David Banner in the Trap! 🔥🔥🔥 w/ Karlous Miller & Clayton English

The 85 percenters have been waiting on David Banner and he pulled up in the trap to drop nothing but knowledge. Mississippi's own David Banner connects with Karlous Miller and Clayton English to talk about how he came up in the game! From sleeping on the floor to being one of the founders of the Trap Music sound, Banner is way more than a producer and a rapper - listen as he breaks down some real world concepts and look out for the GODBOX 2 on the way!
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  1. Keishawn Hawkins

    Keishawn Hawkins2 days ago

    Yo this is a dope ass episode fam. Mad respect to y’all and Banner Fr fr ✊🏾

  2. Calvin Burns

    Calvin Burns2 days ago

    Been down with BANNER since hit the scene THANKS BANNER!!

  3. Freddie Dollarz

    Freddie Dollarz2 days ago

    I am over here thinking I was only one that was remembering Def Jam Vendetta... Glad to here them bring it up like they did.

  4. Claudel Noel

    Claudel Noel3 days ago

    “In order to lose some Sht, you had to have had some sht in the first place” David Banner That’s deep, Can’t lost sht you need had...

  5. Mr. Jeter

    Mr. Jeter3 days ago

    David Banner and Killer Mike talk that talk we need but still make the music we want to hear too!!!

  6. fatima pruitt

    fatima pruitt3 days ago

    I'm short n curvy 4'11"

  7. Denise

    Denise3 days ago

    So why I rewind the intro 3 times 🔥 Most people don’t want to free the slaves they want they chance to hold the whip! Wow!

  8. Enly1RedEscalade Boose

    Enly1RedEscalade Boose4 days ago

    👌🏾"Every Problem On This Planet Is Connected to a Blessing In Order 2 Have Lost/Loss u have to Been Blessed with It No Doubt !!!💡❣

  9. Enly1RedEscalade Boose

    Enly1RedEscalade Boose4 days ago

    💡📽Congrats On AB.V. Productions&Knowledge ✅"When Media People Make Futuristic Films /SCI FI They Tryna Showcase Life Without Black America Gotta Be Independent Take Action&STAY WOKE....💯 !!

  10. Enly1RedEscalade Boose

    Enly1RedEscalade Boose4 days ago

    🤣🤣🤣🌫🤣🤣😴The moment Lous Read 🧠💬That Bag could be a Spinnanight Mad wild&Real on Reusability!!!

  11. Enly1RedEscalade Boose

    Enly1RedEscalade Boose4 days ago

    Handsome Flyness&Wisdom Intelligent men with Down Home Relatability of Awareness on Facts& Issues!!!

  12. Georgia Peach

    Georgia Peach5 days ago

    Bill Clinton..Stamped 1 3 Strikes

  13. Mizz KeyX

    Mizz KeyX5 days ago

    1:15:10 I🤚🏽 was definitely a David Banner fan and still is before I became an 85%. Now shout out to all my 80s Baby's! 💯❤

  14. Georgia Peach

    Georgia Peach5 days ago


  15. Georgia Peach

    Georgia Peach5 days ago

    She is Me 1

  16. Jai Royal

    Jai Royal7 days ago

    This podcast for the niggas that stay out all night and still can't come up with a good lie.

  17. Babatundé Turnage

    Babatundé Turnage7 days ago

    I fukks w/ David Banner and the movement. The Godbox is purely amazing

  18. iAmCiza

    iAmCiza8 days ago

    Best show to date!

  19. Najenaj16

    Najenaj168 days ago

    Great Interview.

  20. Melissa Ingram

    Melissa Ingram8 days ago

    Good show

  21. Damien Scott

    Damien Scott8 days ago

    As a member of the conscious community im so glad They had Banner to put some knowledge on yall young niggas heads. Yall the future its up to you all to have knowledge of self stay on code and demand equal treatment in a country your ancestors built.

  22. Ashley White

    Ashley White8 days ago

    David Banner laughs like the late great Patrice O'neal. ❤️

  23. Hyped Beast

    Hyped Beast9 days ago

    OG Banner in this Thang.. Much Respect 🙏🏽

  24. Larry Lopez

    Larry Lopez10 days ago

    Master P got the game from the Bay. He will tell you that himself.

  25. Matt Wil

    Matt Wil10 days ago

    "Every problem you have is connected to a blessing" - David Banner

  26. Tahmir Patterson

    Tahmir Patterson10 days ago

    No cap David was my pops all through high school he saved my life

  27. aaron austin

    aaron austin10 days ago

    That smile Banner had he ask what happened when she booked you lol

  28. Tat Tha Barber

    Tat Tha Barber12 days ago

    Best podcast on the internet.....💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽

  29. Lebo Holmes

    Lebo Holmes12 days ago

    Banner u are already rich as Trump

  30. MoBitz 'Love & Relax Mix'

    MoBitz 'Love & Relax Mix'12 days ago

    Everytime I go a wrong direction, I watch this episode to remind myself, that I have a responsibility and I need to be great

  31. Monique Dior

    Monique Dior13 days ago

    This episode made me appreciate David Banner more..... thank you Black King

  32. Lonnie Brogan

    Lonnie Brogan13 days ago

    Already fr fr 💪💪💪💪💪

  33. Lonnie Brogan

    Lonnie Brogan13 days ago


  34. Lonnie Brogan

    Lonnie Brogan13 days ago

    That was some good exclusive s***

  35. Lonnie Brogan

    Lonnie Brogan13 days ago

    Keep doin wat y'all doin fr fr don't stop

  36. Lonnie Brogan

    Lonnie Brogan13 days ago

    Wat Dat they is phenomenal 🔥🔥🔥💪💪😂😂😂😷😷😷😍😍

  37. Lonnie Brogan

    Lonnie Brogan13 days ago


  38. Mr Rashad Ordway

    Mr Rashad Ordway14 days ago

    Shout's out to Mr Mississippi himself we Love you David Banner we appreciate you. 💪❤Mississippi❤💪🙏 spreading love🤲❤ and spreading a knowledgement 🤲🧠 inspiration and encouragement 🧠🧐🤔🤔

  39. Tre 516

    Tre 51615 days ago

    English Teacher:David Banner spell Mississippi? D.Banner:🗣️(Mi crooked letter crooked letter i crooked letter i humpback humpback i

  40. Agualos

    Agualos16 days ago

    🙏🏽bring that energy

  41. Keisha Chappell

    Keisha Chappell16 days ago

    I have been waiting for this episode! Took me a while to finish it between working, running a business, and family. I love you all!!!!

  42. chris ramus

    chris ramus17 days ago

    What about those two Denzel Washington movies (Equalizer) .....

  43. Kola Dola

    Kola Dola17 days ago

    I played this podcast back like my favorite song

  44. Kola Dola

    Kola Dola17 days ago

    Banner drops gems per usual

  45. Kola Dola

    Kola Dola18 days ago

    I’m joining the niggas sign me up ASAP

  46. R.E.K Real Estate

    R.E.K Real Estate18 days ago


  47. R.E.K Real Estate

    R.E.K Real Estate18 days ago

    Realest shit ...

  48. Denzel Ellenwood

    Denzel Ellenwood18 days ago

    Wow this nigga paid $10,000 for that play beat , I really used to think he paid at least $75,000 - $100,000 for that record cause colli park was in fire . That's fucked up how companies mess up rappers publishing checks

  49. B Allen

    B Allen19 days ago

    Where yall get the rug from though? Tryina cop


    BRANDON FAIN20 days ago

    This podcast for people like me that smoke a blunt before chuuch

  51. pHiL Kizer

    pHiL Kizer20 days ago

    LIES, David Banner. My elders DID NOT move from Orangeburg, SC to New York and Connecticut then start looking down on the rest our Southern family. We faced hate, discrimination, and prejudice as well. And we visited our Southern relatives during the summers where we always had to go DOWN South because they would never make the trip up North. (your upside down map theory is also a lie). You're letting a handful of big mouth rap niggaz paint a false picture that we don't love our Southern cousins. If that was true, we wouldn't fuck with yall music, cities, or nothing. That's dangerous to make it seem like ALL or even most of us look down on yall. That's FAR from the truth, bruh. AND Malcolm X is from the North.

  52. Brandon Stephens

    Brandon Stephens20 days ago

    Really wish people could stop generalizing, making it seem like ALL white people are bad. I’m reality the majority of White Americans are decent people. Spreading the hate of whites isn’t doing anything to stop the hate of African Americans. If anything it’s amplifying it.

  53. John Mills

    John Mills21 day ago

    J.O.N.’s face @12:57 😂😂😂😂😂 like dis niggaaa

  54. Juice

    Juice21 day ago

    David banner got to be related to DL Hugley

  55. deshon johnson

    deshon johnson21 day ago

    Nigga I’m Down

  56. Candice Fox

    Candice Fox21 day ago

    Yeaahhhhh.. I don't agree with that Malcom X comment.

  57. Daniel Fernando

    Daniel Fernando21 day ago

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  58. Kaleb Snider

    Kaleb Snider22 days ago

    Need lil Wayne in the trap! Dope podcast as usual ⛽️💯

  59. blue duke

    blue duke22 days ago

    David Banner is the truth. Very enlightening interview get shows guys.

  60. Lexxis Chevonne

    Lexxis Chevonne22 days ago

    Los say: "but the tag won't be the same. 'David Bandana...' " 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  61. Rashar Brown

    Rashar Brown22 days ago

    Banner is ahead of his time....dude dropping so many jewels in this episode you gotta watch this twice to catch them

  62. AbstraKTV

    AbstraKTV22 days ago

    Yeaaa Sirr! Bring BIG K.R.I.T to the Trap!!

  63. WYKZ DopeKiddo

    WYKZ DopeKiddo22 days ago

    13:30 WTF😱😱😱😱Im from South Africa and I did'nt even know that

  64. SheRhonda Reid

    SheRhonda Reid22 days ago

    I watch the part about the white girl being hit in the head with the boot about 10 times & laughed harder each time!

  65. Torrey Franklin

    Torrey Franklin23 days ago

    I loved this episode!!...dope!

  66. Tanika Lewis

    Tanika Lewis23 days ago

    Amen dropped jewels and spoke 💯 🙏🏽

  67. Daze G

    Daze G23 days ago

    you aint seen what I seen

  68. Serenity Childs

    Serenity Childs23 days ago

    That nigga from house of payne

  69. Kiesha Rodriguez

    Kiesha Rodriguez23 days ago

    I fell in love today sorry karlous, David Banner level of consciousness is just does it for me.

  70. Kiesha Rodriguez

    Kiesha Rodriguez23 days ago

    This is the best guest y'all ever had

  71. Neal Morris

    Neal Morris23 days ago


  72. Al Bird

    Al Bird24 days ago

    Bro stayed 3 houses down from me in the early 2000s on maddox in west Jackson. I was only 12 but never know what legends be in your presence

  73. Zupreme Gamer Entertainment•

    Zupreme Gamer Entertainment•24 days ago

    Much love from Charleston SC

  74. AbsolutelyAndre

    AbsolutelyAndre24 days ago

    52:37 💎

  75. Portia Valmore

    Portia Valmore24 days ago

    Einstein explains what David Banner was talking about: “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” People that pontificate, to any audience, but particularly black audiences, are likely to be full of shit anyway! I love that he added this to the conversation.

  76. Blue Bynum

    Blue Bynum24 days ago

    He came to VSU back in 2017! Me and my Brother Opened up for em 💪🏽💪🏽

  77. Abrianna Milton

    Abrianna Milton24 days ago

    This “black owned as hell!” 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

  78. Baa-ith Nurri-Deen

    Baa-ith Nurri-Deen24 days ago

    “Every problem is connected to a blessing...” “...in order to lose some shxt, you had to have had some shxt in the first place.” - David Banner Definitely a game changer for me!!

  79. Boss Nurse Jara

    Boss Nurse Jara24 days ago

    Y’all production has came soo far since the beginning. Love the growth 💪🏾💪🏾

  80. eternal cosmos

    eternal cosmos24 days ago

    „see young n**** i‘m bout to tell you how life get hard, while you was playing hide and seek n**** that was my yard“ 👋🏿

  81. Jonathan Cotton

    Jonathan Cotton24 days ago

    I love David banner and y’all so I watched this bih 3 times

  82. Daniel Gee

    Daniel Gee25 days ago

    SC on the map greenvillle banner is 🔥

  83. Kingg K

    Kingg K25 days ago

    Who that dude they was freestyling with

  84. Jacqueline Johnson

    Jacqueline Johnson25 days ago


  85. Corey Slaughter

    Corey Slaughter25 days ago

    Yo Mr. Banner talking real truth. Keep doing your thing. Also shout out to the 85SOUTH CREW

  86. Black Excellence

    Black Excellence25 days ago

    🤢🤢🤢 stfu

  87. Gregory Davis

    Gregory Davis25 days ago

    Somebody leak David banner number, I’m tryna see some

  88. Adrian Street

    Adrian Street25 days ago

    53:40🤣The look Banner give when talking about small women👀

  89. Brandon Graham

    Brandon Graham25 days ago

    From Florida but been in da sip for a while but we don't talk enough about these topics

  90. Motionn Crew

    Motionn Crew25 days ago

    53:59 - I am crying!!!! "BALL BOXING"

  91. Em Savv

    Em Savv25 days ago

    Mr. banner 💯

  92. Debgirl27

    Debgirl2726 days ago

    Politicians don't advocate for black communities because they don't have to pander for the black vote. Every time black folks brag about being an unflappable Democrat they are cutting their own throat.

  93. Yadse wn Dé

    Yadse wn Dé26 days ago

    David Banner ain't come on here to play NO games 👏👏👏

  94. micah7817

    micah781726 days ago

    "My uzi weigh a ton" feat Big Krit is def a bangin

  95. Elizah Howard

    Elizah Howard26 days ago

    I truly feel better listening to this these brothers over here feeding souls and shit

  96. Trill Fresco

    Trill Fresco26 days ago


  97. Vernessika Houston

    Vernessika Houston26 days ago

    "I just want us to treat each other Better!" @David Banner

  98. Flash By Knight

    Flash By Knight26 days ago

    Man, I felt that point about beard & gray hair. Never dying my shit.

  99. Elizah Howard

    Elizah Howard26 days ago

    One of the pathways to freedom is acting like you are free, true

  100. Tyrese Barbour

    Tyrese Barbour26 days ago

    It kills me everytime how much Clayton looks like the rat Ratatouille🤣

  101. Mr. Soze

    Mr. Soze27 days ago

    27:09 I've been saying this shot for years but the problem is they always flake out