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  1. AlondraDessy

    AlondraDessy5 days ago

    Stay tuned for bennys reaction 🥺❤️❤️

  2. Ingrid Garcia

    Ingrid Garcia5 days ago

    I wanna see it already 😩❤️😭😭😭

  3. Leah Romero

    Leah Romero5 days ago

    Sooo excited for you

  4. Emely Nerey Hernandez

    Emely Nerey Hernandez5 days ago

    BRB crying 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

  5. Nati Vlogs

    Nati Vlogs5 days ago

    Omg drop it tonight !!! 🥺

  6. MabSlayss

    MabSlayss5 days ago


  7. Yvette Escalera

    Yvette Escalera33 minutes ago

    Congratulations boo you will be a great mother

  8. jayda eboli

    jayda eboli48 minutes ago

    When I took a pregnancy test my test was the same way!!! before I even stopped peeing on it, it said positive and I was shook😂

  9. Moira N

    Moira NHour ago

    This was so cute. She spoke it into existence too

  10. Sandra

    SandraHour ago

    There y'all go. You guys got what u wanted. Everyone wanted her to get pregnant before even getting married and it happened. Either way. Happy for u girl. Congrats!

  11. Happy Adventures

    Happy AdventuresHour ago

    Congratulations beautiful ❤️ May God bless you and Benny and your little baby coming ✨✨✨✨

  12. S G

    S GHour ago

    So happy for you❤️❤️❤️

  13. kayla ibarra

    kayla ibarraHour ago

    “this better not be a prank” talking to the pregnancy test 🤣🤣

  14. Johanna Varela

    Johanna Varela2 hours ago

    I am so late finally watching your videos. This one and the one surprising Benny are my favorites. This one had be crying so much because your reaction and your sisters was so beautiful and me having a sister myself just made me cry even more!! Congratulations!!! Thank you for sharing such a personal moment 💕💕💕💕

  15. Maria Montanez

    Maria Montanez3 hours ago

    Looks very staged ngl 😬

  16. Luz Landaverde

    Luz Landaverde3 hours ago

    Congratulations Alo and Benny❤️❤️❤️ you’re going to be an amazing mother.

  17. Brov Vah

    Brov Vah4 hours ago

    Such a sister thing to hug on the toilet lol

  18. Sandra Salazar

    Sandra Salazar4 hours ago

    Congratulations! I watched this before taking my pregnant test yesterday... 2021 Baby Coming Soon too🤍

  19. Danielle Abrams

    Danielle Abrams5 hours ago


  20. Impac thee Illest

    Impac thee Illest5 hours ago

    Hol up 😲 were we just peeing with you ? Lol this a deep connection right here 🤗 every one who watched this, we are all bonded now and for that we are all Godparents 🙌

  21. Impac thee Illest

    Impac thee Illest5 hours ago

    Oouuu your hair is cute in this video ✨


    GISELLE MORENO5 hours ago

    im not crying you are :)

  23. KweenC

    KweenC6 hours ago

    Aww man congratulations 🎉🎈

  24. Vee Carden

    Vee Carden6 hours ago

    I had the same reaction but I didn’t want to be too happy since my recent miscarriage in April 😭 I also thought that I could never be pregnant and it’s the one thing I’ve ever wanted kids since I was 12 years old.. I am now 13 weeks almost 14 weeks .. for some reason peeing test don’t work with me so I went to go get blood drawn and turns out I am pregnant 😭✨ #pregnant sisters

  25. Mariela Sanchez

    Mariela Sanchez6 hours ago

    My pregnancy test did the same thing not even 10 seconds after peeing it had the cross formed. I didn’t even get the chance to fully get awake till I saw the cross I was like 👀😶😱

  26. dolimi jotoo

    dolimi jotoo7 hours ago

    So am I the only one that farts when they pee? I could never record one of these cause purrrrr 💨

  27. Lilly D

    Lilly D7 hours ago

    That sister moment y’all had while you was on the toilet was absolutely beautiful ♥️ so priceless. Nothing else mattered at that moment.

  28. dolimi jotoo

    dolimi jotoo7 hours ago

    Crying with you 🥺😭💕

  29. Diana Yanél

    Diana Yanél7 hours ago

    you staying on the toilet is iconic lmao

  30. Yesenia Loyola

    Yesenia Loyola8 hours ago

    Congratulations Alo and Benny I can’t wait to see both or y’all go thru this journey!!!!!! #BabySoliven2021

  31. Dismuth

    Dismuth9 hours ago

    I feel sorry for you kid, cause he's gonna have to live with you.

  32. Tess Palmer

    Tess Palmer9 hours ago

    Im 33 and seeing my positive test in august was the happiest ive felt in my entire liiiifeeee

  33. Jen Alexa

    Jen Alexa12 hours ago

    The fact that I’m crying with them omg

  34. Haley XO

    Haley XO13 hours ago

    Welcome to mother hood mamas❤️! I love you , your gonna be an amazing mommy

  35. Beatriz Morales

    Beatriz Morales13 hours ago

    My favorite video ❤ Congrats Alo 🤍🤍🤍🤍

  36. Ali

    Ali13 hours ago

    Congratulations, when you met the one n everything else falls into place it's a blessing 🤰🎊🥳

  37. B wiz

    B wiz13 hours ago

    Yall should name the baby with a letter "C" so yall can make a YT channel called "A.B.C Family" or something lol love yall ♡

  38. C M

    C M13 hours ago

    You need to cut those nails

  39. Tanya C

    Tanya C13 hours ago

    Alo I cried I’m so happy for you my love ❤️ Congratulations

  40. Amanda Cauley

    Amanda Cauley14 hours ago

    Congratulations ❤️

  41. katie cox

    katie cox14 hours ago

    Her reaction is so cuteeeee! Aww congrats Alo :)

  42. maria mendez

    maria mendez15 hours ago

    Omg there reaction is priceless congratulations ❤️

  43. L W

    L W15 hours ago

    Omg those nails got me nerves 😬 Sorry but I’m the girl that I don’t like those nails Btw I’m happy for you 🥲

  44. Xo Melissaaa

    Xo Melissaaa15 hours ago

    Crying with you 🥺😭💕

  45. Vestal_tingz xo

    Vestal_tingz xo15 hours ago

    Congrats beautiful ❤️🥰🥰

  46. layla cordeiro

    layla cordeiro15 hours ago

    This video is so beautiful 🥺 Congratulations mamas


    8 KIDWONDER15 hours ago

    this is the cringiest shit ive ever seen

  48. peachelatina

    peachelatina16 hours ago

    Hahah auntie or uncle ahahah this girrrllll

  49. nijuo joing

    nijuo joing16 hours ago

    When her sister said “Am I gonna be an auntie or an uncle?” I DIEDDDDD

  50. layla love

    layla love16 hours ago

    bye why am i crying

  51. Nichole Everett

    Nichole Everett16 hours ago

    I don’t know how this found it’s way in my recommendation videos ... but I’m glad it did new subscriber #congratulations Welcome to motherhood it’s the best feeling in the world

  52. nijuo joing

    nijuo joing16 hours ago

    I started crying when you scream I think I’m pregnant!! I just started following and I already loveee your channel!

  53. Laura xo

    Laura xo16 hours ago

    Did you guys also film your parents and friends reactions?🥺🙌🏼 Please say yessss

  54. inbulldogheaven

    inbulldogheaven16 hours ago

    Can't wait for Benny's reaction

  55. FI SOA

    FI SOA16 hours ago

    How do u function with those nails??

  56. Candace Martinez

    Candace Martinez17 hours ago

    We love you Alo 🥺💗💗

  57. Candace Martinez

    Candace Martinez17 hours ago

    ughhh why am I crying 🥺😢😢

  58. Jose & Karina Ramos

    Jose & Karina Ramos17 hours ago

    It’s the hug while she’s still sitting in toilet 😂 TRUE SISTER SHIT 🥺😍

  59. D Vieyra

    D Vieyra17 hours ago

    I'm so happy for her! I literally cried lol ♥️

  60. Mario N Myra

    Mario N Myra17 hours ago

    If ur pregnant and it shows fast that just means ur symptoms are so strong and well also means ur 100% Pregnant

  61. Prissy Channel

    Prissy Channel17 hours ago

    Honestly i have cyst to on my ovaries and doctors have told me I won’t be able to have babies ... but now that I’ve seen your video honestly you give me hope thank u soo much alondraaa congrats !!!🎉🎊🍾🎈

  62. Mario N Myra

    Mario N Myra17 hours ago

    Oh yep cramps is it.

  63. Cindy Hernandez

    Cindy Hernandez18 hours ago

    Your nails gave me anxiety! Thought they were gonna break 😅

  64. Maryah Reyes

    Maryah Reyes18 hours ago

    Me crying with you! Congratulations ❤️

  65. Shantia Henry

    Shantia Henry18 hours ago

    Evelyn posing in front of the camera while Alondra is freaking out had me dying 😂😂😂

  66. Glorimar Martinez

    Glorimar Martinez18 hours ago

    Omg same sis same

  67. Emily Garofano

    Emily Garofano18 hours ago

    I started crying when you scream I think I’m pregnant!! I just started following and I already loveee your channel!

  68. BeautyLish88

    BeautyLish8818 hours ago

    girl congratulations!!! this video gave me hope because i have cysts in my ovaries and my husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for 7yrs. thank you so much. love you and benny.

  69. Angelica Ochoa

    Angelica Ochoa18 hours ago

    Omg I’m gonna cry 😩😭😭💗💗💗💗 this is soooo exciting 🥺💕 ugh I’m sooo happy for you!

  70. Dog Mom of 5

    Dog Mom of 519 hours ago

    God knew your ex wasn’t meant to be the father of your child, that is why He brought Benny into your life and blessed you with a little baby. Congratulations girl

  71. Olivia Alvitre

    Olivia Alvitre19 hours ago

  72. Fäny ochoä de mätä

    Fäny ochoä de mätä20 hours ago

    I like the fact that Evelyn knows more then her! 😂😂😂

  73. Karina Silva

    Karina Silva20 hours ago

    Lol shmood, whole time sitting on the toilet 😂 congrats 💗

  74. Life with Lyhia

    Life with Lyhia19 hours ago

    Lol heyy

  75. Breann Gonzalez

    Breann Gonzalez20 hours ago

    LMFAOO "don't cry" "okay 😭🥺🥺" like a mom telling a kid not to try after a whooping okkk *cries with heavy breathes* 😂😂

  76. King Mikhael

    King Mikhael20 hours ago


  77. Brandon Perez

    Brandon Perez20 hours ago

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  78. Menudo Road

    Menudo Road20 hours ago

    Alondra you make me cry

  79. Life’s a hassle with the Hassell’s Hassell

    Life’s a hassle with the Hassell’s Hassell20 hours ago

    Your LITTLE sister is going to be pregnant right behind you if she doesn’t slow her little young ass down. With all that cussing and dressing like she grown. Oh and her cardi B nails. GIRL.GET .IT .TOGETHER !!!! Btw I’m talking to Evelyn

  80. Jessie G

    Jessie G20 hours ago

    Congratulations beautiful lady! I love watching Benny and his personality! You are going to be amazing parents!

  81. Precious Deputie

    Precious Deputie20 hours ago

    Congratulations! I pray the best for your baby. I pray him or she will come out %100 healthy!

  82. Kendra Bingham

    Kendra Bingham21 hour ago

    I just found out yesterday that I’m pregnant too!! Congratulations to you and Benny!! You guys will make such a beautiful family ❤️

  83. Leshai Hutton

    Leshai Hutton21 hour ago

    So happy for you 🥺❤️

  84. Jay Elias

    Jay Elias21 hour ago

    LMAO her sister was more excited than she was 3:38 congratulations 🥳

  85. Shantel Jean-Charles

    Shantel Jean-Charles21 hour ago

    I really am so happy for you!!😭

  86. Jocelyn Martinez

    Jocelyn Martinez21 hour ago

    I’m laughing because Alo is still on the toilet 😂

  87. Frances A

    Frances A21 hour ago

    “This better not be a prank”😂😂😂

  88. Absolutely Ari

    Absolutely Ari22 hours ago

    Alo you have be bawling 😭 😭😭😭 I’m so happy for you

  89. nya that's it

    nya that's it22 hours ago

    No one:... Pregnancy test: BITCH GUESS WHAT?!!!

  90. Destiny Soto

    Destiny Soto22 hours ago

    I cried🥺

  91. Gabriela Garcia

    Gabriela Garcia22 hours ago

    Es el segundo video que miro tuyo y ya me isistes llorar. Ese momento es OMG inolvidable. Es muy bonito me isistes recordar cuando yo me entere de mis 2 embarazos de mis dos niñas! Muchas felicidades... nueva subscriptora ✔

  92. emma marie

    emma marie22 hours ago

    this is so cuteee😣

  93. Audrey V

    Audrey V22 hours ago

    “I’m gonna be an auntie or uncle” 😭😂😂😭

  94. Haily Sosa Sosa

    Haily Sosa Sosa22 hours ago

    Omg I cried and screamed when I found the video 😭

  95. Destiny Soto

    Destiny Soto22 hours ago

    Congrats 🥺🥺

  96. Destiny Soto

    Destiny Soto22 hours ago


  97. M M

    M M22 hours ago

    Yay mama welcome to motherhood❤️

  98. samantha rodriguez

    samantha rodriguez22 hours ago

    Tell me why this reminds me of a telenovela & the music 🤣 ily alondra Im so happy for you guys !! 💛💛

  99. Genesis Santana

    Genesis Santana22 hours ago

    Honestly I’m living for this reaction 💕💕💕

  100. La Guerra

    La Guerra22 hours ago

    That’s how you know god is good. He knew you deserved better

  101. Star Star

    Star Star22 hours ago

    Then nails 🥴

  102. Danielaaa Garcia

    Danielaaa Garcia22 hours ago

    The fact that she found out the 12th of October and i found out the 15th😭😭 so happy to be pregnant literally at the same time as her.

  103. Sandra Baack

    Sandra Baack22 hours ago

    Ok I'm crying!!! How cute and exciting. Congratulations on your little blessing

  104. Desiree Xo

    Desiree Xo23 hours ago

    It’s all in God’s timing 💙 It wasn’t the right time then & now everything’s falling into place 🕊

  105. jules xo

    jules xo23 hours ago

    congratulations 😻 what lashes are you wearing?!

  106. Liliana J. Llamas

    Liliana J. Llamas23 hours ago


  107. Cherry liz

    Cherry liz23 hours ago

    I’ve been watching this video over and over again. You give me so much hope, I have had cysts in my ovaries for a couple of years now and they told me my chance to get pregnant is unlikely. But watching you overcome that just has me looking forward to be a mom!!❤️❤️

  108. Tiana Lopez

    Tiana Lopez23 hours ago

    I’m CRYING crying oh my gosh