Thieves HIT AGAIN! so we Build a Snow Bunker ...

Thieves steal our equipment trailer. We build a snow bunker with a new loader. We break up ice Banks with the backhoe, then stack the snow into a bunker and we pile the equipment inside.


  1. Åge Anders Gilde

    Åge Anders Gilde14 hours ago

    If you look up hanomag 60e then you can see a full size loader with the same setup

  2. Logan Nelson

    Logan Nelson22 hours ago

    Damn I wish I would’ve known you were coming. I plow there for Dustin lol

  3. Bob Smith

    Bob SmithDay ago

    Critter cameras and lockout hitches.

  4. bullithed james

    bullithed jamesDay ago

    Well that's gone forever

  5. Bigmo Rivera

    Bigmo RiveraDay ago

    Stanley Did you Check Out The Building Near The Trailer Or Parking Lot For Cameras That It Be Able To Help You Out Or A Camera 🎥 Point Of View Of The Entryways Or Different Exit 🤜🏽 I Hope You Catch The Fucker Who Did It...Happy Big Birthday 🎂 To You SAM 👍🏽

  6. lakesideinc

    lakesideinc2 days ago

    everyone knows Cats. are expensive ,,, but to steal them didnt make sense till i looked at what they are made of ... Palladium ,,,,,,,, Ask price per oz. $2,403.28 ... compared to Gold ,,,,, ask price per oz. $1725.11 as of 3/3/21 and rising ...... i called this 5 yrs, ago when people were buying Gold to buy Palladium it was around 500 a oz. then ... i told everyone to watch it because if Trump came through and brought jobs,, new car sales would rocket and with Everything now having catalitic converters ,, the price of Palladium would rocket up ..... i'd say i made a good call ... but unfurtunitly ,, around that time i became disabled and didnt have the funds to buy any .. DAMN!!!

  7. lakesideinc

    lakesideinc2 days ago

    if i were you id make sure that engine compartment on the new tractor is locked like fort knoks ....thats a new converter and they wont have to clean that one before melting it down ..... PS ... now you know why the Cat. Converters cost so so much

  8. Luis Perez

    Luis Perez2 days ago

    That sucks man! Tbh I'm kind of suspicious it was someone that knows your equipment pretty well because they specifically stole only the good straps... If it was someone that doesn't know you or your equipment, they would've taken everything from that storage box. I mean why would they waste their time trying to open a tool box and take only tne expensive stuff and not everything else since they're already there and were able to open it. Thieves that doesn't know what is inside something, they'll just take everything to then find out what's worth more or what's better when they actually have the time to find out. I may be wrong, but I definitely think it was someone that knows your equipment. They either stole it themselves or had someone else do it. I would look into it.

  9. Tim Sheneman

    Tim Sheneman2 days ago

    again. it is someone you know.

  10. MoVieZafterMidNiGhT

    MoVieZafterMidNiGhT2 days ago

    This monster needs a pto shaft and a 3 point hitch for all the urban farmers coming up with global warming and collapsing economy, can pull maybe a 5-6 bottom plow behind that?

  11. Jonny- B

    Jonny- B2 days ago

    Wait... they stole your catalytic converter? Fucking people. Not worth it for insurance of course, I know about that. Crazy labor you had to put in just to counter fucking low life thieves who are getting high on your hard work. Or even worse, are just true low life thieves stealing because they've lazy fucks.

  12. Mudpaws Voom

    Mudpaws Voom2 days ago

    I wish I could be there to help you guys out to secure your place I'm a locksmith and I know a lot of little ins and outs to make a really really hard for thieves to steal things .

  13. Tom Flourre

    Tom Flourre3 days ago

    Based on my experience with having things stolen, the way it was explained to me is yes, they prorate the value of the merchandise stolen. They give you that up front. Then when you replace the merchandise you submit the receipts and they reimburse you for out of pocket expenses. That's the way it was handled with my insurance company anyway.

  14. Swamp Rat

    Swamp Rat3 days ago

    I think it is about time you got the cops out of Krispy Cream doughnuts and back to work.

  15. the gaming channel

    the gaming channel3 days ago

    Get out of that ford aka turd

  16. Wade Lasch

    Wade Lasch3 days ago


  17. Ken Shores

    Ken Shores3 days ago

    so who are the trolls that dis your site.

  18. Electric Life

    Electric Life3 days ago

    With a couple $100,000 in equipment, why would you not have a fenced in shop yard to store equipment in with security cameras?

  19. James

    James3 days ago

    Love the Texas Pride sticker on the dirt trailer. Much love from Texas

  20. Janoy Cresva

    Janoy Cresva3 days ago

    You're turning into a town boy Stan! Fancy front facing loader, aluminum ramps, and the stillwell jack. I dont even know who you are anymore. LOL Jk

  21. Gibson Pike04

    Gibson Pike044 days ago

    Cat controls are the only controls!

  22. Dustin Smith

    Dustin Smith4 days ago

    This kept happening to my boss also. He put trackers on legit everything. Even walk behind mowers

  23. ivan farmer

    ivan farmer4 days ago

    can I please have a shout out also sorry that some stuff got stolen hope that nun of our get stolen

  24. Deeb

    Deeb4 days ago

    No cameras for your equipment but you have a camera for your face?? Cameras everywhere should be installed.

  25. 40 Block Studios

    40 Block Studios4 days ago

    How bout build warehouse to store your stuff

  26. Joshua Dykstra

    Joshua Dykstra4 days ago

    An easy option to make trailer theft much more difficult is removing the safety brake cable from the trailer if you're leaving it in a location that isn't secure. When they hook up to their truck it will lock up the wheels because the trailer will think it's come off it's transport vehicle. Of course, if a criminal wants it bad enough they'll find a way. That sucks man.

  27. Joshua Dykstra

    Joshua Dykstra4 days ago

    It's easy to gps equipment, and it's possible to gps a trailer hiding the unit in the battery box of the brake system but because the gps unit won't get continual power it would be a little more tricky to track. I started gps equipping my iron and it's been pretty awesome! long range remote starting via satellite communication, I can see if a battery is going soft in real time, I can set geo fences that alert my cell phone if unauthorized equipment use is going on; engine hours at my desk making maintenance very easy to track and resolve operator issues quickly and professionally. I'm an actual user not a seller and Canadian, you guys have way better and cheaper options down south. I highly recommend you look into this if you haven't already. Insurance companies also love it, so over time the cost may be recovered.

  28. Jesse Mainville

    Jesse Mainville4 days ago

    Maybe this should have been done the first time they stole

  29. Davidandrew S

    Davidandrew S5 days ago

    Delete it. Delete it.

  30. Chris

    Chris5 days ago

    you need a warehouse to store your gear!

  31. CourtnRob

    CourtnRob5 days ago

    None of the business's have cameras?

  32. Larry Barnes

    Larry Barnes5 days ago

    You don’t have to replace it when it’s plugged you can pull it of and have it cleaned we send them in and they bake them at high temp and it cleans them out really good and the price for that is around 500 dollars

  33. Brian Rosburg

    Brian Rosburg5 days ago

    Trail cam that send pictures to your phone. 👍🏻

  34. serafin nieves

    serafin nieves5 days ago

    There are GPS tracking devices gadgets that you can attach to the gear,trailer,etc if you're leaving them overnight or unattended. for next time. They work great and lead you right to your equipment. It's cheaper and worth it.

  35. john bernier

    john bernier5 days ago

    park 1 of your MACHINE across the front of the trailers lock on the HITCH CHAINS ON the WHEELS WITH A LOCK

  36. adam cain

    adam cain5 days ago

    Get your self some locks and put GPS trackers on your equipment

  37. Charles Lynch

    Charles Lynch5 days ago

    Man for a guy who got a 2nd thing stolen you handle it pretty well at least on camera glad that truck driver was ok and glad nothing has been stolen so far from the snow bunker

  38. Corey Hickman

    Corey Hickman6 days ago

    We had our 773 bobcat up on a country job in the middle of no where and the people that bought the house stole it from us and used it before taking too... got a brand new 570s now so no big deal lol

  39. Corey Hickman

    Corey Hickman6 days ago

    Did TP build the dirt monkey trailer like they did for the boosted boiz?

  40. john beach

    john beach6 days ago

    Hi could you not consider fitting trackers to your gear ,i know it could be costly but might be worth it ,because once these scrotes now where things a re they tend to come back for more...

  41. Michael Oliver

    Michael Oliver6 days ago

    Sorry ass people you work so hard to get it and they still it makes me mad

  42. William Beauchemin

    William Beauchemin6 days ago

    Wow man! I sure do hope those ass holes get caught, and you get your stuff back!

  43. That_Pixie_Witch

    That_Pixie_Witch6 days ago

    🤬 Thieves suck, hexing them with a rash now. 😉

  44. pfow2006

    pfow20066 days ago

    iso and sae, but it dont know which is which, we call them cat vs deere, or excavator vs backhoe, if you get used to switching frequently its not that bad, but it seems to me that it makes me less fine tuned on both.

  45. T. P

    T. P6 days ago

    Damn....sorry to see this happened.

  46. Steven J Carsley

    Steven J Carsley6 days ago

    You cant have nothing nice.

  47. Alex Parrish

    Alex Parrish6 days ago

    I’ve found with most all “off brand” machines (not necessarily this one) is they throw a great motor on it to impress you and make them seem tough and reliable. They seem great at first, but the longer you own them the more problems you’ll find. I’ve seen everything from cheap electrical wires that prematurely crack and corrode, hydronic lines blow out after very little use, welds cracking do to cheap steal and poor weld penetration.. the list goes on and on. A large network of dealer support, and easy to find parts are also very important. No doubt there are some great “no name” brands out there, I’m just not willing to roll the dice

  48. Popeye

    Popeye6 days ago

    I love it when people get robe and smile about it . . .

  49. Weslee Miller

    Weslee Miller6 days ago

    Everyone is loosing cats out of there vehicles.

  50. Weslee Miller

    Weslee Miller6 days ago


  51. Weslee Miller

    Weslee Miller6 days ago


  52. Weslee Miller

    Weslee Miller6 days ago

    Great video.

  53. Snoykster

    Snoykster6 days ago

    Still drinking Coke?

  54. Alex Florkowski

    Alex Florkowski6 days ago

    Shitty people deserve shitty things....Karma will get them

  55. Terry Morrison

    Terry Morrison6 days ago

    Being old school TRUCK DRIVER I've had more problems with DEF systems. I'll never buy anything with the DEF system again.

  56. gtown

    gtown6 days ago

    My family is in road construction, we were 14 hours away from home on a bridge site. The a holes stole our pay loader and some other small machines! I couldn't believe people would be able to get away with something that big, but they did!! Never recovered the equipment! It's bullsh!t people stealing!

  57. affordable lawn care and repair buy/sell/ trade

    affordable lawn care and repair buy/sell/ trade6 days ago

    I would have parked 2 skid steer side by side the the tlb deere across the back of them in the snow bunker! Make them Pos really work for the equipment to steel it! Happy late birthday Sam!

  58. dak r34

    dak r346 days ago

    Its atleast 2 guys u prolly seen them around jobsites or maybe even work for u because most people arent brazen enough to steal a trailor without knowing wen u would be there. They knew about the good straps also.

  59. Soup Of Possibilities

    Soup Of Possibilities6 days ago

    I'm not understanding why this wasn't reported to the police... and walking all over etc erased any evidence they could have used.

  60. evonne anderson

    evonne anderson6 days ago

    looks like somebody dont like you funny

  61. The art of handmade dolls And Stuff

    The art of handmade dolls And Stuff6 days ago

    You need a lock on the tow hitch . So they can’t hook up ... but you know it’s just going to get worse ... dam people have no morals these days . They broke in to my home , they even took my silver ware! Still trying to replace stuff , but it’s not easy on disability... I still have a long ways to go... my baking stuff will be the hardest most was vintage stuff ... you can’t just replace ... my kitchen aid bowl was taken and mixers ...they did not have the bace ... but I don’t have 1,000 to replace ... I am so sad ... you need to set up a camera ..

  62. Christopher Pennington

    Christopher Pennington6 days ago

    I need some of those aluminum ramps. I know you said top notch has them but I can not find them. Who are they made by?

  63. Steeve Rioux

    Steeve Rioux6 days ago

    fucking thieves i hate thieves!!

  64. My Auction Addiction Estate Sales

    My Auction Addiction Estate Sales6 days ago

    And those old 3 stick machines...I was hopeless. Thank God on new machines switching pattern is so easy.

  65. 1983 REVOLUTION

    1983 REVOLUTION6 days ago

    If you have heavy expensive equipment why not put up a storage area that's fenced?

  66. James States

    James States6 days ago

    You guys have what I call the girlly girl sticks your backhoe only has two sticks I like the old Case Backhoe with the 6 sticks to run things can do a much better job 😆 lol

  67. Squish

    Squish6 days ago

    I always leave a pickup parked longways in front of my trailers, havent lost one yet

  68. Squish

    Squish6 days ago

    Kohler engines 🤮.. I've replaced one already with a Honda and im afraid my other one wont last much longer.. never again kohler

  69. Alexei Tetenov

    Alexei Tetenov6 days ago

    21:08 - no seatbelt?!?

  70. Alexei Tetenov

    Alexei Tetenov6 days ago

    Some of your equipment can fit into a shipping container. Maybe a shipping containter that is bolted into a set of metal stakes in the ground, can reduce theft?

  71. Alexei Tetenov

    Alexei Tetenov6 days ago

    Can you create a "portable garage" that can be locked up?

  72. Neal Myers

    Neal Myers7 days ago

    I think this pandemic is making a bad problem a lot worse. I only have anecdotal evidence from listening to my scanner but it is like the wild west most nights with armed robberies and lots of other stuff i don't see covered on the news.

  73. TheBenjaminFrank

    TheBenjaminFrank7 days ago

    No cameras in the area? (Always have a camera, be it a game cam out of site nearby)

  74. ha lol

    ha lol7 days ago

    Idk why these companies leave their trailers in a person's parking lot. Even if your paying for the spot this is what happens. It's a trailer out in the open no fence no security no GPS no cameras. Nothing. This says easy target all over it. Other companies in my area do it and this is exactly why we don't. No matter how beneficial it is for your company to have these so called "satellite sites" its a easy target for someone with too much time on their hands. There's easy 20.00 dollar GPS options that could have possibly led him or the police to his trailer. Hopefully this is a learning experience for them and to other companies watching. Just buy a second shop, work closer to home base, or at lease use a little sense and gps track your stuff at a minimum and maybe throw a couple cameras up. Yes theft insurance is nice but your without that trailer until they dish out money. Best option don't even consider having a satellite location to save a few bucks.

  75. Member of the Church

    Member of the Church7 days ago

    How about A GPS Tracking service. A lot of people use them and especially in Europe.

  76. Alex Beedie

    Alex Beedie53 minutes ago

    I have GPS tracking on equipment it works we had a digger and dumper stolen last year and the police where able to retrieve it.

  77. Bobby Grubb

    Bobby Grubb7 days ago

    If u r not worried about heavy equip then park the backhoe bucket on top of the trailor and atleast put locks on the trailors, comon man u know these meth heads dont sleep

  78. Bobby Grubb

    Bobby Grubb7 days ago

    Your aidiot when it comes to that. Im surprised they didnt take both. You didnt even have your box locked. I didnt mean your anidiot. That snow bank wont stop them lol. And they took your converter. U should have known

  79. Justin'z SRT8

    Justin'z SRT87 days ago

    This guy is a real DA. Can't take watching no more. Goodbye

  80. Kelly Garrison

    Kelly Garrison6 days ago

    ? Da??

  81. godw1ll99

    godw1ll997 days ago

    best controls . down and in, up and out. bring it in throw it out. its much more intuitive. bring the stick in to lift the boom? no. push the stick right to curl the bucket in? no. i think people only debate otherwise because they got use to doing it one way or the other but objectively down and in is better.

  82. dan brownell

    dan brownell7 days ago

    Tracking device. amazon. Nuff said

  83. Desert515

    Desert5157 days ago

    I would have put the trailers in the bunker and the pushers on the trailer

  84. Mike Mitchell

    Mike Mitchell7 days ago

    woulden.t some concrete jersey barriers be more effective in place of a snow berm?

  85. Rick Walling

    Rick Walling7 days ago

    You should have hitch locks on your trailers

  86. Michael Graney

    Michael Graney7 days ago

    You need to lock down your equipment with chains and security cameras. Don't leave stuff out in the open.

  87. Terry Douglas

    Terry Douglas7 days ago

    I do Not give a care what the so called crooked law says, a thief is a thief. Chop their damn thieving hands Off!!! Without any hands, they can't steal from anyone ever again. You can use a axe, machete or hatchet and they all work great. It's either you chop hands Off their hands or let them have anything they want. Only when we say we have had enough, will that crap stop. If you are a cop reading this, you either feel the same, or not. I really don't truly care if you think I'm wrong, I'm not!!! Because I've had enough of thieves taking crap over the years they wanted from me and from good people. Pisses me off and everyone else who had their stuff stolen. It's time we stand up and fight back. If you come on my property and try it, I shoot. Use Common Sense, knock on my front door before walking across my yard. Ammo prices are to damn high so I don't waste money on warning shots. Stand up and Fight back. We everyone gets same way I feel only then will anything change. Protect yourself, family and your property. Enough said about that.

  88. mike zulauf

    mike zulauf7 days ago

    have Law enforcment in n. minie ?

  89. Doug Anderson

    Doug Anderson7 days ago

    people who say "but its insured" have never had to face the reality of making a claim

  90. Dan

    DanDay ago

    Ain't that the truth

  91. nightmare69 metal matt

    nightmare69 metal matt7 days ago

    GPS bro it will save your life

  92. Anthony Rafferty

    Anthony Rafferty7 days ago

    Tucking the steel ramps back in their place can really get old, they've got to be over a hundred pounds each. And I popped the tire on my dually accidentally hitting it with the skidsteer bucket, didn't take much

  93. William Wilson

    William Wilson7 days ago

    Hey man, I'm not working right now. Need me to sit someplace for you for a while, waiting for thieves? (For free?) :)

  94. William Wilson

    William Wilson7 days ago

    Well, I *WAS* unemployed. Sorry man, I can't be free security for you now. LOL

  95. Christmas at the Sousa House

    Christmas at the Sousa House7 days ago

    Shout out to “ Sousa lawn care service In New Castle Indiana

  96. SuperAgentman007

    SuperAgentman0077 days ago

    19:52 I see you can unbolt your hitch pin I imagine that you could probably unbolt it if you’re gonna leave the trailer somewhere for a period of time. Or use a hitch pin lock on it that will slow and deter the thieves because that’s what I use on my trailer and it has not been stolen and it’s been over five years. I have a tandem axle dump trailer I like it a lot bought it locally $7500 it was a demo

  97. James C Reynolds

    James C Reynolds7 days ago

    Like the new machine. Happy Bday to Sam, welcome to the other side of the hill

  98. 1965ace

    1965ace7 days ago

    You should have someone build a battery-operated SimpliSafe alarm system to alert you with cellular technology. I built a home in the country with no electricity or phone lines and never worried when I had to leave town for months.

  99. SuperAgentman007

    SuperAgentman0077 days ago

    It’s sad that your trailer is gone but I can see one thing don’t you guys invest into a hitch lock to at least deterred the thieves a little where I see you leave the trailer so inviting that you encourage the theft?


    CHUBBYHAMPSTER7 days ago

    i would love too run over them steeling hands

  101. Dragon800

    Dragon8007 days ago

    14:05 must be the camera it makes that cylinder look bowed

  102. Dragon800

    Dragon8007 days ago

    NOTHING i hate more than a thief! Set up cameras and lure them in!!

  103. Confucius Say

    Confucius Say7 days ago

    Boycott all coca cola products ... coke is woke OWO

  104. Jesse Breceda

    Jesse Breceda7 days ago

    Who leaves any trailer without a lock only a dumb ass would do that

  105. Ozzy Czzy

    Ozzy Czzy7 days ago

    You know id hate to tell you, but if they steal from you again, its safe to say their using the videos to scope you out.

  106. Robert Donald

    Robert Donald7 days ago

    Set up cameras to get there plates and picture then put them all over the web ..