Using a TAP as Thread Boring Tool

Using a tap to cut threads?! I know, crazy, right? But just you watch!
In a pinch you can use a smaller tap of the right pitch to thread larger bores than the tap was intended for.


  1. PuckTarot22

    PuckTarot22Hour ago

    You've probably already seen this channel, but his tiny machining is fascinating. Thought the mad scientist style of cnc might appeal to you

  2. thehaze1972

    thehaze19722 hours ago

    Sorry but I just had to look around a bit.... Great tip though!

  3. David Allison

    David Allison2 hours ago

    Just for clarity and not explained does the tap pull it's way in with a "loose" carriage or does the leadscrew gearing need to be set up to the appropriate pitch?

  4. Heavy Metal Mechanic

    Heavy Metal Mechanic7 hours ago

    Hey Tony, you wanna do a colab? Ok, fine, I just need a part turned for my classic city bus, the only one of her kind in the western hemisphere. I can do the CAD drawing, although its a non spinning part, low stress....Right now Im using the drill in a bench vise with a die grinder to try to shape this thing.... Or alternate method is drilling and taping 1mm threads, then threading an actual aluminum brazing rod to connect the shaft of this thing...and then coating with more brazing rod...because thicc? I be getting desperate, disparate? dis parrot? (humor to be noticed, increased chances of being read by 24%, but increases annoyingness by 15%)

  5. Richard Barber

    Richard Barber8 hours ago


  6. andy pugh

    andy pugh14 hours ago

    Thanks for this. I have been doing it for years, but now feel, for the first time, that I can come out and admit to it.

  7. Goran Z. Losic

    Goran Z. Losic14 hours ago

    may I ask for a little help concerning my non standard thread Tap?

  8. jebysan

    jebysan20 hours ago

    I Effing love your channel man, very informative with some of the best humor, George Carlin would have watched you man.

  9. Sgt superhate

    Sgt superhate22 hours ago

    Well I guess I need a metal lathe now my wood one is lonely

  10. sanitarium0114

    sanitarium0114Day ago

    Checking for a million subs again.

  11. Paul Luce

    Paul LuceDay ago

    If the next video is only 2021 years away, have I got time to make a sandwich and mow the lawn?

  12. Robert Taylor

    Robert TaylorDay ago

    A perfectly viable and elegant approach.... Thanks, TOT, for the content...

  13. Stephen Rose

    Stephen RoseDay ago

    Yeah, good demo Tony of a often ignored way of doing this.

  14. Vysakh AK

    Vysakh AKDay ago needs help of someone of your expertise. He is planning to launch a rocket to an altitude of 10 km. But he need to machine a reaction wheel made of stainless steel. He is reaching out for help. Me and many viewers in his comment section immediately thought about you. It would be a great Collab! Please help him if possible. Thank you.

  15. orangetruckman

    orangetruckmanDay ago

    I really enjoy these “hands on” videos 🤔

  16. Hoss Hoffer

    Hoss Hoffer2 days ago

    I wish our training videos were even half as educational and entertaining. Would you consider doing some side work for aviation?

  17. MadelnOahu

    MadelnOahu2 days ago

    I came back to check on ToT and I can't believe it's only been a week. It felt like AGES without a good ol ToT vid

  18. Troy Smith

    Troy Smith2 days ago

    Love your videos This Old Tony. Any chance you could give us a shop/garage tour some day?

  19. Matthew Marting

    Matthew Marting2 days ago

    Thank you - Your 6 minutes of fluff were exactly what I needed today.

  20. James Anderson

    James Anderson2 days ago

    Smartass! (That's a compliment, BTW)

  21. 0ddSavant

    0ddSavant2 days ago

    You’re fun. Keep it up

  22. Jacob Lattimore

    Jacob Lattimore2 days ago

    Great video as always Tony 👍. But it's got me wondering... In order to do this trick do you have to keep the half nuts engaged, or just treat it like a normal threading operation and use thread dial as you normally would? Still new to machining so if the answer is obvious I apologize.

  23. This Old Tony

    This Old Tony2 days ago

    just like you normally would!

  24. Lucky31313

    Lucky313132 days ago needs your help to machine a stainless steel part for his rocket!

  25. Edd Jordan

    Edd Jordan2 days ago

    Bps space needs your help!!

  26. Wilbur Tiberius

    Wilbur Tiberius2 days ago

    Tony, bps space needs a big old reaction wheel machined. This could be your opportunity to get a part of old tony into the stratosphere.

  27. Xiph1980

    Xiph19802 days ago

    For some reason from the thumbnail I thought this was a clickspring video. 😛

  28. Ben U

    Ben U2 days ago

    Oy, can you make a flywheel for a rocket? BPS.Space needs on in 2 weeks. That would be an awesome collab after project egress and all

  29. micle546

    micle5462 days ago

    This ^

  30. leso204

    leso2042 days ago

    you have made an internal thread chaser ..........

  31. A A Nana Aba

    A A Nana Aba3 days ago

    Can you show your face

  32. Ronnie Doyle

    Ronnie Doyle3 days ago

    I watch some foreign video's where the craftsman uses a thread tap they use on a drill press. Are those a regular bolt tap, ran slow, or something special you can buy. Thank You

  33. Toolmaker Sept

    Toolmaker Sept3 days ago

    That's pretty cool I don't know that I would've thought of that. I can appreciate all the effort it takes for you to make the videos as well as you do. With the pandemic going on. I've had to make videos for my students and found that's a lot harder than one would think.

  34. vern dahl

    vern dahl3 days ago

    good to know! thanks.

  35. Daniel Harris

    Daniel Harris3 days ago

    Still waiting on the brass tacks video you keep bringing up

  36. Bata Lela

    Bata Lela3 days ago

    What about the helix angle ??? 😎

  37. gwheyduke

    gwheyduke3 days ago

    Wow, great tip. With model engines, I always run into this small boring tool problem.

  38. Markus Camenzind

    Markus Camenzind3 days ago

    now if i brake a tap i can still use it on the lath.

  39. Clarksburgair. com

    Clarksburgair. com3 days ago

    Hello Antony How about steel? Behave same threading steel? Or it’s just softer metals? Thank you Yuri

  40. Clarksburgair. com

    Clarksburgair. com3 days ago

    I try it it work great Also it can be start at any point Ideal for npt style tread

  41. Clarksburgair. com

    Clarksburgair. com3 days ago

    Thank you to repply my message

  42. Clarksburgair. com

    Clarksburgair. com3 days ago

    That’s the key than More passes like El Chapo

  43. This Old Tony

    This Old Tony3 days ago

    yes works in steel but need more passes probably

  44. sanitarium0114

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    Daily check in to check for 1 mill subs.

  45. sanitarium0114

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    @This Old Tony Are we there yet?

  46. This Old Tony

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    are we there yet?!

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    Joseph D'Bennidetto4 days ago

    whatever dude you did manage to waist ten minutes of my life, so kudos to you.

  48. adam sorell

    adam sorell4 days ago

    Why you have to retract cant u just go forward then backwards?

  49. KING@SPL

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    thank you

  50. Marco Solo

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    Tip top tap tip.

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    Bryan Bogardus4 days ago

    Thank you! More please! Well maybe before the next thousand year at least.

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  53. hoiy vinosa

    hoiy vinosa4 days ago

    Great tip and I have a an entire new set of taps I was planning on breaking anyway.

  54. Peter Jameson

    Peter Jameson4 days ago

    @This Old Tony. You're a master machinist and a master presenter. What's more, your hands speak to me! Thank you for your great inspiring videos.

  55. Jeffrey R.Patterson

    Jeffrey R.Patterson4 days ago

    Hi Tony. I have an unrelated question. Is it practical to do some limited milling on a lathe. I imagine some mechanism to hold work and move it horizontally through the cutting mechanism. How about the ability of the lathe to hold a cutting head?

  56. This Old Tony

    This Old Tony4 days ago

    you sure can! look around for "lathe milling attachment".

  57. Marlo Breding

    Marlo Breding5 days ago

    Anyone notice the Big Bolt with Rolled Threads used as a prop to talk about cutting threads?

  58. Marlo Breding

    Marlo Breding4 days ago

    @hoiy vinosa someone had to point out the inconsistency.

  59. hoiy vinosa

    hoiy vinosa4 days ago

    Ugh ugh! Uhh!!

  60. Magic Smoke FPV

    Magic Smoke FPV5 days ago

    You sound like Green Beetle.... Or is it the other way around...

  61. Lee Harvey Griswold

    Lee Harvey Griswold5 days ago

    Hi, you mention a few times that your lathe cuts a bit of a taper, is there any way to fix it? And if so can you make a video?

  62. Penboard!

    Penboard!5 days ago

    Add even more to that, note this: Take a 36 tpi tap, set the lathe to 36 tpi speed - and you get a single thread... set the lathe e.g. at 9 tpi and cut with the 36 tpi tap - and you get a 4 start thread.

  63. Mark M

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  64. Slikx666

    Slikx6665 days ago

    Now all I need is a lathe.

  65. Nathan Parrow

    Nathan Parrow5 days ago

    Hi Tony, I recently found your channel and have gone back in time and watched every video you have made so far. I hope to watch the ones that you have already made in the future some day! Not all of us can move as freely through time as you can. Really love your sense of humor and amazing skill set. I recently acquired my second lathe and my first knee mill and have been going crazy buying tooling and trying to get it all up and running. I would love to send you some photos of my setup sometime.

  66. stuarth43

    stuarth435 days ago

    happy 2021 Ole Bean

  67. WeepingAngel256

    WeepingAngel2565 days ago

    Tony: you can't make this stuff up. The guy who put threads on the inside and outside:

  68. Opinionator52

    Opinionator525 days ago

    Fun and interesting as per usual... Thanks Man.... :o) . O,,,

  69. naota3k

    naota3k5 days ago

    "Tools to Cutting Internal Threads on the Lathe"

  70. starhawke380

    starhawke3805 days ago

    How many people paused the video at 7:20 to see if they could find a 1" 24TPI tap on Amazon?

  71. pida siouy

    pida siouy5 days ago

    "Under a certain size" Me a 2 meter tall dutchman: bamboozled Thanks you clarified after tho

  72. Edward Joyner

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    Ha! Latest Mattias Wandell live stream he wished you would show your face more. 😊. Sounds like comedy gold

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    I didn't realize Ray Romano was into machining.

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    This man, whoever he is, gives off big "Hi (hungry, angry, other descriptive adj.) I'm dad" vibes

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    Going to my lathe now to try this - thank you

  77. vauxminijoe

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    Can you talk about hardface welding

  78. Adam Miller

    Adam Miller6 days ago

    And if it’s not brazed perfectly straight. Tapered threads! Amazing!

  79. Beallthere

    Beallthere6 days ago

    @3:40, you say, '. . .but the business end of these are exactly the same as the external threading tool.' ...You make 1 of 2 errors. The first choice is a subject to verb number error: '. . . the business end of these are . . .' should be, '. . . but the business end of these is . . .' ...The business end is singular and needs a singular verb. That would be is. ...The other possible error is more logical. It's a subject of a later pronoun to verb number error. You should say, '. . . but the business ends of these . . . ' These is the key word here. These is a plural pronoun and logically should follow a plural reference, which here should be the plural 'ends,' not the singular 'end.' ...All of this might seem nitpicky and pompous of me, but think about it: English is ever-so-much-better when correct. You should correct this.

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    Cant wait to see episoe 5 in 4042, this series has gotten so good over the last 8084 years!!!

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  83. Chuck Kleine

    Chuck Kleine6 days ago

    What you need to watch in threading is oversize condition ,so to use a tap the proper way in lathe is float the tap so it follows the hole otherwise it acts like a boring bar. And gives you a oversize thread. Which also cause oversize if you feed too fast or to slow.

  84. Chuck Kleine

    Chuck Kleine6 days ago

    I guess you can do it this way

  85. Chuck Kleine

    Chuck Kleine6 days ago

    Taps have different rake angle for different materials as well

  86. Chuck Kleine

    Chuck Kleine6 days ago

    Inside threading needs different rake angle

  87. Void Void

    Void Void6 days ago

    Why did I just now 6 days later get the notification when I've already watched it

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    Found a 1 -24 tap on sale for $37.00

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  91. Jeff Thompson

    Jeff Thompson6 days ago

    This is the chaotic-neutral way to cut a thread

  92. Simon Broughton

    Simon Broughton6 days ago

    Hi Tony. Great video again! I've used this technique 'the other way around' - with the workpiece stationary and the tap spinning (CNC). It means different sized threaded holes can be machined with the same tap - obv. same pitch thus reducing tool changes! Also if an angle is ground on the 'leading edge' of the tap, similar to a drill bit, the hole can be bored first, then tapped. I believe this is called a 'thriller' (tap and drill-er)

  93. dolita windo

    dolita windo6 days ago

    0:43 "Flea market taps" hit wayyyy to close to home

  94. Joshua Smith

    Joshua Smith6 days ago

    you are amazing, good job

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    skip to 6:20

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    Awesome as always 👌

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    subjects you deal with, but also for your bone dry humor. Thank you, please keep at it!

  99. TBL

    TBL6 days ago

    Forgive my ignorance. How did you ensure you started cutting at the same position of the work piece after the first cut? Position counter on lathe drive?

  100. bk

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    I learnt something new today.

  101. Alterna Masaki

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    the video being out of focus sometimes kinda hurts my eyes >.> hope you may see this and take care next times

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    Who remembers episode 2, when he accidentally lodged a tap in a Assurian's head?

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    This commentary is top shelf.

  104. AJ Wilson

    AJ Wilson7 days ago

    An "old" trick. I learned it back in 1970 when I went to work as a machine operator. Great for cutting fine threads in large diameter bodies. Company I worked for made hydraulic cylinders for aircraft. We used this trick to cut threads into cylinder bodies so gland rings could be screwed in.

  105. Jeffrey Brookes

    Jeffrey Brookes7 days ago

    Less than a minute in and he's telling us to cut external threads with a tap?

  106. Matthew Hopkins

    Matthew Hopkins7 days ago

    What about infernal threads, I gotta wait another 2021 years for that episode?

  107. SouthernBoy

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    Cool Tony thanks for the trick. Gonna call it the "I can't breath thread", G. Floyd Thread trick.

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    Due to your humor, I'm giving you a digital hug and kiss. You're so cute. 😘

  109. John Gurney

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    hi tony can you use this trick on steel as well or only brass

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    Prof TOT! Teatcher be your sorry ass!

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    Dude, I envy your talent for amking interesting, entertaining videos and your brilliant sense of humor. I really, REALLY enjoy watching your videos, not only for the interesting subjects you deal with, but also for your bone dry humor. Thank you, please keep at it!

  112. Austin Page

    Austin Page7 days ago

    i love this trick. been using it and old drill bits as boring bars for years.

  113. Max Headroom

    Max Headroom7 days ago

    you can make a tap from a second bolt. just cut the slots and harden it.