The SIDE BY SIDE SWING (Redneck Rollercoaster)

Test that can easily find the worlds bravest man 😂😂😂 We built a 13’ tall RZR swing that mounts to the hubs to do a full 360. #GOODCONTENTGANG


  1. WhistlinDiesel

    WhistlinDiesel11 days ago

    I KNOW I KNOW we need a counterweight so we have free spin. Well do that with the truck one :)

  2. Jeff Anjel

    Jeff AnjelDay ago

    500th comment

  3. wyatt calton

    wyatt caltonDay ago


  4. GamerBoy 101

    GamerBoy 101Day ago

    Yo whistlin you need to get a Holden VL Turbo from australia you will love it trust me, it comes with a stock rb30 engine which is a skyline r34 engine and it LOVES to do burnouts!!!!! please respond to this

  5. Drew Shelton

    Drew Shelton2 days ago

    What a complete waste of time

  6. Mr.Beatty

    Mr.Beatty2 days ago

    Hi have you seen your old camera mans youtube? @Freed_diesel His content is so cringe to watch lmfao I went on there to see what he was posting about you and after a minutes watching I had to turn it off. There is only one @whistlindiesel and I don’t understand how people can go from watching you to watch that crap that he is posting. I have been watching you sence you where doing burn outs on banana peel and I am always waiting for more videos to watch of you guys. Keep up the good work you have inspired me so much I’m just waiting to be able to do something like what you got going on but trust me I won’t be some cringe copy cat like @freed_diesel lmfao

  7. john williams

    john williams30 minutes ago

    Win r we going to see monster max

  8. Wolf Ajw3991

    Wolf Ajw3991Hour ago

    Haha know the dude of the Cummins. Interesting to see how This plays out

  9. Uncle John

    Uncle John2 hours ago

    This is what happens when people have more money than they have sense....

  10. Malo Otua

    Malo Otua3 hours ago

    I have a pristine rust-free white with silver top original '75 Toyota Land Cruiser with less than 90k miles on it, and I literally just woke up from from a nightmare that the guy who makes these videos took it for a joyride and rolled it. I was screaming at him "it'll cost $100k to restore it and it still won't ever be the same!" Worst nightmare of my life. I'm soooo glad I woke up and it wasn't real.

  11. S F

    S F5 hours ago

    fix your full screen mode

  12. micle jackson

    micle jackson6 hours ago

    U need more videos

  13. Avery

    Avery6 hours ago

    WD: *wonders why engine knocking* Also WD: *completely starves the rear of the block of oil*

  14. Avery

    Avery6 hours ago

    my night got 10x better when a polaris ad hit as soon as he hear the knocking 😂😂

  15. B Com

    B Com7 hours ago

    Can anyone tell me how to contact Whistlindiesel? I have a couple great ideas for him to try out that people will remember forever.

  16. Zellexz

    Zellexz8 hours ago

    Hes gonna come back with a 40 km lift kit on a buggati divo

  17. Four wheelers

    Four wheelers8 hours ago

    This dude Elaine has taken ur reaper wheel on rzr idea and he used it in a vid game gta 5 rp u should go check it out

  18. Mr. Wonka style

    Mr. Wonka style8 hours ago

    Somewhere there is an engineer watching this and his brain just sxploded

  19. Florida Mans Garage

    Florida Mans Garage9 hours ago

    Try it on the fourtrax

  20. Jacob Gordon

    Jacob Gordon9 hours ago

    Bro i have watched you for the last 3 years now and have loved every damn last thing youve done me and my wife are travelling around the us and would be supper stocked if we chould meet u along the way we would be around that way in june lets make a wish come true lol hahaha thanks

  21. Titus Clancy

    Titus Clancy9 hours ago

    What would happen if you did a burnout with snow chains on?

  22. bronco k

    bronco k6 hours ago

    It would ruin the chains

  23. Louie Holinaty

    Louie Holinaty9 hours ago

    You should take it to the dealer and see if they give you warranty on the motor

  24. FULL SENDs only

    FULL SENDs only9 hours ago

    Well that thing is klapet

  25. David H

    David H9 hours ago

    For as long as street speed 717 will copy you, I will support you, you were the first to destroy expensive shit

  26. ffej kk

    ffej kk10 hours ago

    There are starving people in the world right now.


    CAMERICA D11 hours ago

    Where you at?

  28. mule1938 -RIA

    mule1938 -RIA11 hours ago

    Man i hope you dont die young. I see you do alot of crazy stuff .....50bmg to the face ...

  29. Kurt Bucholtz

    Kurt Bucholtz12 hours ago

    Hey how is monster mac's coming

  30. david thompson

    david thompson12 hours ago

    Bust out the square body chevys

  31. NeonShadow764

    NeonShadow76412 hours ago

    Hey whistlin how do you feel about streetspeed717 basically copying the exact content you make?

  32. Alan W

    Alan W13 hours ago

    I have been banned from fb for 30days for calling thot ugly, but you know what? I deleted my fb, I do not really need it, and I encourage everyone to do so. If your friends stop writing to you because they cannot bother to use anything else than messenger, they are not your friends. FUCK BIG TECH!

  33. Julien Eppelsheimer

    Julien Eppelsheimer14 hours ago

    Whislen Diesel should put spicks on monster max

  34. Candace Leggett

    Candace Leggett14 hours ago

    Hi i know people are pretty shitty now days

  35. Bryan C

    Bryan C15 hours ago

    Me watching whistlin destroy a rzr Gets a can am ad

  36. Allen Bond

    Allen Bond16 hours ago


  37. C H I L L T I M E

    C H I L L T I M E16 hours ago

    Any Of You Know When You Were A Kid And You Would Hold The Wheel Of A RC Car And Give It Throttle, The Is The Man Child Version Of That

  38. C H I L L T I M E

    C H I L L T I M E16 hours ago

    1:34 optical illusion anyone?

  39. Killerhenz FPV

    Killerhenz FPV16 hours ago

    What i'd do for a RZR ! :-(

  40. Hunter sanchez

    Hunter sanchez17 hours ago

    you need to go muding with drag slickes

  41. Ethan Guay

    Ethan Guay17 hours ago

    I heard you bought a raptor😏

  42. Hunter Wilson

    Hunter Wilson17 hours ago

    i wish eh was my dad wouldn't that be awesome i love him hes the coolest person ik lmao you need to make more videos

  43. ej7 speed

    ej7 speed17 hours ago

    Can-Am Rykers piss me off so much

  44. Parker Pettriess

    Parker Pettriess18 hours ago

    New vid idea. Legit remote control RZR. Or take it one step further legit remote control duramax...

  45. jcola92

    jcola9218 hours ago

    Great video! Buy another smart car and try it with a smart car maybe. You wont need to worry about the oil!

  46. Toxic 03 XD

    Toxic 03 XD18 hours ago

    you need to make a taller swing and put it in the trench's of doom and poor concert over it

  47. Tanner Jones

    Tanner Jones20 hours ago

    Were is frank

  48. bronco k

    bronco k6 hours ago


  49. GetInTheVan

    GetInTheVan21 hour ago

    Rzrs might aswell be made of lego

  50. Aaron Reeves

    Aaron Reeves21 hour ago

    Shit I wish I could do stuff like that lol Pretty dope bro Might be Coming onto the best next invention!!😂😂👌

  51. clyde barrow

    clyde barrow23 hours ago

    Remember to keep your comments respectful lol 😂

  52. Dakota O'Brien

    Dakota O'BrienDay ago

    Sure let's take a running ATV and everything else, and just destroy it. Maybe instead of destroying things to make a name for yourself, donate stuff to places that need

  53. K Frost

    K FrostDay ago

    I wish I could test integrity like you do. Every day you live doing something you’re passionate about, doing something you enjoy. Life is meant to be lived. Thank you for not being a sellout! One of the first videos I ever watched Call your content showed how brute An old farm Honda was. I wonder daily what peace of mind is like.

  54. Mrfixit Mike

    Mrfixit MikeDay ago

    Where you go no video in a week

  55. Zaddy Ybbaz

    Zaddy YbbazDay ago


  56. Blair Woodhouse

    Blair WoodhouseDay ago

    HAHAA Love it when you tell it that bad things may are very patient, I'd have thrown a fuckin molotov at it while it was up the top!!

  57. Impact Shooting

    Impact ShootingDay ago

    It’s you’re clutch LMAO

  58. Ben Bonjer-Woron

    Ben Bonjer-WoronDay ago

    Hay um little bit of science for you if you use a rear wheel drive vehicle and attach the “swing” to the rear hubs you need the “swing” to be heavyer or than the vehicle or the vehicle will use the swing as it’s wheels👍Good luck

  59. Vlad Cher

    Vlad CherDay ago

    Should of gotten a canam

  60. Lil Pranksters

    Lil PrankstersDay ago

    So fucking ghetto 😭😭😭🤣🤣🤣🤣😎

  61. Landon Hager

    Landon HagerDay ago

    When is monster Max coming back

  62. Jonah Boundey

    Jonah BoundeyDay ago

    He sold it

  63. Steven Cheek

    Steven CheekDay ago

    Love your videos man. Hurts me to see you destroy vehicles, but I can't look away. Kind of like when your buddy tells you to come look at his turd... Don't stop standing your ground. We need more of that.

  64. 144 Boyz

    144 BoyzDay ago

    Do an update on all the whips?

  65. Eastwood Game

    Eastwood GameDay ago

    Steady knockin

  66. Jowen0wen

    Jowen0wenDay ago

    Surely you'd need to put the clutch in or something when it goes backwards right?

  67. Cars around The world

    Cars around The worldDay ago

    Ayoo Diesel hear me out let me have the hellcat for my 16 birthday😤😂😂 it’s on October the 22nd😤😤

  68. Justin Albert

    Justin AlbertDay ago

    Yo man r u doing a give away one facebook? Got a friend request from you and on the page it shows u r doing a 20k give away. Its asking for my debit card lol. I think some one may bw scamming with your name. Have screen shots if wanted :) and if that is actually u i just made my self look bad lol

  69. phat retard

    phat retardDay ago

    how to make ur clutch into dust

  70. prandomable

    prandomableDay ago

    people that are rude in the comment section, factors usually are: 1. Hater 2. Jealousy 3. Troll 4. Uneducated 5. Impatient

  71. hungry4des

    hungry4desDay ago

    I just saw you eating wings?



    Ik that look of defeat😂

  73. Dingus

    DingusDay ago

    this is the most "south of 6th" shit i've ever seen

  74. Kevin Lee

    Kevin LeeDay ago

    0:28 My dude, never ever stand under a load like that. Especially how that was "rigged" at that moment. I love your content, but we value you being alive even more. Just sayin

  75. Kevin Lee

    Kevin LeeDay ago

    This channel is legit underrated Why does this dude not have more subs.

  76. Jace Gray

    Jace GrayDay ago

    Your absolutely stupid

  77. Seth Bergile

    Seth BergileDay ago

    Crappiest truck he's ever owned..... Still looks perfect! Secret to life on Whistling's Farm is revealed!

  78. Raul Rodriguez

    Raul RodriguezDay ago

    When’s the next god damn video. I NEEEDS MOREEEEE!! 🙏👌😂😎😆😀🤑🖖💩😁🤣🤩😆😁😄😃😀😂🤣🥲☺️😇

  79. Landon Glodowski

    Landon GlodowskiDay ago

    i little piece of me dies every time the belt slips

  80. Andy Vis

    Andy VisDay ago

    Pov: here to see if he talking about the .50 accident

  81. colton McGahan

    colton McGahanDay ago

    When you going to destroy a cyber truck

  82. Js Js

    Js JsDay ago

    I bet he's good guy away from the Camara he seems like a guy that would give his shirt off his back if u need it

  83. Js Js

    Js JsDay ago


  84. jm crump

    jm crumpDay ago

    I have an 87 jeep comanche. It's mine you can't have it but I would like to see how tough one is...

  85. Austin Frederick

    Austin FrederickDay ago

    Can't wait to see Matts raptor being "well kept and maintained"

  86. Austin Frederick

    Austin FrederickDay ago

    Best channel ever

  87. the 4Wheeler lover

    the 4Wheeler loverDay ago

    You should get a snowmobile and put wheels on it, now that would be sick

  88. isaiah mountford

    isaiah mountfordDay ago

    This is a great idea

  89. Tim Hooper 12345678

    Tim Hooper 12345678Day ago

    Your videos are playing in Buffalo wild wings in northern Michigan

  90. Kendall Bode

    Kendall BodeDay ago

    @WhistlinDiesel you should buy a new Ford bronco to destroy.

  91. Ashley Fotheringham

    Ashley FotheringhamDay ago

    It’s now knocking coz of the oil not getting everywhere it need to in the engine haha x

  92. Andy Lewis

    Andy LewisDay ago

    2021: The year of censoring chads. Just tell ‘em you’re a lesbian and you’ll get away with anything

  93. Sebastian Barron

    Sebastian BarronDay ago

    You know I always wondered why Clayton left the channel. Now I know! He got tired of being outside in the freezing fucking cold all night. I've seen a couple of videos that go late into the night and you can tell everyone is frustrated and hungry. Take your coked up ass in the house for God sake.

  94. Stephen Creech

    Stephen CreechDay ago

    When’s next video

  95. B.B Kedah

    B.B KedahDay ago


  96. BNan00ch

    BNan00chDay ago

    The Masey outtro really made this vid 12/10, it was already a 10/10 but she put it over the top!

  97. Michael Knight

    Michael KnightDay ago

    What's up let m fly out there I'll do it first go I have a deathwish

  98. reese rolph

    reese rolphDay ago


  99. bowen zitur

    bowen ziturDay ago

    What’d I’d actually give to have this much fun is insane

  100. Parr Gaming

    Parr GamingDay ago

    Get a bus

  101. Carter Trefz

    Carter TrefzDay ago

    Every time it swings the steel frame slides on the ground and it loses momentum. If you don’t anchor it down it’ll never build the momentum to get all the way over

  102. Isaac Klaue

    Isaac KlaueDay ago

    Can I have the tires 🤣🤣

  103. JoseLisboa santos Lisboa

    JoseLisboa santos LisboaDay ago

    enquanto uns passam fome ricos zuando no mundo covide veio botar ordem 😈

  104. aXBlackDeathXa

    aXBlackDeathXaDay ago

    Welcome to big tech. I hope you all understand the gravity of Cody's situation and how it translates into larger facets of our country regarding infringement of our free speech.

  105. wyatt calton

    wyatt caltonDay ago


  106. TheSaltiestSailor

    TheSaltiestSailorDay ago

    Anyone know the song in the beginning of the video?

  107. Konrad G

    Konrad GDay ago

    717is a copy douche

  108. Isaiah Huntington

    Isaiah HuntingtonDay ago

    It’s really funny man, you make great videos and I always watch your stuff when your posting, then haters gone hate man that’s how people are these days jealousy takes the best of people, Keep doing what you do best 💯