Our First Big Purchase For Baby Boy!!

We made our first big purchase for the baby!
FINDING OUT WE'RE PREGNANT! ► uslikes.info/house/mGaWlsmMpK6OY9Q/video.html
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  1. Squido's Place

    Squido's Place8 days ago

    Ham and 🧀

  2. Lydia Burton

    Lydia Burton13 days ago

    I love you Cassie and Carlos 💕❤️🥰

  3. Yasser Zaid

    Yasser Zaid20 days ago

    I done ✅

  4. Yasser Zaid

    Yasser Zaid20 days ago


  5. Yasser Zaid

    Yasser Zaid20 days ago

    I’m h

  6. Deborah Gilliam

    Deborah Gilliam21 day ago


  7. Aubree Davenport

    Aubree Davenport22 days ago

    Pancake house

  8. Lilabeth Frazier

    Lilabeth Frazier23 days ago

    hi cace

  9. Deneeka Beckett

    Deneeka Beckett23 days ago

    This 👨‍👩‍👦 well be you soon

  10. Deneeka Beckett

    Deneeka Beckett23 days ago

    Are you keeping the babies name Jackson or are you going to change it when he’s born

  11. J cool

    J cool27 days ago

    Is my favorite morning mel

  12. J cool

    J cool27 days ago

    McDonald's sausage egg broeto

  13. Caitieos

    CaitieosMonth ago

    We bought a mamaroo for our son, he ended up loving it so much that we bought a second one used so I didn’t have to move it around all the time. He’s 4 months now and it still calms him so much

  14. SuperMissblueeyes

    SuperMissblueeyesMonth ago

    I would definitely have the mamaroo downstairs.

  15. Moe's Callie Orth

    Moe's Callie OrthMonth ago

    what is the babys nam going to be

  16. Marcy Whitesell

    Marcy WhitesellMonth ago

    Why r they moving

  17. Marcy Whitesell

    Marcy WhitesellMonth ago

    Do u have other kids or is this your first

  18. Marcy Whitesell

    Marcy WhitesellMonth ago

    Who.r the extra boys

  19. Jorge Alcala

    Jorge AlcalaMonth ago

    We've look like my old dog Census and she is so cute

  20. Jenn Wolff

    Jenn WolffMonth ago

    I love you 😍

  21. Mrs Meghan Nichols

    Mrs Meghan NicholsMonth ago

    You look so much like your mum cassie❤

  22. Hannah M

    Hannah MMonth ago

    I love your videos Cassie and carlos

  23. tattiana stamos

    tattiana stamosMonth ago


  24. Nico Alcock

    Nico AlcockMonth ago

    I love Carlos and Cassie

  25. B'elanna Braithwaite

    B'elanna BraithwaiteMonth ago

    So it's best to be prepared my sister is pregnant I think she is about 3 months

  26. Abby Stichauf

    Abby StichaufMonth ago

    a mamaroo omg lol!!!!!

  27. Abby Stichauf

    Abby StichaufMonth ago

    cece is so cute so is koda

  28. Leann S

    Leann SMonth ago

    I still think cassie is little 😂 so weird coming on seeing a bump and married ❤️

  29. Megan

    MeganMonth ago

    I loveee breakfast wraps! I make my own at home with soft shell tortillas, eggs, cheese and whatever else you like 😊

  30. Dog Lover

    Dog LoverMonth ago

    Hey how many months along are you?!?! 😍😍😍

  31. Girls Dude

    Girls DudeMonth ago

    Cassie and Carlos rule

  32. Wendell Monster

    Wendell MonsterMonth ago

    You look so cute !!! in the EOr outfit you look fantastic ! And what I found and my daughters that Desitin Ointment. Protects against diaper rash works the best 👍 have a wonderful day ☺️

  33. Amber McElwee

    Amber McElweeMonth ago

    When are you guys doing the baby shower? 👶👶

  34. Katy Ping

    Katy PingMonth ago

    Hey best friend whats up

  35. Leafy

    LeafyMonth ago

    Did you guys have the baby yet?

  36. Stephanie Moore

    Stephanie MooreMonth ago

    I love watching your USlikes channel

  37. Jayda Young

    Jayda YoungMonth ago

    When are you doe

  38. [isabella Evans]

    [isabella Evans]Month ago

    Why did you become a mom and dad??! Huh?!

  39. Katie Alcala

    Katie AlcalaMonth ago

    Is it a girl or boy

  40. Sophia Moreno

    Sophia MorenoMonth ago

    I still can’t believe your pregnant that’s so cute because I’ve been watching missy and Bryan for the longest and I’ve seen both of their babies grow up , now I can watch ur baby grow up!🥺 God bless you guys!! 💕

  41. DreamsInLilac

    DreamsInLilacMonth ago

    Can’t wait to see your beautiful baby boy xx

  42. chelsea Moore

    chelsea MooreMonth ago

    Probably need the brush that’s meant for undercoat, I forgot the name of it though...

  43. Brittany Hostetter

    Brittany HostetterMonth ago

    Just a note about the bagels. They were my favorite when I was pregnant too. Avoid Everything Bagels or Poppyseed bagels before any doctors appointment or before you go into labor. I tested positive for opioids before I had my little girl because I had an everything bagel for breakfast before ai went into labor. I had social services all over me in the hospital because of this. Luckily they didn't look much more into it because it's been 11 months and I haven't heard anything from the hospital

  44. Wendell Monster

    Wendell MonsterMonth ago

    My favorite go to breakfast is McDonald’s Egg McMuffin with a hot tea yummy! ☕️

  45. Rosalba Torres

    Rosalba TorresMonth ago

    When is the. Baby. Coming out

  46. Charlotte Payne

    Charlotte PayneMonth ago

    Do kota and CEce get along

  47. Shannon’s World

    Shannon’s WorldMonth ago


  48. Amy Settle

    Amy SettleMonth ago

    What vacuum cleaner is that? Is that made for dogs i need one either way.

  49. Belle Bonjour

    Belle BonjourMonth ago

    Where is that dog grooming vacuum from?!

  50. Johnson Family Vids & Vlog's

    Johnson Family Vids & Vlog'sMonth ago

    💙YOU 2 CUTIES💜

  51. Yellow Mellow

    Yellow MellowMonth ago

    I love that our kids have the same name ❤ great name choice lol

  52. Ava Lundberg

    Ava LundbergMonth ago

    I love how Casey likes all of the comments 🤣🤣...... .

  53. Dana Beardmore

    Dana BeardmoreMonth ago

    Honestly that is a waste of money. Because kids outgrow things alot. You would've done better with a cheap swing

  54. Alexia Dozier

    Alexia DozierMonth ago

    We have the mamaroo and our boy loves it!!

  55. Arianna Riggs

    Arianna RiggsMonth ago

    8:08 Hey Dory and The yellow fish From finding dory

  56. Sky

    SkyMonth ago

    love these vids guys

  57. JOJO JO

    JOJO JOMonth ago

    My Daughter got the Mamaroo for her first baby. She didnt use it that much. Save the box just in case you need to return it or resale it, worth more in the box with all the paperwork. So happy for you and Carlos. Your gonna make wonderful parents

  58. Courtknee Anne

    Courtknee AnneMonth ago

    Omg I'm obsessed with eeyore that onsie looks sooo cute on you!

  59. A F

    A FMonth ago

    My kids hated the mamaroo they wanted to be held 24/7 for the first 6 weeks. At the time I was so annoyed I couldn't pee without a baby screeching.. but now I have an almost 4 yr old and a 16 month old and I miss cuddling my newborns. 😭

  60. Autumn E

    Autumn EMonth ago

    I have a husky too what is that thing that you guys use to brush cece

  61. Haley B.

    Haley B.Month ago

    Husky’s usually have two major blow outs. In the summer, and the winter. The best thing to do is constantly brush them out. Baths will help,but when you do make sure it’s warm out so they can rest outside and not get sick. Be careful of groomers because most don’t know how to groom huskies, and can accidentally cause problems to their coats.

  62. Cassie Duffin

    Cassie DuffinMonth ago

    Mama roos are awesome! My son used that till he was 4months.

  63. Sarah Elizabeth

    Sarah ElizabethMonth ago

    Dog groomer here! 😊🐾 You should try the equigroomer brush. You can get them on Amazon! They're amazing for shedding dogs. Also maybe try getting a professional groom and make sure if you do bring her anywhere, tell them specifically not to shave her. Just a bath, blow dry and brush out! (Shaving will ruin her coat forever) Having your dogs professionally groomed is life changing 😊

  64. Elizabeth Carter-Heinzer

    Elizabeth Carter-HeinzerMonth ago

    My husband is the baker at our local bagel shop. I love when he brings me bagels and their cream cheese.

  65. Tadsynthia Osgatharp

    Tadsynthia OsgatharpMonth ago

    When are you due

  66. Emma Long

    Emma LongMonth ago

    We had the mamaroo but my baby didn’t like it. I heard before I bought it that a lot of babies didn’t really like it and I was like no way and bought it anyway. But it was true she didn’t like it. She likes things with more bigger normal swings/ movement.

  67. Roblox Master with unicorns

    Roblox Master with unicornsMonth ago

    I love your guises channel it’s the best

  68. Betty Lloyd

    Betty LloydMonth ago

    I'm so excited to see the baby I'm so happy for you guys 💗💗💗💗 God bless you

  69. Demi Sparrow

    Demi SparrowMonth ago

    I can’t wait to see the baby x

  70. Avery Brown

    Avery BrownMonth ago

    Can’t wait for babe boy

  71. Laura Vient

    Laura VientMonth ago

    My cousins wife is only about 2 months pregnant we recently found out it’s a girl and me and my mom and my sister went on a shopping spree we are litterly covering almost everything for them lol

  72. Abigail Forrester

    Abigail ForresterMonth ago

    I would to

  73. Caprial Nichols

    Caprial NicholsMonth ago

    My go to breakfast is a strawberry bagel and a French vanilla ice coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts

  74. gormanolive

    gormanoliveMonth ago

    Nuttela bagel 🥯 yum 😋

  75. Jorja Handebo

    Jorja HandeboMonth ago

    My favourite breakfast either is Vegemite toast or jat biskets with cheese and tomato and a little bit of salt

  76. Emma Shand

    Emma ShandMonth ago

    I love Carlos's laugh

  77. Charlotte James

    Charlotte JamesMonth ago

    What's a baby shower

  78. Charlotte James

    Charlotte JamesMonth ago

    Thanks leah

  79. Leah L

    Leah LMonth ago

    @Charlotte James it’s an event when friends and family bring gifts for mom and baby. Mostly things needed for baby.

  80. Amanda Pates

    Amanda PatesMonth ago

    CeCe needs a nice deshedding groom that goes deeper then the brush you are using! It will make a huge difference

  81. Madison Telfer

    Madison TelferMonth ago

    Your gonna want the mamaroo downstairs Because that’s really spend most your time

  82. Buggy_bugs

    Buggy_bugsMonth ago

    my go to breakfast is French- toast.

  83. Loretta White

    Loretta WhiteMonth ago

    So awesume !!! Just so u know u can rent stuff like that if u want so u don’t have a garage full of baby stuff when he grows out of it 😇 can’t wait to see the nursery when it is done !

  84. Dawn Brooks

    Dawn BrooksMonth ago

    Avocado toast gramma style!

  85. Arnie mishia Montano

    Arnie mishia MontanoMonth ago

    I hope baby Jax is healthy ❤️

  86. Tamera M

    Tamera MMonth ago

    I have a German shepherd Siberian Husky mix and I groom her at home using the Furminator shampoo and conditioner! It smells amazing and reduces her shedding so much! Also, we’re like a week apart in our pregnancies which I think is so cool! I’m due April 19th with a boy as well! Sending you guys warm hugs all the way from freezing cold Ontario 🇨🇦

  87. Jana Lauren Corpus

    Jana Lauren CorpusMonth ago

    I love your videos a lot

  88. Live2Travel

    Live2TravelMonth ago

    You both are adorable. So happy for you two ❤️

  89. Monica Hernandez

    Monica HernandezMonth ago

    You should comparison with your sister missy too

  90. Team Jones

    Team JonesMonth ago

    Aquaphor is magical!!! It really is a great product!!

  91. Sarah Calarco

    Sarah CalarcoMonth ago

    Cassie- where did you get your bathroom rugs? Love them!

  92. C&C Life

    C&C LifeMonth ago

    Target! 😊

  93. C G

    C GMonth ago

    Pancakes or else I have eggs with bacon

  94. karan lancaster

    karan lancasterMonth ago

    I don’t eat breakfast but my favourite food is fried rice

  95. Melinda Roden

    Melinda RodenMonth ago

    Love bagels

  96. Brandon Mee

    Brandon MeeMonth ago

    Is there going to be a birth vlog

  97. Diamond Slipper

    Diamond SlipperMonth ago

    I find a lot of mama roo from the auction for new $20 to $50

  98. Amber Hale

    Amber HaleMonth ago

    Those mama Roos are awesome

  99. Roze Friddle

    Roze FriddleMonth ago

    Wait Cc is scared of heights? But wasn't she just on that table like a year ago and she wouldn't get off? That makes no sense

  100. Roze Friddle

    Roze FriddleMonth ago

    @C&C Life OMG my first time getting a reply from a USlikesr!!! Also that makes no sense at all. 🤣😂 (I could like scream into a pillow rn.)

  101. C&C Life

    C&C LifeMonth ago

    She will not jump off the table after she gets on it 😂

  102. Ratelynn Varnadoe

    Ratelynn VarnadoeMonth ago

    I would start putting stuff out a head of time so cece and lots can get used to the items because they can get scared

  103. Kt Martinez

    Kt MartinezMonth ago

    I saw you bought the mama roo but This is a must have! >> Fisher-Price My Little Snugabunny Cradle 'n Swing if either of my kids wouldn’t nap this was the go to !

  104. shelby chrastil

    shelby chrastilMonth ago

    Bagels and cream cheese

  105. Fun Time with Presley Adams

    Fun Time with Presley AdamsMonth ago

    My dream is for you to see this PS I am So e excited to see him

  106. Fun Time with Presley Adams

    Fun Time with Presley AdamsMonth ago

    Omg I did not think you were going to see my comment

  107. Sury Saday

    Sury SadayMonth ago

    My mom has it and it works great