NBA "Best Dunks of 2021" MOMENTS

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This video features players like: LeBron James, Anthony Edwards, Kelly Oubre JR, Rudy Gobert, Zion Williamson, Ja Morant, LaMelo Ball and Donovan Mitchell


  1. Golden Hoops

    Golden Hoops15 days ago

    Will Anthony Edwards become an All-Star within the next 3-5 years?

  2. Dr. Football

    Dr. Football18 hours ago


  3. Chad Larson

    Chad Larson2 days ago


  4. Alexander Owen

    Alexander Owen3 days ago

    @Amir Seth Awesome! It took about 15 mins but it worked!!

  5. Amir Seth

    Amir Seth3 days ago

    Dunno if anyone cares at all but I just hacked my gfs Instagram password using Instaportal. Find it on google :)

  6. Elling Coleman

    Elling Coleman7 days ago



    TATE O'MARA MTB37 minutes ago

    A windmill, What?

  8. S J

    S J4 hours ago

    Ball & Bridges 🔥🔥


    IBRAHIM BANGURA9 hours ago

    Everybody on Cha hornets throwing down monster dunks. Bet you their infectious announcer than throw it down too

  10. A N

    A N16 hours ago

    James did not travel, wow

  11. K and J Productions

    K and J Productions17 hours ago

    at least the hornets announcers make it feel like they winning the finals every single game. but i get it theyve been bad for so long they kinda deserve to pop off like that

  12. User619 TLSDCA

    User619 TLSDCADay ago

    Edwards from Twolves is making a huge impact of his play as I tend to watch Twolves games due to him..

  13. User619 TLSDCA

    User619 TLSDCADay ago

    Awesome that you upload in 1080p. The NBA Channel here seems to not care and driving US away from watching their uploads because people with 4k or 1080p Monitors do not watch anything not 1080 due to the crappy resolution of HD Monitors give on those not 1080P.

  14. Aske Lund

    Aske Lund2 days ago

    Notice that none of the participants in this year's dunk contest made it into this video.

  15. bn jumaan

    bn jumaan2 days ago

    8:45 daim

  16. Adonis Zoldyck Phurailatpam

    Adonis Zoldyck Phurailatpam2 days ago

    Terry rozier is cold

  17. Jayz

    Jayz3 days ago

    What’s the official rule on travel? Two or three steps?

  18. honeydip

    honeydip2 days ago

    2 steps

  19. SSChicago

    SSChicago3 days ago

    1 Zion dunk? He’s the young star! But they show 2 LBGQ(23)Dunks? Trash

  20. Genevie Armecin

    Genevie Armecin3 days ago

    This video is a complete joke without any of PG-13 or Kawhi's dunks

  21. Jasper Sanchez

    Jasper Sanchez4 days ago

    00:48 not a travel? oh it's Lebron that's why

  22. Billy Lewis

    Billy Lewis4 days ago

    Great upload. 👍 I just subscribed to your channel.

  23. ksymokpo9079

    ksymokpo90794 days ago

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  24. dan singh

    dan singh4 days ago

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  25. Aska_william 0212

    Aska_william 02124 days ago

    no way that the outback from lamelo is Best Dunks of 2021

  26. Aska_william 0212

    Aska_william 02124 days ago


  27. Arvin Olaya

    Arvin Olaya5 days ago

    Lbj dunk travelling

  28. Leon

    Leon5 days ago

    Anything Edwards baptized bro

  29. Lo TheGreat

    Lo TheGreat5 days ago

    Ayeee finally a list my team makes a lot that ain’t a bad one . Let’s go buzz city

  30. Kathryn Cali

    Kathryn Cali5 days ago

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  31. Kirk Findley

    Kirk Findley6 days ago

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  32. CoC SuDi

    CoC SuDi6 days ago

    LaMelo is the Pass King

  33. KingPin_theRapper

    KingPin_theRapper6 days ago


  34. Mugly Punt

    Mugly Punt6 days ago

    10 minute video.... 4 adverts.... Getting sick of USlikes

  35. GeT_ RiGhT

    GeT_ RiGhT7 days ago

    Dudes be talking bout the hornets commentor and not Miles Bridges. I mean dude just posterized more than anyone in the season rn💀


    WALKER WINTER7 days ago

    Lebrone James with 4 steps lol

  37. Jhong Motorider

    Jhong Motorider7 days ago

    Where is zion

  38. Nathanael H

    Nathanael H7 days ago

    Not one Joel Embiid or Ben Simmons highlight...smh that is heretical man

  39. Lef

    Lef7 days ago

    Is anybody going to mention the "windmill dunk"?

  40. Babycasper3x

    Babycasper3x8 days ago

    What’s name of the first instrumental ?

  41. mark swed

    mark swed8 days ago

    Where's paul george on Aaron holiday

  42. Atrain973 main4life386

    Atrain973 main4life3868 days ago

    B I .

  43. Atrain973 main4life386

    Atrain973 main4life3868 days ago

    that Carter-Williams dunk

  44. Atrain973 main4life386

    Atrain973 main4life3868 days ago

    The white guy that plays for Utah Jazz can fucking dunk

  45. Alexander Leshkevich

    Alexander Leshkevich8 days ago

    First song ??

  46. Eric Zamudio

    Eric Zamudio8 days ago

    04:52 Donovan lol

  47. Satchmo Swings

    Satchmo Swings8 days ago

    I didn’t see Dwight once this whole video

  48. Joe Burrow

    Joe Burrow8 days ago

    this is just a hornets higlight reel lol

  49. Roy Jones

    Roy Jones8 days ago

    That Anthony Edwards dunk is one off the absolute best, cleanest dunks I’ve ever seen. Sucks it was against my Raptors, at least we won the game.

  50. Randy Holliday

    Randy Holliday8 days ago

    All of the hornets guards are high flyers Terry rozier, Monk, Bridges, Martin even Melo to some degree

  51. Claire Sanchez

    Claire Sanchez8 days ago

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  52. Joe Lesure

    Joe Lesure9 days ago

    Durant on the wrong end of the highlights in this one 😆

  53. Winifred Hawkins

    Winifred Hawkins9 days ago

    The rotten rate happily chew because cabinet posteriorly notice on a giddy plier. profuse, jealous philippines

  54. Alex Avila

    Alex Avila9 days ago

    4:52 white on white crime

  55. Mojo Cat

    Mojo Cat9 days ago

    Feeling the music. Nice to see a young brother put together a USlikes video without offensive and vile music.

  56. Mustafa Burak AKAN

    Mustafa Burak AKAN9 days ago

    2:57 He is Furkan Korkmaz Turkish Power

  57. TheEmperorBacon

    TheEmperorBacon9 days ago

    Cavs do so much dunking but also get dunked on a ton lol

  58. Todd Lynch

    Todd Lynch9 days ago

    I still can't get excited about guys dunking on a wide open basket in games. Where's the defence?!? How is this entertaining? So sad. You might as well just have dunk competitions {which are boring} and 3 point shooting competitions. Which are even more boring. Do people even watch the NBA anymore? So. Fucking. Sad.

  59. Big Goat

    Big Goat9 days ago

    LaMelo and Miles connection is 🔥 🔥 🔥

  60. Wiktor RR

    Wiktor RR9 days ago

    I wish anthony edwards was on the hornets and the hornets announcers would be commentating that dunk. Imagine

  61. Nuj kef Zac suk

    Nuj kef Zac suk9 days ago

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  62. Benni Köroglu

    Benni Köroglu10 days ago

    Nobody : The Hornets comentator when lamelo breathes : OH MY GODDNESS

  63. Cameron Harris

    Cameron Harris10 days ago

    Anthony Edwards 🤢😳😳🤦🏾‍♂️Rozier 😳👌Zion caught shoplifting body😆💪🏾.. miles bridges😳😳.. draymond😊

  64. Uɴᴅᴇʀʀᴀᴛᴇᴅ

    Uɴᴅᴇʀʀᴀᴛᴇᴅ10 days ago

    Anthony edwards😍

  65. longdongmilo

    longdongmilo10 days ago

    this video is a anthony edwards and miles bridges compilation

  66. Dae

    Dae10 days ago

    Bridges underated 👌🏾

  67. JAVIER Rivera

    JAVIER Rivera10 days ago

    Where can I find the first instrumental?

  68. MADD Maxx

    MADD Maxx10 days ago

    Bojan Bogdanović underrated dunker

  69. MADD Maxx

    MADD Maxx10 days ago

    Charlotte has the best announcers

  70. AJ101z

    AJ101z10 days ago

    2:07 man said windmill smh

  71. 띠로리

    띠로리10 days ago

    맥기 어디갔어? 저런 덩크는 좀 블락 좀 해 줘야 하는데 말야! 맥~~~~기!

  72. iwarty

    iwarty11 days ago

    i just waited for paul George

  73. EatPrayLash GTA

    EatPrayLash GTA11 days ago

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  74. Will Hughes

    Will Hughes11 days ago

    Lebron never gets called for travels smh

  75. CatBoy999

    CatBoy99911 days ago

    *EDWARDS #1 & BRIDGES #0* only ones with bounce in this compilation, hope they get into the slam dunk competition

  76. From Deep

    From Deep11 days ago

    Why does Dwight look like someone just "found something"...😳 👈🤣

  77. Rodrigo Plasencia

    Rodrigo Plasencia11 days ago

    how many ads do you have man? i know that it does monetize your videos but goddamn that so annoying.

  78. Brickz 420

    Brickz 42011 days ago

    I seen a travel lol

  79. Dominic Beebout

    Dominic Beebout11 days ago

    Anthony edwards and myles bridges are insane at dunking

  80. SKY WOLF

    SKY WOLF11 days ago

    Can't lie...Miles Bridges is gifted with hops and dunking ability! Got damn!

  81. SKY WOLF

    SKY WOLF11 days ago

    Hype af!!! Other comps just have 1 or 2 crazy dunks.

  82. A1GAMING

    A1GAMING11 days ago

    :47 lmao #1000milesLebron

  83. A1GAMING

    A1GAMING11 days ago

    how the announcers where dying after lmao yoooo

  84. Ozzee

    Ozzee11 days ago

    that draymond dunk was so trash lmao

  85. Gianlukas Carpio

    Gianlukas Carpio11 days ago

    am I the only one who loves the Terry Rozier dunk on 0:57?

  86. Gabriel Bokich

    Gabriel Bokich11 days ago

    shame on u for including a huge travel dunk by lebron vs the nuggets

  87. Ruelh Rafaeles

    Ruelh Rafaeles11 days ago

    The look on zions face when jah made that poster😳

  88. Morty Smith

    Morty Smith11 days ago

    2:55 🥶

  89. Tess Alunday

    Tess Alunday11 days ago

    Hornets wild

  90. Marlyn Bevera

    Marlyn Bevera11 days ago

    Damn where's the Paul George poster on Justin Holiday?

  91. Ebraheem Khalife

    Ebraheem Khalife11 days ago

    The commentators either make it 200 times better or worse

  92. Jeric Atienza

    Jeric Atienza12 days ago

    Officially a Hornets' fan just because of the announcers and commentators, lol, amazing job.

  93. Shay Micah

    Shay Micah12 days ago

    Can you add this dunk to your next Dunk missed this one

  94. Robert Jason Marquez

    Robert Jason Marquez12 days ago

    Seriously? No Lebron?

  95. チーズバーガー

    チーズバーガー12 days ago


  96. Ryan Makarski

    Ryan Makarski12 days ago

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  97. MCmemer productions

    MCmemer productions12 days ago

    If I counted correctly, my pacers got dunked on 7 times during this video. It’s been that kind of year...

  98. Rahul Saha

    Rahul Saha12 days ago

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  99. Danny Houselog

    Danny Houselog12 days ago

    Dude LaMelo is a god

  100. George Harison

    George Harison12 days ago

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  101. The Dog

    The Dog12 days ago

    What about Ja Morant’s self alley-Oop

  102. greg rhodes

    greg rhodes12 days ago


    PRIMETIMEBALL12 days ago

    The announcers really make a difference lmaoooo the ones that are hype make it so much better

  104. thudi mphaka

    thudi mphaka12 days ago

    Remember me when you get 1 million subs

  105. Cooper Kelsay

    Cooper Kelsay12 days ago

    Look Anthony man So inspirational

  106. Brandon Acosta

    Brandon Acosta12 days ago

    How many times did Giannis get dunked on

  107. paul bradt

    paul bradt12 days ago

    A lot of traveling!!! Its 2 steps not 3 and 4?

  108. jonathan chan

    jonathan chan12 days ago

    Charlotte hornets has the best commentator. Hands down