But Did He Do It? The Mysterious Story Of Laci & Scott Peterson | Mystery & Makeup - Bailey Sarian

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Hi friends happy Monday!
I hope you are having a good day so far, today I wanted to talk about the mysterious Scott and Laci Peterson story. I’m not feeling too hot so I am going to keep this short lol. Plus does anyone read this? Say meow if you do. Thank you. Love you. Be safe.
x o
Bailey Sarian
PS thank you for the 4 million subscribers 😭 unbelievable! I appreciate you more than you know and thank you for being here ❤️
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  1. Ashley Gonzalez

    Ashley Gonzalez37 minutes ago

    I hated being pregnant. The hair, nails and skin thing is a true, but I hated being pregnant.

  2. Ashley Gonzalez

    Ashley Gonzalez38 minutes ago

    Do you have a podcast?

  3. Iris Helen

    Iris Helen57 minutes ago

    it’s very sad especially after reading the autopsy report of both laci and baby conner. it makes you wonder what exactly happened, and how did laci meet her fate. how did she lose her limbs? the force of the waves, or did someone want to hide her identity? did they ever recover her missing body parts? so many questions left unanswered. the searched the water 15 times and found nothing, then all of a sudden find them? it really makes you wonder

  4. Isabel cruz

    Isabel cruzHour ago

    That’s me lol I’m the other half. My pregnancy’s were horrible. 4 healthy babies but maaan carrying them felt like my 9months were eternally lol

  5. Katherine

    KatherineHour ago

    Scott didn't do it like OJ didn't do it .... lololololol

  6. JM

    JMHour ago

    Hi Bailey! I just found you. You're hilarious! I love true crime too AND MAKEUP! What a combination! Yes I am hooked. Add another to your 4 million. I am hooked. Take care. Shang shang. :)

  7. Alyssa Dana

    Alyssa DanaHour ago

    Can you do drew Peterson next ?

  8. Alyssa Dana

    Alyssa DanaHour ago

    That is sooo weird her due date was amber fryes bday too

  9. Kathleen O'Clair

    Kathleen O'ClairHour ago

    I've watched you a little bit on facebook, but I'm glad to find the full videos on youtube! I watch another lady who does crafting and true crime. Love these kinds of videos, I like to listen while I craft or do random stuff 😊❤

  10. SC Bland

    SC Bland2 hours ago

    sure he was a cheating, lying pos... but the prosecutors didn't have one single physical shred of evidence. i need a blood stain, some finger prints, some cause of death, some time of death. *something*.

  11. Adelaide's Energy Healing Sessions

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  12. Leigha Howard

    Leigha Howard2 hours ago

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this makeup!!!!!!! BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Long time watcher and fan. So awesome to see within a year you've gained over 5 million more subscribers! You deserve it!!! You are the OG of makeup and true crime!!! YOU came up with it. Tired of seeing all the copycats who can't even compare!! It's like, come up with something original like Bailey did!!! Thank you for all you do !!! And thank you for the time and money it takes to make your videos. :-)

  13. Spooky's World

    Spooky's World2 hours ago

    Meow 🐈‍⬛🐈‍⬛ Of course I read it.

  14. Kee Collier

    Kee Collier3 hours ago

    about the pregnancy thing: im pregnant currently and in my second trimester and i think i might be the rare grey type of pregnancy. like its not super great but not super bad? just kinda meh 😂

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    Cary Fish4 hours ago

    Maybe party after the pandemic. Preferably with edibles and the devils lettuce lol no hangovers or violence

  17. Catie 511

    Catie 5115 hours ago

    What nail polishes are you wearing

  18. waltdisney566

    waltdisney5665 hours ago

    Remember the doctor told Laci to stop walking? And then Scott said she said she was going to walk the dog. It's possible he just made that up and investigators just asked neighbors if they saw her walking the dog that day and they just agreed. That kind of happens a lot. After they're presented with the idea, they are more likely to believe it.

  19. Denika Brenner

    Denika Brenner6 hours ago

    One other important thing in the case that is often forgotten is that one of the neighbors saw the house across the street from Laci and Scott was robbed by 3 men on Christmas eve. The police argued that it happened on dec26th but media was outside of the peterson home constantly so there's no way 3 men robbed a house in front of a bunch of news crews. The neighbor stands by her statement that it happened the morning Laci disappeared. I still don't believe Scott's innocent but why... I'm just not sure.

  20. Gabriela Wouters

    Gabriela Wouters6 hours ago

    ughhhhhh I love these videos of your so much, and also: this dark hair looks just perfect on you

  21. Kani Mitchell

    Kani Mitchell6 hours ago

    June 1st is my birthday 🥳

  22. Charli Hubszer

    Charli Hubszer6 hours ago

    I think he arranged for someone to do it take the body somewhere he could pick it up and dumped it in the sea, why else does he check the bay tides days before he just randomly decides to go fishing!! Dude stinks for it and it 100% in the right place i say!

  23. Sanjida Alam

    Sanjida Alam7 hours ago

    Was gone girl inspired from this

  24. Amy Supernaw

    Amy Supernaw7 hours ago

    I absolutely LOVE all your videos and your makeup. I want to learn how to do my makeup like you girl. Your amazing

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    Anthony hau7 hours ago

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    J B7 hours ago

    That dude did it

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    Maria Lordots7 hours ago

    you NEEEED to do richard speck!!!!!

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    Jessica Leverett9 hours ago

    Love your channel. Ty so much for the entertainment ❤️

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    beeznfrogs :p9 hours ago

    My nana recommended you and I love your videos and we actually watched this one together she said she loves your make-up and i love the way you tell stories!!

  30. Pheonix Heart

    Pheonix Heart10 hours ago

    Meow Just wanted show that I do read it.

  31. Shel D

    Shel D11 hours ago

    Everybody knowing who he was isn't that much of a reason for a Re trial in my book. I mean look at Casey Anthony everyone KNEW, knew she was guilty and she walked. So.......

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    Marissa Deleuze11 hours ago

    Hey bailey. Can you do the story of the mcdonalds massacre

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    You’re at 4.3M already and it’s only 2 weeks later 🥺

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    The story was somewhat close to GoneGirl

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    angelina perkins17 hours ago

    The same amber that Nicole was looking up in the Chris watts case. 😳

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    alygonz1318 hours ago

    So some of these things have been proven wrong, js. I didn't know until I saw the Hulu series on it. Casts so much doubt. Also trying out this 🔥🔥🔥 look rn!

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    Violet Sallison18 hours ago

    Meow, I read it hahahahahahah

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    Violet Sallison18 hours ago

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    What about Drew Peterson

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    "Oh dear, what am I doing?"

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    Dorothy Inojales19 hours ago

    It's amazing how the look kinda changed when she changed the lip color

  45. Erika Norris

    Erika Norris20 hours ago

    I would agree with the lack of evidence if it wasn't for Scott telling Amber that his wife was dead BEFORE he killed her. Not to mention his overall weird behavior. Her limbs were missing because he tied anchors to them. Unfortunately, her torso probably popped up when enough decay happened in her joints to deteriorate them completely. Those anchors are likely still attached to limbs at the bottom of the water... He did it. It would take some serious evidence to convince me otherwise.

  46. Aimee Ogden

    Aimee Ogden20 hours ago

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    Aimee Ogden20 hours ago

    I can't do the videos that involve kids, it kills me.

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    Totally irrelevant and im sure Youve heard this a million times but you are like a mila kunis doppleganger especially when you have no make up on !

  49. Marge Simpson

    Marge Simpson21 hour ago

    Theory. Laci was getting very ill later in pregnancy. Could Scott had been poisoning her?

  50. Kate Alexander

    Kate Alexander20 hours ago

    Ohhh snap. That’s interesting. It was weird to me she was feeling sick while walking, I’ve never experienced that and I don’t know anyone who has. But I never thought about poison 😬

  51. Courtney Brooke

    Courtney Brooke21 hour ago

    i just found your account and i am obsessed with your account 🖤

  52. Rose Fulton

    Rose Fulton22 hours ago

    So the reason they didn't lock up Casey Anthony was because they 'couldnt prove it beyond a reasonable doubt' but this guy just goes to jail based on..? Hmm. 🤔 If they can lock him up for this they can one thousand percent lock her up for what she did.

  53. I Shoulda Stayed Home

    I Shoulda Stayed Home22 hours ago

    I approve of Audible as a sponsor and this video.

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    Maybe he didn't do it but he definitely either paid someone to do it or he knows what happened. Either way he's involved.

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    Hi Bailey, if you see this, I think you'd do a great video on the Baby P case from the UK. Or Madeleine McCann? Two very famous cases over here x

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    In a documentary I saw there was also a robbery that happened across the street from their house the day Lacy went missing. They think that it's possible, Lacy saw them and tried to say something ( she was known to be a little noisy.) It is a very interesting who done it.

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    Madison SpencerDay ago

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    E MontesDay ago

    What ended up happening to the inheritance from the grandmother?🧐 If I heard you correctly the money was going to be distributed equally between the siblings and now that there is one less that would means the surviving siblings would end up with more. 🤔 Still doesn't take away that Scott was a horrible husband.

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    Stephanie HoweDay ago

    :) I bumped into you on FB. Caught quite a few videos there. Then I was over w my Respite care client/friend & SHE mentioned you. We both love you. Sorry if I comment alot the case wasnt long after I had my oldest, it hit home for me

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    Airalin MaeDay ago

    Guarantee Scott did it. He had someone help him but I guarantee he did it.

  80. Vidi Vici Productions

    Vidi Vici ProductionsDay ago

    He made extra anchors. You showed one picture of that and also, the witnesses that saw her could have seen someone else with a similar dog. I believe they debunked the dog walking witnesses. She most likely was killed the night before and moved and put in the bay that day. He went back to the scene, as you said several times. Also, WHAT ABOUT HIS FIRST WIFE?! He had another girlfriend that died mysteriously before Lacey.

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    Tammy and Dustin KyDay ago

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  94. Day ago

    I don’t know if I’m too sleepy or what but you’ve been talking about him fishing because he couldn’t go golfing

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    Janiel MedinaDay ago

    Didn't they also say he took his boat out around the time she went missing ?? And then later on found her and the baby's body I mean yea all they had was hair that convicted him but I've watched so much on this story and he definitely looked extremely guilty yes people mourn differently I get that but his 8 month pregnant wife goes missing whom he told to his mistress was already gone then after she actually does disappear still calls and wants a relationship with the mistress and acts like he doesn't care at all. You can sense his odd behavior in every interview he comes off cold and fake

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