Tom Brady Mic'd Up vs. Washington | Wild Card Game

Quarterback Tom Brady was mic'd up against the Washington Football Team in the Wild Card Game.
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  1. Pj Jacunski

    Pj Jacunski51 minute ago

    Sorry to break up the Brady love fest, but he is one of the most dishonest, cheating, whatever it takes to win, athletes of all time. Terrible role model. That's why there's hate for the man. Nothing to do with how much he wins.

  2. Mexico Lucero

    Mexico Lucero54 minutes ago

    Who was he talking to at the end?

  3. Franco Fetti

    Franco FettiHour ago

    Say what you want about him, he’s a great leader and he’s still playing at a high level. All love and respect to the GOAT 🤍

  4. Kevin Tross

    Kevin TrossHour ago

    1:37 me trying to pick up a chick at the bar

  5. gioyu comi

    gioyu comiHour ago

    "always here if you need me" to alex smith. Brady's not only a teammate and a player. The man is a genuine friend on and off the field as well.

  6. Nathan Davis

    Nathan Davis2 hours ago

    Sooawesome to see he's having fun out there I'm. APats fan bucs, appreciate this man!

  7. One at a Time

    One at a Time3 hours ago

    I played organized pop Warner since the age of 9 and stopped my senior year in college. By then I was burnt out. I’m 55 now. Watching this reminds me why I played the most violent game for so long. Special moments like these created bonds that last a lifetime.

  8. Todd Pick

    Todd Pick3 hours ago

    Its nice to see him having fun, gronk too.

  9. Todd Pick

    Todd PickHour ago

    @gioyu comi glad they are both having fun and in the playoffs.

  10. gioyu comi

    gioyu comiHour ago

    Love watching Brady but miss watching him with a patriots jersey 😢

  11. Justin Porter

    Justin Porter4 hours ago

    I'm a Steelers fan but Tom Brady is legend

  12. Robert Shaffer

    Robert Shaffer5 hours ago

    It’s gotta be so surreal for the younger guys to be on the same field as the GOAT

  13. Thomas Gongora

    Thomas Gongora5 hours ago

    The Goat


    OBNOX IOUS7 hours ago

    Unequivocally the GOAT

  15. FastLifeEntTV

    FastLifeEntTV8 hours ago

    Wallah t'es trop fort 🐐

  16. Box Of X

    Box Of X8 hours ago

    Still got that bit of boston in his talk

  17. Tony Jamison

    Tony Jamison9 hours ago

    The WFT defensive effort looks even worse after watching this.

  18. john-carlos ynostroza

    john-carlos ynostroza12 hours ago

    Say what you will about Tom Brady but don't say that he's not bringing his A-game. He requires an of his teammates but he is not leaving anything on the table. Pretty much almost always positive. Keeps it casual. Loves everybody out there like family or at least acts like it. Always playing the teacher roll. Wow. I could care less about the Buccaneers or Tom Brady really but just paying respect where it's due.

  19. Bill Matrisch

    Bill Matrisch13 hours ago

    Not much of a Brady fan but i do know pure talent. Brady was/is the best player to ever play quarterback !!

  20. Jacky Chan

    Jacky Chan13 hours ago

    #99 on the Redskins is Trash. 0 Tackle and 0 Sacks. Fired.

  21. Joe Fisher

    Joe Fisher20 hours ago

    The bucks were lucky to win this game

  22. Jay Sanchez

    Jay Sanchez20 hours ago

    This was awesome! True coach in the huddle. You can see why he's the G.O.A.T. Wish it was a little longer though

  23. Austin Speck

    Austin Speck20 hours ago

    I swear if Tom Brady goes to the super bowl this season... i'll finally call him the G.O.A.T.

  24. Joe Vanatta

    Joe VanattaDay ago

    Goat for real.

  25. Decipher

    DecipherDay ago

    Love watching Brady but miss watching him with a patriots jersey 😢

  26. Andrew Rodriguez

    Andrew RodriguezDay ago

    Tom Brady got some swagger in Tampa lol

  27. Shepha372

    Shepha372Day ago

    Just realized it wasn't Tom Brady I hated. I just hated the Patriots. Now that Brady is playing for the Bucs (a team I actually like), I find myself rooting for him.

  28. Dr DisresFakeTaxi

    Dr DisresFakeTaxiDay ago

    just have Brady mic'd up every single game.

  29. Ya Mamma

    Ya MammaDay ago

    How can you not like Tom

  30. Nathan Lengacher

    Nathan LengacherDay ago

    As a fan of Indiana sports I’ve never like Brady or Lebron that much, but that was mostly bc of what those 2 have done to my teams all these years. As they both are in the twilight of their careers, I’ll make sure to appreciate both of them for their greatness.

  31. DN22

    DN22Day ago

    The goat!

  32. Billy Matherson

    Billy MathersonDay ago

    Stud much

  33. Charon Pink

    Charon PinkDay ago

    He showing props to the future coaches. Nice

  34. Jabez Gill

    Jabez GillDay ago

    This, to me, really highlights the benefit of having a veteran at QB. Guys like Brady, Rodgers and Manning elevate the game of those around them with their presence, experience, and awareness. Sure there might be more physically gifted athletes at that position... but nothing can beat a player that is basically a coach on the field.

  35. Jose Delarosa

    Jose DelarosaDay ago

    When the GOAT tells you are his inspiration.

  36. Classy Chassey Car Hop Trays

    Classy Chassey Car Hop TraysDay ago

    Miss football so much, amazon and car hop trays, stay safe friends.

  37. Yusef Rodgers

    Yusef RodgersDay ago


  38. Nic Aguilar

    Nic AguilarDay ago


  39. A G

    A GDay ago

    Its amazing how they get together after the game and show love to eachother after all that hard contact

  40. Amann Radiate

    Amann RadiateDay ago

    Go Tampa

  41. William Zygmuntowicz

    William ZygmuntowiczDay ago

    hes so freaking swag

  42. Harold Swick

    Harold SwickDay ago

    Brady looks much better in a bucs uniform. Sorry Bill.😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

  43. thereal nynetynyne

    thereal nynetynyneDay ago


  44. Adam M

    Adam MDay ago

    0:49 you can hear AB all the way at the endzone screaming on his knees 🤣


    ELCEMUZIQDay ago

    Brady is the GOAT man.. I’ve watched this video several times and I still get pumped up every time.

  46. Mark Ramos

    Mark RamosDay ago

    I miss TB. Patriots fan Good luck Bucs

  47. TB Lightning Bolt

    TB Lightning BoltDay ago

    Chase did nothing.

  48. francisco Dorset

    francisco DorsetDay ago

    Go Tom Go! love the interaction with AB

  49. Mind of Mike

    Mind of MikeDay ago

    Surprised how he dished out a lot of words of encouragement.

  50. Rich Mahogany

    Rich MahoganyDay ago

    i like when he runs the "Green 19" play

  51. DEB Damico

    DEB DamicoDay ago

    F bomb flying eh!

  52. Meatwood Flac

    Meatwood FlacDay ago

    Not a Brady fan but I would not hate to see this dude get his 7th ring, I think it would solidify him as the greatest team sport athlete of all time.

  53. Q Doe

    Q DoeDay ago

    Bradys turning black haha

  54. East Woody

    East WoodyDay ago

    I was looking for the diving Heineke touchdown reaction. Also him yelling at his wide recievers.

  55. Will Schromm

    Will SchrommDay ago

    As a pats fan, it warms my heart seeing bucs fans take pride in their new quarterback. It’s good to know they don’t hate him anymore

  56. John Flemming

    John Flemming2 days ago

    The protection is amazing= they aren’t calling holding guys!

  57. Jay G

    Jay G2 days ago

    I was hoping that they captured what he said when he got sacked in the 2nd and the receivers stopped scrambling

  58. Christian Peterson

    Christian Peterson2 days ago

    I said it before and I say it again, they hate him cause he’s a champ in heart, character and in action.

  59. Flyku & Princess Gloria

    Flyku & Princess Gloria2 days ago

    Literally 99% won't care but God bless you and be safe during these times Im struggling to get to real support 😞

  60. Carter Hocom

    Carter Hocom2 days ago

    Brady and the Bucs will make a STATEMENT Sunday night. I got them winning 40-24, Brady will have 3 TD's.

  61. Dende Sol47

    Dende Sol472 days ago

    "You know what 99 is trying to do" -Tom Brady , go back and look at the Joe Burroughs hit if you not familiar with what Tom is referring to

  62. Skins Gamer

    Skins Gamer2 days ago

    They got lucky this time

  63. Jose Ramirez

    Jose Ramirez2 days ago

    How can you not like seeing Brady fired up. It gets the team rolling. It even pumps me up

  64. Nudibelle

    Nudibelle2 days ago

    Greatest Leader!!!

  65. Anthony Peters

    Anthony Peters2 days ago

    We love our buccaneers !

  66. Andrew Esparza

    Andrew Esparza2 days ago

    Brady’s starting to have a Florida accent

  67. Jonathan B

    Jonathan B2 days ago

    Funny they didnt include that moment when Tom Brady screamed at his receiver for not getting open. Give us the tea lol.

  68. Jacob P

    Jacob P2 days ago

    Tom is a badass

  69. Nosy Rosie

    Nosy Rosie2 days ago

    Awe! 🤭 I want to see the AB touchdown! 😊

  70. Brody Brown

    Brody Brown2 days ago

    Props to Tom after for saying that to Alex Smith

  71. Tydyjav

    Tydyjav2 days ago

    He’s the truth.

  72. Nyda

    Nyda2 days ago

    Brady could literally will the team to victory! GOAT!

  73. Gerardo Reyes2

    Gerardo Reyes22 days ago

    Get this man on the mic every week

  74. cruzee1021

    cruzee10212 days ago

    I wonder if Tom calls Giselle baby all the time.

  75. goldenGOAT

    goldenGOAT2 days ago

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  76. Superman offer

    Superman offer2 days ago

    Mere Xpression get the app

  77. Ben Gavlik

    Ben Gavlik2 days ago

    No interaction with Heinicke :(

  78. Stocky

    Stocky2 days ago

    I hope drew brees and the saints destroy the succaners

  79. John Mahelona-De Leon

    John Mahelona-De Leon2 days ago

    It’s not the typical oh I’m micd up so I’m going to be extra talkative and motivate my teammates this is how Tom leads week in week out mic or no mic this is how the greatest football player on the planet communicates with his boys and it’s great to see them building a tight knit unit and bond let’s hope they can be on the same page and execute for these next couple play off games and let’s get the GOAT a 7th ring

  80. Kiki

    Kiki2 days ago

    Who cares about football or any professional sports. They use it for their political views. Stopped watching sports since 2009. Tell a vision (television)

  81. Det O

    Det O2 days ago

    Pat's Nation Missed TB#12 🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐


    JOKERLAMO2 days ago

    How can you not like him haha!

  83. Maro 5Fly

    Maro 5Fly2 days ago

    Yeah 💯

  84. Jesse S

    Jesse S2 days ago

    TB12 !!!

  85. Chris Di

    Chris Di2 days ago

    And still the amount of hate this man gets on a daily basis is insane

  86. hank hill

    hank hill2 days ago

    He call everybody baby lol

  87. Rita Heid

    Rita Heid2 days ago

    If the bucs db’s don’t give up big plays the bucs can win this game

  88. Branden L Diaz

    Branden L Diaz2 days ago

  89. T-Virus Terrance

    T-Virus Terrance2 days ago

    Hello, Humans. "Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared."-Buddha TERRANCE OUT

  90. Herbert Wingfield

    Herbert Wingfield2 days ago

    What is the psi of a NFL football again?

  91. cjr1881

    cjr18812 days ago

    Hey Tom, what down is it? You didn’t forget did you?


    CHAMBERLA!N2 days ago

    Brady breakdown in my channel!

  93. Sadie Baby

    Sadie Baby2 days ago

    Come subscribe :) OF @peachy_queenb

  94. Down Bad

    Down Bad2 days ago

    I’m down bad

  95. Michael DeFilippi

    Michael DeFilippi2 days ago

    Such a great role model.

  96. Yumi Tokushige

    Yumi Tokushige2 days ago

    I had no idea Tom Brady was a bunch of bleeping.

  97. Bob Fast

    Bob Fast2 days ago


  98. Emmanuel Emmanuel

    Emmanuel Emmanuel2 days ago

    He sounds so different from when he was on the Pats. Weird

  99. gertch100

    gertch1002 days ago

    Brady is the best leader in the history of sports.

  100. Frederico Pinto

    Frederico Pinto2 days ago

    When you see the level of leadership of a TB12 and the respect he gets from teammates and opponents that alone tells you he's the GOAT. Then he throws dimes at you.

  101. K Sims

    K Sims2 days ago

    You just cant hate him

  102. MizCal Flo AKA Swaggy Dee

    MizCal Flo AKA Swaggy Dee2 days ago

    Im like tom Brady of the rap game 😏