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Tom MacDonald - "Cancer"
Tom MacDonald - "Gravestones"
Tom MacDonald - "Im Corny" (TOM MACDONALD DISS)


  1. Tom MacDonald

    Tom MacDonaldMonth ago

    Love ya bro. Sorry about Mamma. I’m only 3/4 of the way through the first reaction had me tearing up! Stay strong man.

  2. Ryan Bodnarik

    Ryan Bodnarik21 day ago

    Tom we must protect you at all costs!!!! YOU WONT BE EPSTEINED!!!!

  3. Janette M

    Janette MMonth ago

    Tom, you rock ❤️

  4. Leigh Stevens

    Leigh StevensMonth ago

    I'm 40. My mother died from this shit when I was 24. My uncle passed away 6 months later, from the same. 3 months after, my grandfather - dad to mother and uncle - died from a broken heart. I remember taking him to the graves of my mother and uncle, and he brushed his hand over their headstones, saying, "I'll see you soon." It breaks me to this day.

  5. Zac Wilson

    Zac WilsonMonth ago

    Man you're one of the few real ones left...keep doing your thing man.

  6. Matt Rogers

    Matt RogersMonth ago

    Love you man. Been telling people it’s about your grandma. Lost mine recently. God bless.

  7. Tferg

    TfergDay ago

    Sorry about your mom bro; I was 43 when my dad died of cancer (5 years ago). At least for me, you’re perspective on life changes when you watch a parent die. This song hit me hard too; No shame in crying, pain is pain ❤️

  8. Amanda Redeagle

    Amanda Redeagle6 days ago

    Anyone going through cancer, plz pay attention to ur blood work, learn what it means, and do ur best to keep ur body at base pH level. The more acidic ur blood the more acidic ur tissues, cancer cells mutate best in acidic levels.

  9. Amanda Redeagle

    Amanda Redeagle6 days ago

    I have worked in healthcare all my life. Hospitals, dr. Offices, nursing homes, and dialysis. Many dialysis patients develop cancers. One of the hardest things I have ever had to face was taking care of someone to add yrs to their life, but their health is so fragile. So u have to go the extra mile, especially when they have no family, or good health insurance. Food is is expensive, healthcare is for the rich. Find the loopholes to survive, and starve the united corporations of America. Sir, I can't hug u, or tell u how much I can empathize with ur pain. Hell, I cried for u. Bawling like a baby. One thoughtful thing I can say with certainty, is u were there for ur mom, and her soul knows that love and peace. Our souls are charged with energy that transfers, never dies. Her soul will always be with u. That's real.

  10. Vivek Prakash

    Vivek Prakash12 days ago

    I'm sure your mama is looking down super proud. Big love

  11. Stephen Lyons

    Stephen Lyons13 days ago

    You and Tom need to team up and tour the world, Tom can rap his songs and you can do a motivational speech/explanation after each song. i'd pay top money to see that


    BABY GIRL13 days ago


  13. Wendy Haugen

    Wendy Haugen13 days ago

    I'm not a crier, but when I heard this song I sobbed shamelessly when my only sister died with cancer two months ago one day before her birthday. I loved her so much! I may have fought 'battles' but she fought wars. First was polio in the 50's, then the last 15 years, post polio which the last two years of pain meds which GAVE HER the cancer. Please beware of ibuprofen and acetaminophen.

  14. Tonya Parcell

    Tonya Parcell14 days ago

    Seeing this reaction i had to keep waving my face trying cry listening to you talk about your momma!!!

  15. Isaac Connors

    Isaac Connors15 days ago

    Bro so sorry for your loss . Mystep mom passed same your moms 4 half year battle much love fam

  16. Brian Bright

    Brian Bright16 days ago

    💐 I got ya brother

  17. Clara Langlois

    Clara Langlois16 days ago

    It will be 2 years on Valentine;s Day that I lost my Dad to Leukemia. I'm so sorry about your Mom. Thank you for doing what you do.

  18. Bryant Ross

    Bryant Ross17 days ago

    If I was there I would give you a hug bro. I’ve been there too

  19. Bryant Ross

    Bryant Ross17 days ago

    This song deserves a grammy

  20. Dustin Hamm

    Dustin Hamm17 days ago

    So sorry about your mother. I had a sister pass at 4 months old brain tumor. I never got to meet her cause she was the 1st born but it still gets to me and I have a tattoo on my arm for her cause I know she's saved my life numerous times.

  21. zigzag89 zigzag89

    zigzag89 zigzag8918 days ago

    Tomms Corny really reminds me of Eminem. Eminem taught me it's better to be original than a copycat and be yourself and fuck em all

  22. zigzag89 zigzag89

    zigzag89 zigzag8918 days ago

    Tom McDonald is on Eminems level with lyrics

  23. texas325whitley

    texas325whitley19 days ago

    Been watching u for a long time never been a commenter but just thought u would wanna know. I know how u feel I start radiation on the 16th at md anderson in houston the same hospital my mom went to for her cancer before she passed at 50. I just turned 32 im ahead of the curve but im gonna survive

  24. Bleir Millions

    Bleir Millions19 days ago

    Much love brother.....I feel your pain and strength dude

  25. David Wallace

    David Wallace19 days ago

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  26. Heze Wright

    Heze Wright20 days ago

    Couldn't find a pink emoji on my phone for cancer awareness month but anyways 💪🤜💛

  27. Heze Wright

    Heze Wright20 days ago

    Hey dude remember me,,,, who cares anyways I know I'm late but good care to you and your ma,, remember now,, my ma past away to cancer one month before my 7th birthday.... Too little too late I know,,,,but💪🤜..

  28. Jennifer Pingle

    Jennifer Pingle20 days ago

    You’re one of my fav reactors! I am so so sorry about your mom, breaks my heart! 💔❤️

  29. Angela Pinheiro

    Angela Pinheiro20 days ago

    I lost my mom to cancer in 2005 the pain never goes away prayers for you

  30. Garry Sutherland

    Garry Sutherland21 day ago

    RIP momma. As a fellow mommas boy I’m dreading the day I loose my mom.

  31. Andrew Zabka

    Andrew Zabka21 day ago

    I know exactly how you feel man. I lost my mom about 5 years ago and she was such a clutterbug, so the most painful thing i had to face in my life was gathering up clothes, books and her belongings with my dad and my sisters. Every thing, every item we went through was just like taking that knife and turning it more and more. She was a physical Therapist and Occupational therapist. She helped the elderly get their mobility back and guided the young back to where they had been before every thing fell apart. And she loved every co-worker, every resident and client like they were part of our family. I also spent 3 years with a boxer pit-bull mix with canine lymphoma. The clinics all said hes got a few months left and he fought his way through for 2 years. It's been 5 years since I lost my soul and my heart. She's still there reminding me how to live and love and she's still guiding me. Sorry if I just brought everyone down, It wasn't my intention. I love this channel.

  32. cocopuffs does it

    cocopuffs does it22 days ago

    I know how your feeling because in 8th grade my mom lost her hair she was such a strong woman and she still is but now she feels so bad and cries so much that was the first time I had a real panic attack

  33. Lexx Wayne

    Lexx Wayne22 days ago

    Sorry bro.

  34. Anthony Mosesso

    Anthony Mosesso23 days ago

    Bro I cried just reacting to your reaction. I remember my grandmother showing me her hair she passed from cancer she took her wig off so I wouldn't be scared it still hurts to this day. I'm so sorry for your loss but keep up for real. I'm going through alot right now but I'm nobody. It's ok though. Lol I love you bro even though I don't know you you have impacted my life maybe I'm crazy but I love to be positive even if I feel negative. Bottom line thank you

  35. shazzza banazz

    shazzza banazz25 days ago

    That's why I'm so lucky to have are NHS here in Britain free treatment and the best care

  36. Jason Price

    Jason Price27 days ago

    Couldn't imagine. Love you brother we are here for you. When you need strength we here to to stand where you fall brother.

  37. Janette M

    Janette MMonth ago

    I’m so sorry. She’s with you always ❤️

  38. Yoel Cordero

    Yoel CorderoMonth ago

    It's sad that we let them put us all to fight each other while they have the Cures all thay do is lie to us the media makes it look like black hates white and white hates black when in fact thay just want to keep us stupid the Cures are out there the end to hunger is out there I hope some day we truly wake up

  39. Brenda Spear

    Brenda SpearMonth ago

    I had cancer twice. Once in 2007 I did chemo and my tumors grew.they did surgery and took it out. 5 yrs later I was told I had leukemia. I refused chemo. I moved to the mountains and made arrested for my son. I left letters for everyone I love for all birthdays and holidays. However I started researching alternatives and I started doing an alternative and I'm cancer free. I have no cancer cells in my body at all. Even with chemo they are there but dormant. I have none. I found an actual cure. I started taking dandelion root 3 times a day. You can get it online or out of your yard. Within a few months I had no cancer at all. I have told so many people about this and there are another 10 people who used dandelion root and are cancer free. Also ginger root has cancer killing properties as well. I have not tried it but in my research its came up. So add dandelion root everyday and Within a week you will feel the difference and Within a few your cancer should be gone or you will be in a different lower stage.

  40. Charles ODonnell

    Charles ODonnellMonth ago

    Sending nothing but love ❤

  41. Sporkelton

    SporkeltonMonth ago

    I wish I had religion. I'm a alcoholic and a type 1 diabetic. I would have killed myself if it wasn't for my Mom and my Uncle with brain cancer depending on me helping with bills. Tom McDonald gives me hope. I hope its enough.... I really do.

  42. Elizabeth G

    Elizabeth GMonth ago

    Lost my Mama to Colon Cancer recently she fought the fight for 4 years...I’m so sorry for your loss ❤️

  43. Finbar Erskine

    Finbar ErskineMonth ago

    All your family I mean bro

  44. Finbar Erskine

    Finbar ErskineMonth ago

    Keep strong bro my pops struggling too prayers for all your fat🙏

  45. Zac Wilson

    Zac WilsonMonth ago

    First time here on your channel and I subscribed bc that pain you went through i went through a few years back and that song got to me still. People who haven't lived it don't get it.

  46. So Done

    So DoneMonth ago

    I lost my niece to cancer...she was 9 years old when she died. She was diagnosed with brain tumor at 7 years old and was in out hospital (mostly in) for two years then died. she suffered HORRIBLY! I'll never forget that either NEVER. Then in 2014 I lost my brother to cancer in Feb, my mom to cancer in May, and then my sister in Oct...all in same year. What they're doing to us is unforgivable and they are KILLING us all and especially our babies. I'm just ANGRY at this point. ANGRY!

  47. Zachery Thorn

    Zachery ThornMonth ago

    Man I can't imagine how much pain your going trough bro . Sorry to hear that about your momma . Much love

  48. that guy Paul

    that guy PaulMonth ago

    Man love your reaction videos. So sorry for your loss man. I pray God can help ease your pain. God bless man.

  49. Rash Stat

    Rash StatMonth ago

    I lost my sister a few years back from cancer. 😔

  50. Nomo 4u

    Nomo 4uMonth ago

    Dawg this hits deep my grandma passed away on Memorial Day from her battle with cancer. She fought a strong 8 years R.I.P lola Rose may your soul rest in paradise.

  51. Renee Taylor

    Renee TaylorMonth ago

    My grandmother was super healthy, literally borderline high blood pressure and borderline diabetic until her 90s. At 94 she developed breast cancer. She had a masectomy and kicked ass. At 97 she started feeling really just worn down and done with life. After being cancer free for 4 years, she went to the hospital and they diagnosed her with an aggressive for of lukemia. she passed away 6 days later. She was the strongest person I know

  52. Paul Day

    Paul DayMonth ago

    I'm losing my mom and grandma the dying from cancer as I grandma cancer came back.. know she give up she not fight it idk what to do.. from mom she just got cancer about year ago ...

  53. Matthew Crocker

    Matthew CrockerMonth ago

    Hey man, hate that your Mom passed. I’ll definitely pray for you for sure man!! Love the reaction!!

  54. Breezy Whitehead

    Breezy WhiteheadMonth ago

    You should react to "popular monster" by falling in reverse. They are amazing!!

  55. Hitchhiking with cats

    Hitchhiking with catsMonth ago


  56. Rodger Daniel

    Rodger DanielMonth ago

    Lost my mom to lung cancer

  57. Leticia Gonzalez-Miller

    Leticia Gonzalez-MillerMonth ago

    😢😢😢 I lost my beautiful husband John 2 yrs ago...n 4 other people it’s 2 yrs, but 4 me it feels like it happened yesterday n it will always be yesterday 4 me...I miss him so much. 💔💔💔

  58. Dani Vicious

    Dani ViciousMonth ago

    I actually just found out on Father’s Day this year that I have a tumor on my kidney and adrenal gland. The worst part of it is that it’s messing with my blood sugar too. I’m taking about 7 pills some twice a day right now and the side effects of the drugs are worst than the actual illness. I’m so sorry for your loss. My grandfather died of kidney cancer in 2001.

  59. Paul Dedenbach

    Paul DedenbachMonth ago

    who is disliking these reaction videos yall messed up. I lost my cousin to brain cancer at the age of 8

  60. LilVenomess_Reign Dravenco

    LilVenomess_Reign DravencoMonth ago

    When I first heard the song "Cancer" when Tom dropped it I immediately thought of you and your mom. It reminded me of the live stream you and Queen did right after you lost your mom when you were explaining how strong she was and how long she fought.

  61. OneDeepABN -

    OneDeepABN -Month ago

    Bee tee dubs, I'm now a sub. Loved the reactions.

  62. OneDeepABN -

    OneDeepABN -Month ago

    Is it bad I had to pop the bottle of mead to watch this reaction? I lost my granny 4 weeks ago to stage 4 pancreatic cancer. Much love and many blessings, brotha. Its gonna be rough, but the strength of the lost lives on through us. 🖤💜

  63. Fred Ward

    Fred WardMonth ago

    My dad passed of cancer at 42 mom passed last year from it, so this hits home with me..bless everyone out there.

  64. Danielle Baker

    Danielle BakerMonth ago

    L. I am so so sorry. I shed a year for you r mom and you and the family. It is hard to watch a lover one to through the terrible condition. I have lost so many family members to cancer. My mum when I was 11. I can't imagine 20 years of that emotion. I send prayers and love to you and your entire family from the UK x

  65. Michael Leonard

    Michael LeonardMonth ago

    I say the same thing with cancer they can come up with a cure who discovered that supposedly is new but they cannot come up with a cure for cancer give me a break I've had family pass because of cancer and it sucks

  66. George Allen

    George AllenMonth ago

    My dad has pancreatic cancer, and its not curable. they said after all the 3 types of chemo stop working he will die.

  67. oPatty Wardell

    oPatty WardellMonth ago

    Prayers & Blessings 🙏❤

  68. Kimmy Dunlap

    Kimmy DunlapMonth ago

    I have multiple myeloma I know exactly what she was going through. I had radiation, chemo and 2 bone marrow transplants. I'm always in pain and I have neuropathy really bad so I have trouble walking, I was put on steroids for 5 years because my immune system never recovered so I gained a lot of weight and now I can't exercise. I'm so sorry you lost your mother to this horrible disease.

  69. Ronan8791

    Ronan8791Month ago

    Hi L! I know what you are going through, bro. I had lost my dad to cancer on November 17th, 2019. He was 84. His birthday is Oct 12th. It was really hard but with family and friend support I had made it. Sending you and your fam positive, healing energy!

  70. Shane Teufel

    Shane TeufelMonth ago

    Sorry about your mom bro. I lost my dad to cancer 7 years birthday's and holidays are the hardest. Still think him everyday

  71. Shannon Pinky

    Shannon PinkyMonth ago

    Im a 27 year survivor of a cancer that was supposed to kill me. The treatment was horrible, the recovery very hard. Im glad to still b here. Cancer really sucks. Shout out to ALL cancer survivors, the loved & lost and to the warriors who are fighting it today. Much love💟💟💟💟

  72. Megan Rique

    Megan RiqueMonth ago

    My heart! 💔 Big hugs

  73. Brett Klawonn

    Brett KlawonnMonth ago

    Bless you man.

  74. Davita Baughman

    Davita BaughmanMonth ago

    Love and prayers, my condolences!

  75. Bonnie Livin' Idaho

    Bonnie Livin' IdahoMonth ago

    My cousin Poppy, when she was 3ish years old, had leukaemia repeatedly 5-9 times until she was about 20ish years old. I saw her when she was 23 years old and her poor body was run ragged but, she was very happy. She told me she wanted to be a nurse but can't because chemo killed her memory retention part of the brain and has a hard time remembering facts. she is still alive, it's been 25ish years.

  76. LostInAsheville

    LostInAshevilleMonth ago

    I'm not a rap fan, but I came back to this, after initially skipping over it, 'cause I saw the video about the funny arrest, and wanted to see this, then. I know this is still raw for you, L; and I'm SO, SO sorry about your Mom. I lost a daughter to cancer 20 years ago; she was just before her 21st birthday. I KNOW your pain. And you WILL get through it. It just takes time. Please know that your loved by your fam, here. You bring SO much joy into the lives of all of us. We love you. Stay strong, man.

  77. Randall Smith

    Randall SmithMonth ago

    My grandfather is battling cancer now this is bring me to tears

  78. Jonny Hallmark

    Jonny HallmarkMonth ago

    You and your family will be in my prayers, lost a good friend to breast cancer about a year ago, love ya man!

  79. Chris Stewart

    Chris StewartMonth ago

    Whoever disliked this video hang your heads in shame!!!!

  80. drivingiscommerce FuckGoogle

    drivingiscommerce FuckGoogleMonth ago

    Check into Royal Rife. CANCER WAS CURED IN 1930 AT USC. Royal Rife: THE CANCER CURE THAT WORKED

  81. Nick Demonwolf

    Nick DemonwolfMonth ago

    Im so sorry for your loss I know its hard I lost 2 family members from cancer one of them was my uncle he was like a second dad it still hurts to this day he died in 2009 but it feels like it was yesterday 💔. I send lots of love to you and your family ❤


    SILVER DYEMonth ago


  83. Patriot Nick

    Patriot NickMonth ago

    Tom’s approach to subjects like cancer shows his calibration he puts the appropriate amount of weight on subjects that are hard to talk about

  84. Kid Devil

    Kid DevilMonth ago

    i understand it sucks, my father died of kemo therapy (he beat cancer but....) a week after my birthday, so every time my birth day comes by i have to be reminded of it. Dont turn into me, and let it destroy your life. Just think of what your mom would want. And live life to the fullest.

  85. Chris McClure

    Chris McClureMonth ago

    I’m sorry for your loss, man. There’s nothing equaling that loss. Heart goes out to you. Much Love and mad respect ✊

  86. Rachel Davis

    Rachel DavisMonth ago

    My mom fought and lived with terminal cancer for 9 yrs. She passed when I was 23 and my sis was 16. She passed 3 days before her 49th birthday this month. Still hurts. I homeschooled so I could care for sibling and mom and drive her 2 hrs to treatment daily. We went to Mexico for 2 months for experimental treatment . We drove 3 hrs to Chicago weekly and stayed in motels and the car while I studied in the waiting rooms as mom got her treatments. She was the strongest person I know.

  87. Jennifer Brinegar

    Jennifer BrinegarMonth ago

    Here's the worse news that people don't know this but u can find it if u research it we found the cure for cancer in 1938 think about that 1938 but they put a dark bill in place saying they were never allowed to use the cure because of 2 things first population control and second they make more money on the treatment meds that some will make it and some won't but the saddest thing is everybody could make it and here is the worse thing a doctor found the cure for AIDS and he came to America to try and get FDA approval and this woman had a daughter who had full blown AIDS from a transfusion back in the day before we knew that alot of donors were positive well she travelled a thousand miles with her sick daughter and he had the cure with him but he couldn't give it to her cause it wasn't approved yet and he left the drugs on the desk showing her what kind of injections he would have to give her over a weeks span then he asked her if she would like a cup of coffee and the mom grabbed it and took off with her daughter and she started immediately giving her the meds with in a week her daughter was looking good and energy was back well she had a doctor's appt and they took her blood well the next day they asked her to come in and the AIDS was gone completely and this was the NIH because they were supposedly studying to find a cure well they grilled the hell out of her wanting to know how did her daughter get better and they bullied her and she told them this is what she would do and that saved her daughter's life now I want u to think our little rat faced Dr.Fauci was the last person to see the doctor from Nigeria and that night he was murdered and all the stuff he brought with him that showed the enzymes and breakdown for the cure so FAUCI is a murderer and his sister in law is the big head of the WHO so he gave Wuhan over 3 million dollars but he was over there working with them cause if u can create the virus think about the money u make on the cure so the cure is already out there but the problem is virus can change and evolve so he was playing with our lives to make $ so this is the guy that murdered a man and he has the AIDS cure and one third of this virus which is man made has the HIV component that's why u know it's man made cause they try to say bat dung dropped on a food market but what's scary is people r buying what this POS is saying why do u think Trump told the WHO to go he knows what's happening sorry about your mom but I wish everyone would scream to quit profiting on cancer or AIDS and screw big pharma also these mother's that have full blown AIDS and the baby's have it but they give them the cure and for 25 years now baby's that have been born with AIDS and we're treated they were cured and they still have no sign of the virus but I wish we could scream to make them give the cures but I loved Tom from the first time I saw him cause he is taking his money to the bank and not the record or streaming companies so I think he rocks sorry for the book but this had to be said🤟❣️

  88. Joe G

    Joe GMonth ago

    jump up and down and scream

  89. Macheesta1

    Macheesta1Month ago

    I've been looking at this since the 90's... my grandmother passed from pancreatic cancer. WATCH & LEARN what Tom was singing about. A WORLD WITHOUT CANCER

  90. Jeremy Smith

    Jeremy SmithMonth ago

    I'm sorry for your loss brother. Love and prayers to you and your family. Stay strong man.

  91. Jeremy Smith

    Jeremy SmithMonth ago

    Lost my mom to a brain tumor in 2013. Song made this grown ass man cry

  92. Sly14kt

    Sly14ktMonth ago

    My husband had Plasmacytoma/Multipule MYLANOMA!!! Its painful. Dude I know EXACTLY 💯!!What you're saying and feeling. No cure for it. It, ain't my husband 11th right side ribs. And.....elsewhere and no SYMTOMS!! Numerous types of CANCER'S!! 15 yrs battling.

  93. Chris Hansford

    Chris HansfordMonth ago

    Sorry for your lose bro. I know how it feels I lost my aunt in 2011 to cancer and it still hurts after all these years.



    Tom MacDonald for Pres 2020!

  95. Angie Luecke

    Angie LueckeMonth ago

    My grandfather just passed in July of lung cancer and my Aunt just passed a week ago from lung cancer it was hard seeing them go through everything they both ended up at home on hospice in the end to enjoy being home and surrounded by family bless anyone who has to go through any sickness

  96. Peter-John Szy

    Peter-John SzyMonth ago

    I remember that, it's such a sad Milestone that you had to go through. My mom died at 58 years old from cancer. That was four years ago but it still feels like yesterday. It gets a little easier bro, it really does. Between the song and your commentary you're getting me choked up again

  97. Chad Claude

    Chad ClaudeMonth ago

    Sorry for your loss bro, my heart is with you!

  98. Shea Turner

    Shea TurnerMonth ago

    I lost my dad to pancreatic cancer in 2016 and its still hard to this day to know I can't call him.

  99. Lynda's House of Chill

    Lynda's House of ChillMonth ago

    The firsts with out them is so hard. Hugs fam

  100. oN3RDYo

    oN3RDYoMonth ago

  101. Mr.P- brawl stars

    Mr.P- brawl starsMonth ago

    This is not the same Tom that dissed... I got know Tom after the diss but stayed as a big fan after his true and honest work A masterpiece after masterpiece I love ya tom

  102. amjgholson

    amjgholsonMonth ago

    Vaccines have poisons in it too

  103. amjgholson

    amjgholsonMonth ago

    I lost all my grandparents to cancer. This song had me crying. Tom speaks truth in his music.

  104. Daniel Blazier

    Daniel BlazierMonth ago

    With the important dates and holidays coming up the best thing you can do is be happy your mom isn't in pain anymore and know that she is closer to you now than she ever has been, if you need to just find a place you can sit and talk to her

  105. Monica Linck

    Monica LinckMonth ago

    Also check out a song called million questions