Gary ADMITS to Wanting to CHEAT WITH AMBER....IN FRONT OF KRISTINA! l Teen Mom OG S9 E4 Recap

In this week's episode of Teen Mom: OG, we watched as:
Amber Portwood donned a 'slutty' army costume to wish her BROTHER a happy birthday
Gary Shirley ADMITTED to wanting to cheat with Amber Portood
Cheyenne Floyd told Cory Wharton she was dating Zach
Maci Bookout hides behind her son Bentley Edwards for another episode
Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra teach Nova about chores and earning money
Mackenzie McKee's father suffers a few mini heart attacks before surgery
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  1. Danielle VanEtten

    Danielle VanEtten13 hours ago

    Girl, shut your mouth!!!

  2. rocklyn quarrie

    rocklyn quarrieDay ago

    It kind of sounded to me like he meant he didnt want amber close when him and amber fight. She is scary was his point, thats why he has a soft wife now because she doesnt fight

  3. Shelly B

    Shelly B2 days ago

    I don’t get why they planned two bday parties in the first place why would they do it again at the grandparents house just two days later i get doing it again for Bentley to be there but it sounds like they already had two parties planned out

  4. Cookie Monster

    Cookie Monster2 days ago

    Gary is polyamorous lol 😂

  5. Cat Craig

    Cat Craig3 days ago

    Did anyone else get beyond mad when amber said that her daughter better call her before just coming over?.. um excuse me miss, but my kids can come into my bedroom, even in the bathroom with me anytime of day if they want to be near me without asking first. That’s so disgusting to me.

  6. Sasha Ross

    Sasha Ross3 days ago

    Cheyenne was on the fence with Taylor because of Taylors racist past, I would be iffy too if a potential step mom of my black child had a racist past.

  7. Debra Muse

    Debra Muse3 days ago

    I want. Gary and. Amber back. Togther.

  8. Linds Thomas

    Linds Thomas4 days ago

    Do you have kids? Cuz you certainly have a lot of opinions on how others choose to raise their kids, but if you aren't a parent, your opinions aren't really valid. It's hard to form an opinion if you've never been in that position yourself.

  9. Katie lol

    Katie lol4 days ago

    Ryan never wanted a relationship with Bentley I feel sorry for him I feel like it's only been push because of Ryan parents

  10. Patience Rush

    Patience Rush4 days ago

    Grace you look absolutely beautiful and glowing😍😍😍 I could watch/listen to you everyday!

  11. Nash

    Nash5 days ago

    Love your content and my gosh your hair tho!😍⚡️⚡️👑

  12. Danielle Sjerven

    Danielle Sjerven6 days ago

    My 6 year old does chores and I don’t give her an allowance. It’s important for children to learn responsibility and to do chores for no money. It’s not going to benefit Amber to live on Gary and Kristinas property. It’s going to cause problems for them. I don’t think 🤔 Maci is putting Bentley up to anything. Ryan and his family just can’t help but blame Maci rather than take responsibility for their mistakes.

  13. beela rehman

    beela rehman6 days ago

    Gary triangulates. I this hes a narcisist

  14. Boil corn

    Boil corn6 days ago

    Caitlyn does seem healthier and happier.

  15. Anntesha Chesterton

    Anntesha Chesterton6 days ago

    I know everyone parents differently, but I don't understand why people think offering an allowance teaches responsibility. When you offer an allowance you are giving them a choice ex: if you take out the trash you will get X amount $ So if that child chooses not to do it you can't get upset because you made it a choice to begin with. My children are expected to do their chores and if not there are consequences. Offering money to do chores is not a life lesson and does not teach work ethics because it's unrealistic. If it does then I'm owed a lot of money. If my children want to earn money I encourage them to think of ways to earn it. My kids will pull weeds from the neighbors front yards, wash cars, they used to make and sell slime or bracelets, I also have something called money makers which are things outside the expected they can choose to help me with. My 13 year old sells snacks to the neighborhood kids and is saving up money to start up a rug business. They also have 3 piggy banks and whatever money they have needs to be distributed into each bank. Spend, Save, and Donate. Teaches them it's okay to spend your money on things you want, but you should also have a savings. Donate because you should always give back. With the Donate money they can choose to donate to a cause of their choice. Most years all three of my kids like to adopt a family for the holidays and get them gifts and a gift card for dinner. Also they don't have to split the money evenly. I leave it up to them on how they want to split it.

  16. Shop.with. Sarah

    Shop.with. Sarah8 days ago

    Bentley has zero obligations to rhines kids.

  17. Samantha Mae

    Samantha Mae8 days ago

    "I'm a softy, I don't like confrontation" Excuse me? Don't you have kids? Once I had kids I found out confrontation is inevitable. If you want to be respected you can't be afraid to SPEAK.

  18. *uNicOrNnzRaMo0d*

    *uNicOrNnzRaMo0d*8 days ago

    Ok...Giving Nova money for doing chores?? 😕 I get that this is like, a common thing these days... But, I do not agree. I never got PAID to help out with house chores! Oh hell no. I was given age appropriate chores, & I did them. Period. I think its great that they are realizing that their daughter is becoming.. um ..a brat, if you will.. & that they want her to learn to appreciate things & not *expect* to be given whatever she wants. That being said, PAYING her to do her little chores is *not* the way imo. At the end of the day, she will still be having her hand out... & money will be put in it. 🤷🏼‍♀

  19. L C

    L C9 days ago

    Of course they are blaming Maci

  20. L C

    L C9 days ago

    If Amber moves out there Gary’s marriage will be over

  21. L C

    L C9 days ago

    Gary is stupid if he throws his marriage away for Amber

  22. nobleinthought

    nobleinthought9 days ago

    I don't find it surprising Bentley is asking if Ryan's going to be there. Ryan surely missed a few of his birthdays.

  23. Siku

    Siku9 days ago

    I can see the resentment that Bentley has for his father. It’s sad that Ryan and Mac can’t acknowledge his feelings and still choose to blame Maci for their behavior when Bentley is around them. Not once do you see Maci manipulating Bentley on her feelings about Ryan. She keep it to herself and never pushed he frustrations on the him, I love how great of a mother she is.

  24. Wendy Fugate

    Wendy Fugate9 days ago

    Gary has no idea what love is and he has always been about whatever is convenient for him at the moment and my heart breaks for Kristina,she is such a good person and Ryan needs to focus on his son and leave the dope alone. I support Maci 100%.

  25. Ashley Bishop

    Ashley Bishop10 days ago

    A sister wives date😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  26. Alex Sim

    Alex Sim10 days ago

    It’s not teen mom... it’s more like « dysfonctionnial families that are paid to stay toxic » all i watch now is grace’s recaps lol . Rather send grace money than Psycho Amber 😄

  27. Lauren Gott

    Lauren Gott10 days ago

    I feel lik grace comes at all of them and points out every single flaw that each and every1 of them have as if she has tha best life. Or has so many kids that she knows whats best for everyone elses. Kinda disliking this channel.

  28. Cathy Brown

    Cathy Brown10 days ago

    Amber and Gary r stupid!!! Kristina is the only one that has cooth-if u don't have it you look like trash AMBER!!!!! You are jealous of Kristina cause she is a good person. Amber has never been a mother to either of her kids!!!!

  29. Jill Hockaday

    Jill Hockaday10 days ago

    Jen didn't mix up the dates. She knew exactly when the party was at her house & whem the party was at Ryan's house. Maci is just doing what's best for her son, considering the situation. Why doesn't anyone put the blame on Ryan. He's the issue n it seems like he bullies Bentley a little.

  30. Ashleigh Gibson

    Ashleigh Gibson10 days ago

    I don’t believe Gary hit on amber without her not wanting it. Amber is strong willed and doesn’t put up with shit.. if he was harassing her like she claims I think after one time she’d put an end to it. It’s not like she puts up with shit to see her daughter.. she doesn’t even visit her. I personally think Gary hit on amber and she fed into it. I think she likes the attention. I think both are guilty

  31. The jett life

    The jett life11 days ago

    Amber’s brother has always given her good advice what have you been watching he seems to be the only one that can calm her down and she listens to him

  32. The jett life

    The jett life11 days ago

    Gary was and always will be in love with amber kristina was a back up and she got pregnant on purpose I believe 🤣 he was expecting that

  33. Jesi Harper Cardosa

    Jesi Harper Cardosa11 days ago

    Ewww! “Happy my wife is so soft now,”?! That’s creepy and controlling!!! Wtf?

  34. Kirk Blanchard

    Kirk Blanchard11 days ago

    Hey I love your videos do a great job breaking it down..I watch the show and get confused with all the different things going on in each family..So thank you help me get things I don't really get or sometimes missed...Have a great day and stay safe.

  35. Kassidy H

    Kassidy H11 days ago

    All cait and tyler are doing is teaching that kid about needing instant gratification, which SO many children and adults struggle with already. Great job. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  36. Makayla Sue

    Makayla Sue11 days ago

    I coulda swore he was talking abt fighting w amber & her living right there would make things awkward

  37. Meredith Jemola

    Meredith Jemola11 days ago

    I genuinely feel bad for Bentley because like I know what it’s like not to have your dad there and for your dad to choose drugs or themselves over you and it fucking sucks it makes you feel so worthless and like you are not worth being loved I could get why he wouldn’t want his dad or McKenzie be at his brothers birthday because honestly it probably makes him so mad that his father is attending Jagger‘s birthday and not any of his like that would make me so pissed if I was in that position my dad only ever attended nine of my birthday parties because he left when I was nine years old So I get it I really do

  38. Meredith Jemola

    Meredith Jemola11 days ago

    Like I believe Amber like I think she’s a shitty human being but I believe her because Gary’s always givin me weird vibes like what kind of adult dates and impregnates a like 17-year-old

  39. Annmarie Oconnell

    Annmarie Oconnell11 days ago

    lol Ray Charles

  40. FullyPilar

    FullyPilar11 days ago

    If those grandparents love Bentley then they need go get their head out of their ass and think of him first. Obviously, their son is the problem

  41. d b

    d b11 days ago

    The lack of punctuation on Nova’s chore chart really bugged me. I’m sorry but they are so uneducated it’s very cringey

  42. d b

    d b11 days ago

    I die every time they use that sloth animation for Amber at the end of her segments 😂💀 MTV is so shady

  43. Annmarie Oconnell

    Annmarie Oconnell11 days ago

    lol i know! and they put it in the fatigues last week

  44. John Hart

    John Hart12 days ago

    Ryan is a loser his parents are delusional and maci is a great mom!!! Taylor is more of a dad than ryan ever was!! Amber is one of the worst moms on teen mom first farrah but at least she has her kid.

  45. John Hart

    John Hart12 days ago


  46. Ash Smith

    Ash Smith12 days ago

    what makes gary think that amber would even give him any play? men always think women will run when they call. i don’t think amber is interested

  47. Tm Lenn

    Tm Lenn12 days ago

    Thanks for the summary !

  48. mj Brownlee

    mj Brownlee12 days ago

    Sorry but idont agree with paying your kids to c lean up a house where they live FOR FREE!...NO!! WAY!! And then to say to the kid can pick and choose the ones you want to do...? What thats not helping them bc you have a real job the job will not let you pick and choose what parts you want to do😐😑🤪

  49. bonita t

    bonita t12 days ago

    Grace Gary was talking about fighting with Amber not his wife.. U Definitely misunderstood , and catelyn and Taylor introduced making money to nova just fine, leaving lots of room for adjustment as she grows and understands. Be nice grace stay classy

  50. The Robinson Family

    The Robinson Family12 days ago

    Love your hair!

  51. Janelle 09

    Janelle 0912 days ago

    I'm shocked no one else has questioned if Amber was on something in the scene when she facetimed her brother 👀 Hope Im wrong..

  52. N C

    N C12 days ago

    Nova is the next Sophia.

  53. N C

    N C12 days ago

    Ryan looks pickled. Sober or not. Pickled.

  54. it was a tuesday

    it was a tuesday13 days ago

    Ok but can we address how beautiful Grace looks, from her hair to her earrings, nice color lipstick and gorgeous dress

  55. Kelly Jackson

    Kelly Jackson13 days ago

    Maci and that ear ring give me the creeps

  56. Kelly Jackson

    Kelly Jackson13 days ago

    Maci and Ryan with his Trump hat are both boring

  57. Melissa O'Connor

    Melissa O'Connor13 days ago

    I can’t even every week with amber with her mask in the car and outdoors 😂🤣💀 and honestly I just don’t like her as a person. Such a crap mom. Poor Leah. And poor Kristina honestly!!! She tolerates too much !

  58. Camille Williams

    Camille Williams13 days ago


  59. Amanda Boyens

    Amanda Boyens13 days ago

    He was talking about him and Amber fighting, and having Amber living right next to him, after a fight with Amber, not Kristina

  60. Susan Rivait

    Susan Rivait13 days ago

    Bentleys grandmother did not mix up the parties. They wanted him at aryans house with the cameras to make it look like Ryan is an involved father.

  61. Amanda Boyens

    Amanda Boyens13 days ago

    Love your shirt, and makeup! You're just GLOWING ❤️

  62. Annabella Lopez

    Annabella Lopez13 days ago

    Honestly you can see the love he still got for her

  63. J.Renee Thompson

    J.Renee Thompson13 days ago

    I don't believe Bentley's grandmother heard wrong because at the being of the show we see Makenzie telling her the party would be at her and Ryan's house. It looks like Meme just lied. And Cheyenne feeling the way she do is legitimate, because Cory had no reason to have a problem with Zach from the beginning. Cory always treats Cheyenne as if he knows what's best for Ryder more the Cheyenne does. Cory wants to do whatever he wants to do, but police everything Cheyenne does. Cory is arrogant.

  64. Lindsey Bailes

    Lindsey Bailes13 days ago

    It's always the ones you never wanna see that wanna do it. 🙄😑

  65. From TheFosters

    From TheFosters13 days ago

    You hair looks INCREDIBLE!

  66. L.A DODG3R

    L.A DODG3R13 days ago

    Jagger? 🤭 That's a horrible name

  67. L.A DODG3R

    L.A DODG3R13 days ago

    Gary and Amber 🤮

  68. L.A DODG3R

    L.A DODG3R13 days ago

    Amber loves nobody lol she called Andrew a "fat ugly ass" 🤣

  69. Shelby Gee

    Shelby Gee13 days ago

    With all due respect. Please don’t encourage people ESPECIALLY in LA to have gatherings just for a birthday. I spent my birthday and all holidays alone. Not because I wanted to. I think you may be in a France I do understand that covid may look very different for you as while living in Korea it as well was different!! I do get it but please do not try to make gatherings once again ESPECIALLY IN LA a thing that is okay we are in a PANDEMIC FOR ALMOST A YEAR NOW BC PEOPLE TRYING TO JUSTIFY THESE THINGS. Love your videos but seriously please don’t condone or encourage this at this time given what we are going through //:

  70. elizabeth

    elizabeth13 days ago

    I loveeee how you pass judgment on how to raise a child. You must be the best mother out there...

  71. Sammy Forbes

    Sammy Forbes13 days ago

    I'm not a huge fan of amber and Gary but I really believe Gary's words are being misconstrued. He was saying "if we fought and something went down." The next thing he says is "I still have nightmares" he's talking about amber being violent towards him. And if him and amber fought and then she got violent it wouldn't be good for her to live on the same property. Even amber says "we fight all the time, it's fine".

  72. Amy Warren

    Amy Warren13 days ago

    Can we all just agree Amber was high high af. ☁

  73. Ally Kuit

    Ally Kuit13 days ago

    Ughhh. He's revollllting! 🤮

  74. Shana M

    Shana M13 days ago

    I don't even watch the show but I did enjoy hearing your recap of it! Great job sis🙌🏾🙌🏾

  75. Hinata SavageTM

    Hinata SavageTM13 days ago

    Maybe it’s just me. But I personally feel them giving nova money for doing her chores is okay. Y’all like to nickpick at so much shit🤷🏾‍♀️

  76. Vanessa 562

    Vanessa 56213 days ago

    I think kristina is better looking if she would loose little bit of weight she will look better

  77. Samantha Goodman

    Samantha Goodman14 days ago

    You are such a talented speaker Grace, I skip episodes and just watch your recaps! You need a podcast stat

  78. Shannon Cerda

    Shannon Cerda14 days ago

    Did anyone else think Amber looked like she was on something when she was talking to Gary & Kristina @ the restaurant ? Her words were slurred, she was speaking slowly like she was losing her train of thought & it looked like she couldn’t keep her eyes open.

  79. Donna Johnson

    Donna Johnson14 days ago

    I love that Cheyenne is so much into taking caution with this and how she is with Ryder and I love her how she had everybody tested before her sister's party and I love how Ryder ratted her out about Zach

  80. Hope Eason

    Hope Eason14 days ago

    Not that I like him but Ryan is a big part of Maci's storyline just like all the dad's are a big part of these teen mom storyline.

  81. niamh marie

    niamh marie14 days ago

    Kristena do you need a divorce lawyer ??

  82. DemenTED Bundy

    DemenTED Bundy14 days ago

    I do think it's good Tyler and cate are trying to make Nova earn things rather then just giving it to her though.

  83. Victoria of the Victoria Victoria's

    Victoria of the Victoria Victoria's14 days ago

    It's a gravestone...not a tombstone. Lol...just sayin'. Love you Grace!

  84. Freddie Lind

    Freddie Lind14 days ago

    Bentley has been very clear on what his issues are concerning Ryan. It's a damn shame the only people listening are his mother & step father who hear him clearly! I want to shake Jen! And Larry, oh Larry... I'd kinda like to whoop him! Cate & Ty chores are part of a structured life that you two can't seem to mimic. Gary... Seriously!?

  85. family rissewijck

    family rissewijck12 days ago

    Larry and jen never raised ryan well. I dont think they are bad parents but they made wrong desissions. Ryan walkes over them, theve got nothing to say. They always accept ryans faults and blaming macy for it, once they tell him what they really think ryan shut his parents up and you can see their scared. Its sad.


    SIMPLY SANCHEZZ14 days ago

    Gary think he got it like that 😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹 I’m confused what’s the point in leaving each other (babymomma) If u just guna cheat with them 10 years later 😹😹🙀 makes no sense

  87. Mz Chee

    Mz Chee14 days ago

    Nova is to young to think long-term for saving. Its good to introduce the idea now with just a toy, when they succeed then move on to longer goals. Did it for a living a long time...ADULTS CANT THINK LONG-TERM FINANCIALLY 🤣🤣🤣 bless the babies Lord 🤣🤣🤣

  88. Kourtney Melton

    Kourtney Melton14 days ago

    I personally don't believe Miami Jen made a "boo boo" on where the party was. Just the way his parents try to blame Maci for everything and act like their son is some poor victim, it makes me think they'd go to any lengths to get what they want. I used to really like them, but I don't care for them at all anymore.

  89. nancyderks

    nancyderks14 days ago

    Just a storyline...

  90. Love is Here

    Love is Here14 days ago

    I can’t even watch this show anymore. Glad that Amber sees the value in mobile homes and isn’t being too prideful. Those things are nice!

  91. Cionna I

    Cionna I14 days ago

    Ryan need to go to rehab for good and get counselor for good or have a life coach that will help him

  92. Kimberly

    Kimberly14 days ago

    Wait, who is Shyanne?! I stopped watching this show years ago because I don't have cable anymore.

  93. Flamingo Lady

    Flamingo Lady14 days ago

    I've watched the clip several times and even turned captions on and that was not at all what Gary said. He was literally saying that he didn't feel it would be a good idea for Amber to live on the property in case they (meaning he and Amber) fought and they wouldn't have that seperation. Then he proceeded to say he still had nightmares (about him and Amber's fights) which is why he has a wife who is soft and doesn't like confrontation. This was not a sleazy commentary about cheating on his wife with Amber. I don't know if Amber's claims of Gary's inappropriate behavior are true but I certainly question the validity of them given how comfortable she seems to be around him. Either it was a mutual situation or it never happened but I think it's very unfair to report inaccuracies that are damaging to someone's reputation.

  94. Tash O’Donnell

    Tash O’Donnell14 days ago

    Honestly when are Larry and Jen going to realise that Bentley is fully aware of what’s going on with Ryan and how he has treated him in the past! The poor darling feels like he’s old enough to make his own decisions on with who and where he SAFELY spends his time. Blaming Maci for alienation is an absolute joke! ❤️

  95. Tash O’Donnell

    Tash O’Donnell12 days ago

    @family rissewijck I couldn’t agree more! ❤️

  96. family rissewijck

    family rissewijck12 days ago

    So many people blame macy. In the beginning i was wondering if macy could let the past go. But she changed in my eyes in a good way. She looks supportive with bentley and it seems to me she let bentley choose what he want. But larry and jen have to realise their son isnt in a healthy place and needs help. He aint clean trust me, and hes a horrible dad! I cant blame macy for the things she did. She wanted to do the best for bentley even if it wasnt always a choice we all would make. Shes a great mom and always trying to involve ryan but he mess up everytime. But at the end of the day, i think ryan never had what he needed from his parents. They allowed everything thats how it seems to me. Always putting ryan first even when they know he made bad mistakes. As a parent you need to step up, i think they never did that with ryan. He walks just over them.

  97. Dose of Jade

    Dose of Jade14 days ago

    Completely off topic but I’m loving this look you are serving 😍😍

  98. Dnedmondson

    Dnedmondson14 days ago

    Leah is not a parent, she has no business trying to raise anyone.

  99. Beth Seidel

    Beth Seidel14 days ago

    Kristina needs to let this dude go. She looks so sad puppy dog all the time. Gary is creepy af! Why is it all these old, overweight, balding guys have not only one woman/wife, but also have a side chick or two as well. Meanwhile I'm over here single af.. but I do like my freedom and prefer not to be cheated on soo lol

  100. Mimi Grabner

    Mimi Grabner14 days ago

    Ryan should get his stuff together. At least Bentley has Tyler and Maci.

  101. Mimi Grabner

    Mimi Grabner14 days ago

    Amber is also taking care of her self. Gary should be faithful to his wife. But yes it's like a Sister Wifes.

  102. Brando Chicago

    Brando Chicago14 days ago

    Bentley doesn’t need to be on this show anymore! It’s time for him to live his life off camera....the filming is adding to the issues!! Seems like nobody can see this!!

  103. Brando Chicago

    Brando Chicago14 days ago

    I don’t even want it watch this.....dang Gary I knew this was gonna get weird for Christina SHES trying really hard to be sincere about this!!

  104. Tryna find Peace of Mind

    Tryna find Peace of Mind14 days ago

    You are glowing