Sebastian Maniscalco - Not A Vegas Guy

Sebastian is hilarious!


  1. Shirley Nelson

    Shirley NelsonYear ago

    Hello it's me Shirley I Love watching Senastian Maniscalco ,He one day made me laugh so much that I, couldn't stop laughing.

  2. Ádám Karl

    Ádám KarlMonth ago

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  3. cenzi6

    cenzi6Month ago

    @jemarcus18 lol! I Agree1!!!

  4. StraightCashHomey

    StraightCashHomey2 months ago

    Fuckin Shirley


    COOKIE MASON2 months ago

    I canna buy you chips

  6. Green Team BC

    Green Team BC2 months ago

    Shirley Nelson legend has it that she is still laughing to this day...

  7. jewelleryaddict

    jewelleryaddict3 days ago

    Someone that thinks like myself and husband and talks about it sooo funny.

  8. Flower Power

    Flower Power4 days ago

    And I heard recently there’s a certain amount of E. coli in all swimming pools, it makes sense ,ew 🤢, I don’t see myself going in a pool ever again, I don’t care if supposedly the chlorine makes the water adequately disinfected. I’ll just stick to the Missouri River !

  9. Raymon Kravagna

    Raymon Kravagna5 days ago

    Never forget when I was a meat grinder I had a band-aid on my finger. So I had to wear a glove. At the end of the day,I had the glove on still but no band-aid!!

  10. Mike Roy

    Mike Roy6 days ago

    I start every morning with a tall glass of band aid juice

  11. yuma yuma

    yuma yuma6 days ago

    Went to the local "Y" for a swim today. Saw a bandaid on the bottom of the pool. I thought of this skit.

  12. EngPMgt

    EngPMgt8 days ago

    I didn’t get the chinese thing at the end 😅

  13. marlene g

    marlene g8 days ago

    I like how he is not vulgar.

  14. Luke Houghton

    Luke Houghton8 days ago

    I can tell he's never got a single scratch

  15. J J

    J J9 days ago

    This is Dane cook’s uncle.

  16. MINDisLIFE

    MINDisLIFE9 days ago

    Hey, pool water is filled with ass water anyways hehehe

  17. Big M Big M

    Big M Big M9 days ago

    OmG I’m from Vegas and he’s spot on !

  18. Carlos Bardales

    Carlos Bardales9 days ago

    It is so damn true.... I used to go to Vegas in the late 90's and you still had some decent looking people roaming the streets and the strip. I recently went back last summer.... I saw so much riff raff all over the place that I could not wait for my stay to be over. He is absolutely right... we are in trouble if these people are the ones making decisions on who will govern us and God forbid one of them actually wins an election.

  19. Michael Neyman

    Michael Neyman9 days ago

    I’m from Vegas and I hate Vegas people. I stay as far away from the Strip as possible.

  20. Katherine

    Katherine10 days ago

    i like this guy

  21. Patricia Puchelt

    Patricia Puchelt10 days ago

    He does have a point! And super funny as well.

  22. Fake Bill Burr

    Fake Bill Burr11 days ago

    This is who Joe Rogan wanted to be all his life

  23. Destroy the child

    Destroy the child12 days ago

    If anyone has seen bryan callen special, ummm... you'll see some weird ummm, I guess ripoffs from each other. The ridiculous movements came from somewhere because they're basically the same person now on stage

  24. Bill Lowenburg

    Bill Lowenburg12 days ago

    I can relate...I tend to like people -- until I get to know them.

  25. Stella Russo

    Stella Russo12 days ago

    Does anyone else envision the guys from Jersey Shore at 3:41? It reminds me of “the Situation’” fist pumping his way through the Jersey Shore.

  26. Dax Bradley

    Dax Bradley14 days ago

    "Igloo coolers and Band-Aids. It's no wonder we're losin' to the Chinese!" lol, my ribs hurt. He is too funny

  27. SDG SDG

    SDG SDG20 days ago

    The band aid in the pool shit got me...😂

  28. Maria Cardenas

    Maria Cardenas21 day ago



    [SALTY ARMY] KB23 days ago

    Reminds me of andrew dice clay

  30. James Buckingham

    James Buckingham24 days ago

    Ladies and gentleman - the next Jerry Seinfeld.

  31. Josh Waller

    Josh Waller28 days ago

    Wasn’t he in the move Irish man?

  32. Josh Waller

    Josh Waller22 days ago

    guitarjem oh ight

  33. guitarjem

    guitarjem22 days ago

    He was...

  34. Shuyu

    ShuyuMonth ago

    after all that talk about his ancestry i bet he don't even speak italian-i know many many "italians" who can only speak english but they rep that italian stuff heritage. as an asian i just find this weird and contradicting because most of us can still speak our ancestor's language but most white american's can't. this guy is funny though the damn coffee part got me because i can really relate to this. just imagine a chinese version of that story. chopsticks-instead of forks. stir fry and rice instead of caffeteria meals. tea..instead of milk. good times...

  35. yuma yuma

    yuma yuma6 days ago

    German, Italian, & Japanese. ( Even the auto correct changed it from Italian to Irish.) 😄

  36. yuma yuma

    yuma yuma6 days ago

    FYI, since most Italians who came to the US, came from approximately 1880 to 1920, the language was lost in the later generations because during WWII it was outlawed to speak German, Irish, & Japanese. Also most schools in the US focus on Spanish as a second language offered with French a far 2nd.

  37. BoxadorsR Us

    BoxadorsR UsMonth ago

    "When you die you should have leftover Bandaids for generations to come". Funny and true since I discovered my 97 year old dad had Bandaids and aftershave in his medicine cabinet from about 1967.

  38. Camden Combs

    Camden CombsMonth ago

    “An you brought chickkkken thighs 😭

  39. Connie

    ConnieMonth ago

    You are a hidden gem . thank you for your comedy .

  40. waheeda mohammed

    waheeda mohammedMonth ago


  41. Alexa Naluai

    Alexa NaluaiMonth ago

    My family is so accident prone that we have to buy band aids every few months.

  42. 13Babeloe

    13BabeloeMonth ago

    Hilarious 😆

  43. 13Babeloe

    13BabeloeMonth ago

    Hilarious 😂

  44. Nancy Guerra

    Nancy GuerraMonth ago

    Bandade juice! 😆 🤣 😂 😹 😆

  45. Zakkary Keith

    Zakkary KeithMonth ago

    Pools do have chlorine and kills germs lol but He's right there's literally always a band aid in the pool

  46. Kay Bergey

    Kay BergeyMonth ago

    Description of Vegas = SPOT ON!!!

  47. Pierre Villemaire-Brooks

    Pierre Villemaire-BrooksMonth ago

    We are like-minded bro. Keep up the great work :-)

  48. Haley Morris

    Haley MorrisMonth ago

    this is how we do it

  49. StraightupGamer

    StraightupGamerMonth ago

    DAMN thats funny i havent laughed that hard at a youtube video IN MY LIFE

  50. Jerry Traveler

    Jerry TravelerMonth ago

    This man is a time Traveler. No wonder the Chinese Is Winning.

  51. Northern Bunny

    Northern BunnyMonth ago

    His good looking and funny....his wife has a prize.

  52. Karl Fritch

    Karl FritchMonth ago

    How does it get two 4 banddaids

  53. Donny Tarter

    Donny TarterMonth ago

    I haven't laughed this hard in a long time.

  54. Baby Sauce

    Baby SauceMonth ago

    This guy has the most kissable lips and smackable booty

  55. Mason Kuldinow

    Mason KuldinowMonth ago

    Very very very funny...but now that everything is being divided up--to which side does he belong?

  56. Dio Black

    Dio BlackMonth ago

    Are you embarrassed anymore? Look at his shirt.

  57. Dio Black

    Dio BlackMonth ago

    Funny as hell but in a crisis or disaster he'd be food.

  58. Halle Cooper

    Halle CooperMonth ago

    1:35 whadyougonna do? Grill cHiCkEn???? In daroom?????????? Aren’t you emBARASSED?!

  59. thebaddog410

    thebaddog4102 months ago

    Ohhh GOD, is how i feel when someone wearing a mask comes near me

  60. Shabeer SB

    Shabeer SB2 months ago

    U gotta hate ppl to the core to get his comedy !!! I love this guy 😁

  61. Joan Esposito

    Joan Esposito2 months ago

    Anyone who doesn’t like this has no sense of humor!

  62. Leroy Torres

    Leroy Torres2 months ago

    Tbh band aide skit was on point. I have been in a situation

  63. reza mehrabi

    reza mehrabi2 months ago

    One of the best ever

  64. Josh O

    Josh O2 months ago

    Is it me or did Lisa Lampanelli do this voice first / also

  65. Ivan Stone

    Ivan Stone2 months ago

    Full blown book?!?

  66. Meshel 1

    Meshel 12 months ago

    Love the mannerisms & his truth about pet peeves - "What are you trying to fix?" - Band-Aid juice - got to drain the pool now - just hilarious :)

  67. Lisa Stallings Keelor

    Lisa Stallings Keelor2 months ago

    So true about left over band-aids. I just recently ran across a box containing bandages I swear from the 1990’s-perhaps even 1980’s. 😂😂

  68. Rainy M

    Rainy M2 months ago


  69. Mike Ramsey

    Mike Ramsey2 months ago

    I watched USlikes videos often. I have seen a lot of comedians. This particular one is awesome. He can make you smile perhaps laugh that is jokes. The real cool thing about his talent. It's clean! No vulgarity no cousin, he doesn't talk about race just clean fun entertainment!

  70. Katie Kane

    Katie Kane2 months ago

    Funny as hell... keep em coming😷😁

  71. Christina Escajeda

    Christina Escajeda2 months ago

    No embarrassment 10 cases of Schlitz beer Chicken in the room And you brought chicken fries They brought a book I'm not in to loud people Lol

  72. Celeste Lehtomaa

    Celeste Lehtomaa2 months ago

    Billion dollar hotel? Super 8 motel? How about Section 8 hotel? Fa real dough. Now everyone is embarrassed.


    RAIMUNDO FERREIRA2 months ago

    Why do I have to watch this shit over and over again. Of course I’m talking about the political ad asking for money GO AWAY YOU FREE LOADERS !

  74. Dixie Carlisle

    Dixie Carlisle2 months ago

    Outstanding talent

  75. Anthony M

    Anthony M2 months ago

    Right like shame is something to be proud of

  76. Alex Karau

    Alex Karau2 months ago

    He said: no wonder 🇨🇳 is winning #facts remember comedians speak the truth disguised as a joke😂

  77. rodney storick

    rodney storick2 months ago

    He has a Dice Clay vibe and Moves

  78. Chef PP

    Chef PP2 months ago

    I love the way he says words like marble and beautiful

  79. G and E

    G and E2 months ago


  80. Jay Menberu

    Jay Menberu2 months ago

    O my God I can't stop watching it again and again. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


    COOKIE MASON2 months ago

    3:14 yeah, you and all 8 billion people on this shit rock

  82. Carol Benson

    Carol Benson2 months ago

    I search and watch these over and over ...hilarious!! Get him on tv!!!

  83. conditions

    conditions2 months ago

    George Foreman.....GRILL?!?!

  84. Arthur Kian

    Arthur Kian2 months ago

    Yeah ... let's remember when people were classy ...

  85. angela krajnovic

    angela krajnovic2 months ago

    I wonder,was it ending of casino (De’niro narration)inspiration for this bit?

  86. Jaylin Jayubo

    Jaylin Jayubo2 months ago

    Italian Dane cook ?

  87. Righteous Truth Speaker

    Righteous Truth Speaker2 months ago

    4:50...its funny but you obviously dont actually work for a living

  88. Debbie Beard

    Debbie Beard2 months ago

    This guy keeps me laughing! He is so funny! Very talented. Thanks Sebastian for making me laugh!!


    LJB FOCUS3 months ago

    The way he animates his comedy 🤣🤣

  90. V King

    V King3 months ago

    Watching this guy is the best way to exercise your stomach muscles!

  91. Barbara O'Connor

    Barbara O'Connor3 months ago

    Haha, a man after my own heart. I don't like the noise either and I'm only 43.It must be our generation 😂


    NATURAL NIVIA3 months ago

    Bandaid Juice in the Pool! 💀💀💀🤣🤣😂😂


    NATURAL NIVIA3 months ago

    This Dude Is Funny AF!! I'm So Late! Smhlls

  94. T T

    T T3 months ago

    "... and I'm here to tell you, we're in trouble. We're in trouble as a nation." 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  95. Lake End

    Lake End3 months ago

    This guy is hilarious

  96. Salma Ghorbel

    Salma Ghorbel3 months ago

    "my biggest problem I can't mind my own business " lol he's spitting truths man

  97. Christina Mastricova

    Christina Mastricova3 months ago

    Hilarious , esp the band aids bit lol

  98. marie teresa

    marie teresa3 months ago

    band-aid juice!.......OH GOD!

  99. Storm

    Storm3 months ago

    That sweater is nice against his brown skin. This man is hilarious🌹

  100. VA’s BAT 703

    VA’s BAT 7033 months ago

    I’ve seen his stand ups over and over and they never get old lol

  101. Angel Fiery

    Angel Fiery3 months ago

    This literally happened to me. I had to leave the pool. Take melatonin and go to sleep disappointed. Smh - 😆

  102. David Vegas

    David Vegas3 months ago

    It’s funny cause we’ve all seen the cooler crowd checking in filled with Schitz and PBR.

  103. Margaret Mosca

    Margaret Mosca3 months ago

    Love Vegas!!!!

  104. Joy Lastname

    Joy Lastname3 months ago

    He's not lying about the bandaid. I stepped foot in America in 2018 and bought a box of bandaid, I still have that box even with my son's misuse.

  105. Pani Zandi

    Pani Zandi3 months ago

    Love u man! ❤

  106. Carlos Manuel da Silva

    Carlos Manuel da Silva3 months ago

    This guys cool

  107. Boston 508617

    Boston 5086173 months ago

    I chopped my finger off and still didnt use a band-aid, or visit the ER. I typed this comment using 9 fingers.

  108. Naive son

    Naive son3 months ago

    The band aid joke is true in my country too lol

  109. LoW NyC

    LoW NyC3 months ago

    When he said bandaid juice I almost shitted my boxers omg. Watching this guy and eating kitkats is not a GOOD IDEA CUZ UR DEF GONNA CHOKE