Trolling the ADMINS of Star Wars RP

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  1. Soup

    Soup4 days ago

    Lick an sooob if u enjoy

  2. MisFit

    MisFit19 hours ago

    @Dr. Bright ahhh I see I have been saying the word coom alot

  3. Dr. Bright

    Dr. Bright21 hour ago

    @MisFit he isn’t deleting your comment(s). It’s USlikes. If you say any naughty words, YT auto deletes your comments. We can all thank Susan “OOOOYYYYYYY VVVEEEEYYYYY” the chosenite!

  4. Harley Mosley

    Harley MosleyDay ago

    F Mathew

  5. FR Grim

    FR Grim2 days ago

    WAIT, soup are in the original southern state now?

  6. FBI Agent #2924

    FBI Agent #29243 days ago

    Yooor ey gud yoootoobah

  7. greg jschulze

    greg jschulze22 minutes ago

    some of those guys were such massive snowflakes lol i can hear their jiggling mountain dew Dorito double chin from here

  8. fergo

    fergo32 minutes ago

    Aww you got player dissed? What a pussy

  9. Brass Monkey

    Brass MonkeyHour ago

    Being from South Carolina, the intro was amazing

  10. Snow Man

    Snow ManHour ago

    You taxin on ads

  11. SorryForPartyRocking

    SorryForPartyRocking3 hours ago

    I cannot stress enough how many times i’ve watched this video just for 24 minutes onwards

  12. Honest Brit

    Honest Brit4 hours ago

    People joke about whether reddit or discord admins are worse, and it's obvious they've never experienced gmod admins

  13. oli

    oli5 hours ago

    this is the content i miss upload more trolling videos like messing with admins

  14. Austin Riley

    Austin Riley5 hours ago

    The “Apprentice Acid?! More like Apprentice Asshole” line gave me the best laugh of 2021 so far😂

  15. Kristina Kennedy

    Kristina Kennedy7 hours ago

    Love the new outro

  16. Ben Witte

    Ben Witte7 hours ago

    Christmas came early this year

  17. The Scorcher834

    The Scorcher8347 hours ago

    Listen I'm tryna start a goddamn southern revolution on this comment section 😂

  18. _Atom Cat_

    _Atom Cat_8 hours ago

    Soup has this magical power of never failing to raise the bar on how hard ive laughed in my life, and even then those other bars were from soup videos so like idfk what that says

  19. spudnik

    spudnik9 hours ago

    These videos are supreme soup

  20. Cheesecake FC

    Cheesecake FC9 hours ago

    man my names layne and this shit felt weird to watch 😂

  21. Jay Belmont

    Jay Belmont9 hours ago

    Soup presents: Star Wars from the POV of high and or drunk idiot stormtroopers

  22. Matthew Goin

    Matthew Goin10 hours ago


  23. Mirror Town

    Mirror Town10 hours ago

    People having power go to their head because they admin a role play server is one of the saddest things

  24. Dayton Evans

    Dayton Evans11 hours ago

    1 min and 14 second btw

  25. _Ghost Crib

    _Ghost Crib12 hours ago

    I don’t think I’ve laughed that hard at a USlikes video in a while keep it up soup love the content😂😂😂😂😂

  26. Gunnar Chesson

    Gunnar Chesson12 hours ago

    I love the fact that the profile pic was popcorn Sutton

  27. subforsubguywithchannel

    subforsubguywithchannel13 hours ago

    What happened to the outro song

  28. Anthony P

    Anthony P14 hours ago

    Imagine grinding the server, just for soup to kill the admin and get promoted higher than you

  29. Mason Etzel

    Mason Etzel14 hours ago


  30. Redacted Gaming

    Redacted Gaming15 hours ago

    Make another hurry

  31. imsnek

    imsnek15 hours ago

    Damn some of these admins have some serious power complex

  32. Lythicology

    Lythicology15 hours ago

    GET THIS ANIMATED RIGHT NOW " fuck u matthews

  33. XxPure-DreamzXx YT

    XxPure-DreamzXx YT16 hours ago

    Great video

  34. Muzzy

    Muzzy16 hours ago

    greatest video of all time

  35. simply strroonz

    simply strroonz16 hours ago

    should have just layed on the stairs

  36. dill hole

    dill hole16 hours ago

    beautiful stall

  37. Nathan McMillan

    Nathan McMillan18 hours ago

    My dream is for an admin of a server to give him permission to do this, all this chaos without the bans would be incredible. Edit I mean for gta5

  38. variajpg

    variajpg18 hours ago

    he has returned

  39. Nathan McMillan

    Nathan McMillan18 hours ago

    I wonder if azzlicker ever will see this

  40. no heart cj

    no heart cj19 hours ago

    bruh i can even explain how much i love this like god brother u should have just burned the entire thing lol

  41. Me Me

    Me Me19 hours ago

    😂 player diss arrest cuz he got in trouble

  42. Gabe T

    Gabe T19 hours ago

    I literally started tearing up from laughing so hard at the end when they were screaming while in jail. I have not laughed that hard in so long. Pure gold

  43. Patrick Nally125

    Patrick Nally12520 hours ago

    I've been wating for this video

  44. LuxXisbad

    LuxXisbad20 hours ago


  45. ItsMitsTTv

    ItsMitsTTv20 hours ago

    Here's a funny: peepee

  46. Jacob Young

    Jacob Young20 hours ago

    I missed this so much

  47. Matthew Gill

    Matthew Gill21 hour ago

    Thank you for the high volume warning. At 30% it sounded like 100% from the previous clip lmfao

  48. Crunchy Socks

    Crunchy Socks21 hour ago

    This video is the embodiment Of loud equals funny

  49. Josh Cottam

    Josh Cottam22 hours ago

    25:16 the new slackjaw song sounds sweet

  50. DoozyKat

    DoozyKatDay ago

    This video is so funny fucking wheezing atm

  51. Evan B

    Evan BDay ago

    So happy you made another one of these

  52. Yog Waves

    Yog WavesDay ago

    I did this get monetized ??? 😂😂

  53. Patrick Austin

    Patrick AustinDay ago

    You should’ve titled it *“revenge of the hicks”*

  54. SniperToast 09

    SniperToast 09Day ago

    two of my friends play that constantly and its so stupid

  55. Baby Playz

    Baby PlayzDay ago

    I love the starwars ones the most

  56. John Watts

    John WattsDay ago


  57. Andres Rivas

    Andres RivasDay ago

    i was laughing the whole 30 min this video is god tier

  58. jin williamson

    jin williamsonDay ago

    Here's a challenge. Try watch a soup video while drinking somethin and try not to spill it or spit it out. Works better with hot drinks

  59. Dominator 13

    Dominator 13Day ago

    Part two!!!

  60. Nathan Winslett

    Nathan WinslettDay ago

    This video was a masterpiece.

  61. Vladimir Putin

    Vladimir PutinDay ago


  62. Gachagames Suck

    Gachagames SuckDay ago

    Soup is actually my second cousin so we bang and its cool

  63. Mini Mac1112

    Mini Mac1112Day ago

    Other guy sounds like Channel West Coast on any give moment during an episode of Ridiculousness

  64. OG Fiyah

    OG FiyahDay ago

    When you wanna start eating healthy so you stop eating McDonald’s and get Wendy’s instead.....

  65. Garrett V

    Garrett VDay ago

    I bet no one in this comment section knows who soup has as his pfp in the bottom left

  66. Just Tubz

    Just TubzDay ago

    This shit was jokes asf I couldn’t breath the whole video

  67. Travis Cardwell

    Travis CardwellDay ago

    New outrow is sick

  68. Aiden Hendrix

    Aiden HendrixDay ago

    Hey soup u should troll them by playing audio in your mic of shooting ur gun. But ur not actually shooting ur gun. Love ur vids dude keep it up✌️

  69. pyneahpul

    pyneahpulDay ago

    brandon is the best side character in soup lore

  70. nIOz

    nIOzDay ago

    Dude the screaming part....I died.

  71. __just_danny__

    __just_danny__Day ago

    This was so funny that admin is goated

  72. Clokyy

    ClokyyDay ago

    What game is this ?

  73. Jayden Sonnier

    Jayden SonnierDay ago

    Go fund me page for space aids

  74. james weber

    james weberDay ago


  75. Rynar

    RynarDay ago

    oh shit this is in my galaxy

  76. Ethan Stout

    Ethan StoutDay ago

    That intro tho

  77. Jose Galindez

    Jose GalindezDay ago

    comedy gold xD

  78. the_TRUE_legend27

    the_TRUE_legend27Day ago

    Please do more

  79. Eli Harper

    Eli HarperDay ago


  80. Sinister and Nightmare

    Sinister and NightmareDay ago

    I'm on the fuckin floor crying of laughter omfg, funniest video i done seen this year ong lmao

  81. POTS JR

    POTS JRDay ago

    More gmod plsssssssssszzzzz

  82. JMichael

    JMichaelDay ago

    i've watched this video 5 times already

  83. /-THÊWEEDBØX-\

    /-THÊWEEDBØX-\Day ago

    This f****** server makes me want to go out of my way to download Garry's Mod find This Server and Docs and DDos all these trashcans these kids don't need to exist

  84. ravenr_

    ravenr_Day ago

    the best soup content

  85. XxSpec OpsxX

    XxSpec OpsxXDay ago

    @Soup your profile pic looks like Joe Dirt😂

  86. Aceintell music

    Aceintell musicDay ago

    14:00 like a final scene in a movie

  87. Tommy Parada

    Tommy ParadaDay ago

    This was legit the best video you've done in a while I was literally crying and when I saw what jedi you chose!!!! HOLY FUCK

  88. David Romo

    David RomoDay ago

    Every dislike on this video is a new account by Lord Jerry

  89. Dark Lieutenant

    Dark LieutenantDay ago

    You said me and Osama Bon Jovi. Man I love this?

  90. Kyle H

    Kyle HDay ago

    THIS Was so Cursed and Just ... Fucked! *Scream* IM DYING HERE BOYS!

  91. ArcticClone

    ArcticCloneDay ago

    My ears are now shot...

  92. Spankadog GronkSquad

    Spankadog GronkSquadDay ago

    i fucking love the screaming at the end im dieing


    RP ADDICTDay ago

    I feel like soup should’ve censored the admins name and character and changed his voice just cause he was so cool about it

  94. adam strong

    adam strongDay ago

    Soup is the king of trolling

  95. Francisco Bruno

    Francisco BrunoDay ago

    i need more of this

  96. Moist Ravioli

    Moist RavioliDay ago

    Those annoying little kids need a good uppercut

  97. Fuhm1

    Fuhm1Day ago


  98. Blyn

    BlynDay ago

    wait soup you live in my state?

  99. iDaZc.mp4

    iDaZc.mp4Day ago

    This was not the time to be taking a sip lmfao - 24:07, 25:15

  100. God of Apples

    God of ApplesDay ago

    please more gmod videos!!! @soup

  101. Tylarross123

    Tylarross123Day ago

    That was art

  102. Nathaniel Evans

    Nathaniel EvansDay ago

    this was hilarious lmao

  103. xjadingamingx x

    xjadingamingx xDay ago

    Bro plz keep uploading star wars to trolls

  104. Anter Name

    Anter NameDay ago

    what game is this someone tell meeeee

  105. Nikolai Duvall

    Nikolai DuvallDay ago

    How do you play on the star wars rp