Owner Asks Dog Questions About Who Is a Good Boy And Whom Will They Cuddle - 1174073

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  1. TheEvilRaccoon

    TheEvilRaccoon15 minutes ago

    Cat: _"You'll regret the day you didn't elect me as a 'good boy,' dog."_

  2. XxSavageXx

    XxSavageXx18 minutes ago


  3. Julie Clark

    Julie Clark45 minutes ago

    Oh my god my heart !!!

  4. angelslayer95

    angelslayer95Hour ago

    Is Harry a good boy? Cat: "Bitch doesn't realize these two mofos be hiding treats under the rug. What a dumbass."

  5. Adhnan Ak1234

    Adhnan Ak12342 hours ago


  6. Adrian Stoian

    Adrian Stoian3 hours ago

    Biased dog!

  7. Greg Nixon

    Greg Nixon4 hours ago

    English Golden Retrievers are what people aspire to be.

  8. Vandana. L

    Vandana. L5 hours ago

    I can't stop my Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  9. Joe Chino

    Joe Chino9 hours ago

    The owner is not a good boy.🤷🏻‍♂️

  10. WoolCurve

    WoolCurve10 hours ago

    damn thats cute

  11. Jack Stiner

    Jack Stiner12 hours ago

    I see numbers

  12. 5002 Divija Sharma 6 A

    5002 Divija Sharma 6 A12 hours ago

    When he is hugging kiko. Both are look soo cutiieee.

  13. M 4 z

    M 4 z17 hours ago

    What a fine boi.

  14. Asura

    Asura17 hours ago

    Cat lovers: Harrys a good boi! Also cat lovers: He doesnt give a shit! Me: Fuck cats

  15. Dan Taylor

    Dan Taylor19 hours ago

    That is absolutely adaorable, I have a 6 month old free roaming bunny and a 13 year old German Shepherd, that cuddle, but have also thought that I want a labradore

  16. kenny opinmind

    kenny opinmind19 hours ago

    859 dislikes why

  17. WhyGuy

    WhyGuy20 hours ago

    She sounds like that vegan teacher

  18. Emre

    Emre20 hours ago

    Harry like “i guess fuck me”

  19. luke sunshine

    luke sunshine22 hours ago

    POV: you said awwwww

  20. can çelik

    can çelik23 hours ago


  21. Ilbabambas Ilbabambas

    Ilbabambas IlbabambasDay ago


  22. derdaclskn

    derdaclsknDay ago


  23. derdaclskn

    derdaclsknDay ago


  24. derdaclskn

    derdaclsknDay ago


  25. Weeb 101

    Weeb 101Day ago

    The cat is basically me in any sort of game or dinner just not caring about anything.

  26. Mr Raban

    Mr RabanDay ago

    We don't deserve dogs.

  27. Bmore Bob

    Bmore BobDay ago

    I literally can’t. But I do kinda feel bad for the kitty

  28. Rae S

    Rae SDay ago

    i remember her voice from the "i gave you a chewie, you stole his chewie" video

  29. Tinny

    TinnyDay ago

    "are you a good boy?" "BARK" "is harry a good boy?" "sure"

  30. Quirx 1701

    Quirx 1701Day ago

    Kitty don't care!

  31. Dennis Weifenbach

    Dennis WeifenbachDay ago

    Dogs do not lie.

  32. MoTC

    MoTCDay ago

    How tf do you train a dog to hug another dog, lol. And why?? 😄

  33. j.c man

    j.c manDay ago

    Cat: you know what I don't even want the hug but you racist.

  34. Cairo Alexander

    Cairo AlexanderDay ago

    good thing the cat dont give AF

  35. nick p

    nick pDay ago

    Cat was like gurl stfu give me some food im done with all this shi..

  36. Happy Nuggets

    Happy NuggetsDay ago

    cats generally are idiots.

  37. Stephen Perretti

    Stephen PerrettiDay ago

    What a wonderful video.

  38. Bot 420

    Bot 420Day ago

    I can't breath...

  39. buck musky

    buck muskyDay ago

    I was minding my business, just watching an ol' timer build a log cabin with just hand tools and then you recommended me this and of course I'm gonna click on that thumbnail and title and now I'm typing a run on sentence because I feel stuff and I love those doggos and sorta even the cat too. Why am I like this.

  40. pholse

    pholseDay ago

    Cat: "This line of questioning is rigged"

  41. Brandi Brown

    Brandi BrownDay ago


  42. ja maguire

    ja maguireDay ago

    0:18 "Asked and answered, babe."

  43. sadas

    sadasDay ago

    "Is Harry a good boy?" Harry: There is no way to answer that question without insulting me.

  44. Anonymous creep

    Anonymous creepDay ago

    Meanwhile, Harry gives you the cold sarcastic look, apparently he has had enough of this sh*t.

  45. Magoo Northern Light

    Magoo Northern LightDay ago


  46. Tavishi Naidu

    Tavishi NaiduDay ago

    aren't these two golden retrievers the one who hugged each other when one of the golden retriever ate their chewy??? anyone can relate??

  47. Ashli Varghese

    Ashli VargheseDay ago

    he doesn't know what cuddle is. He knows it's something fun, he picks his friend ❤️

  48. Sara Woods

    Sara WoodsDay ago

    Actually what you are interpreting as hugging is domination of the one over the other so it’s messing with his head

  49. Cute Dogs Kids’ Fun Music

    Cute Dogs Kids’ Fun MusicDay ago

    So cute. I just cannot control myself to say ‘ I love you’ 💕

  50. Nick Polizzi

    Nick PolizziDay ago

    Watson is beautiful!

  51. FrankieDenise Cice

    FrankieDenise Cice2 days ago

    LOVE 💕❤💕❤💕

  52. JokerYT

    JokerYT2 days ago

    This is not even wholesome anymore. She obviously gave the dog a treat every time he did that to train him. So he doesn't do it cause he wants to, he just does it for the treat.

  53. Manav Kampani

    Manav Kampani2 days ago

    Cats don't even care.

  54. Matt Joseph

    Matt Joseph2 days ago

    Catto? I don’t know about him. Must investigate further. Kikko is cool though!

  55. AK The Noob Gamer

    AK The Noob Gamer2 days ago

    Cat is alone.. Bring another cat and.. Ask same questions to the cat.. Then it will be fair..

  56. lelechenle

    lelechenle2 days ago

    Stfu I'm crying 😭😭 I really really REALLY want a puppy or cat or some pet idec if it's illegal in my country

  57. boys4jesus maggi

    boys4jesus maggi2 days ago

    I feel bad for the cat

  58. Ana De La Colina Reich

    Ana De La Colina Reich2 days ago

    the part when the dog hugs the other one was so cute awwwwwwwwwww

  59. Brad Bullen

    Brad Bullen2 days ago

    Made me smile 😊

  60. dragnotfound

    dragnotfound2 days ago

    im wondering if dogs can understand humans now

  61. Kunal Bhale

    Kunal Bhale2 days ago

    poor Cat.

  62. Nikhil jayasanker

    Nikhil jayasanker2 days ago

    The cat was like : I'm too good for you anyway

  63. Nah Never uploading!

    Nah Never uploading!2 days ago

    Aww that's cue

  64. steven Hansen

    steven Hansen2 days ago


  65. sacred333333

    sacred3333332 days ago

    Watson loves everyone

  66. Darkened Sky

    Darkened Sky2 days ago

    kitty left the game....

  67. JK Speaks

    JK Speaks2 days ago


  68. B P

    B P2 days ago

    The cat just looks annoyed

  69. Sayruahs

    Sayruahs2 days ago

    I thought he was going to eat his head

  70. Ewiz rush

    Ewiz rush2 days ago

    I think his owner taught him a command that whenever she says "Kiko" then he has to hug kiko

  71. DTG

    DTG2 days ago

    Cat: am I a joke to you?



    the best moment one of un dog

  73. comercole

    comercole2 days ago

    love his bark!!!

  74. dane mount

    dane mount2 days ago

    Is it me or thats girl cute voice just makes you wanna marry her?😂

  75. Fire Horse

    Fire Horse2 days ago

    Beautiful pets all round but I hope the owner gave the cat a cuddle.

  76. Ms kolkata

    Ms kolkata2 days ago


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  78. redsrollingnow1

    redsrollingnow12 days ago

    What lovely dogs and you have such a lovely way with them! I like the video when you asked who stole Kiko's chewy and it is just soooo sweet! I have just subscribed to your channel . . . . 👍😎❤👍😎

  79. Austin Pham

    Austin Pham2 days ago

    how can 800 people not like this

  80. armyy fam

    armyy fam2 days ago

    that's the cutest even 0:23 I wish I had dogs that are like that!! 😥💔

  81. Robert Cole

    Robert Cole2 days ago

    Very sweet, I think I`m becoming more soppy the older I get. Thank you for USlikes clip. Robert

  82. Psychic Sign

    Psychic Sign2 days ago

    2 years ago

  83. Sebastian Weissbacher

    Sebastian Weissbacher2 days ago

    Dogs are so smart man and lots of the time underrated with their intelligence

  84. Leo Goloveshkin

    Leo Goloveshkin2 days ago

    The cat's face I'm dying XD

  85. KLASO

    KLASO2 days ago

    i love how she gubboy

  86. DeuceGenius

    DeuceGenius2 days ago


  87. asha chaudhary

    asha chaudhary2 days ago

    if you guys have noticed, Watson always hugs Kiko from the left side.

  88. Саша Погодин

    Саша Погодин2 days ago

    Собака понимает, что она говорит, а я нихуя

  89. Body bags

    Body bags2 days ago

    My soul

  90. Muhammad Zia Ur Rahman

    Muhammad Zia Ur Rahman2 days ago

    Watson answer to everything is HUG kiko ☺️

  91. Kaidude1234 Hasan Sarfaraz

    Kaidude1234 Hasan Sarfaraz2 days ago

    The Cat: Humans and Dogs, so inferior, yet they still try and judge me by their pathetic standards.

  92. ZekromInfinity

    ZekromInfinity3 days ago

    Some random twitter retard : wow you raise a racist dog

  93. simon may

    simon may3 days ago

    So so beautiful

  94. Axllea

    Axllea3 days ago

    Don't worry Harry I love you

  95. Neil MacAdam

    Neil MacAdam3 days ago

    This is animal abuse!11!1!1!1!1 😡😡😡😡😳😡😳😡😳😡😳😡😳😡😳😡😳😡😳😡😳😡😳

  96. GB5393

    GB53933 days ago

    Oh my gosh that is so cute

  97. Peter Vansan

    Peter Vansan3 days ago

    Fucking 240p video in 2021, what the actual fuck

  98. Marius Baranauskas

    Marius Baranauskas3 days ago

    800 dislikes are from cat owners :D

  99. teddylifer

    teddylifer3 days ago

    Wow this is surreal

  100. Rica- Mora-

    Rica- Mora-3 days ago

    Bro, dogs are literally the Moral Compasses of humanity. Idefk why some people brutalize puppies.