Friday Night Funkin Mod - VS Whitty Full Week (Cutscenes,Human/Bot)

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bro I worked so hard on this mod.
programming - me
animation help + charting - @Nate Anim8
spirtes and main animator + musician - sock.clip
FNFBot (for ballistic):
0:00 - Lo-Fight (FC)
2:30 - Overhead (4 Miss)
4:57 - Ballistic (FC, FNFBot)
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  1. Veronica Guadarrama

    Veronica GuadarramaMinute ago


  2. Ali Vicdan

    Ali Vicdan11 minutes ago

    Make again but use FNFBot

  3. gg ez boy XD week boy haha

    gg ez boy XD week boy haha20 minutes ago

    What the fcuk what happened boy

  4. DL Chinn

    DL Chinn27 minutes ago

    Bruh last breath now with disbelif

  5. Peerapat Chimkhamta

    Peerapat Chimkhamta30 minutes ago


  6. Vi vi

    Vi vi33 minutes ago


  7. Vi vi

    Vi vi33 minutes ago


  8. Vi vi

    Vi vi34 minutes ago


  9. Aarav Gaming

    Aarav Gaming34 minutes ago

    5:33 see the down bar yes that's me when I play arsenal on roblox on real rage

  10. Aarav Gaming

    Aarav Gaming36 minutes ago

    5:32 This is when I rage

  11. ConnerBehind

    ConnerBehind39 minutes ago

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Whitty is week 8 or something as he fits perfectly into the lore.

  12. SuperbombYT animations

    SuperbombYT animations42 minutes ago

    Its funny how girlfriend doesn't get scared when there's a demon with the head of a lemon screaming I will eat you, and she doesn't get scared when here's a floating pixelated ghost thing who wants to take them out of their bodies but she gets scared by a teen who wants to be left alone and probably just broke his back 4:57

  13. •BlackOnyx•

    •BlackOnyx•50 minutes ago

    I love how Whitty sounds like an electric guitar

  14. idaho gaming

    idaho gaming51 minute ago


  15. Shannon Cobb

    Shannon Cobb52 minutes ago

    Witty cheat he went he did one left and. Boy fren like : why yiy cheat Whitt: I didn’t boy: you did I saw that left Whitt: ok yiy got me

  16. 0Maximus25

    0Maximus2552 minutes ago

    Whitty: 7:01 Me: OW MY FINGER IS IN PAIN

  17. Shannon Cobb

    Shannon Cobb53 minutes ago

    How come girl fren not scared of demon lemon aka lemon demon

  18. Arthur Caçoilo

    Arthur Caçoilo58 minutes ago

    "bro I worked so hard on this mod." I noticed.

  19. Huy Quang

    Huy QuangHour ago

    Hard mode : On 4:54

  20. MagicalWizard 3

    MagicalWizard 3Hour ago

    5:04 when you stup your pinkey toe on a brick wall

  21. Joel

    JoelHour ago

    I like to think GF is scared not because of Whitty but rather because boyfriend isn't failing not one single not from Ballistic

  22. Anna mienilk

    Anna mienilkHour ago


  23. CallMeJack

    CallMeJackHour ago

    POV:you are kade

  24. ProDude

    ProDudeHour ago

    5:30 he spittin fax about fnaf lore

  25. retr0seesyo u

    retr0seesyo uHour ago

    Whitty tured into Ps4-Man

  26. Eric The Good Boi

    Eric The Good BoiHour ago

    5:04 playstation time

  27. • _Rare_130_ • TLBFF

    • _Rare_130_ • TLBFFHour ago

    Whitty's *voice* is really the best, I enjoy listening to it. man can't stop replaying this 😅

  28. D_t51

    D_t51Hour ago

    I love how possible a 15 year old kid is able to beat all these "things". For example- His girlfriend is shaking due to a bomb literally breaking the fabrics of reality. I think if they added a 4th song- This dude would explode the absorb able universe if he could. And for god's sake- This small little child is facing off against a demon with a lemon head, LIKE HOLY HELL- I swear one day- The boyfriend is gonna become a ghost buster and maybe a god someday.

  29. Sonic spin

    Sonic spin2 hours ago

    Whitty: im gonna kill ya Boyfriend: *R2 D2 NOISE*

  30. Rawan Mahboob

    Rawan Mahboob2 hours ago


  31. Rawan Mahboob

    Rawan Mahboob2 hours ago


  32. Kalayasia Brown

    Kalayasia Brown2 hours ago

    Senpai:Now I Wanna Be Like Him Boyfriend:I Do Not Wanna Fight Him AGAIN

  33. general concern

    general concern2 hours ago

    Here’s a suggestion. For ballistic have speed on 0.75

  34. Luciana Rosero Panchana

    Luciana Rosero Panchana3 hours ago

    you are very good at controlling your character

  35. PILAR de

    PILAR de3 hours ago


  36. PILAR de

    PILAR de3 hours ago


  37. ØŘĖØ [TurboRoketsGames]

    ØŘĖØ [TurboRoketsGames]3 hours ago


  38. Mylene Logatoc

    Mylene Logatoc3 hours ago

    whithy is so crazy

  39. Mylene Logatoc

    Mylene Logatoc3 hours ago

    whitty is so crazy

  40. F word

    F word3 hours ago

    Everyone gangsta till the ombomb start speaking guitar

  41. Nihad Fetullayev

    Nihad Fetullayev4 hours ago

    yo theres someone who did corrupt whitty and its rlly good but did you accept it ???


    MR HOLDS RT2 hours ago

    Corrupt whitty is just faster then regular

  43. Fernan937

    Fernan9374 hours ago

    First song begins 0:36

  44. Sillmark Bacason

    Sillmark Bacason4 hours ago

    Love the first song good job lacking this vid

  45. Swag Sans

    Swag Sans4 hours ago

    This guy "whitty" looks like the bomb guy in TAWOG, but with a jacket, orange pants and orange shoes.


    MATEUS ALMEIDA4 hours ago


  47. /Wulfy_animations\

    /Wulfy_animations\4 hours ago


  48. siren Head 9.3

    siren Head 9.34 hours ago

    You are good

  49. RandomAnimates

    RandomAnimates4 hours ago

    I hate how you cant skip the cutscenes where whitty throws his mic and burns the poster

  50. NoOneYT Anims

    NoOneYT Anims4 hours ago

    Why does Whitty in Ballistic sound like the sound effect for a transformer transforming?-

  51. Kenneth Brown

    Kenneth Brown4 hours ago

    Whitty: screams super loud Me: getting a snack Also me: hearing whitty scream Also Also me: holding my ears so I don't explode

  52. Kenneth Brown

    Kenneth Brown4 hours ago

    Whitty is crazy he sounds like an electric guitar

  53. จิตกร อารีย์วงศ์สถิตย์

    จิตกร อารีย์วงศ์สถิตย์4 hours ago


  54. Ethan Bradshaw

    Ethan Bradshaw5 hours ago

    The first song was the best

  55. Dibitz Nameera

    Dibitz Nameera5 hours ago


  56. Laugh Out Lolly

    Laugh Out Lolly5 hours ago

    Whitby was created by the Illuminati

  57. Murka BS

    Murka BS5 hours ago

    no mistakes:0

  58. Soulless Dragon

    Soulless Dragon6 hours ago

    Is no one gonna talk about how much Lo-Fight S L A P S

  59. Joe Ratu

    Joe Ratu6 hours ago

    Ballblistic (is a thing) Whitty: tell them to bring me my money

  60. Somethink else

    Somethink else6 hours ago

    Am I the only one who hears here 3:23 Stop me, stop me. You cannot stop me

  61. ink sans

    ink sans7 hours ago

    Why Is there megalovania

  62. Flipper Jr.

    Flipper Jr.7 hours ago

    I've been here like 20 times now just to listen to the music. Man I wish my voice was an electric guitar

  63. TheRandomOne IsHere

    TheRandomOne IsHere7 hours ago

    Me: *Get's jumpscared* Also me: 5:03

  64. megumin but in roblox

    megumin but in roblox7 hours ago

    beep boop

  65. Kruz vouniozos

    Kruz vouniozos7 hours ago

    why is Whitty so perfect!? he looks so dope even doper then the remodel of foxy in piggy I ALSO LOVE THAT HE TALKS AS A ROCK GUITAR!!!! 😱😱😱😱

  66. Greninja David

    Greninja David7 hours ago


  67. niamiah robinson

    niamiah robinson7 hours ago

    That boi spitting

  68. Runi YT

    Runi YT7 hours ago


  69. lolkekcheburek

    lolkekcheburek7 hours ago

    I rejected my humanity JOJO

  70. เอกลักษณ์ ครุธแก้วสกุณี

    เอกลักษณ์ ครุธแก้วสกุณี8 hours ago


  71. UnscRy FNF

    UnscRy FNF8 hours ago


  72. hholaj123 Aswd

    hholaj123 Aswd8 hours ago

    bf: Time to make this kid cry

  73. The Ultimate Fusion!

    The Ultimate Fusion!8 hours ago

    Oh boi and here I am trying this mod on mobile...cant even get past the second line of insanity in ballistic

  74. sultan alsuwaidi

    sultan alsuwaidi8 hours ago

    you now what the should call him sanity braker

  75. Konnie Kon

    Konnie Kon8 hours ago

    Not Whitty representing the whole of PlayStation

  76. ShigarakisPlayerTwo

    ShigarakisPlayerTwo9 hours ago

    Whitty’s whole week is a bop but that first’s a complete vibe that you feel in your soul

  77. Mono

    Mono9 hours ago

    This is impossible bro

  78. Stronger Than You Undertale

    Stronger Than You Undertale9 hours ago

    7:01 My response when a guy who I want to discuss and roast tries to roast me pathetically...


    IKE CARTER10 hours ago

    Gotta make a mod where whitty is the MC

  80. Shiba Man

    Shiba Man10 hours ago


  81. Solomon Nino Delgado

    Solomon Nino Delgado10 hours ago

    whitty has hard mode but kade dev can do hard modes but with 1 miss

  82. vomp channel

    vomp channel10 hours ago

    yes prefect

  83. hen Huang

    hen Huang10 hours ago


  84. Destroyer W. D.

    Destroyer W. D.11 hours ago

    you... not human.......

  85. FNF Zenqhz

    FNF Zenqhz10 hours ago

    because theres bot in the title

  86. JENNIFER Segovia

    JENNIFER Segovia11 hours ago

    Idk why but whittys songs are calming for me-

  87. я крут

    я крут11 hours ago

    Привет бегтур

  88. PopFizz

    PopFizz11 hours ago

    You know the dad and pico they deserve a cool point, but Whitty? I love his design and his sound!

  89. Subarashii Zeta

    Subarashii Zeta11 hours ago

    It would be cool if we have a cutscene where Whitty just fucking explodes after Ballistic

  90. nurin iman

    nurin iman11 hours ago

    I like this UnU

  91. Roger That

    Roger That12 hours ago

    E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E how it looks when whitty does first verse of ballistic with E

  92. Анна Орлова

    Анна Орлова12 hours ago

    Wow COOL!

  93. Jin Chester Tayson

    Jin Chester Tayson12 hours ago

    The Boyfriend is an Average Human Height If u look at Whitty u will know he is the size of a house

  94. Jalver

    Jalver12 hours ago

    that looks e a s y

  95. CrazyGreenFluff

    CrazyGreenFluff12 hours ago

    this character design is rad, is he an oc? ;w;

  96. Yeya w u w u

    Yeya w u w u12 hours ago

    Fun fact: Whitty mide casi 3 metros ._.XD

  97. Penguin ULT

    Penguin ULT12 hours ago

    I love how whitty’s voice sound like an electric guitar, especially in ballistic

  98. PerfectaMe

    PerfectaMe12 hours ago

    skoop dabbity baptist’s bloop eeb do/dat grumpy whitty be my brother and i’m beating him up

  99. Marco Joaquin Sta. Maria

    Marco Joaquin Sta. Maria12 hours ago


  100. Cynthia Villalobos Cortes

    Cynthia Villalobos Cortes12 hours ago

    The fucking person that even defeat whitty in ballistic is freaking crazy

  101. Remy Cohn-Aronoff

    Remy Cohn-Aronoff12 hours ago

    Whitty: Leave me alone Boyfriend: *I said we rappin' tonight!*

  102. Eidan Isaack contreras

    Eidan Isaack contreras12 hours ago

    Its me lol