Kamaru Usman vs Colby Covington - Crowd Reaction

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  1. Breland stewart

    Breland stewartDay ago


  2. Gregory Diggs

    Gregory Diggs4 days ago

    It is great to see Covington get his ass beat

  3. Prashant speaks

    Prashant speaks5 days ago

    What about the finger to the eye incident?

  4. Fernando Lins

    Fernando Lins5 days ago

    Que mão mais pesada. Só encostou

  5. davon wilson

    davon wilson6 days ago

    Colby the new connor Mcnuggets he wants 2 fight a rich black man get his ass whipped but rich 4 the rest of his Pathetic life!!🤣🤣🤣

  6. Ryan Harrod

    Ryan Harrod6 days ago

    He was punching him in the back of the head the whole time at the end.

  7. Sean Bradley

    Sean Bradley7 days ago

    Ref should’ve let USMAN keep going... Just batter him unrecognizable...


    JAMES GICHINE8 days ago

    One of the best fights of all times. Classic.

  9. Samuel Abasi

    Samuel Abasi8 days ago

    The tale of two C’s: Conor: my foot was a balloon Colby: I think I broke my jaw

  10. Niggar Family

    Niggar Family8 days ago

    Man that stoppage looked pretty weak he wasn’t doing damage

  11. Jonathan Brown

    Jonathan Brown9 days ago

    Colby got dropped and pounded😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆

  12. Fernando Gurrola

    Fernando Gurrola9 days ago

    Two upper cuts and a flying nee and there both done

  13. Arkan Sajid

    Arkan Sajid10 days ago

    Usman he do a great job

  14. Robert Hoskins

    Robert Hoskins11 days ago


  15. Jeff Jones

    Jeff Jones11 days ago

    I love watching maga maggots get their jaws broken

  16. Cheif Investigator

    Cheif Investigator11 days ago

    What a most beautiful sight... Wham bamb thank you ma’am...

  17. Kooter859

    Kooter85912 days ago

    I can watch this over and over again it's so nice to watch a Trumper have his face broke.

  18. MAK Kal

    MAK Kal12 days ago

    Of course he doesn’t hug a D1 wrestler, what a Snoozman bich

  19. Charle Normon

    Charle Normon12 days ago

    I guess Marty hits hard

  20. Terry Lovely

    Terry Lovely12 days ago

    He talked sooooo much shit and got his ass BEAT!!!

  21. L Rodrigues

    L Rodrigues12 days ago

    Never gets old watching the real American beat up the pretend American who has probably never even read the constitution

  22. L Rodrigues

    L Rodrigues12 days ago

    Who was that butch running backward the whole time? Kamaru looked like a real American there 🍔🍔🍔 🌭🌭🌭🇺🇲🇳🇬🇺🇲

  23. Greg LeBeau

    Greg LeBeau12 days ago

    Sorry if it offends anyone but watching Colby get his jaw broke and face smashed by Usman gives me more energy than a pot of coffee first thing in the morning... hard feeling to beat haha

  24. Tell-it

    Tell-it12 days ago

    The camera guy was heartbroken he turned it off real fast 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  25. Tell-it

    Tell-it12 days ago

    Usman will end colby faster if they rematched. Usman just Unlocked 45% and colby can never beat Burns

  26. Blue eyes

    Blue eyes12 days ago

    When Covington starts flappin' bout how great he is, this pic of him on his knees, bloody, waiting on the ref will come to mind

  27. Chris V

    Chris V12 days ago


  28. J. David

    J. David13 days ago

    Shame Colby got called for an imaginary eye poke...he would have finished Usman!

  29. J. David

    J. David12 days ago

    @Tell-it tell me how I am wrong? I'm saying this as a educated fighter...plain as day to a educated fan as well. I'm not saying it was a horrible break but it means the difference between championships and you have to acknowledge that!

  30. Tell-it

    Tell-it12 days ago


  31. O.G

    O.G13 days ago

    Its funny how covington is consideret one of the best cardiomachines in the ufc and usman finish him in the 5’ round as if nothing happend. Maybe time to ask some questions...

  32. Adam Allan

    Adam Allan13 days ago

    Where’s Donald trump to save u now Colby

  33. james seven6

    james seven613 days ago

    Wish the ref had let it go. Colby didn't learn his lesson

  34. james seven6

    james seven613 days ago

    Colby, "why did you stop it mommy i like school"



    Destroyed his dumb ass lol

  36. Spażżö

    Spażżö13 days ago

    Ahh.. love watching racist trump supporters get their asses kicked..

  37. Bonnie Beats

    Bonnie Beats13 days ago

    One of the best fights ever, loved it!, Hope they do it again.

  38. The mind of Jonathan

    The mind of Jonathan13 days ago

    The body shots.....colby couldn't take them.

  39. Johnny Pockets

    Johnny Pockets13 days ago

    Fook the crowd

  40. Videomega

    Videomega13 days ago

    I gotta go back and watch to be sure.. but wasn't the crowd chanting Colby the whole match ?

  41. brucelee Michaud

    brucelee Michaud13 days ago

    Godlike usman

  42. Josh Brown

    Josh Brown13 days ago

    This guy recording was lucky enough to be there that night... and he had the same view of the fight I did because he watched it through his phone. His memory of that sequence is not different than the couple hundred who watched his upload because he'd rather show his life than live it. Nothing against him personally; I just wish people had different values these days.

  43. Lou Sasoul

    Lou Sasoul13 days ago

    Lol Trump did nothing wrong. Thanks Obama.

  44. Jason Derulo

    Jason Derulo13 days ago

    Colby got absolutely robbed this fight, first by the fake eye poke called when Colby would’ve 100% finished Kamaru then the terrible stoppage after Colby was up four rounds.... the only oppressed groups in America are conservatives and Christians.

  45. jose c

    jose c14 days ago

    Colby told the Audience, It was Fake News that he lost...

  46. Tanner Merrick

    Tanner Merrick14 days ago

    Sooo satisfying to watch loud mouth get his jaw broke.

  47. Digital Tony

    Digital Tony14 days ago

    Run it back UFC!!

  48. Lawrence Robinson

    Lawrence Robinson14 days ago

    There’s some idiots out there who say Colby wasn’t finished yet the fight was stopped “ that sounds like a finish to me”

  49. Tronald Dumps

    Tronald Dumps18 hours ago

    You call them idiots for saying it. I kind of think you're an idiot for not understanding that they mean the fight was stopped early. But to each their own I guess

  50. REPO MAN

    REPO MAN14 days ago

    Good ref call he wa as done even if not he was gased . Good call ref

  51. taizer

    taizer14 days ago

    Colby still days he was fine lol and winning. Similar to trump lol

  52. Lubaby Yea

    Lubaby Yea14 days ago

    Early stoppage

  53. Low Road

    Low Road14 days ago

    All that trash Colby was talking. Rag dolled and knocked out.

  54. Raul Unzueta

    Raul Unzueta14 days ago

    All this fuzz because Usman is afraid of Masbidal... hajajaaaa

  55. Raul Unzueta

    Raul Unzueta14 days ago

    Biden vs DD but byden had to wind twice

  56. Microwave go Mmmm

    Microwave go Mmmm14 days ago


  57. Cody Turner

    Cody Turner14 days ago

    There was literally seconds left in that fight and they had been bashing each other in the face for five rounds and that ref decided to stop it just because he was sprawled out by the looks of it he was intelligently defending himself

  58. DAM D

    DAM D14 days ago

    No he wasn’t, he gave up and wasn’t fighting back or defending himself, ref saved him from further brain damages. Usman would have ended his UFC career.

  59. Bart Simpson

    Bart Simpson14 days ago

    That’s when his jaw was already broke. He was winning until then

  60. Jon Zafari

    Jon Zafari14 days ago

    Very good

  61. Godwin Anthony

    Godwin Anthony14 days ago

    I subscribed for usman n Colby both.

  62. ElHandi 18.7

    ElHandi 18.714 days ago

    If this looks this amazing, just imagine what the gladiators would have looked like at the coliseum.

  63. Jeff Omalley

    Jeff Omalley14 days ago

    I fucking love watching Colby get knocked the fuck out. The ref should of let usman drop like 5 more punches to his face untill the fucking loser was nearly dead on the ground. Nobody likes that piece of shit Colby. I honestly was hoping he could never fight again or even walk again after us man finished him.

  64. Dieu-Huyen Tran

    Dieu-Huyen Tran14 days ago

    This is Usman’s toughest fight. No wonder he doesn’t want a rematch with Colby. He picks an easier fight in Masvidal

  65. DAM D

    DAM D14 days ago

    Right, despite breaking his jaw and winning that fight, Usman is scared of Colby🤣. Colby’s fanboys are hilarious.

  66. Rudy Chamorro

    Rudy Chamorro14 days ago

    Was everyone booing?

  67. 3xtra Terrestrial

    3xtra Terrestrial14 days ago

    "Marty fake newsman". You can hear the fake love from the BLM supporters not caring who Usman is. Just that they hate Colby

  68. Daniel Zepeda

    Daniel Zepeda14 days ago

    Colby won

  69. Razr Sliq

    Razr Sliq14 days ago

    Yet idiots like Colby and casuals alike will say the Fight was stopped prematurely. Colby was getting destroyed in there.

  70. Ruben Hernandez

    Ruben Hernandez14 days ago

    👏Kamaru.. Fuck Covington

  71. Anthony Carreira

    Anthony Carreira15 days ago

    Rematch is the only fight I want to see Usman in

  72. capcomfan82

    capcomfan8215 days ago

    Terrible stoppage

  73. Alexis Pimentel

    Alexis Pimentel15 days ago

    Por bocon

  74. Name Name

    Name Name15 days ago

    I'm not sure that guy was out of the fight

  75. Bryan Selva

    Bryan Selva15 days ago

    Can you believe that the judge's scorecards show a close fight. Investigate those Judges! Lmao

  76. King Slayer

    King Slayer15 days ago

    This was after Marty's 27th timeout

  77. Paco Bubury

    Paco Bubury15 days ago

    La verdad es que la mayoría de los peleadores de este deporte tienen un deficiente boxeo. El moreno metía mas o menos los rectos pero muy mala defensa y contragolpe, nada de movimientos de cintura.

  78. Moustapha Talhaoui

    Moustapha Talhaoui15 days ago

    Salaam brother Usman is punishing Coby badly for the big mouth 👍🇲🇦💪

  79. Buzz Light-year

    Buzz Light-year15 days ago

    Fook colby😜

  80. Jamie

    Jamie15 days ago

    One of the best fights I’ve ever watched

  81. fatfinger 101

    fatfinger 10115 days ago

    Early stoppage

  82. donjulio gorillaglue

    donjulio gorillaglue15 days ago

    That wasn't an early stop, you literally see his forearm touch the canvas . while getting simultaneously punched upside the head

  83. kuzco420

    kuzco42015 days ago

    Much like Colby, my jaw hit the floor when I saw this tko.

  84. Jay Baggs

    Jay Baggs15 days ago

    Bitch boy Colby Covington keep Lebron name outta your mouth...

  85. Matt Robichaud

    Matt Robichaud15 days ago

    LOVE the reaction from Joe 😂 As always!

  86. Michael Bailey

    Michael Bailey15 days ago

    People hatin on colby have no respect, hes at the top

  87. Николай Y

    Николай Y15 days ago

    Рефери рано остановил

  88. David Smith

    David Smith15 days ago

    I'd like to see Usuma fight 3 round with a broken jaw

  89. JoondaGoon

    JoondaGoon15 days ago

    Ahah even the fans call him marty

  90. Carlos Soares

    Carlos Soares15 days ago


  91. Michael Malta

    Michael Malta15 days ago

    Fuck Marty

  92. 1 King

    1 King15 days ago

    Jawbreaker finish 😂

  93. Maria Mamart

    Maria Mamart15 days ago

    🤙💪👌 👏👏👏👏👏

  94. Tyler Ray

    Tyler Ray15 days ago

    Usman made MMA Great Again with that one ✊🏾💀😂

  95. Alex Terkin

    Alex Terkin15 days ago

    Very bad. I hate usman


    PIXEL POTATO15 days ago

    That ref did Colby a favor,he stopped the fight way to early

  97. H. Rod

    H. Rod15 days ago

    A lot of trump supporters are not happy

  98. Officially Official

    Officially Official15 days ago

    Satisfying seeing Covington get his beans handed to him lol

  99. K1llmoore Finest tree rat slayer

    K1llmoore Finest tree rat slayer15 days ago

    Early stoppage

  100. TeleSamGram

    TeleSamGram15 days ago

    Colby was clearly winning this fight as we can see here. Would have ended Usman with that single leg if only the ref had allow the fight to continue. But no matter what, Colby still is Eric's and Ivankas favourite pool boy and no one can take his place ever! Shame Usman can't fight Covington again, real shameful man... Would have been the charitable thing to do

  101. Oscar Robertson

    Oscar Robertson15 days ago

    I was there in vegas sitting next to 2 Colby fans wearing Maga hats . It was insane. Was awesome seeing Usman finish him.The couple left their hats in the chair after the Fight 😂😂 I've been to many live UFC events .That was one of the craziest

  102. randall paraday

    randall paraday15 days ago

    Why wouldn't u be a trump supporter when the other side hates God and wants to take away your freedoms?

  103. Kind Drunk

    Kind Drunk15 days ago

    I was there!!!

  104. ZUFFER 167

    ZUFFER 16715 days ago

    Colby fake newsman entertainment

  105. Uniquely Me.

    Uniquely Me.15 days ago

    Pure joy the blood of a champion

  106. Sayeed Muhammad

    Sayeed Muhammad15 days ago

    I heard the black warriors undefeated keep up the good work defeating the other man know what I mean brother man