Led by LeBron James’ 28 PTS, 14 REB and 10 AST, the Los Angeles Lakers defeated the Miami Heat, 106-93, in Game 6. Additionally for the Lakers, Anthony Davis (19 PTS, 15 REB) and Rajon Rondo (19 PTS) combined for 38 PTS in the victory, while Jimmy Butler tallied 12 PTS, 7 REB and 8 AST for the Heat.
With the victory, the Lakers have secured the franchise’s 17th NBA title, tying the Boston Celtics for the most championships in NBA history.
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  1. Beavis Mcbeavis

    Beavis Mcbeavis4 days ago

    Lakers are like the ultimate collection of douchebags on one team

  2. Miles Robinson

    Miles Robinson12 days ago

    I have to say LeBron is the Goat! 2020 was his year to prove it! Michael Jordan was right.

  3. Sunitha Cherussery

    Sunitha Cherussery15 days ago


  4. Sunitha Cherussery

    Sunitha Cherussery15 days ago

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  5. Clumsy08

    Clumsy0818 days ago

    From what I’m hearing is green/kuzma for Demar Derozan would be huge. I just hope the lakers resign KCP

  6. Eldon Rangel

    Eldon Rangel18 days ago

    Lakeshow. Bac2bac

  7. Sunitha Cherussery

    Sunitha Cherussery15 days ago


  8. Eldon Rangel

    Eldon Rangel18 days ago

    Lakeshow. Bac o bac

  9. deniel rolle

    deniel rolle19 days ago

    10-11-20=41 4.1 seconds left in the game, KOBE

  10. Nick Settle

    Nick Settle20 days ago

    how to basic

  11. RaJah that

    RaJah that22 days ago

    Laker sign blue

  12. Bruce Harris

    Bruce Harris23 days ago


  13. Los Indios somos Israelitas

    Los Indios somos Israelitas23 days ago

    If your Hispanic or Native American you must watch this video its for educational purposes, learn something new....

  14. jeff corthell

    jeff corthell24 days ago

    sis vs bro

  15. T - Jay HTF

    T - Jay HTF25 days ago

    The WARIRORS are going to Fight Lakers in the finals next seasons

  16. Santhie Beatriz

    Santhie Beatriz23 days ago

    In your dreams 😅😜

  17. Plex Global

    Plex Global26 days ago

    🟣🟡 vs 🔴⚫️

  18. Antonio lewis

    Antonio lewis27 days ago

    The NBA is wrong for this, they're literally are making Miami not even play. Lakers are not good.



    @Antonio lewis lame

  20. Antonio lewis

    Antonio lewis6 days ago

    @SUPPORT REVOLUTION I play the sport and to see the lies that they tell.



    @Antonio lewis then why are you here 🤣🤣🤣

  22. Antonio lewis

    Antonio lewis6 days ago

    @SUPPORT REVOLUTION lol don't have to watch when I know the ending



    @Antonio lewis what hahahaha you have no common sense go play with your ps4 games instead of sports here bruh. Kinda like you didn’t watch the regular season.

  24. prancerjohn ponce

    prancerjohn ponce28 days ago

    lebron looks like the youngest player here.

  25. Tmss GHostly

    Tmss GHostly29 days ago

    Laker put out the heat and cooked the nuggets


    CFB SQUAD29 days ago

    How did lakers score 77 points because they cheated

  27. Xraider

    Xraider7 days ago


  28. Audiobot11

    Audiobot11Month ago

    Bronny Watching this like: 👁👄👁

  29. Hunter Fraley

    Hunter FraleyMonth ago


  30. PlayBoii Simmons

    PlayBoii SimmonsMonth ago

    King James👑🐐, 💜💛

  31. ZxileTV

    ZxileTVMonth ago

    Did Mike Breen just said 17th Banner will soon hang in the Raptors' 😂

  32. Adrian Tacaca

    Adrian TacacaMonth ago


  33. Kiervy PH

    Kiervy PHMonth ago

    the date of this game is 10/11/20 add the numbers and its the age of kobe bryant's death



    Damn this went by fast

  35. Brian Hammer

    Brian HammerMonth ago

    Its crazy how good of a coach Frank Vogel is. He went from 29 wins in his first year in Orlando to 25 wins in his 2nd season...Then he turns the Lakers around from a 37 win team to an NBA Champion. Hats off to Frank and his remarkable job of turning teams around. Just a masterful coach.

  36. Mega Mike

    Mega MikeMonth ago

    Wow cool!!

  37. Casdom Domcas

    Casdom DomcasMonth ago

    Lol imagine if in the last 2 minutes Miami scored 20-0 lead while AD is crying.

  38. Pankaj Shastri

    Pankaj ShastriMonth ago


  39. Rob Roy

    Rob RoyMonth ago

    fuck lebron...pos and his hypocrisy.

  40. Psycho GENERAL

    Psycho GENERALMonth ago

    Top shooting guards in michael jordan era: : reggie miller : clyde drexler : joe dumars Top small forward in lebron james era: : kevin durant : kawhi leonard : carmelo anthony

  41. Keys Sy

    Keys SyMonth ago

    Stay away from worldremit money transfer is a scam

  42. linda ss

    linda ssMonth ago


  43. 45k_lanze Plays

    45k_lanze PlaysMonth ago

    Earth: GUYS MY RINGS ARE GONE Mars: Boi u got no rings Jupiter: lmao u never won Sattern: It’s not just Earth y’all also don’t have rings Mars: YOU DON’T EITHER Vinus: Are you Blind he has a ring Sattern: lmao This dude be Blind Urunas: it’s not just u who has a ring Urunas: I also have rings Mercury: WHATS SO SPECIAL ABOUT RINGS?!?! Earth: NBA titles -_- Mercury: it’s not about nba titles it’s about overalls Sattern: Mars finna be sayin I’m a 60 Overall Sattern: I carry u kids in Basketball Mercury: DUDE YOUR A 92 OVERALL IM A 97 earth: Y’all are lucky I’m a 89 overall Neptune: Sattern is acting like he is Bill Russel LMAO HE IS NOT ITS JUST 1 RING Sattern: says the one who dosen’t have any Neptuin: Acculty I have Four rings Uranus: What A Liar Neptuin: Check my Profile Earth: I did and you do have for rings Neptuin: I have more then Curry Jupiter: Y’all are just A bunch of kids I Have like a lot badges Earth: DUDE YOUR A 77 OVERALL Jupiter: I’m a 91 go back to school kid Uranus : y’all can fight ima headout gotta Carry my team to a title Kepler: Wait until The 3000 MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  44. Nathaniel Shavings

    Nathaniel ShavingsMonth ago

    My favorite player Chris Paul man, finally won his 1st championship :)

  45. T - Master!

    T - Master!Month ago

    Go Raptors

  46. Koah Ferrer

    Koah FerrerMonth ago

    FOR KOBE!!!!!!!!!!!!! #Mamba4Ever

  47. Mariam Markus

    Mariam MarkusMonth ago ha

  48. Omar Vazquez

    Omar VazquezMonth ago Anything helps!

  49. AS7

    AS7Month ago

    THEY DID IT FOR KOBE!!!!!!!1

  50. Emily Wardlow

    Emily WardlowMonth ago

    Check these Jordan’s out dope!!

  51. Jaydon 0054

    Jaydon 0054Month ago

    Are we not gonna talk about Dwight draining a 3?! You go big fella!!!

  52. Truth Hurts

    Truth HurtsMonth ago

    Me and all my friends used to get together and be so excited to watch these games now we don't even care to turn on the TV to a game.

  53. Truth Hurts

    Truth HurtsMonth ago

    I can say anything I want. F*** off

  54. XSA

    XSAMonth ago

    Literally no one: asked

  55. Daniel DuDevoir

    Daniel DuDevoirMonth ago

    earth wind and fire

  56. Top 4KT

    Top 4KTMonth ago


  57. Top 4KT

    Top 4KTMonth ago

    lets go lakers

  58. Davidson Tegga

    Davidson TeggaMonth ago

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  59. Sisco Dad

    Sisco DadMonth ago

    URGENTE! esto es Trump contra el Nuevo Orden Mundial...No me crees? mira este video la guerra es PRIMERO EN 4AÑOS!!!!! YA ESTA FIRMADO DESPUES EL MUNDO se da al nuevo orden MUNDIAL POR HAMBRE!!!

  60. MrHeatAz

    MrHeatAzMonth ago


  61. Young D.O.D SMM

    Young D.O.D SMMMonth ago Lakers song please run my views up

  62. Mario Fan2

    Mario Fan2Month ago

    It’s been a week since they won the NBA finals and this Lakers team was just something special. I waited 10 years for another Lakers title and now it was all worth it, this Lakers roster was just amazing to watch and their chemistry was incredible!

  63. Alec Aguilar

    Alec AguilarMonth ago

    Who’s here after the tik tok and they didn’t show when the Lakers were going down the court

  64. Shalom Kadosh

    Shalom KadoshMonth ago

    It was rigged for the lakers to win after Koby died let’s be real lol only reason why they restarted the season

  65. XSA

    XSAMonth ago

    Literally no one: asked

  66. Cristian Fesarillo

    Cristian FesarilloMonth ago

    Back in 2004 finals Lakers won only OE game piston demolished lakers

  67. oiuet souiu

    oiuet souiuMonth ago

    Mary's. From a Cleveland fan. Don't shut up. Keep on dribbling and win championships! Thank you for 2016!😉

  68. Sevilla, Nathaniel Romel, C.

    Sevilla, Nathaniel Romel, C.Month ago

    what it feels like to the warriors fans hahahahah just cry warriors fans haha

  69. 2 WIZ

    2 WIZMonth ago

    I wish all these players would do a favor and leave this country. You told your white fans how you feel. Ratings down 70%. Omg that show how important you are. You’re worthless. Less stress if you leave. 70% down should tell you’re not wanted.

  70. julissa ceballos

    julissa ceballosMonth ago

    art for kids hub

  71. X ShockWaveAMG

    X ShockWaveAMGMonth ago

    Pull up that clip when Patrick Beverley rejected lebron's shot and jumped on the table and said this is our house. Ha who's house is this again and again? Battle for LA settled! The battle to reach 20 championships has begun.

  72. Ka'Le Harrell

    Ka'Le HarrellMonth ago


  73. Scoobie

    ScoobieMonth ago

    Go woke, go broke

  74. Scoobie

    ScoobieMonth ago

    How come none of you snowflakes wanna talk about the terrible ratings because of the wokeness of the nba

  75. Youtube Watcher

    Youtube WatcherMonth ago

    LeBron is the Immortal Athlete. Y'all bow your heads to the King his reign is not over yet.

  76. ronboi123ful

    ronboi123fulMonth ago

    Heat had a key player missing 4 games. maybe it's just me. I like my teams to win against the opponents to be at full strength and win...ijs..SMH!!!

  77. Matthew Granat

    Matthew GranatMonth ago

  78. secret agent Zachary of San Jose Boston Partsch

    secret agent Zachary of San Jose Boston PartschMonth ago

    NBA fix that app immediately because the Madden is lagging and glitching on my phone and they are saying it's no good three pointers and I want you guys to fix it because the other team is saying the phrase and tools are good and it doesn't make any sense why seriously I had so many good threes and they should have been good seriously that makes no perfect sense that it's that should say no good seriously don't ever say like this stuff ever again please fix it or something I don't even know what to do about this problem

  79. T Sapp

    T SappMonth ago

    Here are a few racial gems, with exact quotes, from Biden: - “Well, I tell you what, if you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.” - “You got the first mainstream African American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy. I mean, that’s a storybook, man.” (That’s in reference to President Obama.) - “Unlike the African-American community, with notable exceptions, the Latino community is an incredibly diverse community with incredibly diverse attitudes about different things.” - “In Delaware, the largest growth in population is Indian-Americans moving from India. You cannot go to a 7-Eleven or a Dunkin’ Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent.”

  80. XSA

    XSAMonth ago

    What does that have to do with this vid

  81. Gamecock Nation

    Gamecock NationMonth ago

    Kobe Bryant watching from the heavens happy for the Lakers.

  82. THECODPRO Rodriguez

    THECODPRO RodriguezMonth ago

    Bruh, I swear if dwayne wade was there with jimmy butler and bam easy championship title for them

  83. Laylo Koka-kola-klassixs

    Laylo Koka-kola-klassixsMonth ago

    Derrick Rose should be Chris Paul’s back up if he goes to the lakers...

  84. thatfatguy

    thatfatguyMonth ago

    You can tell bu the hug between rondo and lebron that these two were the true leaders of the team. AD was there to learn how to win, but rondo and lebron with championshio experience lead the way. Pay rondo, bring him back, go back to back.

  85. Patrick Fountain

    Patrick FountainMonth ago

    LeBron did it for Kobe

  86. Hillary Rabanes

    Hillary RabanesMonth ago


  87. Rebel Eazy

    Rebel EazyMonth ago

    Aight time to get better and more constistant shooters and play makers. Bye Kuzma, Green, JR Smith! Gallirani, Van Fleet, Harrell, and Melo should be looked at!

  88. Rebel Eazy

    Rebel EazyMonth ago

    I wish Avery Bradley were in the bubble contributing to this playoff run. Either way he is a Champion for his contributions in the regular season.

  89. Todd Nansel

    Todd NanselMonth ago

    Los Angeles! Ties up... we know Boston got 3/4 they wins 1950’s lolol Los Angeles LAKERS! Fucc the haters

  90. Singer J'Rome Kelz LIVE!

    Singer J'Rome Kelz LIVE!Month ago

  91. Singer J'Rome Kelz LIVE!

    Singer J'Rome Kelz LIVE!Month ago

  92. Singer J'Rome Kelz LIVE!

    Singer J'Rome Kelz LIVE!Month ago


  93. josephine ponsolle

    josephine ponsolleMonth ago

    nfl highlights

  94. Oscar Aguilar

    Oscar AguilarMonth ago


  95. red_array

    red_arrayMonth ago

    Why does it feel like the NBA finals has lost some of its magic these days?

  96. Bluestar43 95

    Bluestar43 95Month ago

    Dwight Howard NBA Champion👍

  97. Mia Deblay

    Mia DeblayMonth ago

    Good job Lakers 🏀

  98. James Kuchek

    James KuchekMonth ago

    I didnt even know it was champion game..not the same

  99. Abinav Bose

    Abinav BoseMonth ago

    Nice job Lakers

  100. RAWZ0

    RAWZ0Month ago

    So y'all are not going to talk about how the Lakers cheated if you see when it was 75-46 they automatically gave the Lakers two points without anyone scoring And now they're 77-46 or am I the only one who caught that..

  101. Introverts World

    Introverts WorldMonth ago

    Such a bait

  102. Child Star

    Child StarMonth ago

    finals is incomplete without mike breen's voice

  103. SOLAR YT

    SOLAR YTMonth ago

    FOR Kobe Bryant! I am sure he is looking down proud

  104. Prince Chellter Dante

    Prince Chellter DanteMonth ago

    Boring Finale ..

  105. XSA

    XSAMonth ago

    But it wasn't boring the past 5 years huh

  106. Introverts World

    Introverts WorldMonth ago

    Because it wasnt boring when the warriors won the chip the minute the nba started those 2 years for the warrior

  107. Angel _-_

    Angel _-_Month ago

    But 2017,2018 wasn’t 😂

  108. Madison McCabe

    Madison McCabeMonth ago

    4mamba💛💜 lakers!!💜💛

  109. Exotic Rager

    Exotic RagerMonth ago

    Man the lakers won In so happy for the. I knew they would win.Laker Nation this is for you and Kobe Bryant and his Daughter Gigi Bryant,This finals win by your team is for you Kobe and your Daughter but much respect to the heat too they fought pretty hard but this year was the Lakers and the fans let’s gooo I never felt so good to be a laker fan I’m so happy #GoLakers 💛💜

  110. Charles in Charge

    Charles in ChargeMonth ago

    F U NBA. We're gone and never coming back.

  111. Charles in Charge

    Charles in ChargeMonth ago

    @XSAI couldn't care less about people like you living in their mom's basements think. My whole point is how wonderful it is to see the NBA take a humongous hit in popularity and in their wallet as a result of their idiotic hypocrisy. Little boys like you don't have a clue what that actually means from a global perspective. Now go on little boy with your minimum wage job, and playing x-box in mommy's basement.

  112. XSA

    XSAMonth ago

    @Charles in Charge does it look like I care

  113. Charles in Charge

    Charles in ChargeMonth ago

    @XSA Nobody asked you either sh#thead.

  114. XSA

    XSAMonth ago

    @Charles in Charge literally no one: asked

  115. Charles in Charge

    Charles in ChargeMonth ago

    @Quidz So you get satisfaction from here that literally millions upon millions of Americans and I are done with the NBA and it's complete and utter hypocrisy? That's the height of stupidity. Loser.

  116. Shad Rondell

    Shad RondellMonth ago

    So where was jimmy butler in This elimination game ?

  117. Uziel Cantu

    Uziel CantuMonth ago

    Lakers 🎉🎉🎉

  118. Ant A

    Ant AMonth ago

    Can someone explain why people are saying RIP LeBron? I really don’t get it

  119. king_has_no_cloths kul

    king_has_no_cloths kulMonth ago

    36 points lead and let them close the gap. annoying. lakers should have gone up by 50!

  120. lilpokedamatheofficial

    lilpokedamatheofficialMonth ago

    Hero back to new normal😬😬😬

  121. Maze to confusion

    Maze to confusionMonth ago

    NBA is racist and so are you....

  122. XSA

    XSAMonth ago


  123. Earl Hodge

    Earl HodgeMonth ago

    The fakest group hug I saw

  124. Montarius McEwen

    Montarius McEwenMonth ago

    Jimmy butler is just now as good as LeBron was in his first year in the league...the both brought their teams to the finals that weren't supposed to be there

  125. Optimus Prime

    Optimus PrimeMonth ago