#21 Miami vs #1 Florida Highlights (Extra Inning Thriller!) | 2021 College Baseball Highlights

Florida and Miami played the second game of their weekend series to open up the 2021 College Baseball Season.
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  1. jthomas kay

    jthomas kay4 days ago

    I can't unhear that.

  2. PayneS20 Ark

    PayneS20 Ark7 days ago

    Brown eyed handsome man???

  3. Sterling Pilgrim

    Sterling Pilgrim8 days ago

    "Contract tracing protocols"... cringe

  4. The Round Table

    The Round Table8 days ago

    these umpire suck

  5. Tyler Schroeder

    Tyler Schroeder10 days ago

    What the hell was that Florida coach thinking leaving his closer in that long. 5 walks and a hit batter is ridiculous. Should have pulled that kid after 2 walks or 3 at the absolute most. He clearly didn't have his normal stuff.

  6. Mike Costanzo

    Mike Costanzo11 days ago

    why was #35 still pitching for Florida? he walked way too many people lol

  7. 대출몽

    대출몽11 days ago

    무방문대출자도OK 우리동네 안전대출업체 찾기~ 네이버 대출몽 검색

  8. Left Field Lounger

    Left Field Lounger11 days ago

    @wheelsyt, I reached out to you on twitter. Give me a shout when you can.

  9. Jonah Boyea

    Jonah Boyea11 days ago

    he was a brown-eyed handsome man like what lmao XD

  10. Aaronballer21

    Aaronballer217 days ago

    I was thinking the same “brown eyed handsome man” what’s that commentary

  11. Phard

    Phard11 days ago

    Okay.. maybe i coulda played college baseball after all

  12. Carlos Alvarez

    Carlos Alvarez11 days ago

    College baseball is more exciting than professional

  13. Ridge Knight

    Ridge Knight11 days ago

    Do the ole miss games

  14. DARÍO 88

    DARÍO 8812 days ago


  15. DARÍO 88

    DARÍO 8812 days ago

    we need better pichers Miami.

  16. Dylan Lange

    Dylan Lange12 days ago

    Where were the Coastal Carolina vs. Duke games?

  17. Duke Kirby Films

    Duke Kirby Films12 days ago

    They need a new commentator

  18. Im2Prec1se

    Im2Prec1se12 days ago

    That hickey guy is a beast

  19. HefnerJeff

    HefnerJeff13 days ago

    Omg Miami played a overall awful game, but whata fight.

  20. Chet Robinson

    Chet Robinson13 days ago

    5:55 whatdidhesayyyyy

  21. vasedans

    vasedans13 days ago

    You just hate to see it

  22. Harper-G2#Ours

    Harper-G2#Ours13 days ago

    can you show ole miss pls

  23. J C

    J C13 days ago

    That's the number one team in the nation?

  24. Randy Johnson

    Randy Johnson13 days ago

    Come on coach ...5 walks and a hit batter ?

  25. Kira Nguyen

    Kira Nguyen13 days ago

    Keep the HURRICANES games coming!!! 🤤🤤🤤

  26. Raul Feliz

    Raul Feliz13 days ago


  27. joshy hulkower

    joshy hulkower13 days ago

    What a game! Miami was down 5 in the first and was down the entire game but they slowly rallied back and beat the #1 team in the nation. This is a special team

  28. Tre Jackson

    Tre Jackson12 hours ago

    It also helps when you get 5 walks in the same inning

  29. Haden

    Haden13 days ago

    arkansas game ?

  30. Tyler Morgan

    Tyler Morgan13 days ago

    Florida coach solely deserved to lose after letting his closer walk 5 runs in the 9th inning...

  31. DARÍO 88

    DARÍO 8812 days ago

    @Colton Elixson 🤣 Thanks to him we won. (or at least continue the game) It was a great game.

  32. Brad Davis

    Brad Davis13 days ago

    My bad

  33. Brad Davis

    Brad Davis13 days ago

    @Colton Elixson loop

  34. Colton Elixson

    Colton Elixson13 days ago

    The only explanation I feel like would make sense with that was he didn't have anyone warming up, I was so frustrated with that though cause as soon as he took him out we got that last out

  35. Randy Johnson

    Randy Johnson13 days ago

    He's got to do better than this....you play this kind of game in med weeks not against a good Miami team

  36. Sr.

    Sr.13 days ago

    Thank you for your channel

  37. Turner DiDonato

    Turner DiDonato13 days ago

    That was some badddddd baseball, but a great game!

  38. servmlrcc

    servmlrcc13 days ago

    Wow what a game!

  39. Nick Gladden

    Nick Gladden13 days ago

    Told y’all it was the first game last time 🤷🏼‍♂️

  40. Noah McDaniel

    Noah McDaniel13 days ago

    That Hickey kid is surely a first round pick

  41. joshsteele53

    joshsteele5313 days ago

    too bad mlb can’t have fun extra inning games like this anymore. runner on 2nd to start the inning makes walk offs so much less exciting

  42. Carter Smalley

    Carter Smalley12 days ago

    @what it doo Nah they are bringing it back

  43. Fight Milk

    Fight Milk12 days ago

    @what it doo are you sure they aren’t bringing it back? I HATED that shit

  44. what it doo

    what it doo12 days ago

    don't worry it's only for covid season

  45. Isaac Suriel

    Isaac Suriel13 days ago

    Tennessee please

  46. TripleC

    TripleC13 days ago


  47. Taylor Darlington

    Taylor Darlington13 days ago

    Can u show San Diego State games

  48. Philip Knox

    Philip Knox13 days ago

    Are you going to post the ole miss vs tcu game

  49. Christian Douglass

    Christian Douglass13 days ago

    Finally more college baseball!!

  50. cheezeluver25

    cheezeluver2513 days ago

    This was such a great game! Had me at the edge of my seat the whole time

  51. Gage Callaghan

    Gage Callaghan13 days ago

    Kansas State and Oregon State?

  52. Jared F

    Jared F13 days ago

    I turned it off after the 7th inning thinking it was over 😐

  53. Why We Love Film

    Why We Love Film13 days ago

    Jesus. They got a new ballpark?

  54. James Harden

    James Harden13 days ago

    Miamis 1B is awful🤣🤣🤣🤣

  55. Gabe Romero

    Gabe Romero12 days ago

    Lol he’s an absolute bot 😂

  56. Ryan Haywood

    Ryan Haywood13 days ago

    You should post more softball highlights? Maybe the auburn softball against South Carolina today

  57. lawn care kid

    lawn care kid13 days ago


  58. Jimmy Alfonsin

    Jimmy Alfonsin13 days ago

    Bro I swear I watched this and it would never end

  59. Sports Fanatic

    Sports Fanatic12 days ago

    Haha God bless

  60. FingerShredder

    FingerShredder13 days ago


  61. Ashton Florom

    Ashton Florom13 days ago


  62. Mobster Win

    Mobster Win13 days ago

    Do Texas tech when there done with their game

  63. Eric Galarza

    Eric Galarza13 days ago

    Ugly game by Florida, can’t believe they gave up that many free bases as the #1 division I baseball team in the world

  64. Salvatore Geraci

    Salvatore Geraci13 days ago

    Miami first baseman not very good defensively :/

  65. Miami Hurricanes

    Miami Hurricanes12 days ago

    @Daniel Gomez I agree, been a rough first 2 games in the field for him

  66. Miami Hurricanes

    Miami Hurricanes12 days ago

    @Ryn I agree, should be the DH, can’t stand watching him at first

  67. Daniel Gomez

    Daniel Gomez13 days ago

    @Miami Hurricanes that’s good! But he should be a DH then. Last two games he doesn’t seem comfortable at 1B

  68. Daniel Gomez

    Daniel Gomez13 days ago

    @Seek GOD first sorry😂

  69. Ryn

    Ryn13 days ago

    Yea but he’s a 1st round draft prospect bc his bat is amazing

  70. Wintya

    Wintya13 days ago

    Post as many college games as possible if you can

  71. Larry Floyd

    Larry Floyd13 days ago

    can you do the ole miss game

  72. A guy named Connor

    A guy named Connor13 days ago

    The Mississippi State vs Texas game was on flowbaseball tv

  73. Victor Cruz

    Victor Cruz13 days ago

    Good job Wheels! We appreciate you

  74. Peyton Nelson

    Peyton Nelson13 days ago

    Wheels you’re the 🐐

  75. A guy named Connor

    A guy named Connor13 days ago

    Can u plz post highlights for #7 Mississippi State vs #10 Texas game

  76. Eli Barnes

    Eli Barnes7 days ago

    @Sterling Pilgrim u mean rebels

  77. Sterling Pilgrim

    Sterling Pilgrim8 days ago

    @Eli Barnes "Brown Bears" ugh

  78. Left Field Lounger

    Left Field Lounger11 days ago

    FloSports is striking down all College Baseball showdown videos on USlikes.

  79. Eli Barnes

    Eli Barnes11 days ago

    @Maxbps ole miss is #1 in the nation catch-up max state is mad we are better than them at football and baseball

  80. Maxbps

    Maxbps11 days ago

    Any Mississippi State game is worth watching over and always better than an ol'dirty-rebels game. Real baseball fans would rather watch the Bulldogs play Mother Mary Sisters of the Poor over any dirty rebels game.

  81. Shash Iyer

    Shash Iyer13 days ago

    Great vid I just don't understand something. At 4:56 why is that not a foul ball? I'm sorry if it's a dumb question I'm just trying to understand the sport cause it's new to me lol

  82. Jared the great

    Jared the great13 days ago

    @Shash Iyer no problem

  83. Shash Iyer

    Shash Iyer13 days ago

    @Jared the great thanks man, appreciate it

  84. Jared the great

    Jared the great13 days ago

    @Shash Iyer yes

  85. Shash Iyer

    Shash Iyer13 days ago

    @John Blackman ohhhhh OK I get you so if it went straight out it would be foul right?

  86. The Aviation Lover

    The Aviation Lover13 days ago

    Yes they explained it well

  87. Justin Peters

    Justin Peters13 days ago


  88. Luke Verwey

    Luke Verwey13 days ago

    Can you do Tennessee vs ga southern

  89. Harry Genth

    Harry Genth13 days ago

    Lets go