Our Room Tour! - Merrell Twins

Many of you have requested a room tour, so here it is!
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We’re identical twin sisters who have been consistently making videos since 2013. We post videos showcasing our range in both comedy and music such as original comedy sketches, original scripted series, original songs, original music videos, gaming videos, weekly live streams, weekly gaming livestreams, twin swaps, twin sister vs twin sister, popular song parodies, popular song covers, original funny songs, 24 hour challenges, popular challenges, popular trends, lifestyle, fashion, and much more!

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  1. Zaleta Vazquez

    Zaleta Vazquez28 minutes ago

    I love there rooms I wish I had those my mom gave me black my hole room is black but I'm thankful that I have a room so I'm ok with it

  2. Gabby Marny

    Gabby Marny59 minutes ago

    I want venessas room

  3. Zene Johann Bornman

    Zene Johann BornmanHour ago

    I love Roni's room since its more casual than fancy like Nessa's room but I like both of them equally!!!

  4. Pedro Wong

    Pedro Wong2 hours ago

    I wish i lived there

  5. sara

    sara3 hours ago

    Nessa's room omfg mom can I have one

  6. Gta Glitcher

    Gta Glitcher3 hours ago

    We wanted house tour

  7. shelby rose

    shelby rose3 hours ago

    pls show pauls room

  8. Kaitlyn Maedgen

    Kaitlyn Maedgen3 hours ago

    Hang some pics

  9. Rocky

    Rocky3 hours ago

    Roni always has the small room, nessa is spoiled, poor roni

  10. Kyra Nicole Vlogs

    Kyra Nicole Vlogs4 hours ago

    What kind of PC do you have and where can I get one??

  11. nieooj gotoy

    nieooj gotoy4 hours ago

    Nessa: my closet is on the smaller side. her closet being bigger than Roni's Roni: This is the biggest closet I have ever had.

  12. Reynaa𓆉ʕ•ᴥ•ʔBrrriones

    Reynaa𓆉ʕ•ᴥ•ʔBrrriones4 hours ago

    now do a HOUSE tour

  13. 비midnight

    비midnight5 hours ago

    I can just tell how much of a minimalist Roni is and I am living for it!!

  14. Neeva Shah

    Neeva Shah5 hours ago

    Vanessa’s room is sooooooo cool and big no offense Veronica but her room is sooo cool I don’t know what the word is but yeah

  15. nieooj gotoy

    nieooj gotoy4 hours ago

    u guys should update Roni's room and sort of twin them out.


    INK IS HERE FOR SOME TEA5 hours ago

    My room pandas is everywhere

  17. Karolena Amato

    Karolena Amato5 hours ago

    I love that cat painting it is my favorite

  18. arianna garcia

    arianna garcia6 hours ago

    Did she say kinda small?!?

  19. Lilia Cedeno Svabø

    Lilia Cedeno Svabø7 hours ago

    Veronicas room: Super cozy, fancy and you feel really home. Vanessas room: Super many colors, light, gaming area and a beautiful bed. My room: a bag of trash when u look at their rooms.

  20. Sumaya Ahmed

    Sumaya Ahmed8 hours ago

    Roni rooms is Morden and tidy while Nessa room is a dream and so fun

  21. Leah Villanueva

    Leah Villanueva8 hours ago

    to be honest i LOVE Vanessa's room the MOST and Veronica's room would suit my sister

  22. Mufaro Chikwanda

    Mufaro Chikwanda9 hours ago

    Roni room: a fancy cute hotel 👌🏾 Nessa room: a dream 😍

  23. Caitlee

    Caitlee9 hours ago

    me and my cousin love your vids

  24. GottaLikeKris

    GottaLikeKris9 hours ago

    both your rooms together are literaly bigger than my house

  25. GottaLikeKris

    GottaLikeKris10 hours ago

    *cries in poor*

  26. Esmeralda Rios

    Esmeralda Rios10 hours ago

    Merrell twins can you please like my comment

  27. Kayos Playz

    Kayos Playz10 hours ago

    Roni’s room: a five star hotel Nessa’s room:a dream My room: I DONT EVEN HAVE A FRICKIN ROOM LMAO😭

  28. Christy Yu

    Christy Yu10 hours ago

    I have the hedgehog webkinz too!

  29. Fleur Erethea

    Fleur Erethea10 hours ago

    The only thing I'm proud of is that our closet is bigger than theirs😂

  30. Emma Hill

    Emma Hill10 hours ago

    u guys should update Roni's room and sort of twin them out.

  31. Fleur Erethea

    Fleur Erethea10 hours ago

    If I have a room as big as Nessa's, I'd probably put bookshelves and store many books as I can.

  32. Afaf Albalawi

    Afaf Albalawi10 hours ago

    the movie theater is everythingggg

  33. Fleur Erethea

    Fleur Erethea10 hours ago

    House tour next!

  34. kaylee

    kaylee10 hours ago

    how did u decide who got which room?

  35. Lilian Awuor

    Lilian Awuor11 hours ago

    I love your show

  36. prod. jacob

    prod. jacob11 hours ago

    ronis room: harry potter nessas room: my room, my sisters room, my bathroom, combined

  37. Prasad K

    Prasad K12 hours ago

    nessa's room is my dream room

  38. izza azam

    izza azam12 hours ago

    she had arrons photo on the photo films at first RONRONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN

  39. Stella Yeo

    Stella Yeo13 hours ago

    Roni room is a 5 star hotel and nessa is my Dream dream dream bedroom inspried by M E O W so just wanna point that out I think we have almost the same style so yeah

  40. Henisha Persaud

    Henisha Persaud13 hours ago

    Can you guys react to Demi lovato new song please commander in chief long you guys💗💗.

  41. Jassmin Rosalind Abdullah

    Jassmin Rosalind Abdullah13 hours ago

    Oh my gosh I love your guyses rooms I'm in love with nessa's room

  42. Iniyaa Ashok

    Iniyaa Ashok14 hours ago

    Roni-style Nessa-cute

  43. Nagaraj Raikar

    Nagaraj Raikar14 hours ago

    guys u have cool rooms

  44. harlene Bontigao

    harlene Bontigao15 hours ago

    I like Nessa room it's so cool and cute❤️❤️

  45. Nyah Scarlett

    Nyah Scarlett15 hours ago

    Hey, can you please do a streaming tour?!?! I would love to know how you guys stream! ⬇️ these are all the people that would like a streaming tour/how to

  46. mia lusid

    mia lusid15 hours ago

    y'all should really do a vid with the Dolans

  47. Vedika Reddy

    Vedika Reddy15 hours ago

    im so jealous of both of em oml my broke self cannot afford this bye

  48. Anoshay Barakzai

    Anoshay Barakzai16 hours ago


  49. Kimaya Sanap

    Kimaya Sanap16 hours ago

    Omg i am jelly of nessas bedroom aaahh

  50. Keerthi S

    Keerthi S17 hours ago

    Mannn!!! Vanessa's room is a house in itself


    ZAYBA PATEL17 hours ago

    I rate to ronis-8/10 and nessas-7/10


    LYRICS STATION18 hours ago

    Veronica's room : beautiful and designable room LOVE IT 😊 Venassa's room : her room is dream room I can't explain LOVE IT ☺️😚

  53. Zeren Andajao

    Zeren Andajao18 hours ago

    Veronica reminds me of Rossana Pansino

  54. its K7

    its K719 hours ago

    Random question: What are those pants called that Vanessa is wearing?

  55. Yoselin Arias

    Yoselin Arias19 hours ago

    Veronica makes me want to be cozy and warm and nessa makes me want to be a gamer girl

  56. Jharlyn Huezo

    Jharlyn Huezo19 hours ago

    Can you please do a house

  57. Viola Marie Breva

    Viola Marie Breva19 hours ago

    Are you guys still an army??Of bts kpop

  58. Suk Fan!

    Suk Fan!20 hours ago

    2:52 look at the pic 💖 so cute! I really love Roni's room 😍

  59. Ayesha Mohsin

    Ayesha Mohsin20 hours ago

    Lov your rooms ❤ 💕 💖

  60. Yuri Jacinto

    Yuri Jacinto21 hour ago


  61. Yuri Jacinto

    Yuri Jacinto21 hour ago

    Love yol

  62. Maple Smith

    Maple Smith22 hours ago

    Man i wish i had Vanessa's room, with a balcony would be amazing

  63. Reah Ann

    Reah Ann22 hours ago

    I know why nessa's room is bigger, because they pc's ang anytihing is in nessa's room

  64. Nae Bae

    Nae Bae23 hours ago

    I love Ronis room it’s so pretty and down to earth.

  65. Isabel Mccool

    Isabel Mccool23 hours ago

    Veronica's room is bohemian theme

  66. AutumnVibesOnly

    AutumnVibesOnly23 hours ago

    who else is bothered how nessa gets everything like bigger room and many more poor roni she deserves better

  67. Iyana Angela Mustera

    Iyana Angela Mustera23 hours ago

    I want Vanessa's room

  68. Peyton Hittinger

    Peyton HittingerDay ago

    okay no one’s talking about Roni’s bible 😍 yay! she is christian i didn’t know that. btw God loves all of you❤️

  69. Life as it’z KAYLA Kay

    Life as it’z KAYLA KayDay ago

    I think nessa is so nice to let Ronnie hangout with her in her room since it is better

  70. Micaela Mansfield

    Micaela MansfieldDay ago

    What is the keyboard brand for your pc🤍

  71. Maryam Hameed

    Maryam HameedDay ago

    Ok i just heared "movie theatre in my room" and my mouth dropped qaurantine, sleepovers or alone time must be fun or everyday must be fun

  72. Feras _vi8

    Feras _vi8Day ago

    I am Abscess

  73. Cassidy Sipe

    Cassidy SipeDay ago

    I just watched Jane the Virgin for the first time and the Merrell twins are in the show

  74. Emily Jimenez

    Emily JimenezDay ago

    I feel really Poor rn

  75. Michelle Overton

    Michelle OvertonDay ago

    Roni was like Take off ur shoes there is a white rug but we’re not going to film it because it’s not clean

  76. Mia the cookie Slayer

    Mia the cookie SlayerDay ago

    Uhhh wait what you guys are 24 yall look like you guys are 14

  77. M w à h

    M w à hDay ago

    In my opinion I LOVE Nessas room it’s like a gaming room and I love the stairs to her bed and the balcony omg! But that doesn’t mean I don’t like Ronis room!

  78. Laila Hamad

    Laila HamadDay ago

    I’m so sorry about my picture my brother picture when I was sleeping and then I woke up and I beat him up really bad so we had to go to the hospital

  79. Laila Hamad

    Laila HamadDay ago

    Yannick on you’re so funny I don’t know if you were the one that you was crying on your phone

  80. Margo Lojowski

    Margo LojowskiDay ago

    I want Vanessas room!!!

  81. Isabelle Ngai

    Isabelle NgaiDay ago

    where the piano is you should put a neon sign

  82. Christina Loser

    Christina LoserDay ago

    Your 24...I thought you were 16

  83. Hozefa Azhar

    Hozefa AzharDay ago

    Vanessa room definitely

  84. Leslie Hao

    Leslie HaoDay ago

    Nessa's room=my dream room Roni's room= probably my sis dream roomm

  85. Katelynn Smith The Best

    Katelynn Smith The BestDay ago


  86. Justin Rodriguez

    Justin RodriguezDay ago

    Veronica: Leave suggestions for decorating or anything Me: are you kidding me..??!! Wanna look at me room?

  87. Ava Hudes

    Ava HudesDay ago

    Roni's Room: Hotel Room Nessa's Room: Actual Hotel My Room: Ehhhh

  88. Neha Singh

    Neha SinghDay ago

    My room I don’t have wine I sleep with my sister but

  89. Milda

    MildaDay ago

    You guys to do some sort of room flipper but you don’t don’t like the idea or you just don’t wanna do it that’s OK too by the way I like to watch your videos to or decorate a room

  90. Kayla Owens

    Kayla OwensDay ago

    I have the same lava lamp nessa has!

  91. Paradise Vibes

    Paradise VibesDay ago

    Both of their rooms are aesthetic ✨🌸😇 I love it

  92. Robyn

    RobynDay ago

    there rooms together is like my whole house xD

  93. Katie Le

    Katie LeDay ago

    They have the skylight like me

  94. Kaylee Montez

    Kaylee MontezDay ago

    I love Vanessa’s room

  95. w graves

    w gravesDay ago

    The best thing is that everybody in the Merrell household has their own bathroom, now that's my idea of heaven.

  96. Chanel Lux

    Chanel LuxDay ago

    Please do a house tour please

  97. Tanisha Roopnarine

    Tanisha RoopnarineDay ago

    Nessa room is pretty nice but I'll much rather roni's one😅

  98. Noelle Hassanien

    Noelle HassanienDay ago

    For some reason nessa’s room looks bigger idk why

  99. Payson White

    Payson WhiteDay ago

    Are nessa and christian still together?

  100. Puppy Lover

    Puppy LoverDay ago


  101. Shawn N Bernice Comedyshow

    Shawn N Bernice ComedyshowDay ago

    I like Vannesa more she is so cutee

  102. Sarah Chung

    Sarah ChungDay ago

    You guys should do a 24 hour challenge in the movie theater

  103. Puppy Lover

    Puppy LoverDay ago

    Omg yes they should that would be a great video