HoneyKomb Brazy Made A Bad Mistake Going To MGM Lett Hood!! Grandparents House Fire On FaceTime

#honeykombbrazy goes to #mgmlett hood
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  1. Street Affairs News TV

    Street Affairs News TV17 days ago

    this sad Moving Forward all trolls are getting blocked and deleted everyone on my page have the freedom of speech but at some point some rumors people or making is too hilarious for me to keep allowing

  2. OneBaddStudd

    OneBaddStudd6 days ago

    @ALAbamaH00D....keep it ReaL Bama.. when u BLock SomefooL/AnYfool its cuz u SCARED..FACT..Mississippi G's Dont Block!! U shaming Urself and bama wen u do that..ANY+ Everyone gets they're say come one come ALL..u used to be ReaL dog

  3. Arron Block

    Arron Block8 days ago

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  4. Louis Harper

    Louis Harper10 days ago

    Man stfu you tryna be like AK 47 for likes but you just speculating you don’t know nobody just making stuff up for views it’s getting said you playing DT Rat a&$ ni$$a Smfh

  5. Kim White

    Kim White15 days ago

    Yeah the rumors you making tho you don't even know these guys and saying Lett had something to do with this is a BIG LIE so just stfu and don't speak on shit you don't know

  6. Dark Brooks

    Dark Brooks7 hours ago

    This punks whole page is clickbait

  7. Dolly Keeps It 5th Ya Heard?

    Dolly Keeps It 5th Ya Heard?4 days ago

    The FEDZ are worst.

  8. Andrew Johnson

    Andrew Johnson5 days ago

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  9. Lane Park

    Lane Park5 days ago

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  10. C.w. Reed

    C.w. Reed6 days ago

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  11. Benny Broom

    Benny Broom6 days ago

    Honeycomb must've robbed someone back in the days for some weight. That's the only reason someone would do something like that is if you took something from them that hurt their lives. Like robbing them for some heavy weight that they cant recover from.

  12. Lah loui 900 GANG

    Lah loui 900 GANG6 days ago

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  13. Achoy Saephan

    Achoy Saephan7 days ago

    Click baiting as boy. Ima tell you boy stop with all the bs click baiting. Thumbs down boy!

  14. Jerryon

    Jerryon7 days ago

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  15. D LANE

    D LANE7 days ago


  16. Antonio Melvin

    Antonio Melvin7 days ago

    Man don't one of these niggas never seen 2million dollar before let alone put it on somebody head

  17. Sherrill Smith Sims

    Sherrill Smith Sims8 days ago

    You are 100% right

  18. Qcity World

    Qcity World9 days ago

    Bro you got a lot of teeth bro is you from the UK ?

  19. Xaniyah Morris

    Xaniyah Morris10 days ago

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  20. Exclusive Reality TV

    Exclusive Reality TV10 days ago

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    BOOM YOU STUPID11 days ago

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  22. Bryon Collins

    Bryon Collins11 days ago

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  23. 1Thug1Luv The Movement

    1Thug1Luv The Movement11 days ago

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  24. Big Atm

    Big Atm11 days ago

    Stop posting all dis fake shit


    SPEAK REAL FACTS11 days ago

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  26. Alex Gotti

    Alex Gotti11 days ago

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  27. 6ix6ix6ix

    6ix6ix6ix11 days ago

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    6ix6ix6ix11 days ago

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    6ix6ix6ix11 days ago

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  30. Ibarra Family

    Ibarra Family12 days ago


  31. Hooligan Hursty

    Hooligan Hursty12 days ago

    They went to his family because if they killed him his problems are gone but cause they want him to suffer they kill his family that way he lives with the pain of that for the rest of his life

  32. chef Dee

    chef Dee12 days ago


  33. twan Thomas

    twan Thomas13 days ago

    You just said stuff we already know

  34. Lloyd Boyd

    Lloyd Boyd13 days ago

    The only thing that concerns me is that J .Prince is riding with Brazy and that's a dangerous combo

  35. sophiiz place

    sophiiz place10 days ago


  36. Theresa White

    Theresa White13 days ago

    Real talk these niggaz hating in Brazy

  37. Abdisalan 747

    Abdisalan 74713 days ago

    Why he warning me for sh#t I thought somebody was going to be stomped.

  38. Karl Dennis

    Karl Dennis13 days ago

    Old folks off limits period I don't give a damn

  39. Jdogs garage Get Er done

    Jdogs garage Get Er done14 days ago

    What's up homie

  40. Jamyron Johnson

    Jamyron Johnson14 days ago

    I’m in mobile world around the city they FaceTime him and he watched it and he couldn’t believe it on g

  41. keyboyrecords

    keyboyrecords14 days ago

    Brazy just cash app me 50k and I got u.

  42. hannibal Burgess

    hannibal Burgess14 days ago

    Those broke dudes don't have no 2 mil 🤦🏿‍♂️🤣🤣

  43. romello5kuggz

    romello5kuggz14 days ago

    why don’t he just put some💵up to transfer his parole to texas & post up at the compound wit Prince til’ it blow over? he untouchable there.

  44. PAPA76MAC

    PAPA76MAC14 days ago

    Man shut the fuck up

  45. Marquis Rice

    Marquis Rice15 days ago

    Na. He signed that deal. He made a sacrifice. Now look at his music. Doin a lot more numbers. Same with fbg duck who signed with the same label.

  46. Gee Gee

    Gee Gee14 days ago

    Shut yo weird ass up , I'm tired of you niggas and y'all conspiracy theories 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️ show me some proof

  47. yusef hasan

    yusef hasan15 days ago

    This like some illuminati shit. They say when a dude get on. Don’t He gotta sacrifice somebody. It’s crazy because I never believed in that shit. But this seems kinda text book illuminati. If u believe in that type of stuff. 🤷🏾‍♂️

  48. Gee Gee

    Gee Gee14 days ago

    Dude got street beef , no dam Illuminati , bet y'all still believe in Santa Claus 😂😂🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  49. Asia Basia

    Asia Basia14 days ago

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  50. Asia Basia

    Asia Basia14 days ago

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  51. 713anand

    713anand15 days ago

    I would slap Knock-out anybody this video mention and I would slap Knock-out the kid that made this click bait video. Did is trying to come up on a b.s report and capitalize on the loss of some elderly people. I’d love to be locked in a room with a young punk who brought this on his family, a punk who did the crime, and a punk ass blogger trying to come up on it. All the above would be more respectful going fwd

  52. M White

    M White15 days ago


  53. james james

    james james15 days ago

    I’m disliking and reporting EVERY CLICK BAIT VIDEO!!!!

  54. Tj

    Tj15 days ago

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  55. strikesum 4dagwala

    strikesum 4dagwala15 days ago

    What tf r u talm bout u ain't even from the xity so stfu

  56. Jaydan Banks

    Jaydan Banks15 days ago

    Alot of new rappers signing to rap alot end up dead after signing deals smh just like duck r.i.p

  57. HustleandMotivate

    HustleandMotivate9 days ago

    Dude shut up 🤫

  58. HustleandMotivate

    HustleandMotivate9 days ago

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  59. Ten Bullets

    Ten Bullets15 days ago

    He don’t got nowhere near a mil on his head this MOBILE AL not Washington DC 😂😂😂

  60. Jay H

    Jay H15 days ago

    At the most I say $50,000

  61. Lil_spider Man

    Lil_spider Man15 days ago

    Bruh ain’t no white people inda hood with us lmao 😂 u can’t even pull that card

  62. Milly Corleon

    Milly Corleon15 days ago

    You know how ignorant you sound dude you make black ppl in general look bad over here cheerleading and shit send that man some prayers 😪

  63. Dj buttstuff

    Dj buttstuff15 days ago

    HOW MUCH !?!? 👀 .... $2 mill Would you like him in paper or plastic?😈

  64. Dré Jordan

    Dré Jordan15 days ago

    2 mil (on his head) for whaaaaat?!?

  65. Andrew Johnson

    Andrew Johnson15 days ago

    Why you click bait with that picture like something happened at the MGM


    YOU SO WACK15 days ago

    2million???😳 Go start the car🚙🏃🏿‍♂️💨

  67. Jaquowain Flott

    Jaquowain Flott15 days ago

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  68. Jaquowain Flott

    Jaquowain Flott15 days ago

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  69. Sn3aky DNA

    Sn3aky DNA15 days ago

    Homeboy making a video out the halfway you have no clue what your talkin bout go fill out some applications


    HAILE HAILE16 days ago

    Every badman rapper and gang member....in America...is responsible

  71. Jay H

    Jay H16 days ago

    MGM lett had nothing to do with this

  72. Ten Bullets

    Ten Bullets15 days ago

    MGM from happy hill were honeykomb from but he probably ain’t do it

  73. OMGAWD!!!!!

    OMGAWD!!!!!16 days ago

    U got alot of little teeth Sir!

  74. Elevated Emotions

    Elevated Emotions16 days ago

    He's a Goner

  75. LOVE & PEACE

    LOVE & PEACE16 days ago

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  76. Mistiery ???

    Mistiery ???16 days ago

    man that aint cool they should be off lilmits

  77. iTs Rob

    iTs Rob16 days ago

    It’s time to exterminate some bloodlines

  78. Mrs Alabama

    Mrs Alabama16 days ago

    Sorry for his loss may his family rih be careful brazy mobile streets wicked its my city i know enough volience time for healing

  79. Earl XO

    Earl XO16 days ago

    Sounds like something spiritual going on. He just signed that record deal and this happens to his grandparents......rest in peace to his grandparents

  80. cookiesboi5

    cookiesboi513 days ago

    @Jerrell Wilson this ain’t no sacrifice you fuxking goofy, the man has real street beef. If you can’t relate that’s understandable, but don’t go making this into some fantastical Conspiracy bullshit because real ppl die behind this.

  81. Omar Brown

    Omar Brown13 days ago

    @Jerrell Wilson fake woke ass. 🤣

  82. Duzypryce

    Duzypryce14 days ago

    @Jerrell Wilson nvm thanks anyway

  83. Jerrell Wilson

    Jerrell Wilson14 days ago

    @Duzypryce i told u bro if u read first message to go watch Ani osaru or murder by the numbers or go look up info on egroges n archons 🤷🏿‍♂️🤷🏿‍♂️

  84. Duzypryce

    Duzypryce14 days ago

    @Jerrell Wilson you obviously can’t. The first sentence said just tell us. I literally said tell us or post a link. You’re trying too hard. I’m not wasting time researching if you have all the answers and can jus tell me. You were an artist and CEO. Enlighten me

  85. Obieone Jewknome

    Obieone Jewknome16 days ago

    This nigga a goofy wasted my time wit this one

  86. Rebel Shaman

    Rebel Shaman16 days ago

    They couldn't get him. Honeykomb been eatin shells like tacos

  87. Jesse Saffold

    Jesse Saffold16 days ago

    thats that detroit style of killing .

  88. Terrance Richmond

    Terrance Richmond16 days ago


  89. TEXASinthisTHANGtv

    TEXASinthisTHANGtv16 days ago

    Nigga he in Texas

  90. j dot

    j dot16 days ago

    Speaking facts bru

  91. Dusty Head

    Dusty Head16 days ago

    Turn on the comments for your last video goffy. Yella was arrested on weapons charges. Nothing in the news said anything about a murder. I'm sure they asked, but as for what he got arrested for was guns goffy

  92. Iam King

    Iam King16 days ago

    Real shit you speaking

  93. P D

    P D16 days ago

    It’s Real War

  94. Beejay Brackin

    Beejay Brackin16 days ago

    2Mill everybody round him finna die if he don’t Mount Up He Got Cash Now You Need ManPower And Heats Bulletproof cars no location droppin its finna get ugly

  95. Anilton Costa

    Anilton Costa16 days ago

    I think they did that too his family because they want him back in the city


    TEAM SOTO16 days ago


  97. buddyo owens

    buddyo owens16 days ago

    It won’t Lett his grandma stayed right next door to Brazy grandparents house and her house got shot up and burned too

  98. Kim White

    Kim White16 days ago

    Lies lies lies that's not Lett grandma damn y'all get the story right before telling lies

  99. Who Dat Dude Iz

    Who Dat Dude Iz16 days ago

    Funny How We Set Up All Kinds Of Energy To Show War Tactics When It Comes To Our Own Kind But Catch The Zipper Lips And Muscle Spasms When It Matters Most, This Repetitive Ignorant Sh* Only Proves My Saying... --->> #Another400yrs Smh

  100. Bowlow 3sum

    Bowlow 3sum16 days ago

    I'm from killa Cali but I be tellin people out here them country nigga don't play

  101. Culture Max

    Culture Max16 days ago

    Stop playing you know that's how the game go if they can't get you they get something that you love

  102. Akatsuki Tv

    Akatsuki Tv16 days ago

    People need to die I need to see bodies dropping


    Mr. U HEARD IT FIRST16 days ago

    Stop saying boy so damn much lol

  104. Thanks Again

    Thanks Again16 days ago

    Damn I just heard this on the radio

  105. BLAQK !

    BLAQK !16 days ago


  106. Omar Gay

    Omar Gay16 days ago

    You cap i aint shareing shit

  107. Omar Gay

    Omar Gay16 days ago

    Aint no becareful he with J prince now...facts!

  108. Henny Grand cru

    Henny Grand cru15 days ago

    What is j prince gonna do wtf

  109. snowwolf 66 tiktok Queen

    snowwolf 66 tiktok Queen16 days ago

    Malcolm lett a whole kid trust me. Let’s not make him a gangster.

  110. Gino Gang4life

    Gino Gang4life16 days ago

    Stg i went to school wit buddy ik he wouldn’t do no shit like dat on top of comb tried to get his folks outta dere multiple times dey told hom dey was t moving no damn where

  111. Pammie Mae Bullock

    Pammie Mae Bullock16 days ago

    You teeth are beautiful!

  112. carolynroland68

    carolynroland6817 days ago

    So sad.😭😭😭..smh...this hurts my heart💔💔💔

  113. Gabriel Klein

    Gabriel Klein17 days ago

    Praise God people please he gived his only begotten son Jesus Christ for your sins and to show you how much you mean to him he want us he loves us so much.

  114. King Flo

    King Flo17 days ago

    Prince got him

  115. Nelley Ford

    Nelley Ford17 days ago

    How you know...

  116. Miss E Diorr’

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  117. Chicken King

    Chicken King17 days ago

    The White Man rubbing his hands 🙌 together like “Bird Man”

  118. NC Pantherology

    NC Pantherology6 days ago

    White black isn't even a nationality SMH nor is African American white American

  119. White Tiger

    White Tiger9 days ago

    No we are shaking our heads . You can lead a horse to water but cant force him to drink

  120. Luther Curry

    Luther Curry9 days ago

    The black and white man rubbing hands together

  121. Verla Pinder

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  122. Woof Grrr

    Woof Grrr14 days ago

    Chicken king is the equivalent to a skinhead but the other way around 😂😂😂😂 my comments keep getting deleted cause dude doesn't like my opinion but now I'ma keep going. freedom of speech bitch 😂😂

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    Y’all report this video for click bait

  125. d Mob

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  126. Big Thay

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