THIS ISN'T LIFE IS STRANGE!! | Tell Me Why Episode 1 Gameplay!!! | Part 1

Today I get my hands on the long awaited game, Tell Me Why, which is very similar and not to be confused with Life Is Strange!
This story is surrounding two siblings who discover they have a special power to awaken their memories together, and try to patch up their shaky childhood!
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  1. JazzyGuns

    JazzyGuns3 months ago

    I gotta see what happens the next time I play this because, I am left so confused 😶😅

  2. Bry Plays

    Bry Plays29 days ago

    Hi I’m a new subscriber 🥰

  3. J_boii Boii

    J_boii Boii2 months ago

    2 SW33T you can think that If you want lmao but you’ll always be wrong :)

  4. J_boii Boii

    J_boii Boii2 months ago

    2 SW33T you can think that If you want lmao but you’ll always be wrong :)

  5. 2 SW33T

    2 SW33T2 months ago

    @J_boii Boii you're still not a guy though

  6. J_boii Boii

    J_boii Boii2 months ago

    2 SW33T lol nice try I aint falling for the bait though better luck next time

  7. bosandaros ASMR

    bosandaros ASMR12 days ago

    Something about the soundtrack to this even in the heartwarming moments is creepy and foreboding.

  8. She Wolf 20

    She Wolf 2020 days ago

    About john Wayne Gacey, he was a serial killer who murdered men and boys. He painted clown paintings and dressed up as a clown. I did research on him incase anyone knew

  9. Larissa Reimer

    Larissa Reimer24 days ago

    I took WAY to long to figure out how to open that door xD I was reading the stories to find out which animal each present was from. And it felt like it took me a half an hour or an hour of searching before I finally figured it out. xD rip me!

  10. bri stone

    bri stone27 days ago

    omg- i thought the ring meant like "uncle eddie" was proposing.....

  11. YunaLuvGamez

    YunaLuvGamezMonth ago

    I played this on my channel as well, it's such a good game! I can't wait for more 😊💖

  12. Winiber Torres

    Winiber TorresMonth ago

    Jazzy u r super cool

  13. Unique Drêams

    Unique DrêamsMonth ago

    28:06 U IN MY BUSINESS! Dont do that.

  14. Chri5_Gamez

    Chri5_GamezMonth ago


  15. Chri5_Gamez

    Chri5_GamezMonth ago

    Ngl Tyler Is 🥵, Alyson to but like.. I'm after her brother ;)

  16. Çøøkië Tëddy Çrumbs :3

    Çøøkië Tëddy Çrumbs :3Month ago

    *the camera is really focused on Jasmine-* Edit: the editors was feeling their self's xD

  17. Gwynth Vincent

    Gwynth VincentMonth ago

    Love your gameplay, you are very thorough 😄❤️

  18. pasithea

    pasithea2 months ago

    Her name is like similar to mine, my name is like

  19. Chrish Pak

    Chrish Pak2 months ago

    Go Jazzy! She will be a great family to anyone 😊

  20. Harley Quinn

    Harley Quinn2 months ago

    Just gained a new subscriber ❤️

  21. Adrian Lopez

    Adrian Lopez2 months ago

    It is connectedto the upcoming life of strange three

  22. TiffanyHeartsU

    TiffanyHeartsU2 months ago

    Tyler is so cute 🙈

  23. animeboi in da cut

    animeboi in da cut2 months ago

    Why did I watch the finale firstttttttttttttt dammit

  24. Mateo Medina

    Mateo Medina2 months ago

    i love how you respect and support the LGBTQ+ so much yet your not too pushy about it! Many people keep using "YASS KWEEN" and non stop talk about how much they "respect" the LGBTQ+ community. So glad you are so respectful! Love from the lgbtq+ community

  25. Naydrasnowy

    Naydrasnowy2 months ago

    I played some of it, and dropped it because my laptop couldn't handle it. Glad you did a gameplay of this

  26. stephanie

    stephanie2 months ago

    I lived in AK for 4 years, moose would legit walk into carrs (basically safeway) all the time 😂 I didn’t enjoy living there because I wasn’t much for venturing into the snow BUT I will say Alaska is absolutely stunning. I lived in the valley (wasilla) and during summer I would drive to Seward, the scenery is breathtaking. I would go back to visit, I definitely recommend going!

  27. Jamie Christie

    Jamie Christie2 months ago

    jazzy said trans rights 💕💕 love you jazzy it's so nice to hear you say such lovely things as a long time trans subscriber myself 😢

  28. Gaea Thomson

    Gaea Thomson2 months ago

    Actually being from Alaska the beginning is so crazy to me lol!!! Watching this now after life is strange!

  29. Ms AnimeFan

    Ms AnimeFan2 months ago

    Singing while crying Me: TELL ME WHY! Bestie: Ain't nothin but a heeeaaaart ache~ Me: *TELL ME WHY!!* Bestie: Ain't nothin but a miiiiiistake~

  30. Chelsea Griffin

    Chelsea Griffin2 months ago

    I like that even though the old man didn’t know how to deal with it he still called him Tyler. It’s the little things He is nosy as hell though

  31. mik

    mik2 months ago

    i love this but i wish the volume of the game was a lil louder

  32. pease nation

    pease nation2 months ago

    I want be a Girl 🥺 I’m guy

  33. william corey

    william corey2 months ago

    Can anyone tell me before I play this game if it focuses on the fact the character is trans or if it focuses more on the character than their sexuality. Because I don't want a repeat of life is strange

  34. Lemon Lime

    Lemon Lime2 months ago

    What? That makes no sense

  35. Ashlei 191

    Ashlei 1912 months ago

    i’m a new subscriber and just noticed she does tend to talk a lot during the games and says everything she’s thinking 😂a little hard to get used to

  36. Mr Murda IV

    Mr Murda IV2 months ago

    I want another life is strange game

  37. Genos West

    Genos West2 months ago

    Jazzy is such a sweetheart. So excited for this play through. She’s such an underrated channel !!

  38. Cal Cat

    Cal Cat2 months ago

    I love your channel just subbed!! Can’t wait to keep watching you play this

  39. Maaliyah Ruben

    Maaliyah Ruben2 months ago

    Is it on PS4

  40. Joseph Robinson

    Joseph Robinson2 months ago

    No they have a x box

  41. Vanessa S

    Vanessa S2 months ago

    Idk if its just me but i feel this game needs background music or suuuumthin like that....

  42. Vanessa S

    Vanessa S2 months ago

    I always loooove jazzys reactions...she makes me want to play videogames again. I slacked off after lou2...but this game look legit i wanna play

  43. DrPoetry1

    DrPoetry12 months ago

    5:28 That was beautiful, Jasmine. As a bisexual male, I find it beautiful that you accept other people. My own family has no idea what I am, never told em. May never tell em, but I am who I am. ❤️

  44. Genos West

    Genos West2 months ago

    1:34 the way she said what happened already took me out LOL

  45. Genos West

    Genos West2 months ago

    Jazz hasn’t been in my recommendations in so long I have to catch up!! Love you and missed you Jazz !!!

  46. Neice One

    Neice One2 months ago

    Yasss black gamer girls do exist...❤❤❤

  47. Taylor Tropiano

    Taylor Tropiano2 months ago

    I also do my shots on Mondays :,)

  48. Baeoshi

    Baeoshi2 months ago

    a splif is half mary jane half tobacco

  49. Tamirez Natividade

    Tamirez Natividade2 months ago

    Hey just wanted to tell you that Jesus Christ loves you so very very much even if you don’t believe it and He died for our sins so that whoever believes shall not perish but have eternal life in Him

  50. Ocean Blue

    Ocean Blue2 months ago

    Im not trans, but Im atheist and gay. My mum recently got into one if my email addresses and confronted me at 1 am about what she found. My mother has put her hands on me for things before, and shes very religious and homophobic so its veen hectic around here. Im intetested in this story but its a little too real right now... I feel you Ty. I really really do. At least youre already out.

  51. Breana Wright

    Breana Wright2 months ago

    John Wayne Gayce was a serial killer that made paintings while in jail and sold them for millions of dollars

  52. ECT Tristan

    ECT Tristan2 months ago

    why is he mad at a cop arresting him for murder/manslaughter. it is illegal 🤣🤣

  53. Baybfrmdaville

    Baybfrmdaville2 months ago

    we luv the psa bout loving your kids unconditionally. you helping a whole generation of new parents 💯

  54. Artizzt _

    Artizzt _2 months ago

    idk what it is but people with more fortunate lives always have tragic backstories.

  55. Stargirl 77

    Stargirl 772 months ago

    25:30 That old guy is very reminiscent of those suspects in Scooby Doo

  56. Jade Sayers

    Jade Sayers2 months ago

    Gurl when they were on the boat and you said "is that a bear?" 🤣🤣🤣 that was such a kylie jenner moment hahaha I adored this gameplay and I'm gonna watch the rest of them :)


    PANDA PANDA2 months ago

    I Think the mom trayd to anderstand him but wen she saw the cut hair she couldn't she wasn't ready for it 💔

  58. Tatiana Pretty

    Tatiana Pretty2 months ago

    So, Jazz, i'm already in 3 mins of this video,.. and i swear this alr gives me Life is Strange Vibes, like its such nostalgia.... The creator is the same, the graphics are great, and girl... The music.... Makes me want to cry


    PANDA PANDA2 months ago

    🎶🎶🎶🎶Tell me why ain't nothing but a heartbreak tell me why ain't nothing mistake tell me why I never wanna hear you say I want it that way I wanted that way 🎶🎶🎶🎶

  60. Rena Unnie

    Rena Unnie2 months ago

    I think it's deeper than that. I don't think their mother attacked him for this reason. I do hope, it's something deeper and darker than this, and I'm kind of glad I wasn't totally wrong, when they entered in her room, and found she was actually trying to understand him. Still don't know why she did it, but as I said, I do hope, it's something more intriguing than not accepting your child is transsexual :)

  61. Shado Vao

    Shado Vao2 months ago

    Jazzy proving again why she's my favorite person on youtube not only do I feel represented when I see a black gamer but she's such a wonderful, beautiful, funny, compassionate, supporting and accepting person it really makes me happy

  62. 「Darkx」

    「Darkx」2 months ago

    I loved the part where you talked about when you have a kid. Not harming them for being themselves. That made me tear up. We shouldn’t even be scared to tell them to begin with...I’m gonna have that exact mindset when having or adopting a child.

  63. Normie Peachey

    Normie Peachey2 months ago

    I don't like the cold, but I'm excited for the pretty, sunny winter days ❤ I love to bundle up in layers and comfy hats! All this snow is getting me hyped! (living in Canada, Ontario)

  64. bolt

    bolt2 months ago

    I kinda feel bad for the mom

  65. Caden King

    Caden King2 months ago

    I originally thought this was another life is strange I got so happy

  66. Bruno de Souza Menegasso

    Bruno de Souza Menegasso2 months ago

    I'm brazilian and I'm not fluent in english yet... So it's a little bit hard to understand what are you talking sometimes hahahaha but it's funny even when I'm not understanding 😂

  67. MAL

    MAL2 months ago

    So the girl that thinks she's a man is trans? This game isn't for me. These types of games just want to tackle social issues instead of focusing on having a good consistent story

  68. PassionateShines

    PassionateShines2 months ago

    The_SCP _Foundation I think the story is pretty good, and social issues is everything dontnod is about

  69. The_SCP _Foundation

    The_SCP _Foundation2 months ago

    Yeah, I was excited for the game but hearing that one of the lead characters is trans turned me away from it. I’m still gonna try to give it a go but if it pushes the whole trans thing down my throat then I’m not gonna play it.

  70. Practical Gamer

    Practical Gamer2 months ago

    John Wayne whatever tf heck was a serial killer that murdered kids Edit: 6 Days Late :(

  71. Daisy Sutton-Chavez

    Daisy Sutton-Chavez2 months ago

    Jazzy I live in Alaska and I can tell you the game got the views on point! It really does look like that out here!

  72. Karter_Here

    Karter_Here2 months ago

    As a trans guy that isn’t out yet this hurts so much to see. Especially the parents reacting in such a harsh manner. It’s exactly what I’m scared of.

  73. M6GIOPPA

    M6GIOPPA2 months ago

    Idk man, something about Maryanne...

  74. Troi Freeman

    Troi Freeman2 months ago

    Am I the only one who thinks Tyler is fine as hell.🥺😳👍🏽🥰

  75. Lil k Hamilton

    Lil k Hamilton2 months ago

    Can u guys plz do a house tour

  76. Oscar Cabrera Calles

    Oscar Cabrera Calles2 months ago

    omg we love a a queen that supports us the lgbtq love u

  77. Patrick Acosta

    Patrick Acosta2 months ago

    I really do be simping over Tyler 🥵

  78. azaiah

    azaiah2 months ago

    love you so much for being so accepting, just started watching you and i think i will stay for a while

  79. Billy Stanback

    Billy Stanback2 months ago

    I got this game for free because game pass.

  80. stray kae

    stray kae2 months ago

    I was about to say if the mom was sane then it would've been cute that she wrote stories with her children. Then I saw the medication and idk how to feel about her.

  81. Brightstar Gaming

    Brightstar Gaming2 months ago

    Please continue this series

  82. IDontKnowWhatToName This

    IDontKnowWhatToName This2 months ago

    0:25 I was literally singing that just before I found this video.😂

  83. Yocone

    Yocone2 months ago

    I would watch this but she just talks way to much I’m sorry ima still like though

  84. Rushline Code

    Rushline Code2 months ago

    is it copyright, the opening music?

  85. trashbag

    trashbag2 months ago

    as soon as I saw the first scene I knew that this game gone hit hard😂

  86. Mystiç Meteørite

    Mystiç Meteørite2 months ago

    I love how she looks at everything, I'm the type of person to look at everything in the game bc if there's a choice that I have to make but can't bc I didn't look at a specific object (Li1, Kate Marsh *cough cough*) so it sucks bc I really want good endings 😂

  87. Kaylin M.

    Kaylin M.2 months ago

    You know it would be an interesting? If the plot twist was Alyson and Tyler are cousins to max Caulfield from life is strange🤔

  88. Jessie Banks

    Jessie Banks2 months ago

    As a trans woman myself I’m so happy and grateful your open minded and supportive we need more people like yourself ❤️ btw love your gaming

  89. Vanessa P.

    Vanessa P.Month ago

    you're so pretty ✨

  90. Fire_ playz

    Fire_ playz2 months ago

    I love your hair

  91. Tellnagito Iflewtheplane

    Tellnagito Iflewtheplane2 months ago

    Mans pulled a Gypsy rose on us

  92. kiu

    kiu2 months ago

    Everytime I see the title of this game my brain immediately starts singing that one backstreet boys song

  93. MrBox But I’m bob

    MrBox But I’m bob2 months ago

    It’s cuz it’s another don’t ask me why it’s not life is strange your smarter than this

  94. Nyxies Moon

    Nyxies Moon3 months ago


  95. SRH Yes

    SRH Yes3 months ago

    So it’s like from the same universe as the others is what I’m guessing

  96. Chase Pruitt

    Chase Pruitt3 months ago

    Lol I'm not impressed with this game so far.

  97. Send Nukes

    Send Nukes3 months ago

    I can’t believe Jazz doesn’t know who John Wayne Gacy is

  98. Nick Reymond

    Nick Reymond3 months ago

    incredible game, and the graphics are impressive.

  99. itsQuisii

    itsQuisii3 months ago

    Just started playing this & im loving so far!

  100. Ada Escamilla

    Ada Escamilla3 months ago

    These sibling's relationship is so cute.

  101. Ada Escamilla

    Ada Escamilla3 months ago

    The fact Jazz is so accepting adds to how hella cool she is.

  102. BrownSugarSaga

    BrownSugarSaga3 months ago

    😭 love your content girl ❤️

  103. Zahid Murray

    Zahid Murray3 months ago

    At 5:26 though 6:10 is the reason why jasmine will be a really great mother

  104. Will Silapheth

    Will Silapheth3 months ago

    This game...was not fiiiiire. Its desiiiiiire. Can't believe......when I playyyyed.....this gaaame waaasnt thaaaaat great. Tell me why-iy!....this gaaame was a heeeartache.....Tell me why-iy!....this game was a play

  105. DiSaaNoRaBLe

    DiSaaNoRaBLe3 months ago

    John Wayne Gacy is literally the first killer clown in the USA.

  106. 1 03

    1 033 months ago

    I’m unbelievably glad to have come across your channel! Finally a black gamer girl, rooting for you to take over this white male-dominated industry.

  107. 1 03

    1 032 months ago

    Addicted2Bleach2 i know iBerleezy I used to watch him, thanks for the recommendation

  108. Addicted2Bleach2

    Addicted2Bleach22 months ago

    1 03 check out iberleezy aswell if you don’t know him. He’s a black guy but he’s funny as hell

  109. 1 03

    1 032 months ago

    Aj Thomas That’s sweet of you, thank you! I will check them out ASAP

  110. Aj Thomas

    Aj Thomas2 months ago

    1 03 here are few other to check out aychristene,krystalogy, & the Jess lyfe

  111. 1 03

    1 032 months ago

    Fire_ playz I only said it was nice to see representation of black women in a white dominated industry, why so butthurt?

  112. Chase Koenig

    Chase Koenig3 months ago

    Purr Jaz is a supportive queen 👑

  113. W E S L E Y

    W E S L E Y3 months ago

    omg you should play "what remains of edith finch" it's so good it's kinda like a story game

  114. DaRkMoDz-_-69

    DaRkMoDz-_-693 months ago

    Not a hatter but why tf are u so ugly

  115. Brandon

    Brandon3 months ago

    you spelled hater wrong

  116. Cpn. Beartato

    Cpn. Beartato3 months ago

    Tyler is literally me lmao when he was going off about bears man lol also finally figured out why Alysons voice was familiar. Its Jessie from FF7 Remake! Also this shit is kinda hitting home. Me and my sis use to make forts in the house and make up stories and stuff. When I was a kid I made my own fort in the woods out of fallen trees and a boulder to sit in and said it was my hideout haha. Even their little book reminds me of my little story book I made about a girl finding a fennec fox and instead of fennec I kept thinking it was Phoenix haha. Man I actually feel attached to these two, specially Tyler.

  117. First Name

    First Name3 months ago

    I played this like an hour after it came out i was kinda disappointed