This is the Klein tools magnetizer. 🧲🧲🧲. Use it to magnetizer OR de-magnetize your favorite screwdriver.
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  1. Tool Pros

    Tool Pros4 days ago

    Link in description.

  2. Kellz K

    Kellz K2 days ago

    What the hell??? Can someone explain this

  3. Omar Rama

    Omar Rama3 days ago

    by just buying these, I just disassemble a medium size speaker, get the magnet, which they have a hole in the middle, put your screwdriver in it, rotate it a few times in the magnet, and depending on the magnet polarity,you can unpolarize the screwdriver back to the neurtal state(non magnetized), and to make the screwdriver polarized, just scroll it inside the magnet. It'll wokr just fine.

  4. Fernando Ramirez

    Fernando Ramirez5 days ago

    Well I rub my screwdriver on a speaker magnet and does the job too

  5. Randy bobandy

    Randy bobandy5 days ago

    Use a car speaker

  6. Gemcor

    Gemcor6 days ago

    These things are all cheap chinese junk. Just get a strong neodymium magnet and rub it on whatever you wana magnetize. It will last longer

  7. BrizzitHQ

    BrizzitHQ5 days ago

    Or just put a magnet on the bottom of the screwdriver, works as well. And lasts until you take the magnet off. But yeah I agree

  8. Long Dick

    Long Dick7 days ago

    I have the same be coming in clutch .... especially when I'm working on some can lights

  9. tinman

    tinman7 days ago

    Always wondered if these things worked. Thanks for the demo! 👍🏼

  10. Bob Ross

    Bob Ross7 days ago

    Lol dude any magnet also acts as a magnetizer. It's pretty useless to buy that thing.

  11. Corey

    Corey8 days ago

    Its called a magnet. 😯

  12. SubieLift Oz

    SubieLift Oz8 days ago

    Real quick?

  13. Senile Goldsmith

    Senile Goldsmith8 days ago

    Fun fact, the longer your screwdriver is the more magnetic it will be with less threading of the magnetizer

  14. BakedPo Tato

    BakedPo Tato8 days ago

    What kind of witchcraft is this?! Are you a Warlock?

  15. Brandon Beard

    Brandon Beard9 days ago

    God that is such a nice tool to have, especially when you have those little screws that just looking at them wrong you lose

  16. Work Smart 4U

    Work Smart 4U6 days ago

    Yes. Nice to have it special for precision screwdrivers.

  17. B. Fett

    B. Fett9 days ago

    I have one that's 25 years old made by Makita

  18. Ari Huuskonen

    Ari Huuskonen9 days ago

    Does it have a hole for the user to satisfy.

  19. Chris Fairfield (ABSFS)

    Chris Fairfield (ABSFS)9 days ago

    How long doesn't the magnetization last? Beside sticking it in the bottom hole.

  20. Chris Fairfield (ABSFS)

    Chris Fairfield (ABSFS)9 days ago

    Depends who it is...

  21. zad08

    zad089 days ago

    I just pull one from an old speaker or laptop for free

  22. 406MountainMan

    406MountainMan9 days ago


  23. Anguis Memes

    Anguis Memes10 days ago

    OwO screwdriver fleshlight

  24. Food Fanatic

    Food Fanatic10 days ago

    Oh here come the jokes

  25. noobpro 97

    noobpro 9710 days ago

    Or just buy magnetic tipped tools? Like I get it. Its good in a pinch but it wears off in the heat.

  26. noobpro 97

    noobpro 974 days ago

    @Jordan Adams yes and no. Depends on the manufacturers choice of material and how they go about magnetising them.

  27. Jordan Adams

    Jordan Adams4 days ago

    @noobpro 97 magnetic tipped tools Would as well if they're not made of permanent magnets?

  28. noobpro 97

    noobpro 975 days ago

    @Jeremy Ron please oh grand Master teach me the way of the 2$ fridge magnet.

  29. Jeremy Ron

    Jeremy Ron5 days ago

    @noobpro 97 I don't think you grasp the point of this tool. Give your head a shake and move on.

  30. noobpro 97

    noobpro 977 days ago

    @Jeremy Ron if it seams like a waist to buy better tools to you then I don't think there's anything I care to actually speak with you about. Have a good life filled with awful tools.

  31. Ikon

    Ikon10 days ago

    this may be a wild question but, do you have to keep magnetizing it every so often or does that one time keep it magnetized forever?

  32. Jordan Adams

    Jordan Adams4 days ago

    Depends on the material of what you're magnetizing, as well as the conditions it's in. Like the other person said, heat and impact will demagnetize it faster. Every material that isn't a permanent magnet will eventually lose its magnetism whether if it's from this or not

  33. Kayla Theil

    Kayla Theil9 days ago

    Heat and impacts will slowly demagnetize them so you will have to magnetize them every now and then. But with normal use it probably lasts a few weeks

  34. Ikon

    Ikon9 days ago

    @FatStogie noice

  35. FatStogie

    FatStogie10 days ago

    Depending on the metal. steel screwdrivers can maintain its magnetism for weeks or maybe months. I asked the same question and did a quick search. Apparently dropping your tool or taping it against anything weakens its magnetism. Interesting 🤔. In the end you will have to magnetize again.

  36. Cal Fernandez

    Cal Fernandez10 days ago

    Where u bought it

  37. Jimmy P

    Jimmy P10 days ago

    Does the magnet wear down on the screw driver at all?

  38. John Tillman

    John Tillman10 days ago

    Yes the magnetism of the screwdriver will wear off eventually and need to be remagnetized if thats what your asking

  39. Elliot Stevens

    Elliot Stevens10 days ago

    How tf would that make any sense. No, obviously not.

  40. Actinium Anarchy

    Actinium Anarchy10 days ago

    These products have never worked for me ever lol

  41. Jordan Adams

    Jordan Adams4 days ago

    Probably because you're not using a material that's able to be magnetised very well

  42. Mike beats tsb

    Mike beats tsb10 days ago

    What's up guys..

  43. TEC Man 96

    TEC Man 9610 days ago

    So its a two holer....

  44. maegganv

    maegganv10 days ago

    Can you demagnetize a magnet with this? 🤔

  45. Jordan Adams

    Jordan Adams4 days ago

    Only feramagnetic and paramagnetic materials

  46. FatStogie

    FatStogie10 days ago

    Don’t do it, that’s how atomic bombs are made !!!!

  47. dantheman

    dantheman10 days ago

    Learnt this theory in primary school with a magnet when I was 8 no need for a tool just use the magnet on your torch 🤔

  48. mm88swrt

    mm88swrt11 days ago

    I always used a speaker lol.

  49. duncan stewart

    duncan stewart11 days ago

    I've had a Wera version of this for a few years now, handy little tool.

  50. Work Smart 4U

    Work Smart 4U6 days ago

    Nice. Wera is making nice tools. I have an set from then and using it with pleasure every time. Cand you tell me the name of the magnetizer from Wera? Or a code...

  51. KeyStroke

    KeyStroke11 days ago

    How many times can you do that?

  52. lostintime86

    lostintime8611 days ago

    That's just like my personality.

  53. Sriramamurthy A.

    Sriramamurthy A.10 days ago

    Yes ofcourse Lost_in_time I am 82 Elder.

  54. Eric Salidbar

    Eric Salidbar11 days ago

    I’ve been looking for a better quality version of this tool as mine is justa. Cheap Chinese plastic version and thanks to your video I found it. Thank you for this insightful Video

  55. Work Smart 4U

    Work Smart 4U6 days ago

    Gemcor 🙏 I have a lot of tipes of strong neodim magnets. Even one from a harddrive.

  56. Gemcor

    Gemcor6 days ago

    @Work Smart 4U the problem is these gimmicks sort of work but not well. They dont provide a strong magnetic grip. You can only ever lift small screws from what I've ever seen and experienced. Their might be a really good one out there but its going to cost more than $10 or $15 dollars because good strong magnets are kinda expensive. BTW I love your short vids! 🤙

  57. Work Smart 4U

    Work Smart 4U6 days ago

    @Gemcor thanks for your tip. I will try it.

  58. Gemcor

    Gemcor6 days ago

    They really are all junk. Get a neodymium magnetic and just rub it against whatever you want to magnetize

  59. Work Smart 4U

    Work Smart 4U6 days ago

    It is useful. I have one similar but neverd use it. Maybe after this video I will.

  60. Logan Durbin

    Logan Durbin11 days ago

    Used this on my klein 11-1 to magnitize the Phillips bit and it's been going strong for 2 years now

  61. lyndon moore

    lyndon moore11 days ago

    But how??

  62. lyndon moore

    lyndon moore4 days ago

    @Jordan Adams can do

  63. Jordan Adams

    Jordan Adams4 days ago

    Look up magnetic domains.

  64. Zac Austin

    Zac Austin11 days ago

    Thats really cool

  65. Anthony Lacare

    Anthony Lacare12 days ago

    It’s a ka-magnetizer!

  66. Don

    Don12 days ago

    I need that so bad!

  67. Dave Gio

    Dave Gio12 days ago

    Yes, but never go bottom hole back to top hole...

  68. New Jargon

    New Jargon6 days ago

    But wait, what about doggie?

  69. Work Smart 4U

    Work Smart 4U6 days ago

    Nice tool btw. This video remembed me that I have a similar tool in my workshop.

  70. tinman

    tinman7 days ago

    Dang, came to the comments section to see if people have their minds in the gutter....YEP WE DO!!!!! 🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  71. Darren Winsett

    Darren Winsett8 days ago

    @406MountainMan Thats what I was gonna say

  72. Matt Dunn

    Matt Dunn9 days ago

    Depends if European...

  73. 2011 SHO Kona

    2011 SHO Kona12 days ago

    Bought one on Amazon last week. Worth the $12.

  74. cristian velazquez

    cristian velazquez12 days ago

    I’m pretty sure you can do this with the magnet of a speaker.

  75. cristian velazquez

    cristian velazquez7 days ago

    @Tajr good point.

  76. Tajr

    Tajr11 days ago

    If your just remagnetizing your bits at lunch yeah but if your doing electrical finishing this is a must have. Slotted screws don't hold onto the tip without this. Doesn't need to be made by klein though. I'd buy a knock off

  77. x7slim8x

    x7slim8x12 days ago

    Totally, but in a nice compact cheap package it is completely worth the few bucks.

  78. JESUS YESHUA EL ELYON elshadai Adon Ori haaretz

    JESUS YESHUA EL ELYON elshadai Adon Ori haaretz12 days ago

    I got 1 at harbor freight the block 1 on sale for 3$ works great

  79. JH HVAC & Plumbing

    JH HVAC & Plumbing13 days ago

    Omg what Is this alien technology...I have to have it lol. On a real note that is amazing and can see were this tool could be very handy to have in our bag of tools arsenal of accessories. Thanks Tool Pros for sproduct on your Channel.

  80. Mr Green

    Mr Green13 days ago

    Got one as well and it comes in handy

  81. Work Smart 4U

    Work Smart 4U6 days ago

    I have one and never used

  82. x7slim8x

    x7slim8x12 days ago

    Same here, mine is a cheap Chinese model that came with a screwdriver set I use for PC building. It works great with other screwdrivers!

  83. Ted E. Bear

    Ted E. Bear13 days ago

    I love it !