Giant GAME NIGHT with Rebecca Zamolo to Win $10,000 (Police Called)

Rebecca and her best friends host Game night but everything goes wrong...
Rebecca Zamolo uploaded we turned our house into candyland for 24 hours. That was after Matt and Rebecca created there is an evil pig in our house - surprising piggy IRL to host game night. Finally the Game Master Network made hello neighbor in real life to win game night. Now it is finally game night and whoever wins the mysterious masquerade party wins $10,000. All of the players arrive at the house at night and we realize one of them is our best friend. Paige is sus when she tries to trick us with her disguise. Miss L looks like an undercover hacker from the masquerade ball and clue in real life. Rebecca and her best friends begin the game night challenges with a real food vs mini brands challenge. The mystery man is eliminated when the police are called. Next the squad moves to a truth or drink challenge in the kitchen. A lie detector test will reveal if you are telling the truth or are a liar. After we discover that one person is out we hear a noise and try sneaking into movie theater escape room. Once we escape Matts best friend is missing. Everyone vents and arrives in the studio upstairs in our new house. The floor is lave is the final challenge and the mystery person with no name loses and an rhs is in our house. Who put on this giant game night in our new house? Do you think there will be a battle Royale or is everyone safe? There has to be a clue to solve this mystery. Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2021!
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  1. Rebecca Zamolo

    Rebecca Zamolo16 days ago

    Every minute you watch in a row without skipping is the number of years you'll have good luck! SUBSCRIBE

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    Michelle Ongo9 days ago

    The masquerade ball

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    Rebbeca you are the best youtuber

  7. Laura Thomas

    Laura Thomas14 minutes ago

    How is it maddie allwes boyfriend began with a r

  8. Mary Cossins

    Mary CossinsHour ago

    You have to knock 3 times on the tunnel

  9. Olivia Ball

    Olivia BallHour ago

    The mystery person is kingpin

  10. Hussam Alarkan

    Hussam Alarkan3 hours ago

    I seen her

  11. Hussam Alarkan

    Hussam Alarkan3 hours ago

    I know ol of them i love you zamfam

  12. karen prieto

    karen prieto6 hours ago

    Paige: Isn't that the guy from the Vampire Mansion? Maddie: How would you know that not Paige? Paige: *looks away and rolls eyes*

  13. Harpa Védís Hjartardottir

    Harpa Védís Hjartardottir9 hours ago

    Q win of djems

  14. Yuane Miyelle Lopez

    Yuane Miyelle Lopez10 hours ago

    mascarade ball

  15. Samer Mouawiya

    Samer Mouawiya10 hours ago

    I feel bad for ms. X he dies :( ik he is an enemy but I feel bad

  16. Darcie Tate

    Darcie Tate14 hours ago


  17. Melissa Gaspard

    Melissa Gaspard15 hours ago

    When rick noah and Daniel was talking the mystery dude or girl was listening to there conversation and the mystery girl or boy is kingpin/btw dis is my grandma granddaughter

  18. Angelica Flores

    Angelica Flores16 hours ago

    Masquerade ball

  19. Makenzie Ward

    Makenzie Ward16 hours ago

    That is the largest Lego leaders who are not of color these panels

  20. Meckenzie Poole

    Meckenzie Poole17 hours ago

    The black cloak is KINGPEN!!!!!!!!

  21. Jennifer Hernandez

    Jennifer Hernandez17 hours ago

    I know I Daniel wearing the mask he got hit with the cane

  22. Haidee Ocarroll

    Haidee Ocarroll17 hours ago

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    Debbie McMicheal19 hours ago

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    Faith Planner19 hours ago

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  26. KA Roblox

    KA Roblox21 hour ago

    Rebecca Mrs p is ms peacock from clue

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    Melissa Assk21 hour ago

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    Jay Tenorio22 hours ago

    Masquerade ball

  30. DNG.Glow.N.Beauty by Marlin

    DNG.Glow.N.Beauty by Marlin22 hours ago

    LOL rick noah screamed like a girl this is a little girl talking

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    Mathura Annalingam23 hours ago

    She's Mrs green

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    Koi CDay ago

    Where is Robbie Rob

  35. The GymnasTia

    The GymnasTiaDay ago

    I think that red head is from the maskera ball I saw her I compared them close

  36. Rylee Holben

    Rylee HolbenDay ago

    A11 B11

  37. Steve Lieberman

    Steve LiebermanDay ago

    The host of game night is agent d he played knights of googoo

  38. Hind

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  39. Hind

    HindDay ago

    No it’s King Kutz is the leaderp

  40. Hind

    HindDay ago

    It’s king pen

  41. Floppy Ears

    Floppy EarsDay ago

    I do recognize her

  42. Robert Mead

    Robert MeadDay ago

    Mr E is the same Person that. Was in all of the callenges

  43. Talin Plays Roblox

    Talin Plays RobloxDay ago

    Paige:Mimic Maddie Maddie:Whoever says Zamfam Do a Tik Toc Daniel:Danielle Says Hacker Barks like a dog Guy in black:Silence Mr L: Sit Backwords Matt:Give everybody a complement Girl:Drink water every minute



    Loves you rebecca

  45. Jessi Chew

    Jessi ChewDay ago

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    Ezzel PusagDay ago

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    Chantel GreenDay ago

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    Ronald LegaspiDay ago

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  50. Samantha Osorto

    Samantha OsortoDay ago

    I think king pin is the mystery person

  51. Samantha Osorto

    Samantha OsortoDay ago

    I wanna know who mystery person is so bad

  52. Rayshawn Tucker

    Rayshawn TuckerDay ago

    Remember midnight storm he was the leader of game night and gold and silver by the way I really like your video

  53. Michael Balanon

    Michael BalanonDay ago

    Hi I I’m on my dad I paid

  54. The Real Ki Bands

    The Real Ki BandsDay ago

    I don't know why Daniel said hair reveal when rebbeca tried to take off his beanie because they seen his hair before

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    Veronica world21 hour ago

    Idk either it sounds sus

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    Jerry RDay ago

    Cool vlog on channel USlikes

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    Amy WhitingDay ago

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    Kaylee ParrishDay ago

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    Kieu PhongDay ago

    Mystery person she is king pen the black person

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    sherpa phurwaDay ago

    The mystery person is King-Pin

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    Marie Meek2 days ago

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    Sachin Arora76ý2 days ago

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    Susan Pena2 days ago

    I think kingpin and pz leader are working together XD

  68. Susan Pena

    Susan Pena2 days ago

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  69. Susan Pena

    Susan Pena2 days ago

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    Theresa’s World2 days ago

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    Rick Noah Is The Evil Game Master

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    MoonLight2 days ago

    awww mr x is a hero Daniel would of died but instead he did I feel so bad

  75. fang ping

    fang ping2 days ago

    What becca said: we haven’t seen zoey in soo long! Remember the list thingy? It said that zoey was taken but she wasn’t

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    Ali Parker2 days ago

    Btw the girl that you reconize is one of the agents from the GMI too she was like agent k or something

  93. Ali Parker

    Ali Parker2 days ago

    I need to say one thing if you have been watching this channel for a long time then you know what I a talking about so that mr e dude looks like the guy who is agent d from the GMI

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    Henry, I'm watching you3 days ago

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