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Building our own house has been moving along so quickly and things have gone relatively smooth. Today we have a few hiccups with the window installs which puts a damper on the day. Then an impromptu trip to my moms house to see the farm animals that we haven't seen in months!!! Then I end up in the hands of a the Dr. by the end up the day. Just how I wanted to spend my Saturday afternoon, a trip to the E.R.
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  1. Trent & Allie

    Trent & AllieMonth ago

    We hope all of you had a happy Thanksgiving weekend! We wanted to let everyone know that Oso is only tied up as a temporary solution until my mom gets the fence fixed. He continually hops the fence while my mom is at work and we don’t want him to get hit by a car. He’ll be running around with a new fence in no time 😇

  2. Mike Benjamin

    Mike Benjamin13 days ago

    What about that mountain lion wow please please please please don't leave her outside and for God sake get a gun.new sub I am here for them I love dogs.

  3. divahc1

    divahc1Month ago

    @tt *than... Does it have to be one or the other? You can care about animals and be polite, too.

  4. divahc1

    divahc1Month ago

    @JE Anderson that's fantastic! My parents came to Australia from the UK in the 60's. Canada was their 2nd choice, but my mum didn't want to live in another cold country ha ha ha! However, Canada is a beautiful country that I'd love to visit someday. Stay well!

  5. JE Anderson

    JE AndersonMonth ago

    @tt was it broken months ago? Trent said outright that she normally collects the eggs and feeds the animals so perhaps she is double shifting or asked them to stop in and check on things on the way to the clinic.

  6. JE Anderson

    JE AndersonMonth ago

    @divahc1 you got it! The world looks on in sincere pity for the people of the USA. We’re in midst of a bad 2nd wave in Canada but we have gov’t income and rent supports in place and a great system of virtual doctor appointment/screening that is free.

  7. Jeffrey Malchak

    Jeffrey MalchakDay ago

    Love watching your project and teamwork. Great spirit, proud of you!!!

  8. Maureen Ritoridis

    Maureen Ritoridis2 days ago

    Amazing build!!👍

  9. David Knight

    David Knight16 days ago

    An injection in the hand is one of the most painful places to have a needle,because of the nerves .,yes it does make your eyes water.

  10. The Truck Sim Chap

    The Truck Sim Chap21 day ago


  11. Ehrlich und Frei

    Ehrlich und Frei22 days ago

    Whats happen, you have a wonderful blue Sky. There are no Clouds and no Trails.

  12. Yuki T

    Yuki T22 days ago

    Big kiss to everyone

  13. Kevin Christiansen

    Kevin Christiansen22 days ago

    Cute goats

  14. Kevin Christiansen

    Kevin Christiansen22 days ago

    Great video Trent and Allie

  15. Regina Austin-Tripp

    Regina Austin-Tripp24 days ago

    That is a pretty big Tiny House,can’t wait to see it finished

  16. Pigvalve

    Pigvalve26 days ago

    LOL You have some great viewers. They are very supportive, but you should have gone to the doctor with your guys friends if they are like mine they would have been very supportive of the injury too.

  17. Christine Church

    Christine Church27 days ago

    Aren’t you using tempered glass?

  18. The Matterhorn Yeti

    The Matterhorn YetiMonth ago

    Thanks for killing lots of trees 🌲 the world appreciates it.

  19. Timothy Dillon

    Timothy DillonDay ago

    It's a great renewable resource planted and grown in fields the same as grain or beans.

  20. Neil

    NeilMonth ago

    Takeing your ring OFF IS A GREAT THINF TO DO IF YOU LIKE YOUR FINGERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've my finger before. its not fun

  21. kkaradactyl

    kkaradactylMonth ago

    ...and why do all of your windows come with whoopi cushions!?

  22. kkaradactyl

    kkaradactylMonth ago

    You need to get yourself some Ichthamol! You can get it at the drug store. It draws out things so if you put it in a stubborn splinter and cover it, at some point it will draw it nearer to the surface and you’ll be able to get it out without going to get it cut out.

  23. Paul Smith

    Paul SmithMonth ago

    yup...already got the magic spoon....butcher box discount code please? thought for sure it might be here...hmmm...

  24. Les Brown

    Les BrownMonth ago

    Thick soap and water sludge will protect your hands from the corking and also allow you to move the corking around and smooth it out.

  25. Jack O'Lantern

    Jack O'LanternMonth ago

    As a professional window installer i have been waiting for this episode. I must say... thumbs down 👎 on all aspects of it.

  26. Trent & Allie

    Trent & AllieMonth ago

    @Jack O'Lantern thank you so much for not just sharing your opinion but for for directing our attention to some do these subjects. The problem with making these videos is that we rarely get all the details on film. Some of the first rough openings we built were to exact size which was a mistake but wasn’t an easy problem to fix when we were ready to install windows. The thermal buck is actually adhered to the zip system with poly urethane, the we used poly on the back of each nail fin on every window. After that we zip taped the joints of the thermal buck to the house and then over the window. Also every single we put in was leveled before screwing them in. The windows that were too tight ended up luckily being level. The biggest mistake we have had with the windows was the basement windows because they were too big for the metal window buck in the foundation. Also you should know that when ever I say I’m a professional, it’s a joke. This is my first time doing any of this so you should compare it to your first time installing a window and let me know how I did. It’s not really fair to say what a veteran would know or do and then shame me for something I didn’t do perfectly. I really appreciate your input and I think if you came to the house and as the actual install you may have a different opinion.

  27. Jack O'Lantern

    Jack O'LanternMonth ago

    @Trent & Allie The first major red flag is all the openings have been made to actual size, not a rough opening. They should all be rough opening until install, even the doors. If all the product was measured and ordered to the openings, you are going to have a LOT of reframing and alterations to do. All openings should all be 1/4" bigger than product to allow 1/8" to get windows in Without struggling so hard. This also allows the product to be leveled, preferably with lasers, if not a simple torpedo/bubble level. I never once saw you guys leveling any of them. It allows for room around them to be spray foam insulated for more 'oompf' also. The thermal buck you are putting up on a pedestal... Entirely optional per exterior of the house. There is rarely a need for it. Generally we would use some Grace Vycor to make a water barrier in the opening before setting. With the code with a ZIP system is slightly different, they want you using their ZIP tape to seal around it a certain way which clearly is not happening here. I saw no polyurethane sealant or anything else to takes its place as a barrier between the fins and thermal buck. Then it all needs to be wrapped again for a water barrier. Trent tends to make a joke about how easy all these trades are. How hes a professional this or a professional that. It feels like he is mocking all of us who are trade skilled people. It's a bit aggravating to be honest. The cups Trent uses to move the product and install it then says "they are the best" is a clear indicator he doesnt know.. I have worked in those mountains for years and it makes me concerned that you guys will have water issues in the future. I've watched you all since before you ever started your Mexico/South America journey. I think you are great people but maybe take things a little too fast some times.

  28. Trent & Allie

    Trent & AllieMonth ago

    But why?

  29. Michael Palin

    Michael PalinMonth ago

    So I gotta ask....What was in your finger???

  30. Sailor Girl

    Sailor GirlMonth ago

    Gutting and rebuilding our first sailboat my husband had a 2" sliver go so deep into his palm the dr didn't believe it was still in there until it showed up in the x-ray. Finger deep into my husband's palm the Dr finally found it and removed. We still have it 23yrs later in a little container - it is shaped exactly like a flat toothpick. #BuildingMemories :)

  31. Pakistani Village Multan

    Pakistani Village MultanMonth ago


  32. Laura Myatt

    Laura MyattMonth ago

    Trent, your mom is so pretty! Love her beautiful red hair.

  33. Querencia.tv

    Querencia.tvMonth ago

    We Like 👍 it ❤️&✌️



    *hope your hand heals fast and you are back to normal*

  35. Mike DiCesare

    Mike DiCesareMonth ago

    Bought some of the Magic Spoon cereal ... it uses stevia type sweetener which I hate, but the worst is that the cereal sticks to our teeth, and that is terrible!!

  36. Maureen Ng

    Maureen NgMonth ago

    So glad he was able to get that out! 4 years ago I broke a lightbulb when decorating for Christmas and got a sliver of glass in my fingertip. The Dr sent me to a specialist who wanted to do an expensive surgery which I declined since it wasn’t infected. 2 years later it started surfacing and the nurse at urgent care was able to probe around and grab it, I was so excited to be rid of it!

  37. Koz Sequoia

    Koz SequoiaMonth ago

    Hey Trent. Ever thought of mixing the peanut butter cereal with the cinnamon 🤔

  38. Annette D

    Annette DMonth ago

    Good seeing the farm and your Mom.☺

  39. ChannelMerch Don't Leave Cash on the Table

    ChannelMerch Don't Leave Cash on the TableMonth ago

    Allie to Goat; "Oh, Your Breath still smells the same" ! Goat; "What?, Fresh & Minty, for your inhalative, Pleasure" ??? Hey, That's a Great Name for Allie's Perfume Line; "Your Inhalative Pleasure Bone" !!!!

  40. Aiden Windham

    Aiden WindhamMonth ago

    That’s small-town living ER doctor Surgeon Wedding officiator

  41. dross24MA

    dross24MAMonth ago

    For the squeamish: Yes, there is some surgical footage. Watch it until frame 2603 and then *skip over to **31:00* to avoid all of the doctor's visit. Enjoy!

  42. J Warner

    J WarnerMonth ago

    FYI - Trent's finger. What I would have done is soaked finger hot Epsom salt see if the splinter comes to the skin on its own. For a clean, none jagged edge wound, I irrigate the wound with hot/warm saline for 10-25 min.. Depending if there was NO infection. If there is infection the wound must be allowed to stay open to drain. Otherwise for a CLEAN open incision, I put Merthiolate ( iodine) on the exterior skin surrounding the incision, pressed the incision closed and hold the incision closed by putting a thin layer of gel superglue over the top, carefull NOT to get the superglue into the open or interior area of the wound. (the non-gel superglue tends to run into the incision (which does not allow the wound to heal, so you do not want glue inside a wound) if you wait a little while the non-gel superglue will start to thicken and then put it on with a pin. Spread the glue gently over the top with the pin. Enough superglue to hold the incision closed, and not to much because you want to still be able to bend your finger normally without the glue cracking. Examine the wound for tenderness and swelling. Over two days if either increases it means the wound was not clean when you closed it and will have to remain open or take an antibiotic for the rest of it's healing. Superglue is not permanent. It dissolves slowly in water and faster in acetone. This means do not be surprised if you have to reapply the glue after day or two. The benefits is that while the incision is healing you will have closer to normal use of your finger with NO Bandage, compared to stitches. I am putting in a disclaimer bc since I can not supervise the procedure when it is being done, anyone preforming such, does it at their own risk or under care of their own physician. This really had worked for me very well. The wound has to be a clean incision, like from a clean blade. Not a jagged wound or from anything that left dirt in the wound that can fester. If not sure do not use the glue method.

  43. Terry Donaldson

    Terry DonaldsonMonth ago

    Is it me or am I seeing some muscles 💪 growing on Trent’s arms!

  44. Beth Sharma

    Beth SharmaMonth ago

    Loved your video, except the bloody part. Hope you heal quickly, Trent! Even tho not shown in the vid, I'm now craving butter cookies. Dang it.

  45. Gabriel Uribe

    Gabriel UribeMonth ago

    zero sugar, this better be good, I'm diabetic and can't any thing good. but I'll try them. thanks for the information.

  46. letfreedomring43

    letfreedomring43Month ago

    Oso is gigantic. Goats and chickens look happy and healthy and by the number of eggs I'd say they are. Trent I hate going to the Dr and dentist to brother. Especially the dentist. You go and pay over a thousand bucks for a root canal and crown and what happens a year later the crown comes off and those guys know it's going to come off and you'll be back with another thousand dollars. Sighs. But you know I have to say this. Don't be a wuss or we will have to pull your man card bro. Jus sayin you know the unspoken rules. Lol.

  47. Uninvited Guest

    Uninvited GuestMonth ago

    22:30 Allie totally reminded me of 'Charlie the Unicorn'

  48. Natasha Milford

    Natasha MilfordMonth ago

    Love Allie's personality. She's super positive, very humble, down to earth & very pretty with an awesome smile.

  49. 57 Chevy 350 Mark Armstrong

    57 Chevy 350 Mark ArmstrongMonth ago

    On my phone can't figure out how to get USlikes on there but my account is 57 Chevy 350 what I want to ask you is we've never actually seen a building inspector come through and that you're actually building a house the right way

  50. iMaxine Brown

    iMaxine BrownMonth ago

    Thanks for sharing guys

  51. Susan Ramnanan

    Susan RamnananMonth ago

    Trent I understand that dread feeling...

  52. Joshua Whalen

    Joshua WhalenMonth ago

    Milk yuck 🤮

  53. Rick Varner

    Rick VarnerMonth ago

    You talked about picking up a load of steel roofing, maybe 14 ft long. ask the vendor: 1) how much it weighs total 2) if they supply a trailer for a couple days for free as part of the purchase 3) for written installation guides / techniques 4) for same on video / dvd 5) about proper use & installation of drip guard 6) proper winter footwear 7) cutting techniques and tools 8) written warranties and certifications as purchasers 9) pre order approval of your design and guarantee of code compliance 10) grattis inspection when done 11) electrical grounding or not

  54. Rob Priestley

    Rob PriestleyMonth ago

    I agree with you with regards to visiting the doctor or a hospital, but I donate plasma every 2 weeks and they use rather large needles and that whole process doesn't worry me a bit.

  55. Jinnie Lowery

    Jinnie LoweryMonth ago

    God bless and keep your Mom safe❤️

  56. Jinnie Lowery

    Jinnie LoweryMonth ago

    Trent is so talented and versatile. Is there anything he can’t do?

  57. jim lu

    jim luMonth ago

    I'm with Trent, Doc's not for me,,,,till i have to, Keep it it Going....

  58. Pamela Molina

    Pamela MolinaMonth ago

    I don’t think windows are supposed to fit tight into the opening like that. The opening is usually bigger and you use shims to level it. I thought that If the window isn’t plumb and level the windows won’t open and close properly

  59. Todd Ramsay

    Todd RamsayMonth ago

    OMG, I just woke up, had to slide back to what the Dr. was doing. I passed out with showing his blood. Thanks! Great video though!

  60. Todd Ramsay

    Todd RamsayMonth ago

    What breed is Osso again? Alaskan Malamute?

  61. Todd Ramsay

    Todd RamsayMonth ago

    Wow!, Magic Spoon, 4 box variety. $40, who is going to pay $10 a box for cereal?. I am on keto diet I will stick with my egg, sausage, and avocado burrito on oat flax tortilla. TY. Great video though.

  62. Cynthia Lynn

    Cynthia LynnMonth ago

    Much love, you gat bobo

  63. Allen Dees

    Allen DeesMonth ago

    I hope you’re doing well!

  64. Jackie Crerar

    Jackie CrerarMonth ago

    Would you all still be laughing if you'd lost a finger or worse..your hand?? Pay attention...wear gloves...if stuck with sliver soak with hot water and Epsom salts x 3 per day..if you still can't get it out DON'T WAIT WEEKS TO SEE A DR!!!! AND GET A FREAKING TETANUS SHOT! Sheesh...you all got a death wish or what?

  65. Kreg Yung

    Kreg YungMonth ago


  66. David Morris

    David MorrisMonth ago

    wondering what alpin did about the broken window

  67. Jane Gendreau

    Jane GendreauMonth ago

    Your Mom is awesome, Trent!!! Thank her for all she does, please! Bless Her!!! We have 3 Great Pyrenees girls who protect our Alpaca. They are the most wonderful animals! Their temperament, loyalty, gentleness and love are legend! But, they do enjoy getting out of their pens to run! As they get older (2 years or more), they begin to settle down and enjoy their own area! Oso is so beautiful and he will be a great protector for your Mom, her property, the goat's and other dogs! Trust me! You wouldn't want to get on the bad side of a Great Pyrenees who is in protection mode!

  68. Olga Ascoli

    Olga AscoliMonth ago

    Hey Allie, I hope that Trent is recovering super well from the ER procedure, and you are having peace of mind. I'm a subscriber and a big fan of you two. Watching your videos I've noticed that you are sometimes wearing an awesome pair of Chelsea boots with elastic on the sides, may I ask you which brand is that? Lots of love to you guys! Olga

  69. Susan W

    Susan WMonth ago

    What! I miss a few days and all this drama. Keep safe!

  70. tailwaggin

    tailwagginMonth ago

    Frank and the animals -LOVE!! Brandon you deserve a medal! Trents mom-your awesome! Allie never let Trent's comments get to you-you ALL are building and important with this house build. Trent....teamwork, positivity, show appreciation to others-goes a long way. PS Dr said maybe a week vs 2 weeks....probably would have been even less if you got it checked earlier. Mask on. Frank's team - gettin it done!

  71. Jerry A. Goldwire

    Jerry A. GoldwireMonth ago

    is there a discount code for surfshark on you channel

  72. Tom Fitzpatrick

    Tom FitzpatrickMonth ago

    Started following you two about a week and a half ago & your building adventures remind me of my wife and my similar building experiences in southeastern BC, Canada over the last 16 years as we create our little piece of sanctuary in the Rockies. We two had limited building experience, but did it all during the summer breaks as we were both teachers so had summers off. Now retired & finishing off leftover tasks such as baseboards, backslashes and other little minor tasks, the knowledge built up is another skill added to our repertoire - you two are acquiring those skills that only can be taught through doing and doing it together. So much enjoy watching your posts. Good luck and thanks for the Great viewing. Wondering if you got the 4 wheel drive system working on your Dodge Cummins Diesel? We've had one since 2006 and if yours isn't working check with your local service provider to make sure the solenoid for the activation of the front differential when selected is working. I also noticed you have quite a narrow driveway/access point from the main road for getting trailers into the property - we do as well so to counter the difficulty of getting trailers into the driveway I installed a front class 3 receiver on our Dodge (attached to the frame under the front bumper) and when needing to put trailers where they need to go I simply switch the ball mount to the front of the truck (I actually have a specific ball mount just for the front that stays there) and maneuvering trailers now becomes a BREEZE. You can place them within millimetres of where you want them because you're driving them in instead of backing up. There you go. Looking forward to your next post. Thanks again for your enjoyable musings and life experiences.

  73. yvonneost12

    yvonneost12Month ago

    waiting for next video Allie LOL

  74. Karen Claypatch

    Karen ClaypatchMonth ago


  75. Seeger G

    Seeger GMonth ago

    Been doin' construction in the Northern San Francisco Bay area for years and haven't seen Thermal Buck (Buff?). I'm so glad you two are getting the latest and greatest! Just Major Freezing TROOPERS!

  76. Season .Appreciation

    Season .AppreciationMonth ago

    BLOOD! He’s human! Brave boy Trent 👏

  77. Tom Simmons

    Tom SimmonsMonth ago

    Where are you building your house? What mountains are you in and what kind of wildlife are there? Frank and Cathy would get along pretty well. Cathy is my Toy Fox Terrier. Be safe. Stay warm. See on the next video.

  78. 4x4Scout

    4x4ScoutMonth ago

    I have had a teeny tiny sliver of glass or something in the pad of my thumb for a couple years now. It's annoying but it's so small I doubt anyone could see it if they tried. I have attempted to dig it out a couple of times to no avail. Its a tiny bump but not super bothersome so I am lucky that way.

  79. Deb O

    Deb OMonth ago

    Allie if your going to heat your house with wood , what about the downed trees on your property. Can you cut them up and toss them in the basement before the deep snow. We heat with wood and that’s my job. You also have the most beautiful voice, it’s the perfect audio book voice . Great job on the house.

  80. MIke Anonymous

    MIke AnonymousMonth ago

    Trent looked like he was gonna piss himself when it came cutting time at the hospital. :P hahahahaha Great Work on the house! Its coming along. I took the easy way out and had my new house built by a contractor. Ground was broken Dec 2019 and house complete May 2020. Its so nice having an energy efficient house that doesnt runup utilities! Id love to have the woods that you guys have! Bet the Deer hunting is awesome! If you need a hunting partner just let me know....The wife can yap with yours and we can go get dinner!

  81. Malinda Gwyn

    Malinda GwynMonth ago

    Get better soon.

  82. Jean Davis

    Jean DavisMonth ago

    Bingeing on old episodes What ever happen to getting your van back from Argentina?

  83. ddanna58

    ddanna58Month ago

    Ewww.. sorry

  84. The Ozarks: Journey To Self-Sufficiency

    The Ozarks: Journey To Self-SufficiencyMonth ago

    High dose vitamin c especially liposomal vitamin c will make your finger heal twice as fast as normal

  85. PolinaKitty s

    PolinaKitty sMonth ago

    You got it easy tent I broke my back two years ago And had surgery done a year ago and found out a few months ago that the spinal fusion failed and the titanium screws holding l5 and s1 vertebrae have come lose So I have to another back surgery done in the next two months I'd take a bad finger over a broken back any day I also love your house project

  86. bruce montgomery

    bruce montgomeryMonth ago

    what is the budget ffor the buildings

  87. Ernest Clanton

    Ernest ClantonMonth ago

    Hey Trent how many batteries do you need for a sprinter van conversion

  88. B.B. Grenade

    B.B. GrenadeMonth ago

    Next time use Ichthammol Ointment on a splinter to remove it your self overnight.

  89. ObeyJ

    ObeyJMonth ago

    Does anyone know what the white, whoopie cushion looking things attached to the windows are?

  90. tiny tich

    tiny tichMonth ago

    Question - did the van get put on the boat? 🤔

  91. rachel joan fleming

    rachel joan flemingMonth ago

    So good to see the farm again and especially to see your Mom. The goats and chickens have grown so much and Oso is a sweet monster now. Glad that you got your finger attended to. It will be back to scratch in no time. Congratulations on getting those windows installed. Stellar job ...sorry about the crack. There always seems to be a glitch when you are trying to beat a deadline and hopefully the company can reinstall the pane of glass.

  92. ManniH H

    ManniH HMonth ago

    Get some desinfection, a sharpened needle and fine tweezers and get slivers out of your fingers DIY. I would still be sitting around in the E.R. if I had run to the doctor everytime I caught a sliver. I saw the doctor only once- when I got a metallic sliver in my eye when grinding steel without eye-protection. Strangely it doesn't hurt as much when you do it yourself. Stay safe and take care

  93. Francisca Lemessy

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