Question For The LGBTQ+ Community

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  1. Lindsey M

    Lindsey MHour ago

    recently one of my closest guy friends came out as gay to me, and we are 23! I supported him and celebrated with him but I didn’t feel like it would be appropriate in that situation to say “oh I knew all along” because I know this has been a long journey for him to understand himself!! Saying “i knew” would have definitely invalidated everything he was telling me, because of his personal journey, even though we’ve been friends for almost a decade. I know in some situations it could be comforting to hear friends/family say they knew, but I think it completely depends on the situation you’re in with someone.

  2. Denise Sheppard

    Denise Sheppard2 hours ago

    I agree it is rude. I think some people think it's a show of support but really it is belittling and undermines a person's story. It doesn't allow a person the room to speak their personal truth.

  3. AlexD123

    AlexD1232 hours ago

    Okay, I am sorry but I disagree. When you put yourself out there, especially on the internet, and you don't want comments like that, then disable them. If you're going to be triggered by things people say, you have options. I do not understand why people set themselves up for this kind of stuff.

  4. KoalaBear

    KoalaBear3 hours ago

    I totally agree!! I came out when I was 13 and when I came out, some people at school were like "OMG I'VE KNOWN SINCE WE WERE 11" like some of them had bets on when I would come out... It felt really horrible knowing that for years people had been discussing something behind my back, that I wasn't ready to share.

  5. William Ehlers

    William Ehlers5 hours ago

    I think it’s rude as well. I noticed the same thing happened when Ricky Dillon came out as well. I also think it’s feeding into stereotypes. Like what made you think you know? Was is because they didn’t fit into gender norms? If so, thinking that way is problematic.

  6. Sissy Apu

    Sissy Apu6 hours ago

    I can't speak for everyone in the community, but I LOVE when people automatically assume I'm part of the community, especially since alot of people who are saying it are gay themselves. I when I think about who people are attracted too I don't think of sex though, I think of love. It makes me feel like I fit in and am accepted by people.

  7. Lucy H

    Lucy H6 hours ago

    Uncle Kory and Flynn are so cute

  8. Grace Perreault

    Grace Perreault6 hours ago

    DUDE I'VE BEEEN THINKING ABOUT WHETHER SAYING "I already knew" WHEN PEOPLE CAKE OUT WAS RUDE OR NOT!!! I'm gay and I think it's kinda rude to say that tbh, its honestly just awkward and also it would just make my feel bummed out if someone said that to me... I'd just be like "oh... well nvm then..." like way to burst my bubble

  9. Off Brand Iron Man

    Off Brand Iron Man8 hours ago

    Trans person here, this is an interesting thought. I don’t think I’ve ever given much thought to it as it’s not something I’ve had first hand experience with a lot. Now that I’m thinking of it, I can see how it can be rude and yeah it kind of bothers me. Another perspective I have on this is I feel like this is a topic that still makes a lot of people very uncomfortable and humans don’t tend to like change and stuff like that so I feel like it’s something to make some people feel better because it’s “new” also the two points you made about how it’s rude I do agree with

  10. cry

    cry9 hours ago

    it bugs me so much like if I'm coming out to you I just want you to support me not tell me you already knew, that just makes me feel like something i was really scared to do wasn't a big deal, which just makes me feel super invalidated and like my fears arent real

  11. Arina Thompson

    Arina Thompson10 hours ago

    Your son Flynn was so cute in this video.

  12. Avery Woodard

    Avery Woodard10 hours ago

    also they didnt even "already know" they ASSUMED based off of stereotypes alone (which is also bad) and they just happened to be right this time, like assuming the gender that someone likes is NOT a flex lol

  13. Kaitlyn Taylor

    Kaitlyn Taylor10 hours ago

    All I want in life is to be a Ballinger! Y’all are the best role models, so thankful for you! I always feel so welcomed when watching your content. 💕

  14. MissJessa Marie

    MissJessa Marie11 hours ago

    Flynn is such a joy to watch, so freaking adorable. You and Erik are doing amazing 💕

  15. carolina

    carolina11 hours ago

    whenever i see the “we already knew” “i already knew” “i knew this years ago” comments are homophobic from my standpoint (as a bisexual). not just on rachel’s posts, but everywhere. like you had the feeling that someone was lgbt, cool that’s okay, but don’t say it. tell them that you’re proud of them and that you support them for coming out because coming out is very stressful and hard for a lot of people. and it’s especially hard for the members of iur community who have dealt with internalized homophobia/transphobia, abuse from it, bullying, homophobia around them, etc.. please stop saying that you already knew even if you don’t mean it in a disheartening way, just tell us youre proud! /gen :)

  16. Katie Miller

    Katie Miller11 hours ago

    Flynn is so cute now omg

  17. Rania J

    Rania J11 hours ago

    for me personally it does feel really invalidating and not great. i haven't "always known" that i'm a lesbian so it just feels really weird and is not something i want people saying. Also, it takes a lot of courage to come out, and saying "I already knew" kinda invalidates the whole thing and makes it seem like they think there wasn't any point in coming out. not everyone will feel this way but that's just my personal feelings

  18. Derek Bissett

    Derek Bissett13 hours ago

    Your being defensive because its your sister, and you have this right to, were not assuming, we're not being rude, When your Gay or BI, you pick up on those vibes, its called a Gaydar... we are so Proud of Racheal and JoJo Coming out!

  19. Sonnet Shea

    Sonnet Shea13 hours ago

    I just recently “came out” on TikTok and I used a sound completely unrelated to coming out. I also don’t have a label for what I am yet. I am just me and everyone else has to be okay with that. Luckily my friends haven’t said “oh I already knew” but people before I made the TikTok have said “are you sure you’re not dating?” Like - let me be me and stop pushing me! (AND NO WE ARENT DATING)

  20. Norah Kennedy

    Norah Kennedy13 hours ago

    I don’t think Colleen is being rude at all. I’ve never posted anything like that nor a comment but I totally agree where she’s coming from. It is rude. It is not helping our society with equality.

  21. Sofie Solberg

    Sofie Solberg14 hours ago

    Yes, I find it so frustrating and invalidating, and I've never understood the point of commenting that you knew. All you do is fail to acknowledge the fact that I choose to share this big and exciting thing with you. I personally struggled with accepting the fact that I am gay and then to have someone undermining it, that hurts. Also, how could you know if I never told you or openly expressed it? Because you didn't. You made assumptions or hoped, you didn't actually know. One's appearance and personality has nothing to do with their sexuality. Gays, just like every other human, come in all shapes, sizes, races, and gender expressions. Idk, please stop saying that you knew and instead acknowledge that we choose to come out (even though we shouldn't have to). I don't care if you think you knew, just be happy for us and celebrate love.

  22. Jennifer Montoya

    Jennifer Montoya14 hours ago

    Genuine question, why doesn't Flinn wear a mask?

  23. GDog102

    GDog10215 hours ago

    Okay so as a member of the LGBT+ community, my brother told me he knew and I DIDNT and I had some close friends who were like "big surprise". And they knew before me and it bothered me so yeah. It can be super annoying. And tbh coming from my brother the way he said it bugged me.

  24. XxLay _LayxX

    XxLay _LayxX15 hours ago

    🏳️‍🌈lesbian all the way stay strong stay safe stay real to yourself stay away from haters stay ur true colors and last is stay LGBTQ+ AND MORE 🏳️‍🌈💞👭

  25. XxLay _LayxX

    XxLay _LayxX15 hours ago

    We can hide and we can stay pride 😤 😌 🏳️‍🌈💞👉👈

  26. xXobviXx AM

    xXobviXx AM16 hours ago

    To the people who go "We always knew" I hope your socks are wet, and I hope your pillow is warm on both sides

  27. Jenn Tucker

    Jenn Tucker16 hours ago

    The way she says “oh my nooness” instead of “oh my goodness” makes my heart explode I can’t be the only one who thinks it’s absolutely adorable 🥺

  28. Tilly Dunne

    Tilly Dunne17 hours ago

    I think what ruder is when people comment on people's post before they come out "just come out already 🙄" like if someone doesn't invite you to talk about their sexuality then don't bring it up

  29. Tilly Dunne

    Tilly Dunne17 hours ago

    Even though you might mean in a way, "thinking come out nobody cares we will except you". You really don't know people's experiences so you just shouldn't bring it

  30. Amanda Brickner

    Amanda Brickner17 hours ago

    As someone who is similar to Rachel who is naturally "Masc" and have people tell me all the time im gay it bothers me. It makes me not want to explore that just in case i was. Because i don't want to fit the stereotypes. Its an internal battle of trying to make them wrong and prove that its just a coincidence.

  31. EpicOwlet Rei

    EpicOwlet Rei18 hours ago

    As an LGBTQ+ member, I totally agree with you. People think that they know everything about someone they see for 10 minutes of the day. These people that are commenting “we already knew” is frustrating, because I believe Rachel has *NEVER* talked about being LGBTQ+ before coming out. So there’s no possible way these people on the interest could have possibly already known! Like they don’t know her personally so they can’t say that they could just tell, or somehow already knew. Thanks for your question Colleen🥰🏳️‍🌈

  32. Grayson Dane

    Grayson Dane18 hours ago

    I remember before I started my physical transition (I’m trans ftm), I was often told that I “looked trans”, like I would meet a new person and they would ask for my pronouns, and then after I answered they would like smile and be all like “I had a feeling” and that really used to bother me. Like people would see me, and I fit the stereotype of a trans guy, and so they would feel the need to let me know that they clocked me, and it was just a reminder that I’m not cis. I just don’t see why people feel the need to point it out, like sure maybe I fit a stereotype, but there are cis men and women that look/present like me too😤

  33. Danny Ashbaugh

    Danny Ashbaugh18 hours ago

    Hey so I’m in the lgbtq+ community and when someone says they’ve known it can be kind of rude and annoying so I agree with what you’re saying but also like u said it depend on who the person is and the way they say it

  34. Paige Ridings

    Paige Ridings18 hours ago

    how can I show the gaylors this comment section and video........? idk the idea that you know someone else better than they know themselves is so weird to me, especially with content creators/celebrities, it’s so weird

  35. •BakuGay•

    •BakuGay•19 hours ago

    I am I legit the only one who everytime Colleen said Flynn, I said in my brain *"Pinto Bean"*

  36. bob belcher

    bob belcher19 hours ago

    Pls imagine saying that :/ So rude like...just comment "Congrats" or "We love you regardless" or something happy like that...society is so amazing 😍

  37. Simply Fallyn

    Simply Fallyn20 hours ago

    It’s OK to be upset about that because I’ve gotten many people tell me we all knew you know we could tell from how you acted when you saw someone so and so and such and such and blah blah blah and it’s hurtful to the person that it’s getting told to and their family and it’s not OK so please stop and I am so so proud of her by the way

  38. Kimberley Jansen

    Kimberley Jansen20 hours ago

    I totally get what you’re saying! I don’t know how people can say that, because how can you see from the outside or from the way someone acts, if someone’s gay? Maybe someone is more masculine presenting, but that doesn’t mean someone is gay!

  39. headass steph

    headass steph21 hour ago

    5:05 I remember playing with those during P.E. back in elementary school. it really is pretty fun! also I agree on your viewpoint concerning whether what’s rude or not when someone comes out, the “wbk” thing happened to Dan & Phil overwhelmingly as well when they came out.

  40. Tara Bower

    Tara Bower21 hour ago

    I'm part of LGBT and it so frustrating and I feel bad for those ppl especially JoJo and Rachel

  41. Quinn Burcker

    Quinn Burcker21 hour ago

    I’ve been watching Rachel and Colleen for years, and I was so happy for Rachel when she came out. I’ve had a feeling about Rachel being gay, but I haven’t posted it around the internet.

  42. Kellie McHugh

    Kellie McHugh22 hours ago

    I totally agree Colleen, and think another reason it's rude is because no matter what vibe we get from someone, it is wrong to assume we know for certain whether they prefer sleeping with men or with women. People come in so many varieties. We need to let them answer for themselves and not project our assumptions when our impression of what they feel or like or identify with could be completely off base.

  43. Mark Tucker

    Mark Tucker22 hours ago

    On point! You communicated this rudeness very well 👍 When a heterosexual gets really bothered by what homosexuals go through is really encouraging. Knowing that someone cares so much about people in general is rare these days. Love ya 💛

  44. Jol

    Jol22 hours ago

    i totally agree i think it’s fine with family but not publicly. they are so happy to express themselves. but then people are like, “i knew already.” it just feels like a no

  45. who cares

    who cares23 hours ago

    flynn being obsessed with turtles is THE MOST ADORABLE PURE THINGN I EVER SAW!!!!

  46. 28tayloranne

    28tayloranne23 hours ago

    As a bi woman, I think it’s just as annoying when people comment about hetero presenting relationships like “we get it, you’re het” it’s like...first of all way to assume. Second of all, why does me talking about my partner appear to others as trying to convince someone of anything...? I agree with all your points about your sisters situation too

  47. Anthony Volpetti

    Anthony Volpetti23 hours ago

    It is rude.

  48. TrueVentureFarm

    TrueVentureFarmDay ago

    I said something similar when my best friend in high school told me he was gay but it was definitely from a place of love. He said "I'm so sorry to have to tell you but I'm gay". And I responded "I was pretty sure you were gay but you just needed to figure it out. I loved you then and I love you now. It doesn't matter to me who you want to date as long as you are still my friend". He cried and then I cried. I don't think he took offense to it because all I meant was that I saw who he wanted to be but I knew he wasn't there yet and that was ok.

  49. Derlis_Whatever

    Derlis_WhateverDay ago

    Do not think for a second that those comments aren't malicious bc they are

  50. M. Cerra

    M. CerraDay ago

    It’s very rude, in my opinion. As a straight person, I can’t imagine saying this to anyone.

  51. Em Gee

    Em GeeDay ago

    Honestly. I just always thought she was and I always thought she didn't feel the need to tell anyone. I never spoke to anyone about it it was just something I observed and didn't require any sort of coming out. Congrats to her!! I just thought it was something everyone knew but didn't need to ask or talk about on the internet about.

  52. Alicia Gould

    Alicia GouldDay ago

    I feel that same way about turtles! 🐢 ♥️

  53. evie fowler

    evie fowlerDay ago

    Okay but you can't disagree, Flynn doing that dance at 7:04 is literally the cutest thing.

  54. J. Sandoval

    J. SandovalDay ago

    100% yes

  55. Mariana

    MarianaDay ago

    Where did she come out? I can’t find it anywhere

  56. Rose'slifestyle RJ

    Rose'slifestyle RJDay ago

    I love that you speaking about topics like this openly because this needs to be addressed 💗💗💗 amazing i love you

  57. Marielsie Juarez

    Marielsie JuarezDay ago

    omg colleen please add lime juice to your uncooked ramen ITS THE BEST

  58. Carson Carrillo

    Carson CarrilloDay ago

    OMG eric is in good trouble, i love that show!!

  59. unknown games

    unknown gamesDay ago

    I think it depends on the person but a lot of lgbtq+ people have a "gaydar" which gives them a sense kind of. there has been research that lgbt people have some "special" facial features which personally i find odd but cool. also i think it's really the way you say it like "oh well I already knew" is a little rude honestly. but I think most people that say it don't mean for it to be hurtful they just word it wrong. And lastly it's basically the norm that people are straight. which shouldn't be it at all we should just not have an expectation for someone's sexuality but that's what it is. Everyone accepts straight people but it's the fact that they continue to support the person even after they had the feeling that they "knew". Anyway that's my point of view on it but it's just my opinion not everyones

  60. Rich Markley

    Rich MarkleyDay ago

    In my opinion the whole "we already knew" is very rude because you are making assumptions about a person when you don't know the whole story. There are people that have their sexuality questioned daily because they act a certain way, say certain things, or are friends with people and it is totally baseless. The statement "we already knew" has basis in the idea that to be LGBTQI+ you fit a certain stereotype rather than understanding that there are so many variation of personality, sexuality, experience, and gender that I agree its very rude. Someone might not mean it in a hurtful way but to move forward past prejudices we need to leave things behind like that.

  61. Marina

    MarinaDay ago

    I love GAYCHEL and I’m so proud of her

  62. MegLovesYou

    MegLovesYouDay ago

    I am curious because I don't follow Rachel on tik tok but is she bi or lesbian? It doesn't matter to me but I just was curious

  63. Rat Milk

    Rat MilkDay ago

    I’m bi and I’m sure some of the lgbtq+ members have a different opinion on this but personally it doesn’t bother me, but I can understand why it would bother some people

  64. Michael Angelo Chavez

    Michael Angelo ChavezDay ago

    I think it’s a slightly controversial topic the whole thing is like is being gay a personality trait or not and what is the personality behind that? I guess we’ll never know🤷‍♂️

  65. Michael Angelo Chavez

    Michael Angelo ChavezDay ago

    I said gay for me but you know LGBTQIA+

  66. Leah Wiley

    Leah WileyDay ago

    To answer your question I am in the lgbtq community but I’m in the closet and I do find it rude to say I already knew but I also feel like it’s not rude. I think it’s rude because you shouldn’t say that to someone who’s not confident about what their parents will think and then they say “we already knew” and lower their confidence even more. but I also don’t think it’s rude because they can be like “I always knew” in like a playful/surprised way instead of being all sassy like “I knew before you.”

  67. Damian Barrera

    Damian BarreraDay ago

    i believe it depends on the person.

  68. Ethan Potter

    Ethan PotterDay ago

    I have been fighting with people the Rachel’s comments! They won’t leave her alone I agree

  69. janice lewis

    janice lewisDay ago

    Ok,, here’s my 2 cents,, as a part of the lgbtq community,, I can only tell you what I think,, coming out can be scary, you’re scared your family won’t accept you, maybe your friends won’t accept you, and I don’t know about your sister, but maybe she thinks some of her fans might not accept her,, now I’ll also tell you that I’ve always had a feeling she was lgbtq,, and I don’t feel that’s rude, just saying that she’s accepted ,, and I know that you’ve heard of “gay dar”, so just be happy for her and realize most people aren’t being rude

  70. Erin Louz

    Erin LouzDay ago

    mhm, agreed with you! my best friend came out and she had hidden it for so long, she posted a vid about it and god tha too! it’s fair, that’s who they are!! 💕 also i love you so much colleen! 🥺🤍

  71. Kaylee Nguyen

    Kaylee NguyenDay ago

    I don’t think you’re being over dramatic when thinking it’s rude when people say “they already knew” because when I was questioning my sexuality one of the main things that made it harder for me to except my sexuality were all the people in my life assuming and asking if I was gay before I even knew myself. Like all these people were assuming things about me and that made me deny and try to prove them wrong. For awhile I didn’t wanna be gay because then I’d be what everyone else said I was. Coming out is really hard to do and when I heard some people say they already knew this whole time it kinda rubbed me the wrong way. I’m a pretty chill person so i didn’t get upset by these comments or anything but saying you already knew is just something that makes it hard for people to come out and not feel judged.

  72. Jesse Chaffey

    Jesse ChaffeyDay ago

    Yeah. This has always irked me. We don't come out to confirm what people 'knew' and for the peace of mind of other people. We come out for ourselves, to express our identity/sexuality. People really try and make it about them and as if we're finally revealing a part of ourselves for their own confirmation....... Nnnnno. Lmao

  73. b p

    b pDay ago

    As a non binary lesbian, this makes me feel very invalidated.

  74. Maya Arvizu

    Maya ArvizuDay ago

    I’ve always hated those comments because, no you didn’t knew, you just had a feeling that I might like all genders 🙄

  75. lima ngl

    lima nglDay ago

    yes im agree with you, i just dont like the fact that people try to linked sexuality with some kind of « codes », like u r gay because of the way u look or act and by telling people « i already knew it » that ruin everything that the person has go through to etablish to this conclusion, we don’t know what other go through and by saying that u can hurt them because for them this is a big deal and just say « i knew it » ruin this moment

  76. Jessica Rosenkranz

    Jessica RosenkranzDay ago

    I wish I could come out to my parents. I already know how they would react. It’s hard to see others being accepted for who the are 100%. Maybe one day

  77. mars

    marsDay ago


  78. Harper Hill

    Harper HillDay ago

    Hi I'm apart of the LGBTQ +community

  79. Xx287xX Dream

    Xx287xX DreamDay ago

    I personally don’t feel bothered when the people I chose to come out to say we already knew idk since it’s who I am I don’t mind people already sensing it or knowing it but I understand that some people might feel bothered for it

  80. Analise Cano

    Analise CanoDay ago

    I’m bi and I’d just like to say that when people say that they already knew that you were gay before you came out it feels degrading and it makes you feel like you’re coming out was nothing even though it’s an experience that is horrific and scary

  81. Nat Kazee

    Nat KazeeDay ago

  82. Maddy King

    Maddy KingDay ago

    I think it’s rude because people who say that they “know” don’t ACTUALLY know anything. You can’t know about someone’s sexuality UNLESS they explicitly tell you. But I agree, I don’t think it is meant rudely, just my take😊

  83. d noella

    d noellaDay ago

    Yes, this is completely over-dramatic. It’s just not that deep..... Not every single commenter is saying that and most are leaving celebratory/supportive messages. If people also say their speculations... so what. You live and show your life on the internet, people are bound to speculate about any & every thing. It’s just what people do, we are curious creatures, and you said it yourself that no one is saying it with bad intentions. They are just confirming their speculations....

  84. George Wesley

    George WesleyDay ago

    "I already knew" is insanely annoying and I understand you saying family is different. It is!! However with Rachel's case I mean it is different because she may have been exploring her self. Those types of comments can also feel overwhelming and stuff like that. Btw I am pansexual

  85. Jessica Carapella

    Jessica CarapellaDay ago

    you have so much empathy and kindness

  86. Louise. Lou

    Louise. LouDay ago

    As a pansexual, I relate with people being like I already new, if it was family members it’s different but if it’s like online it’s really rude to me, if I’m going to come out don’t just say I already new, congratulate me or just be nice.

  87. fairiepiphany

    fairiepiphanyDay ago

    As someone who's part of the community I completely agree with why you think its rude Colleen!

  88. Ashton Hahn

    Ashton HahnDay ago

    I feel like a lot of people did come off as rude, I love Rachel and Colleen and when she came out I was so happy for her! I have an aunt that is gay and she was so scared to come out and I feel like it would be so scary and then u have all of these people that comment that?? 🥺❤

  89. loopy lucy

    loopy lucyDay ago

    Its like my brother in law, I came out as bi and he just kept saying "I knew it, see i told you, I knew before" that was late last year, I have been bi for about 1 year, I do have a great bond with him but its just the fact that he rubbed it in my face and nee about my sexuality before I did; I see where you are coming from colleen !!

  90. sofia

    sofiaDay ago

    Well im bi but it dose bug me a little and i agree so much i was questioning for months..

  91. Squids in My pants

    Squids in My pantsDay ago

    For me, it’s stereotyping which isn’t helping the community. I think people are jumping at the opportunity to have a gaydar and want to be able to identify other people in the community.

  92. lee

    leeDay ago

    i am only out to close friends and family but none of them really knew and they have all been supportive but if people said that to me i don’t really know how i would feel

  93. Jasmine Riess

    Jasmine RiessDay ago

    What is the title of Rachel's video of her coming out

  94. Animal 5

    Animal 5Day ago

    And your not being dramatic at all Colleen

  95. Animal 5

    Animal 5Day ago

    As a lesbian I would think that's rude if someone said that to me when I came out when someone is coming out it is terrifying thinking what if the don't like me anymore

  96. hi

    hiDay ago

    my friends used to comment on my posts and say stuff like " are you sure you're not bi" and it would make me really upset because I was confused with my sexuality and wasn't out and it kinda made me scared to come out because I wasn't sure if they would support me.

  97. Angelica

    AngelicaDay ago

    I've never actually thought much about the "I already knew" comments, so thank you for showing me another perspective with it. I've come out to a few close friends recently and none of them said that they knew, but I went into the conversation assuming that they already knew, granted, when I didn't know, I had a lot of people in my life "double checking to make sure I'm not a lesbian" which I always found rude.

  98. Alice Harley

    Alice HarleyDay ago

    I think a lot of the time when a girl is a Tomboy or more like that, people can think that they are gay or want to be a boy or something so people use "I already knew" but not all the time when a girl is a Tomboy they are gay so I think some people have them assumptions of people. And these are things that do happen because I am a Tomboy but I'm not gay and a lot of the time when I was in school people would say I'm gay and stuff but I really don't care. And this can go the other way with boys too.

  99. Poppy Aho

    Poppy AhoDay ago

    if i got those comments it would be pretty hurtful and confusing, tysm for spreading awarness of this Colleen ilyyyyy - pansexual

  100. lucy blair

    lucy blairDay ago

    you are using your platform to spread awareness and that's amazing!!!! the comments are fucked up. the way u explained it make perfect sense! ilysm

  101. sophie the alien

    sophie the alienDay ago

    I also find saying that kind of rude. I'm gay. I havent come out yet though. Its terrifying though, my bsf doesnt believe me, my cousin is skeptical but is supportive and nobody else knows. I've tried asking others for help on how to come out and when you know your ready, but everyone has refused to give me any advice. I understand that it's a sensitive topic and if you dont want to talk about it, that's all you have to say. I just wish I could have a little more knowledge, and i know its different for everyone, I just want a general idea, especially since, not my parents, but my distant family are against the community and I still have to keep them in my life, being a minor and not really having full control of that, my mom has tried her best to block them out and I'm not 100% about what my dad thinks or anything, it's just scary, and stressful an emotional, and idk about others but I dont have very much support

  102. Celeste Warren

    Celeste WarrenDay ago

    I'm lesbian, and I haven't experienced someone commenting on social media about me like that since I'm not very active on it, but assuming someone's sexuality, or gender, or ethnicity is never a good idea. Also, I feel like the idea of "coming out" shouldn't be something thought about or talked about lightly. It's something special and serious. And although people haven't assumed that I'm gay before because I'm a more feminine person, does not mean that it's not weird or rude to do. Just because a man dresses or acts more on the feminine side doesn't mean he's gay, and just because a woman dresses and acts more on the masculine side, doesn't mean she's gay either. And also, any one couple, whether it has two men, two women, or a man and a woman, does not need one masculine partner and one feminine partner. People often assume, especially with lesbian couples that one of them needs to be a "masc" woman, or the "man in the relationship" and the other woman needs to be a "femme" lesbian or "the woman in the relationship." You can have any gay couple with two feminine people or two masculine people, whether it be two men OR women.

  103. Hannah Warwick

    Hannah WarwickDay ago

    We need to normalise being a part of the LGBTQ+ because it’s not fair on those who are apart of that community also coming out needs to be normalised like no one comes out as straight or anything like why does it need to be such a big and or surprising thing!? Love you Colleen!