Surf n Turk: Wisconsin Turkey & Carp | S4E13 | MeatEater

Steven Rinella scratches his spring turkey itch this year as he visits Wisconsin to call in some big eastern Toms with his buddy Jerod Fink. The guys also plan to do some bow fishing after dark so they can enjoy a real Midwest turkey and fish fry.
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  1. NW_ Blessed

    NW_ Blessed4 days ago

    Love this episode man, what a wonderful state, people, and adventure.

  2. Logan Harvey

    Logan Harvey4 days ago

    Even got to enjoy some Spotted Cow.

  3. GuinessHangover

    GuinessHangover5 days ago

    That cloaca interaction was hilarious. Rinella seems like a hell of a fun guy to hunt with.

  4. MrYour1Fan

    MrYour1Fan5 days ago

    I would like to know more about the gear. The gun, knife and clothing

  5. Jeremy Wallace

    Jeremy Wallace6 days ago

    Idea- link up with Chef Roi Choi or Chef David Chang for a celebrity cooking co-host episode. They're amazing chefs who like Steve uses traditional foods from different cultures and combines or alters the techniques and recipes with amazing results. I bet he could help Steve figure out other ways to solve some of the different cooking problems associated with different game meats. They're both funny as heck and specialize in creating new recipes and are definitely open to new experiences like hunting, as you can tell from their Netflix cooking shows, "The Chef Show" and "Ugly Delicious". I bet Steve could take them on a hunt based around what type of game they want to experiment with and make 2 episodes out of it! Take care y'all!

  6. whisperwire

    whisperwire7 days ago

    HUGE thumbs down on the thumbs down. Great show/s Steve. Always look forward to the next new episode! Thanks!!

  7. mike hurkens

    mike hurkens7 days ago

    As a carp fisherman in the Netherlands this is really strange to see haha we Never never eat carp over here haha

  8. Average Everyday Fisherman Show

    Average Everyday Fisherman Show8 days ago

    I went to MO turkey hunting one year. We ended up going with some friends to a fry in the little town and they had 55 gallon drums cut in half and burning hot. They had fried squirrel, fried turkey, and fried catfish. Along with the fixings, I was in heaven and fat as a hog. Great people and new friends were made and the kinds of friends that you can only make in the hunting/fishing world.

  9. Scott Willett

    Scott Willett9 days ago

    Turkey is boring....get a bugling elk with a bow at 20 yards.....MUCH better IMO

  10. Snake eyes

    Snake eyes10 days ago

    that turkey got SMOKED! great episode.

  11. james davis

    james davis10 days ago

    This is one of those episodes that just make you feel at HOME!❤

  12. Eric Nay

    Eric Nay10 days ago

    Up here in the Pacific Northwest..Turkey season is usually wet or freezing, and if your lucky you just might get a beautiful sunny day, but not normally. Though my best hunt ever (so far), was when I was able to call in a lone Tom over a hundred yards out, and then turn him 180 to get him into range...with No decoys. Took over an hour of gentle calling.

  13. brett mehrer

    brett mehrer10 days ago

    Great video..notice no picture of the head on the second

  14. Brandon Hanson

    Brandon Hanson10 days ago

    That's crazy we used sun's out guns out moons out goons out for hunting when I was in the military

  15. mark Persaud

    mark Persaud10 days ago

    Hey Steve I am from Guyana thank u for visiting my country bro

  16. Matt

    Matt11 days ago

    We have turkeys roaming a local golf course near me. They walk right up to you in the parking lot.

  17. Jacob Godfrey

    Jacob Godfrey11 days ago

    Awe dang that carp lol well better than dumping it

  18. Ron Morris

    Ron Morris12 days ago

    Use a bow ya wass.

  19. Philipp R.

    Philipp R.12 days ago

    I love your videos! But dont you have Covid over there?

  20. Erik Frankfurt

    Erik Frankfurt12 days ago

    I wish I was 15 years younger and Steve was my uncle. I would love to have some exposure to this. Sadly, I've grown up camping in Southern California. I've learned a lot from my father and grandfather, but neither were hunters.

  21. Chris K

    Chris K12 days ago

    "Wow, bone impregnated carp fillets? Thanks Steve!"

  22. mark sekerak

    mark sekerak12 days ago

    I love ramps, gotta can them or make dip.

  23. Elmer Fudd

    Elmer Fudd12 days ago

    Stevie is anti AR15. He's tried pissin backwards on it but there is video proof.

  24. Stephen Dilorenzo

    Stephen Dilorenzo12 days ago

    Where can I hunt Whitetail mule deer elk bear all in one place with a bow

  25. snakeboy1991

    snakeboy199112 days ago

    Great episode ladies and gentlemen

  26. Not Sure

    Not Sure13 days ago

    Steven is badass because he's a game chef and knows his wild shit. I mean...who's done that? Steven, that's who.

  27. Corey Gibbs

    Corey Gibbs13 days ago

    Steve, thank you for doing what you do. I watch your show with my 9 year old daughter, who just started coming out with me on goose/duck hunting outings. I think I have her hooked! But, from your perspective and insight on hunting and why we hunt, I can see she is really getting a deeper understanding of what we do. She is seeing the connection with nature, and balance, as well as comradely and how important it is. I appreciate you helping a lot of us to pass on the outdoors to the next generation. Again, thank you!

  28. mateo taylor1763

    mateo taylor176313 days ago

    From here on out, all the hunting buddies won’t believe the story of the triple bearder that walked within three yards on an exposed hunter, until they see the film.

  29. mateo taylor1763

    mateo taylor176313 days ago

    Thanks for calling them big mouth suckers, most people group them in with carp, but they’re actually just native suckers.

  30. Ducky Man

    Ducky Man13 days ago

    Does Steve ever actually read these comments

  31. PrivateIdaho

    PrivateIdaho13 days ago

    "Save the neck for me Clark"

  32. Phil Cann

    Phil Cann13 days ago

    I can’t stand carp I find the fishing boring and they taste like shit

  33. Frank G

    Frank G13 days ago

    Steve looks high

  34. Fishing Boy

    Fishing Boy13 days ago

    Biggest animal I’m gonna kill wrong that’s wrong what is your cookies in

  35. bum snogger

    bum snogger14 days ago

    Spring onion's where I come from

  36. Mark Sumner

    Mark Sumner14 days ago

    Found a honey hole of ramps near my house in Milwaukee, County WI just last year! Threw a few on a couple homemade pizzas on the grill. Absolutely fantastic! Just a good reminder to point out that they're extremely over-harvested in parts of North America. I think it's even illegal to pick them in a few places.

  37. .....l

    .....l14 days ago

    Your "USlikes voice," forced inflection really ruins these videos for me. I wish you could just speak like a normal person.

  38. Longy661

    Longy66114 days ago

    does that turkey still have a head lmao

  39. Kelley Ivers

    Kelley Ivers14 days ago

    I think, "It just takes one" must be the natural motto of hunters.

  40. Outdoors With Dylan

    Outdoors With Dylan14 days ago

    Come up to New York to hunt turkeys it’s hard mountain hunting and the turkey at the end is a good prize

  41. Roger Cooper

    Roger Cooper14 days ago

    I love ramps but man they do a number on your breath.

  42. jonathan roberts

    jonathan roberts14 days ago

    Awesome great hunt!!!!!

  43. punchy134

    punchy13414 days ago

    Pretty facking cool mang

  44. massgps

    massgps14 days ago

    What are the buffalo sucker populations like in this area?

  45. David Jordan

    David Jordan14 days ago

    I’ve seen every episode but I smoke enough pot so I don’t remember the first and second seasons.. perfect. And no I don’t smoke pot same day as hunting or shooting. I keep them separate.

  46. Non-Typical Nation

    Non-Typical Nation14 days ago

    Chasing turkeys is an absolute blast, bow fishing for carp looks like a sweet experience! Great episode!

  47. Joe Schatz

    Joe Schatz15 days ago


  48. Brandon C

    Brandon C15 days ago

    I think he wanted you to shoot the yote buddy lol

  49. jay_pozz

    jay_pozz15 days ago

    I had a buddy that would net carp and put them in his bath tub for a week changing the water out everyday to get the muddy taste out of them. He also said that there is a something you have to cut out of the carp to stop it from tasting bad. I wish I could remember what he said it was.

  50. Gavin Porter

    Gavin Porter15 days ago

    Please text me next time you come up north

  51. Tom Barse

    Tom Barse15 days ago

    Good job trying to get more people interested in eating carp, I would like to make a recommendation and ask that you try frying some carp up the Nebraska way.

  52. Kellz K

    Kellz K15 days ago

    Wiscoooo baby

  53. Brian Fitzpatrick

    Brian Fitzpatrick15 days ago

    Amazing work man. Bringing more people back to the wild like old hunting shows I watched as a kid but better

  54. Kevin Wieringa

    Kevin Wieringa15 days ago

    Soooooo ok. Love love your stuff Steve. But dam get out of your and ur hunting buddies comfort zone when hunting. Watch the THP and get some birds down. Stop staying with the norm of hunting/fishing tv BS and do something original. This looks so canned its not even funny. GOOOOOO HUNT PUBLIC Land! Spot and stalk not sit and wait!

  55. Javier Garcia

    Javier Garcia15 days ago


  56. Ex8

    Ex815 days ago

    Buffalo carp takes a long time to get big and are usually confused with the common carp. If you can leave them alone.

  57. Kyle Brusveen

    Kyle Brusveen15 days ago

    every turkey hunter knows that come a soggy wet day, the turkeys gonna be in a field. not the forest.

  58. thomholio

    thomholio15 days ago

    Turkey nuggs sound awesome

  59. Invin

    Invin15 days ago

    "Through the heavens comes a gobbler. GOBBLE GOBBLE GOBBLE GOBBLE"

  60. Tom Schumacher

    Tom Schumacher15 days ago

    From Minnesota and I will say Wisconsin has some dam good beer! I’d take spotted cow 9 times out of 10 if it was available outta state 🍻

  61. Griffin Ellison

    Griffin Ellison15 days ago

    I've never hunted but have seen every episode.

  62. Skeeter Malcolm

    Skeeter Malcolm15 days ago

    That was an awesome hunt man, and I grew up eating ramps in michigan And ohio, love them with fried taters

  63. Mike McGeehan

    Mike McGeehan15 days ago

    Turkey hunting, fellowship, and food amen! Nothing like turkey hunting. Thank you.

  64. calmlikeabomb 13

    calmlikeabomb 1315 days ago

    What kinda boots is Steve wearing In this episode?

  65. Treestand Man Outdoors

    Treestand Man Outdoors15 days ago

    Unconventional Blast ‘N Cast! Great video.

  66. Brad Bartkus

    Brad Bartkus15 days ago

    Steve, You're harvesting ramps incorrectly. You should really cut them, so you leave the roots in the ground. (So you're taking the bulb and the greens.) Ramps have been almost wiped out in areas because of people pulling the whole thing out.

  67. Craig Hoover

    Craig Hoover15 days ago

    Me: Hears " Hunting Cloaca". Me: Shaking my head. Now that is funny.

  68. Arthur Levitt

    Arthur Levitt15 days ago

    Who would like to see him come to Australia and hunt gweela and roos

  69. Juan Juarez

    Juan Juarez15 days ago

    That Turkey got wrecked lol

  70. Brutus Pontificus

    Brutus Pontificus15 days ago

    Needed a suppressed .22 at hand for that 'yote.

  71. Ryan McGee

    Ryan McGee16 days ago

    Just like that turkey.. my mind is blown

  72. Tony Salopek

    Tony Salopek16 days ago

    In my eyes wrestling and hunting go hand in hand🤣

  73. Built Different

    Built Different16 days ago

    That was the stupidest tom I’ve ever seen I bet a hen would’ve been smarter than that Tom

  74. Michael Mann

    Michael Mann16 days ago

    Buffalo ribs are very delicious. You can cook the honey pieces of buffalo cook them whole.

  75. Christopher Conlon

    Christopher Conlon16 days ago

    Hey you ever get a red deer ?

  76. Arjay Dulnuan

    Arjay Dulnuan16 days ago

    New words paranoid turkeys hahaha

  77. Phisher Smith

    Phisher Smith16 days ago

    my stupid ass read the title as "Wisconsin turkey and crap"

  78. King_Kiff

    King_Kiff16 days ago

    Tip with carp that the old Italians tell around here is you soak the nuggets in salted water for 12 hours before cooking.

  79. Trevor Zelm

    Trevor Zelm16 days ago

    Hey I’m from that area!! Lacrosse area to be exact!! But Uncle Sam said I’ll be living in the UK for a few years. Looking to find new hunting areas to hunt in the UK or European countries, need some knowledge on places or species

  80. Trevor Zelm

    Trevor Zelm15 days ago

    @Jesse Vang yeah I’ve done some research about that and saw the same thing on the tags, I don’t know about the hunting seasons either

  81. Jesse Vang

    Jesse Vang15 days ago

    @Trevor Zelm NZ has great hunting. Idk if you need tags, the locals I lived with just hunted when they wanted

  82. Trevor Zelm

    Trevor Zelm16 days ago

    @Gram Moore yeah I’m looking to head to New Zealand to hunt

  83. Gram Moore

    Gram Moore16 days ago

    You probably won’t find places to hunt there unless you meet someone with private land.

  84. Chefcamsey

    Chefcamsey16 days ago

    I like the content and respect your skills 👍

  85. Zachary Nelson

    Zachary Nelson16 days ago

    It’s that spotted cow you’re drinking though that will bring you back time and time again

  86. Scott Carnegie

    Scott Carnegie16 days ago

    Oh Stevie boy that was wild garlic not leeks.... It grows for fun in the UK.

  87. reagan bone

    reagan bone16 days ago

    Awesome that you guys uploaded these. Thanks

  88. Jone Levy

    Jone Levy16 days ago

    "How satisfied are you with this recommendation" very satisfied

  89. Finca Ahuitzotl

    Finca Ahuitzotl16 days ago

    “They are all out hunting ....cloaca “ I lost it 🤣 ,

  90. Tito Smiff

    Tito Smiff16 days ago

    Second part of season 9 is awesome guys! Thanks!

  91. Joshua Davidson

    Joshua Davidson16 days ago

    Find More comedians to take hunting it would be a million-dollar idea especially with the way things are going with the television and comedy community

  92. Matthew Singer

    Matthew Singer16 days ago

    I want to take my first deer with Steven Rinella. 🤞

  93. Triggerhappy Ranch

    Triggerhappy Ranch16 days ago

    Ramps were a rite of spring in W. Va. The best.

  94. Anton Jurun

    Anton Jurun16 days ago

    Bubbie had a recipe for carp. Pre heat oven to 450 Clean carp Select pine board Season pine board Nail carp to board Cook till carp is done Scrape carp off Eat pine board When I was young I found turkey to be the most frustrating animal to hunt

  95. Jesse Vang

    Jesse Vang15 days ago

    If I catch a Carp on the Milwaukee I just throw them for critters to eat in the woods.

  96. Fred Carter

    Fred Carter16 days ago

    That was a great show love that .... good thing you didn’t miss lol

  97. Mike Hatzl

    Mike Hatzl16 days ago

    Rinella doing the matter Matheson......Literally overnight. So locked and loaded. Keep being beautiful!. He fakes. You make.

  98. Jeremy Leven

    Jeremy Leven16 days ago

    love ramps

  99. Mike Hatzl

    Mike Hatzl16 days ago


  100. Mike Hatzl

    Mike Hatzl16 days ago

    Rinella is a God

  101. Sabin

    Sabin16 days ago

    Great content!!

  102. Mike Hatzl

    Mike Hatzl16 days ago

    Rinella going green.

  103. Rob Kayser

    Rob Kayser16 days ago

    Ok, that was the worst butcher job I've ever seen on a buffalo or sucker. They are incredible table fare, and incredibly common at fish fries in certain regions- I prefer them to crappie and catfish. The "y-bones" (more of a 5-point bone in suckers) are the issue, but the best way to deal with the bones is something called "scoring". Remove the scales from the fish, but leave the skin on ("fleecing" or "skin-scaling"), then fillet it, and score the fillets. Bread with a cornmeal-based breading and deep fry. The hot oil will soften the bones into nothing, as the scoring allows the oil access to the bones. Here's a couple videos for anyone interested in trying it out. Spring sucker fishing is probably my second favorite thing about spring- right behind chasing turkeys. I'm almost begging people to try eating these things. Scoring & Frying suckers- Fleecing & Scoring buffalo-

  104. Patrick

    Patrick16 days ago

    my favorite episode so far. probably my biased because I live in Wisconsin.

  105. Tudd Smithers

    Tudd Smithers16 days ago

    Good up man, really enjoyed the hunt.