EXCLUSIVE: Follow Tom Brady on the field moments after securing 10th Super Bowl trip | FOX NFL

Watch how Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady spent his first several minutes immediately after winning the NFC Championship Game against the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field and punching his ticket to a 10th career Super Bowl.
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EXCLUSIVE: Follow Tom Brady on the field moments after securing 10th Super Bowl trip | FOX NFL
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  1. FOX Sports

    FOX SportsMonth ago

    Do you want to see Tom Brady win his seventh Super Bowl ring this year?


    JACOB DESQUITADO15 days ago

    Already happened

  3. Jake Hinners

    Jake Hinners26 days ago

    @fahad kamarah is

  4. Jessie The Mac

    Jessie The MacMonth ago


  5. David Bruce

    David BruceMonth ago

    @Lewis Kemp me too. I really can’t stand Arthur Blank though. They’re wasting the best wide receiver in history right now.

  6. Lewis Kemp

    Lewis KempMonth ago

    I'm a Falcons fan from ATL. I've always loved watching Brady. Maybe one day we can win

  7. mars3579

    mars357910 days ago

    I love the moment with his older son we’re going another Super Bowl

  8. David Mobley

    David Mobley25 days ago

    So many men out there who knocked up a girl they didnt care about. Didnt stand up. Brady loves his son to the end of the world.

  9. The Pirates Port

    The Pirates Port25 days ago

    When you leave the underwater cover on your GoPro...

  10. jjs777fzr

    jjs777fzr26 days ago

    GOAT? Nope. Super GOAT. Yes.

  11. N B

    N B26 days ago

    Wheres the sound

  12. Christian Przekop

    Christian Przekop26 days ago

    Feb.7th/tb 7th

  13. Eugene Oscar

    Eugene Oscar26 days ago

    Respect the goat..

  14. Roger Paquette

    Roger Paquette27 days ago

    Thanks for letting me have a glimpse of the Greatest football player of all time being the quality man that he is...

  15. Maya Rocha

    Maya Rocha28 days ago

    When you are greats and you know it

  16. cptamazing12

    cptamazing1229 days ago

    Tom Brady needs to be the new NFL logo, he's surpassed the shield, he is football. No disrespect to the other greats, but 10 Super Bowls...10...TENNNNNN that's all my fingers

  17. sara seixal

    sara seixalMonth ago

    vCandace Parker

  18. Elite 4 Champion Josh

    Elite 4 Champion JoshMonth ago

    I used to be a Tom hater, that man deserves all God had blessed him with and I hope he wins the superbowl to put all the doubts to rest. He's done with no other person has.

  19. 1 2

    1 2Month ago

    Love you Tom But MASK UP

  20. Danny Ng

    Danny NgMonth ago

    I want a hug from Tom Brady

  21. mattc941

    mattc941Month ago

    Notice the drone following him @ .33 ... it must be 2021

  22. Jessie The Mac

    Jessie The MacMonth ago


  23. Benjimon

    BenjimonMonth ago

    In my opinion, Tom Brady looked WAAAYYY better this year than last year as a Patriot. I know people are wishing he was done, but honestly, if he is playing at this level, why should he quit? There is not a reason to at this point.

  24. bilishu aliss

    bilishu alissMonth ago

    He should go straight to Hall of Fame the same day as he decide to retire

  25. D

    DMonth ago

    Class f-ing act!

  26. victor arcuri

    victor arcuriMonth ago

    What an experience the team will have, because of Tom Brady

  27. bilishu aliss

    bilishu alissMonth ago

    Brady in heaven.

  28. Yolie Hines

    Yolie HinesMonth ago

    Brady is the greatest a amazing player, a class act human being, blessings 🙏💙

  29. Barbaro Garcia

    Barbaro GarciaMonth ago

    I’m not a patriot or tampa fam, I’m a Brady fan, I believe he’s not only the best quarterback ever, he’s the best football player ever period

  30. Bob Marley

    Bob MarleyMonth ago

    Tom in the off-season just threw a dart at a map of the United States, it landed on Tampa and he said, "You interested in going to the Super Bowl?"

  31. Shauka Hodan

    Shauka HodanMonth ago

    Bruh imagine being able to say you dapped up tom Brady. The dude doesn’t care what team you are on he will share some words and give you a hug. 🐐

  32. Donna Lynn

    Donna LynnMonth ago

    Thank you for that

  33. Wesley Hite

    Wesley HiteMonth ago

    "After the game, we're all on the same team!"

  34. Shauka Hodan

    Shauka HodanMonth ago

    This cam is so close as if it’s a body cam of his trainer

  35. Bobby Burns

    Bobby BurnsMonth ago

    TB12 the competitor 💪🏻

  36. Itsdavebaby

    ItsdavebabyMonth ago


  37. Christian Przekop

    Christian PrzekopMonth ago

    I got a feeling the clip of this post game hand shake isn't the last, super bowl champs tampa Bay baby 2021

  38. Randall Bates

    Randall BatesMonth ago

    Somewhere Payton Manning is throwing up. lmfao. Brady is still proving them all wrong.

  39. Mad Maxx

    Mad MaxxMonth ago

    Simply put......THE GOAT 🐐

  40. yuoop noke

    yuoop nokeMonth ago

    Lucky 7even?

  41. Sammie Scrivens

    Sammie ScrivensMonth ago

    I don't know everybody's story on how they got to where they are now. But Tom's story starts with the Brady 6. Watch his story from beginning to end if you haven't. What he's accomplished from back then till now . He's the greatest NFL story ever told in my opinion.

  42. yuoop noke

    yuoop nokeMonth ago

    I love the vid so funny aha

  43. yuoop noke

    yuoop nokeMonth ago

    Win or lose in two weeks Tom Brady is The greatest there ever was, The greatest there is and The greatest there will ever be.

  44. Steve Robles

    Steve RoblesMonth ago

    Very classy guy! Always was that true gentleman. Nobody’s perfect.

  45. Abdelhali Bachir Belmehdi

    Abdelhali Bachir BelmehdiMonth ago

    Brady in heaven.

  46. yuoop noke

    yuoop nokeMonth ago


  47. Davidalvaerz

    DavidalvaerzMonth ago

    Tom Brady win.

  48. Ernesto Hernandez

    Ernesto HernandezMonth ago

    Wow! Am I the only one who thinks the quality of this video is amazing??

  49. The Man Who Laugh

    The Man Who LaughMonth ago

    I dont even watched or play football.. I just saw this guy story a few years ago and now I'm hooked.. Man He the GOAT..

  50. sokin jon

    sokin jonMonth ago

    Man those “the game has evolved” and “you can’t win without a mobile QB” looking real foolish right now.

  51. Lance Meme

    Lance MemeMonth ago

    This cam is so close as if it’s a body cam of his trainer

  52. Lewis Kemp

    Lewis KempMonth ago

    Woohoo still making history

  53. sokin jon

    sokin jonMonth ago

    This dude is already a legend in Tampa Bay bro lol



    Thank you Tom Brady and the Bucs for sending the packers home. Their fans have gotten way out of line. So nice to see them come up short again

  55. Adam Timlin

    Adam TimlinMonth ago

    Tom Brady is a joke

  56. Kyle Jeffrey

    Kyle JeffreyMonth ago

    Awe, need a nap pumpkin?

  57. Zac Doggett

    Zac DoggettMonth ago

    Nice to see Julian Edelman was watching the game and had a catch up with Tom after

  58. Aruba Robinson

    Aruba RobinsonMonth ago

    Defense does win championships. But what a defense cannot do on every drive is score. People saying Brady played badly but check the stats: Brady- 280 yards 75.4 QBR Rodgers- 346 yards 66.4 QBR Brady- 3 td Rodgers- 3 td Now who was more efficient? Even though Brady threw 3 picks. He was also dropping dimes and at times the receivers were dropping passes. Brady could’ve easily went for 4 or 5 TD. Also, please don’t put Mahomes in goat dialogue until he gets 3 or 4 rings. The Chiefs are not going to 6 Super Bowls.

  59. seven even

    seven evenMonth ago

    Lucky 7even?

  60. hoiy vinosa

    hoiy vinosaMonth ago

    Win or lose in two weeks Tom Brady is The greatest there ever was, The greatest there is and The greatest there will ever be.

  61. John Logozzo

    John LogozzoMonth ago

    What a legend

  62. joe blow

    joe blowMonth ago


  63. hoiy vinosa

    hoiy vinosaMonth ago

    # GO BUCS

  64. P Pumpkin

    P PumpkinMonth ago

    love tom, but all those close greetings are covid risks. could end the super bowl run. the risks are too high.

  65. never again el

    never again elMonth ago

    Shady Brady, cant fade me Brady , Tom Brady one more time with the Bucs, I was like what the fxxk, Then he struck. Ima Jet fan, this sucks but I got to give it up.

  66. Roberto Ruiz

    Roberto RuizMonth ago

    Whole lotta Love brotha!!!!💪👊👍 Yeah!!! Super Bowl Sunday!!!!!

  67. 82ghall

    82ghallMonth ago

    Happy for him .. Pat's ego cost them

  68. Free My Boi OJ

    Free My Boi OJMonth ago

    They muted the mic right as he said I can’t wait to get home and kiss you on your lips

  69. Leo Lloyd Calhoun Jr.

    Leo Lloyd Calhoun Jr.Month ago


  70. Bird_Gang_Az

    Bird_Gang_AzMonth ago

    This dude is already a legend in Tampa Bay bro lol

  71. Melissa F

    Melissa FMonth ago

    I learn when tom brady beat the rams in 2001 to never bet against brady now here we are again he's 43 years old and in he's in his 10th super bowl respect his greatness love him or not walking legend TB12

  72. Pete B

    Pete BMonth ago

    Anyone else think these new cameras make it look like Madden?

  73. James Lighter

    James LighterMonth ago

    Not bad for an Expos catcher.

  74. Andrew Segura

    Andrew SeguraMonth ago

    You know Bill locked himself up in the bathroom after seeing TB making it to another SB. Lol

  75. Max Murphy

    Max MurphyMonth ago

    Tom Brady is a national treasure Absolutely, the GOAT

  76. Tred Kirschbaum

    Tred KirschbaumMonth ago

    Yeah no aron Roger's yeah boy

  77. APlaceToBeWithMyThoughts

    APlaceToBeWithMyThoughtsMonth ago

    At this point the debate between the two best quarterbacks of all time are: a) Tom Brady 2001-2011 b) Tom Brady 2012-2021

  78. Shaun Southard

    Shaun SouthardMonth ago

    # GO BUCS

  79. Ted Bailey

    Ted BaileyMonth ago

    Good camera work by Brian DePalma on this one.

  80. Salvino Matos

    Salvino MatosMonth ago

    Great player great family man wishing the best God bless

  81. Cody Roden

    Cody RodenMonth ago

    Clear Eyes, Tom Brady, Can’t Lose

  82. David Bruce

    David BruceMonth ago

    He is the only reason this season even matters.

  83. Zorn76

    Zorn76Month ago

    Great moment



    Brady has been to 10 Super Bowls and acts like it’s his first one! Talking about being humble .. that man is it

  85. Thomas Labelle

    Thomas LabelleMonth ago

    Did Brady's bodyguard used to play for the pats or something? The lady security guard at 0:52 when she turns around she's looking at a wall of a man in front of her 😂

  86. Doug Demagistris

    Doug DemagistrisMonth ago

    I'm waiting for the guy to take his jersey 😂😂

  87. Joly Frye

    Joly FryeMonth ago

    Not necessarily a Buccaneers fan. Just a big T. Brady fan.... congratulations. 🏈🏆 Go and get that 7th ring.

  88. Vanilla shake Girl

    Vanilla shake GirlMonth ago


  89. Jax

    JaxMonth ago

    Tom Brady isn't just a great QB. He's a great manager, offense coordinator, the whole nine! I guarantee he helped build Tampa this year in more ways then one and calls many of the plays when he is rolling. That's why he is going to his 10th superbowl which is never gonna be broken for a QB. Mahomes will go to 7 superbowls tops in his career which is still amazing.

  90. R90’s Cuhh

    R90’s CuhhMonth ago

    KC defense being slept on but it’s iight we’ll see on Feb 7th who’s real

  91. mike hunt

    mike huntMonth ago

    Tom doesn't even sweat. Love ya Tom...hope you get #7. HTTR.

  92. Carlos Ayala

    Carlos AyalaMonth ago

    Wow!!! That was so amazing and special. Went straight to his son to celebrate.

  93. Miguel D

    Miguel DMonth ago

    Salvation is a completely free gift. Jesus Christ died for our past, present and future sins on the cross, was buried and rose again on the third day and because of this you are saved and not because of anything good you’ve done. Believing is enough.♥️

  94. Ian Fester

    Ian FesterMonth ago

    Love him or hate him he’s earned my respect…true legend😤

  95. Darklinkx8

    Darklinkx8Month ago

    Love him or hate him he's the goat

  96. Frank Castle

    Frank CastleMonth ago

    Rodgers could even look him in the eye

  97. STILL

    STILLMonth ago

    Narrative of Self is the result of a feedback loop between “Separate Self” & Cosmos🎈

  98. lightinthedarkness

    lightinthedarknessMonth ago

    Are you depressed? Lonely? Has this pandemic taken a toll on you. Jesus said "Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest." -Matthew 11:28 KJV . He's waiting for you. If you give your life to Jesus today and ask him to forgive your sins you will find peace in him. If you're still not sure then ask the Lord to reveal himself to you and he will hear and answer your prayer. God bless.

  99. Shakiem Jean Joseph

    Shakiem Jean JosephMonth ago

    He’s entering this game with a 61-9 Career Record on Cold Games with the Patriots and now his first win with the Buccaneers.62-9 after the NFC championship win

  100. Dracø Is All Elite

    Dracø Is All EliteMonth ago

    There will never be another like Brady man. Mahomes is excellent but I'm not even sure if he can match Tom. GOAT, and probably always will be.

  101. aim assist *

    aim assist *Month ago

    I think thats the guy that keeps beating my grandpa in bingo every wednesday. Darn man

  102. Sam M

    Sam MMonth ago

    tom brady is the legend beyond legend...if the offensive line prevails,,,,,they smash the chiefs....brady rules....

  103. I'm based

    I'm basedMonth ago

    MJ is now the Tom Brady of basketball lmao

  104. Biswambhar Sharma

    Biswambhar SharmaMonth ago

    i want a movie made on tom brady

  105. 李庸

    李庸Month ago


  106. Glizzi

    GlizziMonth ago

    6 rings, 10th superbowl, dude is 43 and he still playing football like a legend. Best of luck to whoever wins the superbowl! -SF fan

  107. Jason Gann

    Jason GannMonth ago

    When you're Tom Brady everyone wants a piece of your a as.

  108. Casey Anderson

    Casey AndersonMonth ago

    So cool how he went to talk to his son. His son is probably the most clueless person there. he's not old enough to truly understand what he is whitnesing. He's just like ya dad you're going to the Superbowl again isn't that what we always do this time of year. His son whole life has been watching dad go to the Superbowl it would be confusing if they were not going.

  109. alfamale05

    alfamale05Month ago

    Trivia Question: Where is the Sea of Tranquility located?

  110. Casey Anderson

    Casey AndersonMonth ago

    Everybody talking mahomes younger and talented and Brady and the bucs can't handle them. I hope this old bull teaches kc and mahomes not to ever doubt when tom brady is on the field go get one more Brady!🐐🐐💯 PS this is coming from a die hard Peyton Manning fan. But Brady has won me over can't deny pure ability.

  111. White Obama

    White ObamaMonth ago


  112. oldnew newold

    oldnew newoldMonth ago

    Put on a freaking mask!!!!! Peoples are dying left and right!🤬🤬🤬

  113. Edwin De La Cruz

    Edwin De La CruzMonth ago

    Brady without a face mask to protect him was a high risk

  114. Notafratdude

    NotafratdudeMonth ago

    Jesus loves you Please repent because He is coming soon, Like so more people can see this.