When Hijabi Girls Call A Salon #shorts

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  1. Saleh Family

    Saleh Family12 days ago

    FYI, I have an awesome stylist who accommodates for me but we need more salons for Hijabi girls to be inclusive!

  2. ToastyCaveMan

    ToastyCaveManDay ago

    Does a girl have to cut it?

  3. Lil Kac

    Lil Kac2 days ago

    Hi if I may ask, why do you prefer inclusive cuts? I’m curious as I’ve never heard of this due to cultural differences. I hope I don’t offend you by asking (not trying to offend just curious)☺️👍🏽

  4. Golden Yarn

    Golden Yarn4 days ago

    Can you go to another woman's house and get it cut? Some hair dressers do side work . My mil works in a salon but has long standing customers that rather come to the house than the go to the salon. Its quieter and no waiting. Then no need for a separate room ! I agree though this option might not be easily accessible so salons should definitely accommodate. It works for everyone.

  5. DiviningRod555

    DiviningRod5555 days ago

    Eh. Just do it yourself or open the salon sweetcheeks

  6. Closet Skeleton

    Closet Skeleton5 days ago

    I don't wear a hijab, but I have an awesome stylist very close to my neighborhood. Each room has sliding doors for complete privacy, and its helped a lot during the pandemic

  7. Arrowen Limbardae

    Arrowen Limbardae4 hours ago

    I never thought about this before. We need more salons that can accomdate such a simple request ❤️

  8. Roberto Cardoza

    Roberto Cardoza5 hours ago

    Never thought about how Hijabi girls get their haircuts in public. I learn something new today! Awesome videos!

  9. Rhubarb And Custard

    Rhubarb And Custard8 hours ago

    Can I get my hair cut privately in a salon and away from others with out being a Muslim? 🤔

  10. Tasneem Edwards

    Tasneem Edwards9 hours ago

    LOL the struggle is real , my mom goes to a private salon .

  11. Evelyn Newstead

    Evelyn Newstead9 hours ago

    Definitely feel for you! My friend tried everywhere but now I cut her hair ❤️

  12. zaynab

    zaynab11 hours ago

    We cut our hair in their lunch room

  13. BalloraPlayzz

    BalloraPlayzz16 hours ago

    I really appreciate the way that you guys work as a couple to spread information in a fun way! Thank you so much for sharing your culture with us!

  14. Elizabeth Mayberry

    Elizabeth Mayberry19 hours ago

    I used to go to a salon in Dearborn that had separate work areas in the back. If a man came in the stylist and certain ladies would just quietly get up and move to the cubicles with privacy partitions. It was very low key and no fuss. It seemed like the modification the salon had to make was quite minimal.

  15. Kris Rose

    Kris Rose19 hours ago


  16. gabi gabi

    gabi gabiDay ago

    Sorry but this is actually funny

  17. MrJ Ghostbell

    MrJ GhostbellDay ago

    Wait ok so love yalls vids as they teach alot more then typical stereotypes, I remember you saying if I get this wrong sorry but basically unless hes family to yall males ain't allowed to see your hair right? So are barbers (males) a exception? Or do you wait to find a Female Barber?

  18. bodoti qwiu

    bodoti qwiuDay ago

    Both sides are very understandable lol. Its kind of funny how she's like "yeah nevermind. I'll figure it out." Glads you actually have someone who can do it!

  19. Hey_stormy

    Hey_stormyDay ago

    Why do women wear hijabs?

  20. NoVaKane

    NoVaKaneDay ago

    Yeah .. no thanks

  21. bodoti qwiu

    bodoti qwiuDay ago

    Revert struggles 101

  22. Naima de la feunte

    Naima de la feunte2 days ago

    🤣🤣 So confusing

  23. fouoii gyhh

    fouoii gyhh2 days ago

    “We cut hair here not hijabs” lol

  24. cora rose

    cora rose2 days ago

    Getting my cosmetology license right now: noted.

  25. Mustafa Ali

    Mustafa Ali2 days ago

    Who's gonna tell him that he looks like Brawn strawman😅

  26. fouoii gyhh

    fouoii gyhh2 days ago

    Hijab cuts I am dying🤣🤣🤣🤣

  27. fancy octopus

    fancy octopus3 days ago

    It's so funny how they think we are cutting the actual hijab

  28. Natural Mystic One

    Natural Mystic One3 days ago

    Ask for private room to accommodate :)

  29. Jacqueline Lee

    Jacqueline Lee3 days ago

    So what she wanted was a private room so nobody else can see her hair but the person cutting her hair

  30. sara fekih said

    sara fekih said3 days ago

    My always sets up with a hairstylist that come to our home to cut our hair, honestly it's just more convenient and cheaper!!

  31. George Daniel

    George Daniel3 days ago

    She wants a box instead a bowl

  32. JayNizzy

    JayNizzy3 days ago

    This is interesting and yet again something I never considered. I wonder, would it be enough if the salon could truly guarantee that they have only women staff and only women are allowed in? Then, would it be ok to sit in an open area like in a traditional salon?

  33. Pearlie Givens

    Pearlie Givens3 days ago

    I know this won't help you but we live I live in Slidell Louisiana and my sister's a hairstyles stylus when I explained to her about and let her see the video she said oh man I need to get a room just for that she's never never came across it but she said just in case she'll put a she's thinking about putting a sink and a chair and then the The styling chair for y'all

  34. LittleBlue 2324

    LittleBlue 23243 days ago

    How short does your hair need to be

  35. Syeda Humaira Qamar

    Syeda Humaira Qamar3 days ago

    In Islam girls are not permissible to cut their hair with using scissors....

  36. Monica Martinez

    Monica Martinez3 days ago

    if I ever open a hairstylist place I want to search up everything about every single different culture that could end up coming to my salon just to make sure it accommodates everyone

  37. Julie Muriuki

    Julie Muriuki4 days ago

    Revert struggles 101

  38. Shaza Sidhik

    Shaza Sidhik4 days ago


  39. Kiran Anwar

    Kiran Anwar3 days ago

    I see it too now

  40. amir hussain

    amir hussain4 days ago

    Get a home hairdresser that will come to you.but still cool

  41. Efficient Future

    Efficient Future4 days ago

    Both sides are very understandable lol. Its kind of funny how she's like "yeah nevermind. I'll figure it out." Glads you actually have someone who can do it!

  42. Noorie Husain-y

    Noorie Husain-y4 days ago

    Hijab cuts I am dying🤣🤣🤣🤣

  43. Selvizhi Subramanian

    Selvizhi Subramanian4 days ago

    "We have a washroom..." I CANT- 😭💀🤣

  44. Jerimiah Phipps

    Jerimiah Phipps4 days ago

    Hahahaha that's hilarious but true 😂

  45. Guns or mi life You won’t take them from me

    Guns or mi life You won’t take them from me4 days ago

    Do you get hot with it on ?

  46. Ameera syeda

    Ameera syeda3 days ago

    Sometimes but u get used to it and depending on material it’s soothing idk if it’s just me🤣

  47. soinhu foitu

    soinhu foitu4 days ago

    Question, if few people ever see your hair then why not just do it yourself? Even if you screw up it’s not like a lot of people will see it

  48. Jayshree

    Jayshree4 days ago

    A box 😂

  49. jello fish

    jello fish4 days ago

    I never even thought about haircut. You know when you forget people have hair 😅...

  50. Jennifer Jenson

    Jennifer Jenson4 days ago

    Please what is Hijabi?

  51. Ameera syeda

    Ameera syeda3 days ago

    A person who wears hijab

  52. moony

    moony4 days ago

    me and my mum can relate 😂

  53. Katarina

    Katarina5 days ago

    I never realized what a challenge cutting hair could be! Thank you for sharing

  54. ray jones

    ray jones5 days ago

    When a haircut gets religious...✌🏻

  55. Ty Ackerman

    Ty Ackerman5 days ago

    I’m not sure if this is an offensive question or not. I don’t think it is, but I just want to make sure it is not. My question is, what happens if someone sees your hair?

  56. Ameera syeda

    Ameera syeda3 days ago

    A sin but there are lots of exemptions eg any medical situation,emergency,hostage,car crash....list of infinite situations man😂

  57. G. B.

    G. B.5 days ago

    I mean I'm sure it can't be too hard to find a salon with all women working at it you can make an appointment early you just like to make everything into an issue so you can feel special

  58. Jesas Maria

    Jesas Maria5 days ago

    Imagine needing a box to get your hair cut because skydaddy might disapprove.

  59. elf

    elf5 days ago

    Imagine your whole personality revolving around your religion

  60. Charming nowhere to hide

    Charming nowhere to hide5 days ago

    Instead of saying a “box” say a septet room

  61. Opie Badazz

    Opie Badazz5 days ago

    Did he say we cut hair not head jobs

  62. Royden Bloodsworth

    Royden Bloodsworth5 days ago

    Little silly but everyone is entitled to keep to their beliefs

  63. Charming nowhere to hide

    Charming nowhere to hide5 days ago

    So peak

  64. Ayko Chan uwu

    Ayko Chan uwu5 days ago

    Me : islam watching this GORL JUST GO TO A GIRL SALON DUH YOU HAVE 0% IQ

  65. Shane Bro

    Shane Bro5 days ago

    You guys are so awesome. Keep up the great work to help inform people of your culture.

  66. Sunethra

    Sunethra5 days ago

    There are options to find private salons. There are also female catered salons and if you ask them they do provide. We can't blame responses as North America isn't an Islamic ruled continent. Hard but that's just the way it is.

  67. sdovas

    sdovas5 days ago

    And unfortunately I suspect there is also a porn site called "Hijabi Girls"... jus' sayin'... ( what is that "Rule Number" for this sort of thing?)

  68. Dunne

    Dunne5 days ago

    It's called rule 34 where basically if you can think of something there is porn of it on it

  69. tWitchCraft And Tarot

    tWitchCraft And Tarot5 days ago

    I’ve been to one place where I got my hair cut and dyed privately. I’d say that’s more difficult that ya think. What if there’s only women there?

  70. Island crossing

    Island crossing5 days ago

    We need more hijabi salon's 😆❤😆

  71. Larik Mezey

    Larik Mezey5 days ago

    Yeah like we believe that being Muslim is cute..... C'mon now.

  72. o_o /

    o_o /5 days ago

    She’s just a person...

  73. Ahaahtred

    Ahaahtred5 days ago

    Let him come over for you at home and pay more 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  74. kayla the love

    kayla the love5 days ago

    My aunt has a private room for hair cuts

  75. Bring on 2021

    Bring on 20215 days ago

    It’s so hard to not hear that she can’t even get a haircut without having to be hidden away, just doesn’t sit right with me (And yes I understand it’s her ‘choice’. Still doesn’t make me feel less uneasy about it)

  76. danner 696

    danner 6965 days ago

    How depressingly repressive.

  77. TheSkarekroe

    TheSkarekroe5 days ago

    Or you could just be a normal person religion doesnt matter there is no god or heaven so why follow rules just cause some book written by humans told you to?

  78. TheSkarekroe

    TheSkarekroe5 days ago

    @o_o / yes... Lets say that as she gives up freedom to do what she wants cause a book said so...

  79. o_o /

    o_o /5 days ago

    @TheSkarekroe she has the freedom to do what she wants

  80. TheSkarekroe

    TheSkarekroe5 days ago

    @o_o / eh?

  81. o_o /

    o_o /5 days ago


  82. Lane Bordeaux

    Lane Bordeaux5 days ago

    I just cut mine at home now because if it's a bad haircut it doesnt matter that much and I dont want to pay extra for someone tonaccomdate my needs

  83. Fkfoti

    Fkfoti6 days ago

    So peak

  84. FI SOA

    FI SOA6 days ago

    Hijabis just cant explain right these days

  85. The mad lad

    The mad lad6 days ago

    you ain't special just because you wear a hijab

  86. o_o /

    o_o /5 days ago

    When did she say that?

  87. GamingLass

    GamingLass6 days ago

    If I ever open a beauty salon, I'll have seperate rooms (if anyone needs one, or just like to have whatever done in private) (it is my dream to open a beauty salon btw)

  88. fabulous legend

    fabulous legend6 days ago

    You are taking the religion too serious.

  89. Lily Hennessey-Coyle

    Lily Hennessey-Coyle6 days ago

    Why can’t people make things custom for everybody’s believes and other things like ummmmm disabilities not saying that you believe it a disabilitie

  90. Bring on 2021

    Bring on 20215 days ago

    Did you just compare religious choice to a disability

  91. Raiza Davids

    Raiza Davids6 days ago

    Is that a bts Hoody thingy on his head?

  92. Orellana Anthuan

    Orellana Anthuan6 days ago

    Im sure god doesn’t want us seeing their hair 😂😂😂

  93. Clara Valenzuela

    Clara Valenzuela6 days ago

    i don't know if you have already made a video about this but do you have to wear the hijab (i'm so sorry if that's not what it's called or how you spell it) if you have no hair on your head?

  94. shinedown crawling

    shinedown crawling6 days ago

    Why is it that we have a funny skit and some people have to be so serious not everything has to be so serious u have to have some humor in your life some people need to lighten up at times or if they were serious 24/7 it would be boring who’s with me

  95. Someone Talking

    Someone Talking6 days ago

    I’ve only ever gone to a salon once and it was just to straighten my hair. It was at a mall that was owned by my ethnic group. My mom cuts my hair most of the time though

  96. 10th letter

    10th letter6 days ago

    Cut your own hair? I mean, seems simpler

  97. MikiKiki

    MikiKiki6 days ago

    Cut your hair at home. It’s not like you’re disabled and need special accommodations.

  98. Helia Tavakoli

    Helia Tavakoli6 days ago


  99. Timothy Curler

    Timothy Curler6 days ago

    You want a box and accommodations then maybe Google a place that specializes in that type of thing...or book a flight back home for a haircut 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  100. o_o /

    o_o /5 days ago

    I’m pretty sure she was born in the US

  101. Timothy Curler

    Timothy Curler6 days ago


  102. Shine banana

    Shine banana6 days ago

    Do they need hairstyles if they are gonne wear a hijab anyway

  103. Logan Kline

    Logan Kline6 days ago

    Seek Gods face alone, Christ is the only way to heaven. Without the savior to pay the price of our sins their is no salvation for the unrighteous. No amount of tradition or rituals will save our souls only the true acceptance of Christ in our hearts will tie us into the tree of life. Keep repenting and seeking the truth 🙏

  104. That Girl

    That Girl6 days ago

    In Malaysia, most hairstylists are non-muslims. And they usually have a private room at the back or just an enclosed area they prepared for girls with hijab. Although, I prefer cutting my hair on my own, I do go there to wash my hair or some extra haircare thingy.

  105. Adeena Amatullah

    Adeena Amatullah6 days ago


  106. soinu foig

    soinu foig6 days ago

    ❤️🧕🇨🇦 we love all hair!! And EVERYONE !! Everyone is equal here❤️🙏🏽🇨🇦

  107. Richard Fleming

    Richard Fleming6 days ago

    i find this really helpful for school! keep up the great work 💕🥰

  108. Richard Fleming

    Richard Fleming6 days ago

    i find this really helpful for school! keep up the great work 💕🥰

  109. soinu foig

    soinu foig6 days ago

    This is cool because my life goal is to create a hair salon where all races are included. There will DEFINITELY be private rooms for women with hijabs!

  110. chihuahua bently

    chihuahua bently6 days ago

    Is anyone gonna talk about the old school phone ring with the modern day cell phone? 😅

  111. chihuahua bently

    chihuahua bently6 days ago

    Dang... the things you don’t think about when you don’t have to think about them.... obviously this is a beautiful expression for you guys (well ladies 😅), but yeah, there should be more accommodation for this o.o

  112. Littlebit01 Gameing

    Littlebit01 Gameing6 days ago

    Why do you where that bc I never fond out

  113. Parallel- Knight

    Parallel- Knight6 days ago

    That must be a real pain ahaha

  114. Zoop

    Zoop6 days ago

    "no" **Hangs up phone**

  115. Jahan R

    Jahan R6 days ago


  116. MGN01

    MGN016 days ago

    Too many rules. When one works on purifying their heart, these religious/cultural rules seem burdensome.

  117. Phox Games

    Phox Games6 days ago

    Sounds privileged and demanding. Go to a Muslim salon, cut it yourself, etc. The world doesn't need to conform to individual beliefs. Although smart market would be to upcharge for a private cut.

  118. o_o /

    o_o /5 days ago

    This video is not trying to ask for accommodation, it’s a recount of an experience.

  119. Jabriah Peery

    Jabriah Peery6 days ago

    Plz Show your hair

  120. Gacha Peanut

    Gacha Peanut6 days ago

    I meet a twelve year old she was nice and she wears one of those I know what they are called but u don’t know how to spell it

  121. Hailey Werner

    Hailey Werner6 days ago

    I know you design hijabs but would you ever be offended if you saw someone wearing your hijabs that you designed as a scarf and would that be disrespectful to Muslims

  122. Innocent being

    Innocent being6 days ago

    how do we marry legally?

  123. 2GB gamer

    2GB gamer6 days ago

    Not again I don't wanna see this stuff you tube