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  1. H2ODelirious

    H2ODeliriousMonth ago

    Support me and use my Creator Code on the Epic Games Store: h2odelirious store.epicgames.com/h2odelirious/among-us #EpicPartner

  2. Fila Hagemeister

    Fila HagemeisterMonth ago

    @nanaliakaira g. K

  3. Noah Gaming

    Noah GamingMonth ago

    1:27 that was a pretty good panic laugh.

  4. Lily Alonzo

    Lily AlonzoMonth ago

    Play the mod where imposters can play dead!!! The body randomly generates a color so if reported the (imposter) isn’t really dead! Or the mod where you can control someone’s mind ! And make someone who isn’t imposter kill !!!!!! YALL WOULD KILL THEM MODS I saw a SSundee video of him playing them but y’all would dominate in those mods !! PLEASE IT WOULD BE SO FUNNY!!

  5. Lily Alonzo

    Lily AlonzoMonth ago

    Play the mod where imposters can play dead!!! The body randomly generates a color so if reported the (imposter) isn’t really dead! Or the mod where you can control someone’s mind ! And make someone who isn’t imposter kill !!!!!! YALL WOULD KILL THEM MODS I saw a SSundee video of him playing them but y’all would dominate in those mods !! PLEASE IT WOULD BE SO FUNNY!!

  6. Undead HunterX

    Undead HunterXMonth ago

    Are you gonna stream rust again?

  7. Knobeldobel

    Knobeldobel8 days ago

    how do you download this mod?

  8. 초메가브롤 Youtube

    초메가브롤 Youtube13 days ago

    How do I download there is no link

  9. KingShadow75

    KingShadow7514 days ago

    That subtle "Oh no. Kyle You Threw" 😂

  10. Emperor Calick

    Emperor Calick15 days ago

    Cant believe squirrel would place vents around you thats messed up dude you should have killed him or something

  11. Phillip Alcorn

    Phillip Alcorn18 days ago

    Chosen sabotaged Delirious's Mike, There is no joke...

  12. Pcgamingtv

    Pcgamingtv21 day ago


  13. Rose Puppy

    Rose Puppy27 days ago

    “CRONO CAN YOU HEAR ME?!” “Yeah I can I can hear you.” “Oh so you just _chose_ to talk over me!” 😆

  14. shhh Gautam

    shhh GautamMonth ago

    13:14 😂😂😂😂 that's epic.

  15. killercam2007 omg

    killercam2007 omgMonth ago


  16. Rachel Jack

    Rachel JackMonth ago

    Everyone totally ignoring the fact that he was using a racial slur that was used when young Native Americans back 50/40 years went to school, the “American” fellow students used to say “if it brown flush it down” and would think it was okay to discriminate native Americans in public which led to further conflicts.

  17. Smashed Potatoes

    Smashed PotatoesMonth ago


  18. Da Queen Potatoe

    Da Queen PotatoeMonth ago

    "It's H2O not H20 because delirious isn't a zero, he's a herO." -Da Queen Potatoe 2021

  19. Nelson Perez

    Nelson PerezMonth ago

    Lmaoo Rilla sounded so sad when Toons didnt sing with him.

  20. Solo Wolf Gaming

    Solo Wolf GamingMonth ago

    We love miclirious

  21. Aaron Revill

    Aaron RevillMonth ago

    This was great to watch

  22. Kindle Christman

    Kindle ChristmanMonth ago

    ft. jontron

  23. Jed & Jen

    Jed & JenMonth ago

    I call that a ventpostor. I already asked this weeks ago.

  24. Trisha Mongar

    Trisha MongarMonth ago

    Don’t u have a baby

  25. Elealeh Blue

    Elealeh BlueMonth ago

    Hey, uh, I know this is kinda off-topic and maybe I missed something, but... Where's Babylirious?

  26. Skittle_Clouds

    Skittle_CloudsMonth ago


  27. Andre B

    Andre BMonth ago

    Delirious: *Kills Squirrel* Also Delirious: Why would Squirrel do this?

  28. Fresh Prince

    Fresh PrinceMonth ago

    “If it’s brown... Flush it down” 😂😂😂 “Don’t flush me down” 😂


    GHOST GODMonth ago

    he said yellow to orange


    M3MZ4DAYZ BOIMonth ago

    Unrelated comment

  31. Michael Maea

    Michael MaeaMonth ago

    Delirious hides Squirrel’s body and then sings Blue Bird is hilarious

  32. Maya Yo

    Maya YoMonth ago

    The whole mod is about venting and placing vents everywhere. Delirious: vents to squirrel about stuff.

  33. Berly Salinas

    Berly SalinasMonth ago

    I love how cartoons and rilla sing the song from I forgot what the movie called but I loved it

  34. Nishoo Bansal

    Nishoo BansalMonth ago

    Is it available for normal users too?

  35. BryleXcore Gaming

    BryleXcore GamingMonth ago

    3:56 Delirious said... Purple to pink Yellow to orange

  36. c Lok

    c LokMonth ago

    I fucking lost it when he placed multiple vents next to squirrels body!

  37. Jacob Catalan

    Jacob CatalanMonth ago

    Congrats on bablirous 🥳🥳

  38. Raven

    RavenMonth ago

    I guess you can say round one Delirious has CHOSEN correctly.

  39. Jess Taylor

    Jess TaylorMonth ago

    They act like decent humans when there's a woman around. Not the best, but better than the usual vulgar talk

  40. darkdemon1434

    darkdemon1434Month ago

    what is the song at 13:49 i need to know Please

  41. Dice

    DiceMonth ago

    Yo Delirious I like it how you're singing reading rambo🤣

  42. unit03

    unit03Month ago

    Excuse me, where can we get this mod???

  43. Zoey M

    Zoey MMonth ago


  44. lol animz

    lol animzMonth ago


  45. Pe • ep

    Pe • epMonth ago

    Looks fun

  46. Kevin Clause4p55p

    Kevin Clause4p55pMonth ago

    If its brahn flushit dahn!

  47. NatNat

    NatNatMonth ago

    what you did to squirrel had me deadddd lmao love your vids

  48. Cori Horton

    Cori HortonMonth ago

    All the cremated IQ: 45 cartoons imposter IQ: 94 Delirious imposter IQ: 137

  49. Crimson

    CrimsonMonth ago

    This makes me wish i had friends 😂

  50. rfixe

    rfixeMonth ago

    It's just me or I didn't even hear Jihi once all the video? Poor girl, they didn't give her a chance xD

  51. Scooter

    ScooterMonth ago

    I guess you can say your a venteran XD

  52. Trestondamemes

    TrestondamemesMonth ago

    Master mind ngl

  53. dank meme

    dank memeMonth ago

    Who made this mod?


    LEGO YODAMonth ago

    J O N T R O N 1:06

  55. Valkyrie

    ValkyrieMonth ago

    *Delirious doing wires* Delirious: "Purple to pink, Yellow to orange" Uh.. what?

  56. Caleb Buckley

    Caleb BuckleyMonth ago

    This mod is basically Mira hq vents on skeld and polus

  57. Alper Gunes

    Alper GunesMonth ago

    my ears bleed 5:03

  58. Mico

    MicoMonth ago

    Good choice with highlighting the speakers

  59. MiichaelJrYT

    MiichaelJrYTMonth ago

    ToOnZLirious the dream team

  60. MetroSity

    MetroSityMonth ago

    It’s to the point I really thought squirrel did it

  61. Trejo J

    Trejo JMonth ago

    Impostor duo delirious and cartoonz is unstoppable

  62. Kurtly Fellizar

    Kurtly FellizarMonth ago

    Hey Delirious can you make a live stream your among us video

  63. aimeeilavayou

    aimeeilavayouMonth ago

    Sabotaging comms and talking to the other imposter is such a good play, I actually hadn’t seen that before lol

  64. jmoney

    jmoneyMonth ago

    do both mods together crewmates can vent and imp can place vents anywhere

  65. Darren Rickenbacker

    Darren RickenbackerMonth ago

    5:22: CaRtOoNz and Delirious get imposter Me: Likes video

  66. Bryan Reyes

    Bryan ReyesMonth ago


  67. Sailor Drew

    Sailor DrewMonth ago

    Sometimes you just have to get things off your chest and vent.

  68. zoe shepherd

    zoe shepherdMonth ago


  69. Brendden Falk

    Brendden FalkMonth ago

    Can you plzzzzzzzzzzzzz the whole twd series pllzzzzzzz🥺🥺🥺

  70. Oakdalecity MAESO

    Oakdalecity MAESOMonth ago

    Self reporting sophie

  71. Andrea Cortes

    Andrea CortesMonth ago


  72. MissSarahDonut6

    MissSarahDonut6Month ago

    Cartoons in the v first round: "I think we can clear rilla" Rilla: "I'm about to destroy this man's whole career"

  73. Steeltoe 14

    Steeltoe 14Month ago

    Can you and Cartoonz finish Far Cry 5 and begin Far Cry New Dawn

  74. Emilio Mendivil Hamburger

    Emilio Mendivil HamburgerMonth ago


  75. Thegrand Mo

    Thegrand MoMonth ago

    "It was CLEARLY you! You're ONE who did it!"

  76. villakillareal

    villakillarealMonth ago

    Where can I find this mod?

  77. SSThunDerHawK

    SSThunDerHawKMonth ago

    Does anyone know how they did the highlighted speaking part at meetings?

  78. Kael Duck

    Kael DuckMonth ago


  79. Unique Steven

    Unique StevenMonth ago

    Do more Minecraft please or else I’ll STEAL your teddy bear 🧸

  80. Grim Regent

    Grim RegentMonth ago

    Imagine this mod + the random vent mod where anyone can vent but randomly

  81. Nayelli Ocampo

    Nayelli OcampoMonth ago

    I want to try the mode LOL

  82. Rj Owens

    Rj OwensMonth ago

    Rilla says there's 7 when there's really 9

  83. saranda xerxa

    saranda xerxaMonth ago

    Delerious pls can you play the new batman game

  84. Josh0-007

    Josh0-007Month ago

    Hey 2h0 delirious, how can I going you in among us


    DOOM KILLERMonth ago

    H20DELIRIOUS I made a tt for you and teddy

  86. JustPatrickStar

    JustPatrickStarMonth ago

    How did rocky see the kill but didnt mass report like how it always happens in the servers I go.

  87. Jeremy Bennett

    Jeremy BennettMonth ago


  88. Elie Saber

    Elie SaberMonth ago

    Delirious's imagination is rocking throughout the cutscenes

  89. Just_T-rex_No?

    Just_T-rex_No?Month ago

    Can we get reverse whackamole? Where the imposters place vents and everyone picks a vent, and whoever is on top of the vent the imposter chose they get killed?

  90. I Jat

    I JatMonth ago

    Does jihi have yt

  91. Faith Rubeck

    Faith RubeckMonth ago

    I love Delirious and Squirrel

  92. Zackari Samari Mime

    Zackari Samari MimeMonth ago

    with this mod you can vent out the map if it is by a wall

  93. Mario

    MarioMonth ago

    I'm using your code delirious

  94. Sylvia Cortez

    Sylvia CortezMonth ago

    Can you play jurrasic world evolution agian pls

  95. Yannik Saag

    Yannik SaagMonth ago


  96. Clive Theoson

    Clive TheosonMonth ago

    I think there's a simillar mod where you teleport every time you walk on a vent, no matter what your role is.

  97. JP's World

    JP's WorldMonth ago

    I love the glow up when everyone is talking looks so cool

  98. zuma 3352

    zuma 3352Month ago

    5:24 Not gonna lie. Delirious and Cartoonz are making A pretty good team as Imposters.

  99. Flammable Lemon

    Flammable LemonMonth ago


  100. Faron Janzen

    Faron JanzenMonth ago

    I have a mode sucheshde do a werewolf mode so the werewolf can kill imposters and crawmatea it all so diabals inposters abiladeys the w herewolf if he kills an inposter he can still kill if he kills a crawmate he has a kill cooldawn

  101. Jason Atkins

    Jason AtkinsMonth ago

    Delirious 2021:Self-report selfer

  102. Christopher Joseph

    Christopher JosephMonth ago

    Cartoonz : nope Everybody : okay I believe you y, you're not the killer

  103. chenxin pan

    chenxin panMonth ago


  104. Kety Pena

    Kety PenaMonth ago

    hi delirious play e game call at dead of night 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🥺

  105. Белка убийца

    Белка убийцаMonth ago

    13:24 WHY!?!? WHY!?!? WHY YOU KILL A SQUIRREL??!!