Exclusive | Blac Chyna's SECRETS EXPOSED by Former Friend Treasure!

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  1. whiwhi 2x

    whiwhi 2x17 days ago

    Chile I'm in my car in Texas with no power during this snow mess we got going tuned in... Its keeping me from going nuts right now😞😩

  2. Brooklyn B

    Brooklyn B4 hours ago

    How's it going now, Are you and fam ok?

  3. Walter Hunter

    Walter HunterDay ago

    not sure if anyone cares at all but yesterday I hacked my friends Instagram account using InstaPortal. You can find it by Googling for instaportal password hacker xD

  4. Susan Power

    Susan PowerDay ago

    Hope ur all doing OK? Thinking of you all. Prayers from Rep of Ireland xx

  5. Keb Light

    Keb Light2 days ago

    whiwhi2x...I hope you are safe, warm, well fed and at peace, now. Thank you for being strong and getting through. Thought I was prepared with my canned goods, candles, flashlights, etc. Never thought about securing a alternative source of heat, not dependent on gas or electricity. I'm going to get a generator and wood burning oven to add to my amateur survivalist stash. Hope you are doing well. xoxo

  6. Candace Williams

    Candace Williams3 days ago


  7. kay flavius

    kay flavius46 minutes ago

    I feel so bad she gave her all into that friendship and didn’t get nothing back from her 😴 . I’m glad you got out of that !

  8. Rebecca Boyar

    Rebecca Boyar2 hours ago

    TOKYO Toni was right about her. She maybe ruff and buck but she was on point with Treasure. Look at her now. Telling All. Wow!!!!!

  9. Kind Gentle

    Kind Gentle3 hours ago

    Best interview EVER!!! I believe her.

  10. Jose

    Jose3 hours ago

    Yall stupid Blac Chyna is who tf SHE IS

  11. sugga money

    sugga money3 hours ago

    Tho she keeped it Real

  12. sugga money

    sugga money3 hours ago

    Yes I don’t think she have spill tea either

  13. sugga money

    sugga money4 hours ago

    She keep it real 💯 %

  14. angelgraham23

    angelgraham236 hours ago

    I watched her show and I believe everything that Treasure says it's sad that we live in a world where good people are stepped on alot by people they genuinely love just to get to the Top. I know that Treasure is going to get where she wants to be because she seems real and very intelligent 🙏🏿

  15. Mahogany IsMe

    Mahogany IsMe6 hours ago

    Chyna is intimidated by you and your freedom and how people love you off of just being you...you have character while she’s playing characters

  16. Mahogany IsMe

    Mahogany IsMe6 hours ago

    Treasure MAD PROPS TO YOU!!!! ✊🏾💪🏾 for speaking up!!! There’s people out there that can’t and you did that for them!!!! Thank you👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾💯💯💯💯💯

  17. Earthy_girl101

    Earthy_girl1016 hours ago

    I hope she get a lil change for this interview


    ISAAC ORTIZ7 hours ago


  19. Tamar Franklin

    Tamar Franklin8 hours ago

    Tasha try to low key throw shade and Treasure caught it.

  20. Kandi Covin

    Kandi Covin8 hours ago

    Treasure seems genuine, honest and almost as if she was pushed to air Chyna out by her disloyalty and messiness. I like her vibe and energy. Chyna didn’t deserve Treasure.

  21. Kimberly Birts

    Kimberly Birts8 hours ago

    I think what is disheartening to me watching this isTreasure had a choice in all of this, and good bad or in different if you’re not kickin it with Chyna that’s one thing, but now your come up is still off her back because that’s all you’re speaking about. If it’s about your brand and your character let that speak for itself. What is for you will come to you. You never have to live off the back of someones misery. Let your character stand on its own. You can’t say what your friend was when you are out there doing the same thing, but in a different forum. Treasure, your time will come, thus is beneath the character you stand on. Praying for you. Just because someone invites you to fight doesn’t mean you have to attend. If you exercise hush mouth grace let that be the character that you speak of. You don’t have to come off your sidewalk to step down into the street. No good deed goes unpunished.

  22. home improve

    home improve8 hours ago

    I believe this young lady!

  23. elza tabi

    elza tabi9 hours ago

    I died when she said Toni was dancing as the same time as them😂😂😂

  24. Donna Young

    Donna Young9 hours ago

    Loved this interview

  25. Coco Coyle

    Coco Coyle9 hours ago

    I love her boots

  26. French Love

    French Love9 hours ago

    Trash interview by a trash interviewer , interviewing a trashy ex friend. Both trash. Blac Chyna gave this "friend" $25,000 cash and a car and this is her repayment.

  27. DJarra Mack

    DJarra Mack11 hours ago

    i absolutely 100 percent believe her

  28. Britney Bernard

    Britney Bernard11 hours ago

    Really great interview. Treasure congrats on everything that you have going for yourself. ❤️🙏🏾

  29. INEZ Coward

    INEZ Coward13 hours ago

    She made herself look so bad what did she do to her face?she fucked her face up it look like an earthquake hit it

  30. CaliGirl8686

    CaliGirl868614 hours ago

    I believe Treasure as far as the money thing but I also believe the K’s did get that show canceled. The emails between Kylie and Khole were released years ago.


    ROCHELLE SMITH15 hours ago

    Treasure has always came off super authentic to me and I love her for that plus her story is very believable based on watching the show. Chyna is going to regret losing her as a friend one day, trust me.

  32. Dawnnita Ford

    Dawnnita Ford15 hours ago

    I like Treasure!!! DMV all day

  33. THEGEM unique e

    THEGEM unique e16 hours ago

    Again nobody peep game she saying she her bff was there when chyna was doing xyz umm yeah Tressure no better then chyna r Tokyo toni she probably was wit it in them rooms doing same she dropped stuff 4 herself n cuz she want2 known n famous so cant blame chyna she should built bond n connects n promote not rely on some1 n their trails n fame n when u cant rinse r use r ride wave like u thought r things dont go way start bashing n being a flip flop she admitted she filled out w4 r whatever n gave info now switching up if anything y Chyna not on here n wheres proof

  34. THEGEM unique e

    THEGEM unique e16 hours ago

    Lmao guess some1 didnt like when some1 comments the truth n facts cause my ish got deleted 😂

  35. Brianna Francois

    Brianna Francois16 hours ago

    Damn that’s fucked up

  36. THEGEM unique e

    THEGEM unique e16 hours ago

    She inlove n hurt lmao she seem like bitter ex

  37. THEGEM unique e

    THEGEM unique e16 hours ago

    Nobody peep game she know what she doing and putting out there and insinuating like when she mentioned amber🤦she knew dam well what she pushing n presses 4

  38. deja west

    deja west16 hours ago

    Also her getting not getting paid is her fault..why not speak about it at the time.. actually look at the contract that was signed..it's alot not being said and you can tell

  39. lizonia100

    lizonia10016 hours ago

    I find this hard to believe. .. You didn’t get paid on the Rob and China show and you turned around and did it again for another show and didn’t get paid !! And you are a STRIPPER 🤔

  40. Sherrell James

    Sherrell James16 hours ago

    She sounds like Norman the one who does skits.

  41. deja west

    deja west16 hours ago

    And the shade she's boring to watch..but y'all have a whole show talking about her...make it make sense please..your no better

  42. deja west

    deja west17 hours ago

    She could have took the high rode and went ahead with her dreams . instead of getting paid to spill tea about a ex friend..it's tasteless and she was s no better than china

  43. THEGEM unique e

    THEGEM unique e17 hours ago

    She has control also so when she was at them events in studios etc she should have been promoting building creating etc n build support out side of chyna but she blame all on chyna like she not grown she not a friend either n she use fact ppl dnt like chyna n toni n Chyna relationship n even their downfalls. Like if u gone bash another woman b real bout ur own ish

  44. Rebecca Boyar

    Rebecca Boyar2 hours ago


  45. THEGEM unique e

    THEGEM unique e17 hours ago

    It seem she know ppl dnt like her n yall both use that 2 bash n downgrade another woman like lets b real if any1 was grown it n a convo wit chyna involved along wit proof of stuff at this point it seem Tressure want story line r b known get recognized

  46. THEGEM unique e

    THEGEM unique e17 hours ago

    Pls ppl lets b real she even admitted how much Chyna gave her so no she dont seem genuine she seem money hungry fame hungry want ppl 2 join her misery like all she do is yip yap bout china n what she didnt get well dhe shoulda been grown n handle her own responsibilities y chyna being bashed instead of all sides along with truth n proof y not have chyna on her all ppl wanna do is tear ppl down

  47. AZYA A.

    AZYA A.17 hours ago

    I've never been a Stripper, but the ones I have met, don't befriend other dancers because of the jealousy and narcissm. They dance, travel to the best clubs and make money, and are to themselves. There are some Strippers who really are about their business; some to put themselves through school and open businesses.

  48. AZYA A.

    AZYA A.17 hours ago

    Yeah, Chyna did admit on camera that she committed tax fraud with the W9 and whatnot. Now that the show is on a major network, I wouldn't be surprised if Chyna gets audited by the IRS because of it.

  49. Mya B

    Mya B17 hours ago

    I want a friend like treasure☺️💜

  50. Sherrell James

    Sherrell James17 hours ago

    Maybe Chyna was sleeping with kylie too 👀

  51. TheProject

    TheProject17 hours ago

    Y’all should have avoided the TI conversations.

  52. Life of Khaliah honey

    Life of Khaliah honey18 hours ago

    Rule number one even if y’all fall off NEVER tell they business . That’s what’s separate the real from the fake and this interview proves she’s fake jealous and a sneak in the grass . That was chyna success she doesn’t owe nobody nothing dont b mad she came up and she younger than you and quicker than you

  53. Juan Santo

    Juan Santo18 hours ago

    Word of advice, to interview, you need to stay impartial and Tasha seemed very biased

  54. ThisissrueVEVO

    ThisissrueVEVO22 hours ago

    To be honest i watched that Chyna show on Zeus i believe every WORD treasure is saying. A lot of things on that show looked off and Chyna seemed mad pressed whenever Treasure had something popping. Some may say she jealous or whatever but business is business pay what you owe!

  55. Lafara Love

    Lafara LoveDay ago

    No matter what they went through it still isn't right to air out her dirty laundry friends will disagree,fight etc,.but one-day you will make up and be sisters again,but once you go on interviews telling all of her secrets consider that relationship dead!!!!!

  56. swan 18

    swan 18Day ago

    I'm confused at how she never met Kim but took the picture of Kim & China

  57. Ndèye.fatou33

    Ndèye.fatou33Day ago

    Ghost writers for a book. The shade

  58. Patricia Seck

    Patricia SeckDay ago

    Is it me or does Tasha K looks like Iyandla Vanzant trying to fix someone's life with that Fakeup on?

  59. 1andonlyAmazon S1 of Revenge Body

    1andonlyAmazon S1 of Revenge BodyDay ago

    Didn’t read the contracts, cuz if the pay was in the contract...she’d be suing.

  60. kristal figueroa

    kristal figueroaDay ago

    Very interesting interview , didn’t know this side of Blac Chyna 😦 I just wish treasure good luck in moving forward from it

  61. K. J.

    K. J.Day ago

    Hey Crowned _ Queendom. I totally agree, o guess if I had scrolled down and read more, anyway we are both thinking the same, make some $ with a Tell All book. And Nick Smith, I agree with u also Rebranding looks good on her.

  62. K. J.

    K. J.Day ago

    And I also don't spill anyone's Tea, but if u were gonna spill it... what better person to do the interview with...A Beautiful Sista, all about keeping real. Power to all women( Especially Our Sistas )be safe and continue to Love and Respect one anothet.

  63. K. J.

    K. J.Day ago

    Lisa I want Miss treasure to win also but I wonder if she is getting paid for this interview. She could have written a tell all book and made some good $ ???

  64. Anastassia

    AnastassiaDay ago

    When your working with a celebrity you already know what can happen including the ins and outs . Smh it’s sad how everybody has turned

  65. Myrna Tomlin

    Myrna TomlinDay ago

    Black Chyna is as CRAZY as her MOM I guess the Apple 🍎 Don't fall far from the tree Bless her heart I'm watching her show 3/4/2021 That

  66. Shawn McCoy

    Shawn McCoyDay ago

    Treasure is A1 tho..because even in this, she didn't dog her out or bash, just spit all facts. Chyna let a real one go...her lost. Smdh

  67. NicNac Pattywack

    NicNac PattywackDay ago

    Wow... Thanks Tasha for this Interview!!! Super entertaining

  68. Ursula Sterling

    Ursula SterlingDay ago

    I believe every word treasure chest and treasure is right like China did treasure wrong

  69. Nacira

    NaciraDay ago

    The curls are gorgeous on Treasure. 😍

  70. Blooming Lotus

    Blooming LotusDay ago

    Love you not hollering

  71. Bri Frost

    Bri FrostDay ago

    this was crazy.... amazing interview

  72. Desiree Pate

    Desiree PateDay ago

    I've always believed Treasure.... Not once has she seemed to hate on anyone..... Her truth is genuine, and so is she.....

  73. Jupiter’s world

    Jupiter’s worldDay ago

    Chyna is a control freak because she has never had control in her relationship with her mother!

  74. Jupiter’s world

    Jupiter’s worldDay ago

    I absolutely love Treasure! I do feel there is some truth to her tellings. You can also tell she’s also hurt by the break down of their relationship. I feel like Chyns relationships break down because her childhood Traumas!! Beginning with her mother!

  75. Latonya Odom

    Latonya OdomDay ago

    Chyna is hurting and looking for love!

  76. Latonya Odom

    Latonya OdomDay ago

    I believe you treasure!

  77. Latonya Odom

    Latonya OdomDay ago

    She is her mama trust me!!!

  78. Aja Hall

    Aja HallDay ago

    We don't choose them ....???

  79. Aqua T

    Aqua TDay ago

    Treasure was a GREAT friend‼️ It’s definitely Chyna’s Loss.

  80. LaLa Cortez

    LaLa CortezDay ago

    Can the interviewer have a more pleasant face with her dialogues? Lol it's the non-chalantness and eye darts for me

  81. Tomika Meusa

    Tomika MeusaDay ago

    I knew she was a libra!

  82. Yemisi Nunzia

    Yemisi NunziaDay ago

    Treasure you're named that for a reason treasure your energy everybody don't deserve you. And everybody that's saying she's wrong for telling Chyna business never forget Chyna triggered all this. Treasure has every right to tell her story, their story, she been there before the fame, during the fame, and thru the pain. Truth be told she need to free all that mess out her head. This is her closure. Honestly this is her talking to Angie thru the media in which Chyna is obsessed with. She knows Chyna will watch this and Angie will hurt from it. This interview probably gone help heal Chyna. Angie needs to see Chyna has destroyed many people including herself. This is Thee Awakening for Blaq Chyna.

  83. 888

    888Day ago

    Trust nobody!

  84. Tatiana Robinson

    Tatiana RobinsonDay ago

    WOOOOOOW she spilling all the tea and im here for it!!

  85. Sabrina G

    Sabrina GDay ago

    Mistake number 1, made a stripper you were working with your best friend 😩🤧

  86. J Robinson

    J RobinsonDay ago

    Had no idea who this treasure was before this interview and hope she continues to prevail pass that toxic ex friend

  87. Key Davis

    Key DavisDay ago

    This is sad Blac Chyna fucked up a friendship for Toxic fame she is definitely gonna regret it

  88. Gemini2Butterfly

    Gemini2ButterflyDay ago

    Lord, My Libra friends wwnt behind my back talking and trying to reach my level

  89. Dionne Pilachowski

    Dionne PilachowskiDay ago

    The Real Blac Chyna show is the MOST boring TV event--EVER!!! She's a messy train wreck--just like her mother!!! PITIFUL!

  90. First Name Last name

    First Name Last nameDay ago

    Her ig @ Mztreasuregemz Everyone go support her !!!!

  91. Sthornika Leith

    Sthornika LeithDay ago

    Enjoyed it

  92. Tamika PARKER

    Tamika PARKERDay ago

    I like Treasure .. she real and cool asf

  93. themby clare

    themby clareDay ago

    no matter what u never tel if the friendship is over,,, cuz nobody forced u to stay friends so long ....,this is not ok

  94. La Mar

    La MarDay ago

    What a tragedy. This is heartbreaking.

  95. stinab2021

    stinab2021Day ago

    Geez 😬

  96. CLOUTXX VOL. 1

    CLOUTXX VOL. 1Day ago


  97. Ghana Mafia

    Ghana MafiaDay ago

    Treasure is working those boots hunny.

  98. Lunga Dlakude

    Lunga DlakudeDay ago

    Treasure looks like Brooke Valentine

  99. CHON JAE

    CHON JAEDay ago

    I don't need no frauds but ☕

  100. Winette86

    Winette86Day ago

    Treasure if you wanted Chyna to put you on you could’ve just told her that, the thirst is REAL

  101. Johnnie H

    Johnnie HDay ago

    Chyna is VERY INSECURE. She’s a narcissist and her mask is being EXPOSED.

  102. Victoria McKenzie

    Victoria McKenzieDay ago

    So true

  103. Unapologetic Boogie

    Unapologetic Boogie2 days ago

    Crazy tokyo a libra - ima a libra me and treasure more alike

  104. Skyla Toms

    Skyla Toms2 days ago

    Wow 😳 this was a good interview. And the host? A tad shady lol but she asked ALL the right questions! Bravo 👏🏼

  105. Mr&Mrs Popculture

    Mr&Mrs Popculture2 days ago

    Black blogs and media has become so messy. They are the devil along with TMZ...I cant!!!

  106. Mary Mary

    Mary Mary2 days ago

    This junk as bs lies

  107. Dwalisa Michele

    Dwalisa Michele2 days ago

    I love Treasure