Tua Tagovailoa's First Drive in the NFL

Tua Tagovailoa's First Drive in the NFL | Jets vs. Dolphins | NFL Week 6
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  1. Fins17

    Fins17Month ago

    Let’s go!!

  2. Starter YT

    Starter YTMonth ago

    @Madden king yessir 😂

  3. Aaron Smith

    Aaron SmithMonth ago

    Was up fins

  4. TheHopetown

    TheHopetownMonth ago

    That was a waste of 2 minutes

  5. ATalkingBadger

    ATalkingBadgerMonth ago

    "Let's go" there's something no one ever says...

  6. BlueRaven89

    BlueRaven89Month ago

    I'm actually glad the dolphins finally found a franchise quarterback, I don't wanna jinx it but so far so good.

  7. Blackshadow 5712

    Blackshadow 57123 days ago

    I’m not a dolphins fan but I like the dolphins

  8. Young bloods Bowling

    Young bloods Bowling10 days ago

    Did he go to the same yard line where he got hurt at at the end of the game? But anyway this is awesome I’m a chiefs fan

  9. Alessandro M

    Alessandro M20 days ago

    The wonderful things in this video: - Tua first complete pass - Fitzpatrick cheering the crowd - Commentator saying "TaNgovailoa" when that "N" is not in his surname!

  10. Laura Kay

    Laura Kay24 days ago

    jessii vee

  11. Brian Griffis

    Brian GriffisMonth ago

    fact: tua holds the highest completion rate in the NFL now

  12. Anthony B.

    Anthony B.Month ago

    He's not in the same class of Russell Wilson. He's maybe an older Drew Brees at best.

  13. Chris Allen

    Chris AllenMonth ago

    Anyone else love hearing Tua Tagovailoa yell “hut hut” when the ball was hiked? I don’t know about all of you but I think it’s neat hearing different QBs around the league when they yell “hut hut”

  14. Shevante Day

    Shevante DayMonth ago

    He gonna get killed this week by my rams. Hope he doesn't get hurt though really rooting for beside course playing my rams

  15. easyscore

    easyscoreMonth ago

    Next Mariota. Soft

  16. D G

    D GMonth ago

    going be trash

  17. Jay Savage

    Jay SavageMonth ago

    Tua's first drive has more views than all his highlights wow lets go Fins

  18. Law 2612

    Law 2612Month ago

    2/2 perfect record already 😂

  19. Cynical Miscreant

    Cynical MiscreantMonth ago

    poor jets 0-6

  20. Alma Martinez

    Alma MartinezMonth ago

    Tua stats vs rams 23-34 -290 yards passing 2tds 1int 5 rush 48 yards 1 rush td

  21. Out of many One

    Out of many OneMonth ago


  22. Total Merica

    Total MericaMonth ago

    Dang Tua hands off really well!

  23. Out of many One

    Out of many OneMonth ago

    'Tua' Time in the NFL.

  24. James Abbott

    James AbbottMonth ago

    Remember that scene where spongebob comes out with the mop and everyone cheers?

  25. Cyphra

    CyphraMonth ago

    why his 180 set hut on that 3rd and 7 so clean though

  26. vbddfy euuyt

    vbddfy euuytMonth ago

    that’s the best handoff I’ve ever seen😂😂

  27. steve com

    steve comMonth ago

    *tua hands off ball* announcer: mmm yep, they're goin to the superbowl

  28. Fritz Bautista

    Fritz BautistaMonth ago

    Protect the golden child 👶

  29. vbddfy euuyt

    vbddfy euuytMonth ago

    Miami. There's a new Dolphins fan in Detroit.

  30. nieooj gotoy

    nieooj gotoyMonth ago

    Tua is something special!!! Stay healthy 🤙 Lots of love and Aloha from Hawaii

  31. Ken Taylor

    Ken TaylorMonth ago

    He realeses the football quicker than Dan marino

  32. Larry Miller

    Larry MillerMonth ago

    Move football to China with NBA

  33. nieooj gotoy

    nieooj gotoyMonth ago

    Who feels bad for Ryan Fitzpatrick

  34. Rocky Perez

    Rocky PerezMonth ago

    Difference is Fitzpatrick would of made a block when he hands ball off

  35. Yt- HoldMyNutts

    Yt- HoldMyNuttsMonth ago

    Even if tua is better than kyler Murray he still won’t be able to do shit w the dolphins lmao

  36. Rent To Own Rent To Own

    Rent To Own Rent To OwnMonth ago

    Awesome to see him being able to play after getting injured at Alabama.

  37. Air Assault684

    Air Assault684Month ago

    Young Russell wilson 🔥

  38. Mr Taboo

    Mr TabooMonth ago

    Bye bye Fitz 😂... another white man loses his job to a black man 😂

  39. Jeffrey Kircher

    Jeffrey KircherMonth ago

    WE LOVE US FITZPATRICK. MAN DID U MAKE MANY OF OUR GAMES FUN!!! SHOUTOUT RYAN FITZPATRICK. The way it was handled was terrible. Imo. But we do love n respect u. BUT ITS TUA TIME!!! LETSSSS GOOOOO!!!

  40. CAMMEDcivic

    CAMMEDcivicMonth ago

    As long as his previous injuries dont come back to haunt him he will be a great quarter back for sure!

  41. Nick K

    Nick KMonth ago


  42. JayVal

    JayValMonth ago

    Alota somao dere??

  43. ceerw buty

    ceerw butyMonth ago

    Tua is something special!!! Stay healthy 🤙 Lots of love and Aloha from Hawaii

  44. Neil Reid

    Neil ReidMonth ago

    EVERYBODY here in Detroit said I was a fucking nut job to take Tua at #3. It was a no-brainer in my opinion. I think That will be elite in the NFL for at least 10yrs. Great pick Miami. There's a new Dolphins fan in Detroit.

  45. Robert Janko

    Robert JankoMonth ago

    Thats how you get a young QB into the game.

  46. ceerw buty

    ceerw butyMonth ago

    Brian Flores sure was eager to free up that challenge flag room in his pockets at the two-minute warning

  47. Brayden’s Gaming

    Brayden’s GamingMonth ago

    Who feels bad for Ryan Fitzpatrick

  48. AiCDragon

    AiCDragonMonth ago

    "... and he looked good doin it too"(handing the ball off)... I get it dude... a lot of hype behind him... But just stop

  49. Jerel Moore

    Jerel MooreMonth ago

    Wow. That really gave me hope for the future.

  50. Jay Doll

    Jay DollMonth ago

    Did that announcer just say tua looked good handing the ball off???? Haha just because he's from Alabama lol

  51. Drummer Man

    Drummer ManMonth ago

    I cannot wait to see this kid tear it up. Dolphins will definitely have a gem if he stays healthy.

  52. Jayp Jayp

    Jayp JaypMonth ago

    He looked good handing the ball off.. 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  53. Craig Voclain

    Craig VoclainMonth ago

    dolphins are stupid benching the hot hand for unproven rookie smh🤔

  54. oiuet souiu

    oiuet souiuMonth ago

    Fitz was smiling cause he didn't know he was losing his job yet. Tua could of waited till next season.

  55. jacob clayton

    jacob claytonMonth ago

    abolish the jets

  56. CEE DEE EEE Efff

    CEE DEE EEE EfffMonth ago

    He look like donnavan mcnab

  57. oiuet souiu

    oiuet souiuMonth ago

    Fitz ain’t clapping no more

  58. Kevin Williams

    Kevin WilliamsMonth ago

    He looks his receivers off, and gets rid of the ball quickly. Looks like he probably got some mentoring from Dan Marino as well.

  59. packlesswolf1

    packlesswolf1Month ago

    Fitz was smiling cause he didn't know he was losing his job yet. Tua could of waited till next season.

  60. ishma 13

    ishma 13Month ago

    Little did Fitzpatrick know, he wasn't gonna start anymore

  61. Raymond Hsu

    Raymond HsuMonth ago

    Brian Flores sure was eager to free up that challenge flag room in his pockets at the two-minute warning

  62. Benjamin Michael

    Benjamin MichaelMonth ago

    Only here to see if Tua is worth benching Fitzpatrick

  63. J Nguyening

    J NguyeningMonth ago

    I bet Fitzpatrick regrets cheering for him now!

  64. hp.prod

    hp.prodMonth ago

    Fkn oafff🇼🇸

  65. Edward Newman

    Edward NewmanMonth ago

    Fitz cheers for him and loses his job the next day. Ouch.

  66. Tija Michelle

    Tija MichelleMonth ago

    john legend

  67. Blue Wolf

    Blue WolfMonth ago

    Lol I don’t see anything special just another kid being way overhyped

  68. Blue Wolf

    Blue WolfMonth ago

    @YNGZ are you an idiot . I am talking about football perspective and comparing him to his peers. Such a dumb take

  69. YNGZ

    YNGZMonth ago

    Hater.. must hurt knowing Tua makes more $$$ than you. I'm sure he thinks the same way about you😭 loser.

  70. Airborne Jay

    Airborne JayMonth ago

    1:13 thats a pick 6 against most teams lol

  71. H Edward Rodriguez

    H Edward RodriguezMonth ago

    Fitzpatrick got screwed. Won’t be surprised if he’s back in the drivers seat soon. The last two minutes of a game you are winning is not the same as playing under pressure to deliver a win when you are down 8 points and have 1:30 to drive 80 yards to get a TD and 2 point conversion just to tie and take the game into OT. We’ll see what happens.

  72. YNGZ

    YNGZMonth ago


  73. Click Clack

    Click ClackMonth ago

    Fire gates.

  74. mikeggg1979

    mikeggg1979Month ago

    Fitz ain’t clapping no more

  75. Anthony Baca

    Anthony BacaMonth ago

    Would you guys trade Gaskins for Lockette???

  76. Chiefs Baby

    Chiefs BabyMonth ago

    Dolphins got their franchise quarterback

  77. lenny delatorre

    lenny delatorreMonth ago

    Not sold at all on this guy

  78. YNGZ

    YNGZMonth ago

    Hater, like to see you try and do what we Tua is doing? Stop hating and STFU! Loser

  79. David Blair

    David BlairMonth ago

    Fitzpatrick was just made obsolete🤪

  80. YellowBoyWonder

    YellowBoyWonderMonth ago

    Bro this hurts watching cause both Fitzpatrick and Tua are both so likable

  81. TheJimboy

    TheJimboyMonth ago

    Wondering what everyone thinks now after the interview with fitzmagic

  82. George Orwell

    George OrwellMonth ago

    Fitztragic looks like football's answer to Gabby Hayes.

  83. Wylan

    WylanMonth ago

    rip fitz

  84. Will

    WillMonth ago

    Fitz looks back at this and cries

  85. Jerry Sechrist

    Jerry SechristMonth ago

    Not a good move just saying

  86. big doinks

    big doinksMonth ago

    Fitz was happy for him .

  87. Claren Dennis

    Claren DennisMonth ago

    So they made him the starter after this huh???

  88. Victor Quezada

    Victor QuezadaMonth ago

    That fool left handed? Ah hell another Tebow 😄

  89. Daily Dying Apologetics

    Daily Dying ApologeticsMonth ago

    You gotta feel bad for Fitz. Dude has put in his time with virtually no help, finally leads this team to a solid start of a season, then loses his job? I feel worse for Tua though. So much potential and he’s just being thrown into it so early after coming off of a serious injury. Hopefully he doesn’t end up like Marcus Mariota. Just a poor decision all the way around.

  90. TraumaER

    TraumaERMonth ago

    *Overrated if you ask me.* 【ツ】

  91. Russell Johnson

    Russell JohnsonMonth ago

    I hope the Fins keep FitzMagic around to mentor Tua

  92. Alvin Martinez

    Alvin MartinezMonth ago

    Dan Marino

  93. Robert Gonzalez

    Robert GonzalezMonth ago

    Watching where Fitz was cheering him on? And now he lost his job to him ☹️☹️

  94. Sparky Pluggs

    Sparky Pluggs21 day ago

    Tua better

  95. FadedHD

    FadedHDMonth ago

    I swear I be forgetting the jets are even a team smh

  96. Marc Rover

    Marc RoverMonth ago

    Woah, his ball seems to hang in the air for a long-long-long-long time. His arm looks just as dead as Fitzpatricks.

  97. SuperEcwchampion

    SuperEcwchampionMonth ago

    Love that Fitz was getting the crowd going.

  98. Speaking Truths

    Speaking TruthsMonth ago

    Just imagine how bad a team has to truly be when the Miami Dolphins are actually in a position to bring in a guy for mop up duty.

  99. Michelle Raphael

    Michelle RaphaelMonth ago

    Don’t care about the pandering NFL. But I miss Tua and FitsP. Roll Tide gentlemen ✌️🇺🇸

  100. V L K V

    V L K VMonth ago

    his first NFL highlights and it's to close a shutout vs the stinky jets lol, perfect!

  101. Har5280vest

    Har5280vestMonth ago

    Dolphins will regret this move to replace Fitz...!

  102. Har5280vest

    Har5280vestMonth ago

    Still to early for this kid, should've kept Fitz while things were going good smh!

  103. Larry Jacobs

    Larry JacobsMonth ago

    Boycott the NFL

  104. TheOnlyHumanBeing

    TheOnlyHumanBeingMonth ago

    Nobody cares kid

  105. Eithan Hillis

    Eithan HillisMonth ago

    How tf is tua the starter now tf

  106. Nicco Bricks

    Nicco BricksMonth ago


  107. David

    DavidMonth ago


  108. shawn Jking420

    shawn Jking420Month ago

    Fitzpatrick isn't doing bad at all . I don't understand why they would bench him . He's actually playing the best football I've seen him play in a while.

  109. Bob Jones

    Bob JonesMonth ago

    Good to see him able to play after that devastating injury.

  110. Marcelleous Byoune

    Marcelleous ByouneMonth ago

    The last time I seen an actually good left-handed quarterback was Michael Vick and I think Tua can be that

  111. akabuca96

    akabuca96Month ago

    i really feel for dolphins fans, just as theyre doing well, brian flores fucks it up

  112. James Hudson

    James HudsonMonth ago

    Say what want about the Dolphins but what gotta respect how Ryan Fitzpatrick handled being benched for Tua

  113. Steve Riley

    Steve RileyMonth ago

    Now that's almost as entertaining as watching a leaky faucet drip.

  114. Jared Jones

    Jared JonesMonth ago

    I really hope Tagovailoa does well in the NFL. But just like anyone, I wanna see him build his credit. I’m glad he got some time in the NFL and Fitzmagic was a class act to applaud him. Miami has named him the starter for the next game so I really hope he does well now. The turn out over his couple minutes has been so well they wanna throw him in there now. Throwing a rookie to the dogs is Browns football. I hope he does really well cause any first start can make it difficult for any QB to succeed. Especially a high profile guy like Tua

  115. Jeffrey Conrad

    Jeffrey ConradMonth ago

    Im banned on fb so ill ask on youtube; why would the Dolphins start Tua over Fitz when Fitz has been doing pretty good.