Chief Keef & Mike WiLL Made-It - STATUS (Official Music Video)


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  1. B Money

    B Money6 minutes ago

    "have my locksmith pop up and pop a lock"

  2. B Money

    B Money11 minutes ago

    This should have more Views!!! Sosa goin hard

  3. Reverb Xeltz

    Reverb Xeltz29 minutes ago

    Who still be listen to love sosa

  4. TxxrDrip

    TxxrDrip50 minutes ago


  5. Maurice Bowden

    Maurice Bowden2 hours ago

    Sosa should do a Album produced by Mike Will Made it. He seems to get the old Chief Keef to come back.

  6. Jonathan George

    Jonathan George2 hours ago

    I’ll drive a smart car through a street war. Bars 🔥🔥

  7. Dawlstan Flims

    Dawlstan Flims2 hours ago

    🔥🔥🔥🔥bring back old sosa boy...

  8. Mastah William

    Mastah William2 hours ago


  9. Adarius Dennard

    Adarius Dennard2 hours ago


  10. Fuck A Opp

    Fuck A Opp2 hours ago

    Keef leaf 🍂 🍁 🍃 back!!!👿👿👿🗣🔥🤔

  11. Al Wensday

    Al Wensday2 hours ago

    Sosa take care of your business so you can shoot videos in Chicago again

  12. nick nlmb

    nick nlmb3 hours ago

    Legendary should of wrote my name in Rosetta stone!!💯no cap!!

  13. Chief Luu

    Chief Luu4 hours ago


  14. Cb. Chivz 374

    Cb. Chivz 3745 hours ago


  15. Paul Guimaraes

    Paul Guimaraes5 hours ago

    "Put um' in the forest change his name to Gump."

  16. Vlilshaun

    Vlilshaun5 hours ago


  17. SheLovesSnags

    SheLovesSnags6 hours ago

    He said maron lawrence that was fire

  18. ImKyle

    ImKyle8 hours ago


  19. Osixo lilTavi

    Osixo lilTavi9 hours ago

    sosa been that nigga

  20. Keef Soulja

    Keef Soulja12 hours ago

    He acting like a killa nigga bragging 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  21. NSG YoungStunna

    NSG YoungStunna9 hours ago

  22. Ron Tha Flippa

    Ron Tha Flippa12 hours ago

    Rich homie quan not quando rondo. for the retards swearing that he dissed rondo, this song is old anyway

  23. Chrisss Jaay!!

    Chrisss Jaay!!12 hours ago

    Lol these niggas 2 young man

  24. MeechyTheProducer jr

    MeechyTheProducer jr12 hours ago

    Imma producer from VA come fwm moe🦈🦈

  25. Oba Simmonds

    Oba Simmonds12 hours ago

    Yeah I'm rich home, but I don't know dat nigga QUAN tho ("quando" rondo reference). That went over my head 1st time I heard it. Chief Keef is legendary 🐐🐐🐐

  26. Ken Finch

    Ken Finch4 hours ago

    Lmfao tf u talking about that is not a diss to quando at all

  27. Emilio Dominguez

    Emilio Dominguez12 hours ago

    this so loud with my new head set this artic wireless are insane shesh chief keef

  28. Legitmanhunco

    Legitmanhunco12 hours ago



    AYEBRUH13 hours ago

    old chief is coming back BUT HE NEVER LEFT!!!!!!!!!

  30. Kovax Aspect

    Kovax Aspect13 hours ago

    Sosa is my inspiration

  31. bashavusta

    bashavusta13 hours ago

    slapper 🔥🔥🔥

  32. Jay Castro

    Jay Castro14 hours ago

    Ohh man this that old cut throat sosa

  33. Ralph Lauren

    Ralph Lauren14 hours ago


  34. Jayy Lakez

    Jayy Lakez15 hours ago

    Bro 🤦🏽‍♂️🤟🏾 lets go

  35. Tyrese creagh

    Tyrese creagh16 hours ago

    Keef the goat stop playing with him

  36. Leandro Rivera

    Leandro Rivera17 hours ago

    Chief keef is blessing us in these last few weeks

  37. HATE ME 2017

    HATE ME 201717 hours ago


  38. King Devoneo - Got Beats

    King Devoneo - Got Beats17 hours ago


  39. mzzshae

    mzzshae18 hours ago

    My boy keef. The goat. Since 08 bro been doing this shit. Bossmoo in the cut. Rip fredo, tray savage, capo, and bloodmoney.

  40. C Carti

    C Carti18 hours ago

    Yeah I’m rich homie but ion know that nigga Quando (Quan though)

  41. Shawn Browne

    Shawn Browne18 hours ago

    Yo love this shit

  42. Velo Wrld

    Velo Wrld19 hours ago

    SoSaaaaa sheesh

  43. Velo Wrld

    Velo Wrld19 hours ago


  44. Elton Wayne Williams

    Elton Wayne Williams19 hours ago

    Am i the only one who randomly comes back every week to check if Sossa didn't drop something new🤔🔥💯

  45. Solo Dr3amsz

    Solo Dr3amsz20 hours ago

    Him nd durk wouldve been crazy on this

  46. PraisedPolymath

    PraisedPolymath20 hours ago

    I popped a bean and watched my fears fade away Aa scattered dream a far off memory of a game Throw up a hunned k just so I could pla Mama your son is surely on his way Hollll uupppppp

  47. Brian Luce

    Brian Luce20 hours ago

    I don’t condone beefs but let’s see a Martin Lawrence vs Will Smith with @Beefs

  48. Vision Ground Studios

    Vision Ground Studios21 hour ago

    React to Jay Vonte - Energy Full Song NOCAPPPPP! I FINALLY FOUND IT RIGHTNOW! People Were Saying It Was Lul Tim -

  49. Jay Vonte

    Jay Vonte21 hour ago

    React to Jay Vonte - Energy Full Song NOCAPPPPP! I FINALLY FOUND IT RIGHTNOW! People Were Saying It Was Lul Tim -

  50. jek

    jek22 hours ago

    is he dead or what

  51. Ken Finch

    Ken Finch4 hours ago

    Bruh go listen to some lil nas

  52. Kill QuicC GazaThug

    Kill QuicC GazaThug22 hours ago

    #Sikk❗️ 🔥Gazanation🔥

  53. Frederic Reid

    Frederic Reid22 hours ago


  54. David

    David23 hours ago

    Who else feel that savage rage vibe

  55. william sparrow

    william sparrow23 hours ago

    I’m 39 be in the Audi wit sosa slappin like crazy I work some nut ass hours my boy keep me up 🆙 💯💪🏾

  56. Edgar Nevarez

    Edgar Nevarez23 hours ago

    Chief said let me do one video out the crib y’all gonna be pissed

  57. Christopher Lee

    Christopher LeeDay ago

    Yeah im rich homie but i dont know that N*gga quan

  58. d wil

    d wilDay ago

    when he passes dis gon be heartbreaking no kap

  59. BURQUE 505 RISK1 VGP

    BURQUE 505 RISK1 VGPDay ago


  60. Antonio Tate

    Antonio TateDay ago

    Glad he still alive.. sosa legendary



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  62. Johnathan Miller

    Johnathan MillerDay ago

    One thing you can say about Sosa, he did things his way and has lasted this long because of that.

  63. Og Assassin

    Og AssassinDay ago

    the beat is harder than nokia

  64. Yung CV

    Yung CVDay ago


  65. Wendell Johnson

    Wendell JohnsonDay ago

    He really needed to wear 2 ⌚️🔥

  66. Guapoo

    GuapooDay ago


  67. Roland

    RolandDay ago


  68. Glenn McKnight

    Glenn McKnightDay ago

    Shit hard🔥🔥🔥💯

  69. المدامر راقم 1 فقط

    المدامر راقم 1 فقطDay ago

    fk eo

  70. Joseph Castillo

    Joseph CastilloDay ago

    Is that 600 breezy???

  71. Big Gucci

    Big Gucci9 hours ago

    Nope 600bossmo

  72. Native James

    Native JamesDay ago


  73. Kristian Radin

    Kristian RadinDay ago

    1:33 🌞

  74. RedDonkiee

    RedDonkieeDay ago

    Hard asf fucking hat and song sheesh

  75. Justin Anthony

    Justin AnthonyDay ago

    Got damn Sosa 🐐 favorite rapper for over ten years now and till the end of time the MF OG of drill and all these new rappers are his fucking INFANT BABY KIDS every single one of them KNO it too GLOOOOO

  76. florida Ryder

    florida RyderDay ago

    Fire cuh!⚡🔥🔥

  77. ihatepromnight

    ihatepromnightDay ago


  78. SAUCYMAN88

    SAUCYMAN88Day ago

    Only real keef fans here

  79. Payne

    PayneDay ago

    This chief keef fella obviously cares about his health and being hydrated. He always has a cup of water with him

  80. Ken Finch

    Ken Finch4 hours ago

    U copied this comment from earned it 🤡

  81. Big Gucci

    Big Gucci9 hours ago

    He still on lean he gotta have water to wash it out his system

  82. WolfieChrome

    WolfieChromeDay ago

    who gone tell him...

  83. Krystal Woods

    Krystal WoodsDay ago

    Yesss 🔥

  84. CripsyBodies

    CripsyBodiesDay ago

    Mane wtf my boy views at😤😤😤😤😤

  85. Ken Finch

    Ken FinchDay ago

    1 mill in a week is good asf wym

  86. TJ Bandzz

    TJ BandzzDay ago

    Where the albummmmmmmmmmm

  87. B17

    B17Day ago

    Almighty 😤🔥

  88. Dubba Lo

    Dubba LoDay ago

    woke sosa

  89. NSG YoungStunna

    NSG YoungStunnaDay ago 🌬🌬

  90. YouTube CremZy

    YouTube CremZyDay ago

    Instagram: @chieffkeeffsossa @MikewillMadeIt @money_man06 © Glo Gang

  91. NSG YoungStunna

    NSG YoungStunnaDay ago 🌬❤️

  92. Diego Sosa

    Diego SosaDay ago

    Keef could be my relative

  93. carti

    cartiDay ago

    King Sosa🐐

  94. BrandoTM BrandoTM

    BrandoTM BrandoTMDay ago

    But he went all the way in on this one though 💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥🔥🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿

  95. NSG YoungStunna

    NSG YoungStunnaDay ago 🌬❤️

  96. BrandoTM BrandoTM

    BrandoTM BrandoTMDay ago

    I can't even Cap, ever since my homie put me on Biggucci Sosa in 2013-2014 haven't stop playing macaroni no Cap

  97. Oy Bussa

    Oy BussaHour ago


  98. Cloud9Studios & JEDIxMODz

    Cloud9Studios & JEDIxMODzDay ago

    Sosa baby 🔥🔥

  99. NSG YoungStunna

    NSG YoungStunnaDay ago 🌬🌬

  100. Dipply-

    Dipply-Day ago

    he look .... a bit different

  101. Nathan Williams

    Nathan WilliamsDay ago

    nobody peeped how he said “ Young rich homie but i don’t know that nigga quan, neck gone be gone, boy yo shit be on the pond” 👀👀.

  102. Ken Finch

    Ken FinchDay ago

    Talking about rich homie not no quando

  103. Whateverhoo glo

    Whateverhoo gloDay ago


  104. o.t roll

    o.t rollDay ago


  105. Ken Finch

    Ken FinchDay ago

    U a hater

  106. Ligma Balls

    Ligma BallsDay ago

    Anyone else got surprised as fuck when they saw a brand new Chief Keef song show up on their recommended? 👀

  107. Gia The Model

    Gia The ModelDay ago

    Yall go check out my remix 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  108. jaestarr #streetjungle

    jaestarr #streetjungleDay ago

    It's krazy how as soon as Von is out the picture Sosa starts dropping shit again, on work mode... 🤔🔥💯

  109. Ken Finch

    Ken FinchDay ago

    Tf are u talking about lmao

  110. NSG YoungStunna

    NSG YoungStunnaDay ago 🌬

  111. jahtwox

    jahtwoxDay ago

    Alrighty GLO

  112. NSG YoungStunna

    NSG YoungStunnaDay ago 🌬🌬

  113. Ed Word

    Ed WordDay ago

    Chief keef da man u know what im sayin and stuff dawg and people, like this music is savidge my boy kid bro man dude

  114. doire aintu

    doire aintuDay ago

    great vid babe

  115. Hendrix

    HendrixDay ago

    "I might be high but i aint lackin"

  116. doire aintu

    doire aintuDay ago

    2 down, 2 more to go😎. Harley Quinn & Love Dont Live Here🚦🚦.

  117. Ed Word

    Ed WordDay ago

    bliq bliq bliq bliq

  118. Ed Word

    Ed WordDay ago


  119. Ed Word

    Ed WordDay ago

    savidge jizz

  120. Issac_cogna

    Issac_cognaDay ago

    This shit ass bruh cmon chief keef

  121. Ken Finch

    Ken FinchDay ago

    Stop hating isaac

  122. Whateverhoo glo

    Whateverhoo gloDay ago

    What it look like , dracula , neon Them new songs

  123. Cookie Bby

    Cookie BbyDay ago

    This 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  124. 2purple

    2purpleDay ago

    is Sosa back ?