days ago

    Peep how Lyrica said that's the 6th one when Bridget said she was with Boobie..

  37. Jayden The Alpha Jackson

    Jayden The Alpha Jackson11 days ago

    I love their friendship but VH1 I need y’all to make a Best of Masika Kalysha and Best of Masika and Moniece friendship compilations

  38. Kendo Hoops

    Kendo Hoops12 days ago

    Booby went from playing with LeBron to getting friendzoned on reality TV 😂

  39. Diamond Aiko

    Diamond Aiko12 days ago

    Marcus & brooke lame asf🤮

  40. Tova Thorpe

    Tova Thorpe12 days ago

    Britget is hating on Brooke....she took booby and then she took her song

  41. J C

    J C13 days ago

    Brooke and her hotel wedding still takes me the fuck out 😭

  42. J C

    J C13 days ago

    Brooke and Marcus are definitely made for each other

  43. J C

    J C13 days ago

    Brooke always owned up to what she did she never lied to a mf bc she was never embarrassed bc she said what she said and she did what she did

  44. Keira Rarest

    Keira Rarest13 days ago

    Brookes friend ain’t good looking and sometimes I have to give girls the side eyes as to why they’re friends 😂😏. Girls bring their ugly friend so they can get all the niggas lol.

  45. ChrisCuts Tv

    ChrisCuts Tv13 days ago

    When she did the hotel wedding

  46. bby mari

    bby mari14 days ago

    "I don't wanna be number one I wanna be the ONLY one". Damn I felt that.

  47. Jaylanas

    Jaylanas14 days ago

    Booby is just so sexy

  48. Nia Papaya

    Nia Papaya14 days ago


  49. whitney denise

    whitney denise14 days ago

    Brooke slapped them pretzels like... “not gone happen.”

  50. Bored eshittt Bumbumbumbum dadadadumdum

    Bored eshittt Bumbumbumbum dadadadumdum16 days ago

    Let’s be honest.....Brooke would’ve wiped the whole club floor with Bridget.....

  51. ratchet elsa

    ratchet elsa16 days ago

    Brooke so damn messy !!!! YES SHE’S CUTE BUT MESSY AND PETTY ... I couldn’t be friends with somebody like her. She snaked her friend just cause she thought she was fkn with Marcus 😑 and laughed at Moneice song 🤦🏽‍♀️ And faked pumped like she was mad at Marcus side piece and momma for coming for her ex friend ... cause truth be told SHE DON’T REALLY LIKE HER !

  52. LE C

    LE C16 days ago

    Brigette is the only one on the show that could get Brooke together.

  53. Jen Garcia

    Jen Garcia16 days ago

    It's About to be a What Girl Fight

  54. Oomie Says

    Oomie Says17 days ago

    I wonder why they mad brooke has booby on lock lmao

  55. bridgrette johnson

    bridgrette johnson17 days ago

    Brook is just TRASHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

  56. WillGotLit TV

    WillGotLit TV17 days ago

    Brooke: If I didn't f*** with you like this I would drag you! Lyrica: Drag her! Bridget: *looks at Lyrica with a mean eye(not a death stare, not a b***h face, mean eye)*

  57. Ashley B

    Ashley B17 days ago

    I will never understand why she pulled her daughters wig off and using it as a weapon lmao 🤣

  58. Ciara Jenaé

    Ciara Jenaé17 days ago

    boobie or whatever tf his name is and bridget would be so cute. 😭💕

  59. King Ashley

    King Ashley17 days ago

    Bridgit can sang her ass off

  60. Cher0kee

    Cher0kee17 days ago

    Bridget is exactly why many women don't have other female friends. She's gorgeous and talented tho!

  61. Sammie Says

    Sammie Says18 days ago

    If I'm fat, just let me be fat. No one is about to bring me on stage to use me as a prop for their foolishness bye! 😆

  62. Peggy Fleming

    Peggy Fleming18 days ago

    Hate the black dress. Makes her looks like she has 3arms

  63. rissa

    rissa18 days ago

    31:40 brookes the “mad” one yet bridget threw the food on her and doing all this talking while brooke still stood there unbothered 😂

  64. Kobe Rashad

    Kobe Rashad19 days ago

    Nobody : Everybody in these comments : HER HAIR , Brookes Hair 🙄🙄 Who cares about the Hair , SHE MESSY PERIIOODDD 🙄

  65. CupCake

    CupCake19 days ago

    Hazel E has a bad case of thinking she’s all that because she’s light skinned. Absolutely delusional BUT she is not solely to blame. That seed was implanted into her head from young and reinforced by society, family, people/men etc so she can’t take all the blame.

  66. Yafav

    Yafav19 days ago

    “Calm down Wikipedia “ ICONIC😭😭😭

  67. Restarting my loc journey

    Restarting my loc journey19 days ago

    I'm just wondering if the chicken got burnt.

  68. Stephanie Belyavskaya

    Stephanie Belyavskaya19 days ago

    Watching Brookes crazy ass and her crazy wedding thing makes me realize that I, am NOT that crazy my self hahahah

  69. jal'eel brown

    jal'eel brown20 days ago


  70. je'suis Elle

    je'suis Elle21 day ago

    Brooke and Marcus did some grade A acting on this franchise. 👏🏾

  71. Amb H

    Amb H21 day ago

    Marcus is fine as hell! 🥴😍

  72. Tanireah Bates

    Tanireah Bates21 day ago

    And what’s that damn app called 😂🤣🤣🤣.

  73. Jazz Gray

    Jazz Gray21 day ago

    Bridgette telling Hazel E “calm down Wikipedia” was to damn funny😂😂

  74. v mendoza

    v mendoza22 days ago

    Booby baby... the insecurity and phony

  75. Ri Ri

    Ri Ri22 days ago

    Bridget kills me trying to act bad and tough, and Brooke keep looking stupid chasing after Marcus.

  76. Ty LoC

    Ty LoC22 days ago

    Now Bridget knows damn well Brooke and booby had something in the past it don’t matter if they cut things off and hated each other’s guts ..that’s a line she should’ve never crossed PERIOD 🤣 me and my best friend could be beefing rn I know for a fact she’ll never mess with somebody I had a thing with that’s girl code

  77. kemartini

    kemartini23 days ago

    Bridget is very messy, I wouldn’t trust someone like her and neither should any man.

  78. tvddyxzilla

    tvddyxzilla23 days ago

    ‘ we made a pact to not get physical. But she threw *PRETZELS* at me. ‘ That is so scary..

  79. AngeLa Marie

    AngeLa Marie23 days ago

    Bridgette #GirlCrush 😍

  80. PaulwalUltraOmni

    PaulwalUltraOmni25 days ago

    This is a 4 way all day long 🤗🤭😒😁😆😅🤣😂

  81. Jay

    Jay25 days ago

    I understand why Brooke didn’t fight for Marcus, would’ve done the same thing

  82. Harriet Tubman

    Harriet Tubman25 days ago

    I love how Bridget always checked Brooke's childish tired ass

  83. Markiann White

    Markiann White25 days ago

    No cap thou Bridget would have f'up Brooke up 💯

  84. Kenny Ellis

    Kenny Ellis25 days ago

    Wasn’t Marcus cheating thou 😂😂😂

  85. C R

    C R26 days ago

    Brooke such a clinger 😂😂😂 that marriage parrot was freaky she crazy and not the good kinda crazy

  86. Courtney Marrs

    Courtney Marrs26 days ago

    Amber diamond and her moms conversation about Marcus is nasty

  87. Courtney Marrs

    Courtney Marrs26 days ago

    Bridget is a fake

  88. DeftAssassin#319

    DeftAssassin#31926 days ago

    All these folks do is sleep with each other 🙄

  89. Famoous Zhaaa

    Famoous Zhaaa27 days ago

    I Never Really Liked Brooke No Shade 😬

  90. R.I.V Gaming

    R.I.V Gaming27 days ago

    I didnt even know they had beef in the beginning. My attention span sucks

  91. Kelly-ann Francis

    Kelly-ann Francis27 days ago

    Love this show❤💯

  92. ak Mc

    ak Mc27 days ago

    Bridget was a friend..take note ppl

  93. The Fairy Gawdmuva

    The Fairy Gawdmuva27 days ago

    Can’t get past how beautiful they were. Bridget Brooke even Anastasia 😩😂

  94. Britt Hil

    Britt Hil28 days ago

    Her. Mom was whilin snatchin the wig lmao

  95. Victoria Kyeraah

    Victoria Kyeraah28 days ago

    I love Brookes messy ass

  96. J H

    J H28 days ago

    Bridget stay unfiltered. 😂

  97. Ariana Snider

    Ariana Snider29 days ago

    Tierra Marie is one of the most naturally beautiful women that I’ve ever seen

  98. Erika Garibay

    Erika Garibay29 days ago

    Bridget was mad fake

  99. Jade Cummings

    Jade Cummings29 days ago

    I don’t like women who call women hoes and then do the same activities behind closed doors.

  100. thee senility

    thee senility29 days ago